Abortion Comes To Ireland…

Abortion Comes To Ireland…

foetusThe Government has finalised the text of the landmark abortion legislation.

The final legislation is not changed substantially from the earlier draft but the wording does:

 increase the number of hospitals where abortions can be carried out;

 alter what psychiatrists will be involved in assessments of suicidal pregnant women;

 narrow the definition of the criminal offence of carrying out an illegal abortion;

 allows the revoking of the licence of hospitals not following the guidelines.   Read more…

Who would have believed it?  An Irish Government passing legislation to butcher unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs – legislation that is even worse than the abortion law in the UK, and that’s saying something.

Enda Kenny defends his unconscionable promotion of this evil law by arguing that he is a “Catholic not a Catholic Taoiseach”.  It will be interesting to see how that particular novel interpretation of Canon Law is received on Judgment Day.

In the meantime, we expect Mr Kenny’s Parish Priest to enforce Canon 915 – assuming that Kenny has the temerity to keep up the appearance of being a Catholic by attending Mass in his local parish. Apparently, he’s been receiving 100 letters a day objecting to the abortion legislation but will these same pro-lifers write letters to Kenny’s parish priest and bishop demanding the enforcement of Canon Law because Kenny is a very public sinner and so, in fidelity to Canon 915, he must not be allowed to receive Holy Communion?

And so say all of us?

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  • editor

    One of the signatories on our petition has written the following about Fr Tony Flannery of the infamous Association of (Anything But) Catholic Priests:

    Fr. Tony Flannery is being very vocal on twitter mocking any Irish Bishops who contest legalization of abortion. https://twitter.com/FlanneryTony .

    June 18, 2013 at 7:01 pm
  • Leo


    I certainly wouldn’t like anyone to think that the Irish pro-life movement is by any means in defeatist mood. If anything I have posted here gives that impression then I need to seriously watch my language. What I’m sure all of us here understand by the term pro-lifers are those people who actually get out and do something, whether taking part in public prayer Vigils and processions, praying outside abortion referrals centres, contacting their public representatives, distributing prolife literature, collecting signatures, , attending pro-life rallies, putting up anti-abortion posters that in many instances are taken down within a day, and in the process are sometimes labelled extremist, fundamentalist, or nutters by family, friends, work colleagues, politicians, media, and clergy, or even have imbecile strangers shouting obscenities at them in the street. The same remarks could just as easily apply to anyone who stands up for the institution of marriage, or any other ordinance of God’s law. I’m sure the Catholic Truth team who prayed at a parade celebrating sexual perversion in Glasgow last summer understand what I mean.

    I’m not too inclined to describe as “pro-lifers” those who stand and watch from afar in silent apathy, or hurry by on the other side of the road. To mind my, the vast majority of those in the prolife movement are following, consciously or not, the admonition of Saint James’ epistle that “faith without works is dead”. To be a pro-lifer in this age of global demonic influence is more and more to be a “sign of contradiction.”

    On the issue of defeatism, I have out of frustration, referred to too much apathy amongst Irish Catholics who aren’t helping in the prolife movement. That mightn’t have been the brightest thing to say at this point in time.

    I’ve also posted earlier that “at this stage it has to be said that the prospects of winning the political battle appear to be diminishing” and that “the Irish people have been engulfed in a tsunami of sheer lies, deception and corruption of language on the part of politicians and the abortion lobby”- June 16 3.11pm. That unfortunately is the grim reality at the moment. I’m mindful of comparisons with what has happened in Westminister and France recently in relation to so-called same sex “marriage”.

    Please bear with me, as I try give a brief explanation of why the political battle against this legislation is so difficult a struggle.

    Enda Kenny and his Fine Gael party gave a pre-election commitment not to legislate for abortion, which quickly became worthless. And no, political promises on taxes or spending are not comparable. The Government’s intentions have been obvious for two years.


    Kenny’s politburo appointed an advisory “expert” committee, which conveniently contained a number of abortionists, in order to give a veneer to plans. The government have continuously referred to a flawed Supreme Court judgment and deceitfully claimed compulsion on account of a ruling from Europe which does not oblige abortion legislation.

    Earlier this year, a parliamentary hearing of expert testimony from the doctors, psychiatrists and other interested parties which was almost certainly intended to give the government cover, blew up in their faces, spectacularly. Despite the fact the several prolife doctors were prevented from giving evidence, the medical and psychiatric expert evidence destroyed the government’s so-called “justifications” for the taking of innocent life. The findings of the hearings were hastily buried from public view.

    The parliamentary Health Committee’s hearing on the published legislation has been described by one parliamentarian as the greatest sham”.

    At this point in time, we have a government with a large majority, the major party of which has broken its prolife promise to the electorate, a government intending to impose a party whip on legislation to permit the killing of the unborn up to birth. These twisted creatures have told us that medical aid will be children who have survived being aborted, which only goes to show that they are obviously either ignorant, or feigning ignorance of the unspeakable methods used in late term abortions.

    This legislation was never a vote getter. The abortionists struggle to get a turnout of 200-300 for a demonstration. I could go on and on about lies and deception and the contempt being shown by Irish parliamentarians for democracy. I get the impression that the cabinet ministers driving this satanic agenda would sooner see their families sold into bondage than relinquish this legislation. As I’ve said before the whole thing is very dark and strange. As things stand, at this stage a climb down or defeat would be a major political embarrassment for Kenny.

    And of course the prolife voice finds it very difficult to be heard in the public square. Anything approaching a vague pretence of giving a fair hearing to those protecting the unborn has been well and truly ditched. The state broadcaster has long since been infiltrated by Marxist idealogues. The paid hacks of the secular, viciously anti-Catholic press are more than happy to give plenty of backup.

    If anyone wants reassurance that the Irish prolife movement is not defeatist and will never fail to stand between the unborn and the bloody hands of abortionists and the political minions of lucifer then go the website of the organization that has done more than anyone else to keep abortion from these shores:


    I don’t think it is a concession of defeat to be aware of the forces at the command of the “spirits of wickedness in the high places” (Ephesians 6:12).I mentioned Lepanto and the Siege of Vienna in a previous post. The odds mightn’t have been promising there either, but Don John of Austria and Jan Sobieski prevailed nevertheless.

    There are plenty of Rosaries being said in Ireland right now. Who knows, it might even be something of a rediscovery.

    I’m sure Our Lady has got some surprises in store for Enda Kenny and his crew of antichrists. For their sake, and the sake of the whole of Ireland I hope those surprises come in the next few weeks.

    June 19, 2013 at 1:46 pm
  • pius x


    What is Fianna Fail’s attitude to abortion? Also, what does President Higgins think of it- Although that’s a daft question as he’s a Labour man. What about Mary McAleese, the devout ‘Catholic’ who supported homosexuality and women priestesses. The last true Catholic leader Ireland had was probably De Valera. What was Padraig Hillery or Charles Haughey like regarding church doctrine?

    Pius X

    June 19, 2013 at 2:32 pm
  • Leo

    Pius X

    The Fianna Fail grassroots activists have expressed strong opposition to abortion. However, the party leader, Micheal Martin appears, like Enda Kenny, to be a deeply troubled man. He has expressed support for the bill and described it as “consistent with a pro-life position”!

    Some of his front bench colleagues have objected in no uncertain terms, and ensured that at least in that party, there will be a free vote. What should of course be happening is that the party vigorously oppose the legislation in parliament. In that way they might regain some sort of self-respect.

    To describe De Valera as the last truly Catholic leader in Ireland would be a disservice to Liam Cosgrave, who in 1974 opposed his own Fine Gael led government’s legislation to permit married couples to obtain contraception.

    June 19, 2013 at 4:36 pm
  • Leo

    “I don’t think anyone (certainly not most people) can claim invincible ignorance in this day and age, with information on everything only a computer click away. It is relativism surely, not invincible ignorance, that leads to nihilism and the inability to distinguish right from wrong. Catholics, generally speaking, are not hearing the truth about Faith and Morals from the “relativized” clergy who, for one reason or another, refrain from saying anything “controversial” in their chatty, non-challenging homilies.” – June 18 10.35am


    I agree completely with what you said above.

    Certainly, there are very good priests who preach the Church’s teaching on abortion very clearly. They deserve the support of all of us. Sadly the situation in Ireland is very mixed. Some parish priests haven’t allowed pro-life flyers to be distributed on Church grounds, using “politics” as an excuse. Hardly a good reason on such an extremely grave matter, but I think some priests are uneasy about going out on a limb when named political parties are involved, while no doubt there are some who are worried about lay busybodies. Other priests who clearly understand the priority of Divine law have no such qualms.

    I’ve been told of one parish where the priest, having allowed the distribution of pro-life literature after Mass, proceeded, in his sermon to speak against the “two extremes” i.e. abortionists and pro-lifers who use the graphic photographs.

    I know one activist who was virtually chased off a public footpath outside a Church and who on another occasion was told off by a lay reader who proclaimed herself “pro-choice”. On another occasion someone was berated by a female extraordinary minister of Holy Communion for handing out flyers after Mass.

    That’s just a little sample of what I fear goes on in a lot of places. So where exactly are all the much-heralded fruits of last year’s Eucharistic Congress in Dublin?

    It all goes back to self- destructing novus ordoism. I don’t think that it is any coincidence that Catholics who attend the Tridentine Mass are active in the pro-life apostolate out of all proportion to their numbers.

    Of course, like so much that we discuss here, the problem goes back to a lack of a lead from the Bishops. I have given favourable mention to Bishop Eamon Martin of Armagh and Bishop Seamus Freeman of Ossory before. We need a lot more examples of leadership. People will definitely respond to such leadership.

    With all due respect, the recent statement by the Irish bishops isn’t satisfactory to my eyes. It contains some words that are undoubtedly true but the overall tenor struck me as being one of compromise, with an emphasis on man not God. Most of it could have been written by a secularist. There was no talk of offending Divine law, or the loss of souls. It gives the impression of desperately trying to avoid offending anybody. We had the old Vatican II reliable of liberty of conscience as a “fundamental human right”. There was nothing that even remotely resembled Pope Leo XIII’s words in Immortale Dei:

    “…All public power must proceed from God. For God alone is the true and supreme Lord of the world. Everything without exception must be subject to Him, and must serve Him, so that whosoever holds the right to govern, holds if from one sole and single source, namely, God, the Sovereign Ruler of all. ‘There is no power but from God.’ (Romans 13:1)”

    Or in Libertas Praestantissimum:
    “The binding force of human laws is in this, that they are to be regarded as applications of the eternal law, as in the principle of all law…where a law is enacted contrary to reason, or to the eternal law, or to some ordinance of God, obedience in unlawful, lest while obeying man we become disobedient to God.”

    It would have been absolutely unthinkable not so long ago, but who can say with certainty that in the not too distant future Ireland will not be faced the prospect of some sort of “National Patriotic”, Erastian Church.

    At this point in time, Ireland like everywhere else needs bishops of the calibre of Saints Thomas Beckett or Saint John Fisher, or in more recent times, Cardinal Joszef Mindszenty of Hungary. The opposition nowadays is taking on an equally dangerous, if subtler, appearance to the Church’s persecutors in those earlier times of trial.

    June 19, 2013 at 6:48 pm
    • pius x

      How is Liam Cosgrave doing nowadays?

      Pius X

      June 20, 2013 at 11:12 am
    • editor

      Shocking, Leo, that any priest would use “politics” as an excuse not to push the pro-life message. And it is an excuse. Have they any idea of what happens in an abortion? I think these priests – like those who have “no problem with gays teaching in Catholic schools, even if they happen to have a partner” (Cardinal O’Brien) may well have a problem of a sexual nature in their own lives.

      The police here are showing graphic pictures of car crashes, in an effort to cut down on drink driving. They are delighted that the graphic images are making a big difference.

      Abort67 have proved that the same is true of showing graphic images of abortion. Every priest in Ireland and every bishop, should be sent such graphic images. Without delay.

      June 20, 2013 at 12:37 pm
  • editor

    I’m just popping in, in between appointments right now, but I have to say that I’ve just checked the petition and the names that are NOT there – including people I’ve emailed personally to alert to the petition – just amazes me.

    Can anyone explain to me why any allegedly orthodox Catholic would NOT want to sign a petition seeking the application of Canon Law 915, given the fact that the majority of Catholic MPS and MSPs have voted FOR anti-God legislation, whether it be abortion or same-sex marriage (and the same will undoubtedly be true when the time comes to vote for euthanasia) ?

    Why? If it’s because the petition has been posted by Catholic Truth and they hate us for whatever reason (as I know some do, whether in our address book or not) then they need to question themselves closely. For one thing, the request for a petition didn’t come from any of the Catholic Truth team, but from a woman in a Scottish diocese who has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get her PP to apply Canon Law to HER MP who attends Mass in her parish and receives Holy Communion despite having just voted for same-sex marriage.

    So, signing the petition is not showing support for Catholic Truth, any more than the lady who asked us to launch a petition necessarily supports Catholic Truth. Those of you who hate us should understand that by signing the petition you are showing your concern that Our Lord is not offended by the scandal of manifest sinners, with the approval of their priest and bishop, being allowed to “eat and drink unworthily” to quote the Scriptural warning.

    Don’t let your hatred of Catholic Truth prevent you from making a difference by helping to end this scandal. There are already some signatures up there from people whom I know do not fully (at least) support our work. I admire their dispassionate concern to end the abuse of the Blessed Sacrament caused by the refusal of priests to apply Canon Law # 915.

    Thanks to those who have signed the petition so far – we’re approaching the 200 mark which is good enough at this stage. Keep spreading the word, though – we do want to reach our goal of 1,000 signatures as soon as possible.

    June 20, 2013 at 12:30 pm
  • editor

    A reader in England has asked me to post the following link on this thread


    June 22, 2013 at 1:24 pm
  • Leo


    I read a reference to this article somewhere else although I haven’t brought myself to read it yet.

    What more is there to say about the ACP at this stage except that this is reason number 735 or thereabouts for long overdue measures of a terminating nature.

    June 22, 2013 at 4:02 pm
    • editor

      Agreed Leo. And the fact that the Irish bishops are tolerating the ACP AND refusing to apply Canon 915 to those who vote for abortion underlines the dire state of play in Ireland.

      And here’s a hint of things to come. This case is about a young man who is imprisoned for opposing same-sex marriage, dress it up as you will, and it’s on the way here, as well. It starts with divorce and goes downhill from there on in, abortion being a “must-have” … Note: the linked article is in French but you can translate – there is a drop down menu at the top of the page, almost centre, where you may select English.

      June 22, 2013 at 5:12 pm

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