Irish Laity Challenge Archbishop of Dublin To Support Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality…

Irish Laity Challenge Archbishop of Dublin To Support Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality…


Archbishop Martin of Dublin shocked Catholics recently by using the term “homophobia” (as Pope Francis shocked the world by referring to  “gays”).  

The archbishop has, in the past, shown himself to be sympathetic to and tolerant of the homosexual agenda – click  on the photo to read more and then click here to read about the funeral of the homosexual pop star whose “husband” was publicly recognised by the priest during the funeral service in Dublin. A number of concerned laity wrote to the archbishop about this, including the editor of Catholic Truth, but were ignored. The clergy grapevine say this is not unusual, that Archbishop Martin “never answers letters” even to his priests, apparently. Well, if it’s true, as Belloc claims,  that  “the grace of God is found in courtesy” that tells us a lot about the Archbishop of Dublin.

The invitation to known homosexual activist, Fr Timothy  Radcliffe to address a conference in Dublin, is the latest evidence of the archbishop’s support for the homosexual rights movements. All the publicity surrounding this invitation, with calls for the organisers to withdraw the invitation, were ignored – notably by the person with responsibility for squashing dissent and refusing dissenters a platform – Archbishop Martin.

Happily, one group of Catholic laity decided not to let this latest scandal pass without taking a stand. They are calling on their archbishop to do his duty and unequivocally proclaim the truth about homosexuality. This from their press release:

The Legion of Saint Joseph was responsible for the Rosary protest at Father Timothy Radcliffe’s talk at the Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin on 22nd February.

We are a group of lay people who are fed up of the wishy-washy talk from the majority of priests and bishops. Father Radcliffe has expressed views which are repugnant to Catholic moral teaching e.g. that civil unions are acceptable.

We call on His Grace Archbishop Martin of Dublin, in whose diocese this conference took place, to state in unequivocal terms the constant teaching of the Church, that civil unions are not acceptable nor any other legal instrument which encourages or condones unnatural lifestyles.

We call on other Catholics attached to the unchanging teaching of the Church to make their voices heard and to resist as much as they can, even publicly against those who would undermine the doctrine given to us by Saint Patrick.  END.

Is the Archbishop of Dublin likely to rise to this challenge from concerned Irish Catholics? And what about that prompt to the consciences of fellow laity – will they rise from their slumber to defend the Faith and God’s natural moral order? I know what I think. What do you think?

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  • bededog

    You are absolutely right when you say “it has to be a major part of the reason why the Church, in human terms, has all but collapsed since the introduction of the new Mass”

    March 1, 2014 at 5:54 pm

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