Pope Francis The Great… Betrayer

Pope Francis The Great… Betrayer

Pope Francis to group of Protestant visitors filmed with him at the Vatican…

“I’m not expecting any of you to join the Catholic Church. Please understand that’s not what this is about. What we are talking about is a unified position to go before the world and say we are proclaiming Christ as the only hope of salvation.”

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It is very elementary Catholic theology indeed, that we cannot separate Christ from His Church. How can someone be elected to the highest office in the Church without believing that fundamental truth?  How many other bishops and priests do not believe that the Church is necessary for salvation? How can we have a true relationship with Christ, if we reject the Church which He established?  Clearly, the unbelievable things Pope Francis is saying to all and sundry do not form part of the authentic  teaching of the Church and must be rejected as his own (incredible) opinions, and it must concern us all that he is leading souls seriously astray. Apart from praying, and using all available means to educate ourselves and our readers on key doctrines, however, is there anything we can do about this scandalous pontiff? Should each of us be writing to Pope Francis, as individuals, to ask him what he is playing at?  What does he think he’s doing?  Of course, most of us would use more diplomatic language, that’s a given, but should we be engaged in contacting the Pope to… well… ask him what the dickens is going on?  We could say that we no longer know the answer to the age-old quip: “Is the Pope Catholic?”  Well?

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  • catholicconvert1

    I can tell you from my heart that given the buffoonish actions and comments of this completely undignified and heterodox (to be polite!!!), I sometimes question my faith. If it wasn’t for Fatima, the SSPX and other groups, and all of the prophecies of Our Lady unfurling before our very eyes, I would have lapsed. I have only been a Catholic since Easter, so this is the exceptionally desperate state I am in. As Cardinal Mario Ciappi, the Papal theologian between 1955-88 said, ‘in the Third Message, it is foretold that the great heresy begins at the top’. Yet he continued to be the papal theologian and prop up the heresy!!! Any person with an ounce of conviction would have resigned, and done what Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop De Castro Mayer did.

    The latest wheeze from Rome is that the Pope is due to preach at a Pentecostal Church, and is scheduled to apologise for the Catholic Church’s influence in hindering Evangelicals in Latin America. Just google it. It is sickening. Then he says that Judaism is still legitimate and that Jews don’t needs to convert. Wrong. See Unam Sanctam and Cantate Domino, Council of Florence, Eugene IV. He should read Mysticis Corporis, Mortalium Animos, Quanta Cura and the Syllabus of Errors.

    I just carry on everyday, and just thank God for Editor, Petrus and Catholic Truth at it’s faithful witness to the truth. You saved my faith.

    God love you all.

    July 29, 2014 at 8:25 pm
    • editor

      Catholic Convert,

      Thank you for your vote of confidence in Catholic Truth – that is very encouraging for us to read.

      Don’t let yourself get downhearted about what is going on in the Church at the present time. Think of it a bit differently, that we are privileged to play a small role in helping people to understand the nature of this crisis and to not lose faith in Christ’s promise to be with His Church until the end of time.

      We need to exercise faith a bit more (a fair bit more!) than those who lived in times when the Church was strong and highly respected, even by non-believers. Now we have the Church being attacked on all sides, headed by an unfaithful pontiff who is beloved by the natural enemies of the Church. It’s very painful indeed and it must be doubly difficult for someone like yourself – a recent convert by a miracle of God’s grace – to comprehend it all and to persevere. But please do – we need you!

      And here’s the latest on Pope Francis – his top ten tips for happiness (not a mention of God, notice, and the only mention of the Church is to insist that we must not “proselytise” Apparently that won’t bring happiness to anyone.) Read the whole article here and check out the Pope’s list of “top ten tips for happiness” published, with undisguised glee, in the dissident National Catholic Reporter.

      I mean, you just could not make this stuff up. If you don’t laugh, you cry. Feel free to add the cliché of your choice. Just observe the usual rule, summed up as “Keep Calm & Keep it Catholic”…

      July 29, 2014 at 10:30 pm
  • Confitebor Domino


    “Keep Calm & Keep it Catholic”

    Well it seems that Francis would agree with the first part (No. 3 on his list), but I’m not so sure about the second bit!

    The Church gets only an oblique mention and poor God doesn’t get a look in – not even on Sundays, which are now, apparently, only for family.

    Then in No. 9 we get “But the worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyzes: ‘I am talking with you in order to persuade you,’ No.”

    Gosh, what were those Apostles up to? I mean thinking they could teach people the Faith. Who gave them that idea?

    What does paralyze is giving people the impression that they are fine where they are – which seems to be all Francis wants to do.

    You’re right – you couldn’t make this stuff up. More to the point, you wouldn’t want to!

    July 30, 2014 at 12:42 am
    • editor


      Well said. And I, too, was astonished at his statement about Sunday being for “family”. Un-truly-believable.

      And no – you wouldn’t want to make this stuff up. If only we could wake up and find it’s all been a bad dream, if not a nightmare 😯

      July 30, 2014 at 10:07 am
      • catholicconvert1

        Thanks Ed, but reading that link gave me a migraine. ‘Live and let live’???? Oh yeah, the sodomites and their ilk will love that one. You could make it up. As for his comments on proselytism…St Francis Xavier SJ and St Ignatius of Loyola SJ sure had ideas above their stations didn’t they? Sunday IS for family, at Mass. Although, the Pope did say ‘if you don’t feel in need of God’s mercy don’t go to Mass’. Gimme strength.

        July 30, 2014 at 11:40 am
  • Frankier

    When sending a letter to Italy or, I would assume, The Vatican you must put the name and address to the lower right hand corner, beneath the stamp.

    Otherwise, it could be rejected by the automated Italian postal system.

    July 30, 2014 at 4:10 pm
    • Petrus


      I’ve never heard of this. I’ve sent plenty of letters to Rome and I’ve always had prompt replies. Last year I sent a parcel to a friend in Rome and he got it after about three days . I addressed the label as normal.

      July 30, 2014 at 6:29 pm
    • editor


      I took my letter in today to our local PO where they are vigilant about everything. I’ve never been told that I had to re-address the envelope and today it was just the usual weighing and paying. I already had the airmail sticker on 😀

      So, I don’t know who told you that, but if it happens to be your PP, it could be a way of deterring you from writing to the powers-that-be… 😯

      July 30, 2014 at 6:38 pm
      • Frankier

        Editor and Petrus

        It was actually about four or five years ago when I used to get Masses said at the tomb of St Padre Pio. I was told that so many letters were not only being undelivered but cheques and monies were being stolen.

        I was told then to make sure the name and address was as I have explained. A small diagram was also shown.

        I don’t think very many post offices in Scotland will be aware or even interested, so if you don’t get an answer from Pope Frankier it may be because he got your letter and wasn’t too pleased at it being addressed wrongly.

        As for my PP, I don’t think he even knows who I am and I am not kidding.

        July 31, 2014 at 12:43 am
      • Josephine

        That is odd about the postage. I haven’t heard that before and I’ve had some replies to my letters to Rome but not all. But I can’t think that it would be known around the world about writing envelopes in a special way, so if their computer system doesn’t recognise normal envelopes, it means that they can hardly get any mail at the Vatican.

        I could believe that their might be thefts like you describe from post coming from shrines such as St Padre Pio, but they can’t expect the whole world to address envelopes differently – I’d think their computer installer would have had to tell them that they have to allow for mail coming in from all over the world and with their different ways of addressing envelopes (if our way in GB is not the normal way, which I thought it was.)

        It will be interesting to see if you get a reply to your letter to Pope Francis.

        July 31, 2014 at 1:05 am
      • Frankier


        It may be only the ones to Padre Pio`s Pietrelcina to help against theft, I don`t really know, but I can assure you that these were the instructions I got and always adhered to.

        The Voice of Padre Pio magazine can be subscribed to in Scotland now so I don`t have the same need to send to Italy. Maybe letters to the Vatican don’t need this rigmarole either.

        At the end of the day it isn`t all that much of a hassle to write an address a few millimetres to the right and lower down. After all, if you put a stamp on the left hand side of an envelope it wouldn`t be franked, or Francised even, that is why there is a dedicated position for a stamp worldwide.

        July 31, 2014 at 11:44 am
      • Josephine


        It’s no hassle, that’s not what I meant but if they want letters addressed in a special way that should be known at every post office in the world, otherwise how are we to know? We haven’t all been to Padre Pio’s tomb. Probably most people haven’t been there so it is ridiculous for them to expect everyone to know that post won’t get through their computer system unless the envelope is addressed the way you told us.

        July 31, 2014 at 1:25 pm
      • Frankier


        I`m sorry, I didn`t mean anything personal and I understand what you say but I was just trying to help in some miniscule way. I would have thought that the people who informed me would know what they were doing, unless It was sent on 1st April and I didn`t twig.

        I am now wondering if I dreamt the whole thing up owing to the comments I have received.

        If I wasn`t slumbering though I don`t understand why they would tell anyone to address a letter in a certain way unless it was on the instructions of the postal service. Maybe it is only a way of being certain that a letter will arrive. After all, I didn`t say that it wouldn`t be delivered.

        As for the rest of the world being informed. Assuming I am correct and the Italians wish to have letters addressed in this way, does the Post Office in the UK
        tell them, or the rest of the world for that matter, that they have a preferred way of addressing their letters
        if, indeed, there is a special way?

        I think the easiest way for all concerned is for everyone to do as they like as long as they don`t miss the envelope altogether.

        As for visiting Padre Pio`s tomb: I have never been there either.

        July 31, 2014 at 2:07 pm
      • Josephine

        Frankier, no offence taken, but I agree with you that we should just all continue to do what we’ve been doing. The UK post office doesn’t bother about how envelopes are addressed, as I know from a friend of mine who was a postal worker and she told me they went to a lot of bother to delivery badly addressed envelopes.

        That’s why I thought the Italians had a cheek expecting us all to know that they had a special system and if not used letters would not be delivered. I thought that is what you meant, why you mentioned it.

        I understand better now and will just write my envelopes the way I always do.

        July 31, 2014 at 2:12 pm
  • Perplexed

    It seems to me that Pope Francis, in his Holy Spirit-inspired wisdom, is merely embodying the fine principle of St. Thomas Aquinas: “Prius est vita quam doctrina; vita ducit ad scientiam veritatis”.

    July 30, 2014 at 8:53 pm
    • editor

      You obviously missed the thread where we discussed the fact that the truly educated (no offence intended – I’m quoting from a previous discussion) always translate any words or phrases that may be unfamiliar to some readers, at least at first time use. So, perhaps bear that in mind for the future? Just in case someone doesn’t know what you mean…

      I, however, do know what you mean and my reply is that the teachings of St Thomas Aquinas are obviously the last thing on Pope Francis’ mind, because at no point in his interactions with those outside the church does he give any hint that doctrine/truth is important – in fact, he’s said the opposite.

      Still, you have given us a laugh with “Holy Spirit-inspired wisdom”. You really are a scream 😀

      July 30, 2014 at 9:01 pm
  • crofterlady

    Well YOU could have translated it! 🙂

    “First, the life and teaching; life leads to the knowledge of the truth” It is this, methinks.

    July 31, 2014 at 3:57 pm
    • editor


      I thought somebody would twig much earlier that I hadn’t translated. Wanted to give Perplexed a chance to do so but, guess what, no can do. So, yes, Crofterlady – linguist that you are and superbly so (let’s forget about “cappa magna”) – have got it on the button.

      However, Perplexed, appears to make the not uncommon mistake of reading St Thomas Aquinas out of context. There is no way that the Angelic Doctor would support the utterances of Pope Francis in his encouragement to atheists and Protestants to do their best to make the world a better place, try to have a relationship with Jesus and forget about the Church which is, at best, an optional extra. Were that true, then the Pope should, in conscience, order the closure of every Catholic school, college and university in the world. Not just the traditional ones…

      Quoted on our website (page on The Church) for all the world to see – Perplexed and Pope Francis included – is the following quote from St Thomas Aquinas (in English, take note 😀 )

      “To reject any article of the faith is to reject the faith itself… God’s word has set up the Church as man’s infallible teacher and guide. If a man, therefore, rejects one article of the faith, and says that he believes all the other articles, he believes these by his own choice and opinion, not by faith. Rejecting one article of faith, he rejects the whole authority of the Church and he rejects the authority of God which has set up and authorized the Church to teach truth.” St Thomas Aquinas

      That should make scary reading for the Fans of Pope Francis – “outside the Church there is no salvation” is a teaching found not only in Sacred Scripture (e.g. Mark 16:16) but also [prepare to gasp] in the documents of Vatican II 😯 Check out LG 14, no less 😯

      So, yes, those outside the Church should, of course, be attracted to it by seeing the good living of its members, but if the Pope really neglects to preach the necessity of the Church because he thinks the atheists and Protestants are today so impressed with our contemporary Catholic brothers and sisters, then he’s even more off the wall than I previously thought. An essential part of missionary work today (to which we are all obliged) is to explain that the members of the Church are unlikely to attract anyone these days but that doesn’t affect either the truths taught by the Church or the marks of the Church – one of which is that the Church is “holy”. The pontiff should be explaining that what this means is that the entire Church, from the very beginning, is holy, all the saints in Heaven, the souls in Purgatory and the Church militant on earth, still battling Satan and all his wiles, in order to achieve the personal sanctity which is God’s will for us all. And that is because Christ is holy and Christ and His Church are one.

      Here endeth the lesson. Must dash but if this is not clear, let me know and I’ll try again. It was I who coined the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

      It was, honest 😀

      July 31, 2014 at 7:35 pm
  • 3littleshepherds

    And please translate on joke threads! I’ve missed a lot of jokes because they’re in Scottish on this blog. If I wrote in my dialect y’all wouldn’t understand me. 🙂

    July 31, 2014 at 6:25 pm
    • editor


      Here’s one – fully translated…

      Scots/American joke…

      The Texan tourist was telling Sandy about how big everything was back home. “I can hop on a horse and it will take three days to ride to the other side of the ranch.”

      “Och aye,” said Sandy, “I’ve got a horse that’s like that too.”


      Texans are noted for their huge ranches, so this Texan is explaining that it takes three days to ride a horse to the other side, as a means of showing the massive size of his ranch.

      Scots Sandy says: “Oh yes, I’ve got a horse like that too”

      However, in Sandy’s case, the horse is just slow (maybe old and/or lazy). He misunderstands why the Texan is telling him that his horse takes so long to reach the other side of his ranch. There’s no way that Sandy will live on any farm remotely the size of a Texan ranch.

      Purpose of Joke

      This joke demonstrates that not all Scots are as bright and intelligent as the Editor of Catholic Truth 😀

      Get it ?

      July 31, 2014 at 7:43 pm
      • 3littleshepherds

        Oh, I get it! 😆

        July 31, 2014 at 8:06 pm
  • Margaret Mary

    I could not believe my eyes when I read this article about Pope Francis apologising for Catholics persecuting Protestants!

    August 1, 2014 at 2:52 pm
  • editor

    This is interesting – from Dici (SSPX newsletter online)

    The new DICI 299 is on line

    Pope Francis has again granted an interview to the journalist Eugenio Scalfari, who proclaims his atheism everywhere, loud and clear. The last time, in October, someone noticed that the conversation had not been recorded but transcribed from memory…. This time, according to the spokesman of the Holy See, quotation marks were lacking….

    These formal remarks, as much as they may reveal the lack of seriousness of this journalist and of those who allow him to operate and operate again, are nothing compared to the statements that are reported as having been pronounced by the Pope: in October, “Everyone has his own idea of Good and Evil and everyone must choose to follow the Good and fight Evil according to the idea that he has formed for himself.” In July: “The problem (of priests marrying) certainly exists, but it is not widespread. It will take time, but there are solutions and I will find them.”

    What one expects are not reflections on Scalfari’s unreliability, but a clear denial. In this context: against relativism, against the marriage of priests. Now they are content to remove the October interview from the Vatican website and to ridicule the “unsophisticated readers” of the July interview. That is a bit inadequate!

    Certainly, Fr. Lombardi is in a very delicate situation. He ceaselessly has to correct, reframe, nuance…. He must constantly explain with infinitesimal subtleties…. Lombardi here, Lombardi there…. But what we need is not a Figaro, but rather a rigorous, vigorous Roman Observer (= Osservatore Romano). No doubt that is too much to ask nowadays!

    Father Alain Lorans

    August 2, 2014 at 12:36 am

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