Anglican Brings Court Action Against “Gay” Lecturer For Alleged Assault…

Anglican Brings Court Action Against “Gay” Lecturer For Alleged Assault…

scalesofjusticeThe following article is taken from the Sunday Times, 9th November 2014  and is self-explanatory. David Skinner, who is bringing the court action, contacted me a few days ago seeking prayerful support as the court date (17th November) approaches.  One of our readers remarked to me, as recently as this morning, that there is a notable absence of Catholic lawyers taking a lead in the current dire state of affairs in Church and State, which makes the legal action of these Anglicans of particular interest.

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 Christians urge sacking of gay lecturer with ‘1,000 conquests’

A CHRISTIAN pressure group is campaigning to oust a high-profile university professor who boasted about his 1,000 sexual conquests.

Eric Anderson, 46, a Winchester University professor of sports studies, told a gathering of gay and lesbian students at Oxford that he liked sex with “16, 17, 18-year-old boys”.

He dismissed Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, as a “total bigot” and “liar” and said “the damage that’s caused by child molestation is socially constructed by the western world”.

The pressure group Because Children Matter wrote this weekend to Joy Carter, Winchester’s vice-chancellor, urging her to dismiss the professor.

It warned that the group will distribute thousands of leaflets with his comments to members of the university’s board, head teachers of secondary schools in its area, students and members of the public.

The university says it has reprimanded the professor for his remarks, but defended him as an “internationally renowned gay scholar”.

The clash over Anderson brings into the open bitter hostilities being waged away from public gaze between gay activists and opponents of same-sex marriage, which became legal in Britain in March.

Anderson, an American sociologist, has become a particular bête noire for traditionalists because he questions the right of the church to set the standards of sexual morality.

He has achieved a high media profile and been happy to speak about his private life: on one occasion he brought his infant twin boys into a BBC television studio for a live broadcast on same-sex marriage.

Anderson married his partner, Grant Tyler Peterson, in America before it was legal in Britain, and the couple invited a camera crew to follow them as they used a surrogate mother to became parents in 2012.

He made his controversial remarks about sex to Oxford University’s LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning) Society in 2011.

Anderson reportedly prefaced the talk by reeling off an explicit list of sexual practices and warning: “If you’re offended by discussions . . . then you should probably leave.”

According to a report of the event in The Oxford Student newspaper, Anderson laughingly agreed that he was a “sexual predator” and added that he had had sex with “easily over a thousand people”.

He said: “I like sex with 16, 17, 18-year-old boys particularly, it’s getting harder for me to get them but I’m still finding them. I hope between the age of 43 and the time I die I can have sex with another thousand — that would be awesome, even if I have to buy them, of course, not a problem.”

The professor said he liked to travel on cruise ships because “it’s like sex tourism” and “I always screw the dancers”.

Winchester University said last week that Anderson’s comments were “not appropriate and he was reprimanded shortly after”. It came to his defence, however, as “an internationally renowned gay scholar who publishes widely on sexualities, masculinities, sport and relationships.”

It added: “The university will not tolerate any targeting of its members of staff on the grounds of sexual orientation.”

Anderson faces more scrutiny next week when he confronts David Skinner, 70, an opponent of gay marriage, who is bringing a court case against him for alleged assault at the end of a lecture the academic gave at Bournemouth University in 2012. Anderson denies assault and accuses Skinner of harassment.

The professor plans to turn the spotlight on to Skinner’s own opinions. In one document expected to be submitted to the court, he attacks Skinner for allegedly writing online that “ the gaystapo do not believe in human dignity” and “I am not alone in seeing a parallel here between the rise of homosexual power and that of Nazism before WWII”.

When asked last week if he wished to comment, Skinner said: “This is what happens when the West rejects the Bible. Nobody can live in a vacuum.”

The Sunday Times also asked Anderson if he disputed the accuracy of the opinions attributed to him. He said: “Statements I made during the course of that lecture were reported without context and it is these Mr Skinner and others are using to conduct a sustained campaign against me. I am a gay man engaged in academic research on sexualities.”

He added: “I believe that sex should only occur between consenting adults. In 2011, I signed a letter supporting academic research into paedophilia which I believe is essential in order to keep children safe.”   Source

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  • editor

    For your information, below is David Skinner’s original email which details the background to his forthcoming court case. Note: much of it does not make pretty reading or viewing, but that is the nature of the issues surrounding “homosexual rights”. Might be wise to offer a prayer for spiritual and moral protection to our Mother Most Pure before you read on… as well as the Prayer to St Michael: Holy Michael, Archangel, defend us in the day of battle; be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast down into Hell, Satan, and all wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.”

    Dear Friends,

    I would ask for your prayers regarding a court case, in which I am involved, on Monday 17th November, in Winchester County Combined Court.
    I am bringing a case against Professor Eric Anderson, of Winchester University, for assaulting me, at the end of a lecture he had given at Bournemouth University, as part of the LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual) History Month, on the 27th February 2012. He is countering this by accusing me of inciting harassment and hatred towards him and his family; an extremely serious offence.


    I was an invited member of the public to his lecture and we listened for almost an hour, without interruption, to the queer history of the gay liberation movement. Apart from his promoting homosexuality he used profanity and made negative comments towards anyone who opposed the gay agenda. Being an elderly male Christian, I felt he was targeting me personally and I felt deeply offended by what he was saying.
    I might have been better prepared, for what was to come, if I had been aware of another lecture he had given the previous year, 2010 at Oxford University. An article, entitled, “Lecturer or Lecherer at LGBT talk?” appeared on a website called the “Oxford Student.” It reported,
    A controversial professor in Sociology gave a provocative talk in Trinity College last Thursday on ‘Why gay sex is better than straight sex’.

    Professor Eric Gumby Anderson……. opened his lecture by stating: “My intention is to offend you, I’m going to cuss a lot and I’m going to break down all kinds of hegemonic structures. If you’re offended by discussions of anal sex, vaginal sex, rimming, cheating, having cum all over you face then you should probably leave.”

    The lecture was hosted by Oxford University’s LGBTQ society and many members of the audience had been attracted by the deliberate title, which Anderson said was designed to “pxss people off and get a big audience”.

    Dr Anderson said the talk was intended to “empower people….to cast off conservative ‘Oxfordian’ beliefs”. During the two-hour lecture, topics covered ranged from anal sex, bestiality and incest to religion.

    Anderson, a sociologist in the department of sports studies at the University of Winchester, came out of the ‘closet’ in 1993 as America’s first openly gay high school coach.

    When it was suggested that Anderson is a sexual “predator”, he said “yeah” and laughed. Anderson claimed to have had had sex with “easily over a thousand people”. He said: “I like sex with 16, 17, 18 year old boys particularly, it’s getting harder for me to get them but I’m still finding them….I hope between the age of 43 and the time I die I can have sex with another thousand, that would be awesome, even if I have to buy them, of course, not a problem, you pay for all kinds of entertainment and pleasure.”

    When asked whether he thought he had taken emotional or physical advantage of some of the thousand people he had slept with, Anderson replied that he thought that team sports were “more damaging” to adolescents than sex. He went on to claim: “The damage that’s caused by child molestation is socially constructed by the western world;” he contrasted this to other cultures where children engage in sexual activity with adults as a rite of passage.

    He said that he and his boyfriend like to travel on cruise ships because “it’s like sex tourism, which is just amazing” and “I always screw the dancers”. He went on to say “we stop at a different port every night, go to a gay club every night and have sex with people….you don’t need to know their names”.
    On the topic of religion, Anderson, an atheist, said: “Islam is a horrible, homophobic, awful, disgusting religion”, when asked by a member of the audience how he could tar the whole religion with the same brush, Anderson responded: “the whole religion is predicated on the inferiority of women”. He said that Christianity was: “the most disgusting religion in the history of mankind”. He called the Archbishop Rowan Williams an “axxxhole”, “a total bigot” and “a fuxxing liar”. [1]

    One might ask what business I had, being at his Bournemouth lecture? I work with a number of Christian organisations, including the Lords and Commons Child Protection working party, who aim to protect children from sexual exploitation. As a researcher and chronicler, I had heard Dr Anderson, over a year before in 2010 at the pre-launch to the 2011 LGBT History Month, at Twickenham Rugby Stadium. [2] What struck me was his celebrating the fact that today’s young, straight sportsmen were already experimenting with gay sex. I heard him claim that 89% of white sportsmen, at two universities and one sixth- form in the UK were exhibiting “gender fluidity” by openly kissing one another on the lips.

    Elsewhere he had claimed, “A study of former high-school, American football players has found that more than a third said they had had sexual relations with other men.” [3]

    When I discovered that he was giving a talk, just over a year later, on the 27th February 2012, at Bournemouth University which is less than a mile from where I live, I felt I had a public duty to be present.


    I was sitting on the front row of an audience of around 70 sports students and academic staff. At the end of the lecture I had been invited by the chair of the meeting to submit a question. No one else apart from a solitary member of the academic staff was prepared to participate in this Q&A session. When I stood to speak, I got only as far as the preface to my question: “First I want to object to the obscene language, slander and insult….” I never got the chance to complete my question, before he cut me off by shouting, “Out, out, out!” He then advanced on me rapidly with outstretched arms. He did this I believe in order to show that he was not touching me with his hands. He came extremely close, shouting into my face. I was quickly surrounded by what Dr Tommy Geddes, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Winchester University, describes as “representatives of the organisers, and other members of the audience, including Dr Anderson” all joining in driving me backwards out of the lecture room.

    The only movement I made in the opposite direction was to struggle to retrieve my jacket from where I had been sitting, on the front row. It was at this stage, the small crowd, including a woman, misconstruing this action as one of aggression, parted us. As I was being driven from the room, I just managed to cry out to the students, who sat silent and motionless as though watching a piece of prepared drama, “Open your eyes, this is Britain, this is your freedom of speech!” The ejection was finished off by the organiser and chairman of the event Dr James Palfreman-Kay and Dr Ian Jones, the Dean of the sports faculty, a large and menacing man, whom I mistook for a personal minder of Anderson’s. And then I was out through the door.

    He followed this 15 minutes later, when he passed Dr Jones and myself, outside the lecture hall, discussing the possibility of my returning to the university to present an alternative story to the one just heard, by turning on me and screaming like someone possessed, “No, no, no!”
    To be subject to this kind of threatened violence in front of so many students was both deeply humiliating and shocking.


    In spite of my complaining to the police, the respective chancellors of the universities and the Independent Police Complaints Commission, it was deemed that got what I deserved and there was no case to answer.

    In spite of three attempts, using an authorised Private Prosecution to summon Eric Anderson to Bournemouth Magistrates to put in a plea of guilty or not guilty for assault, I have failed up until now to get Dr Anderson into court. On my first attempt to deliver the PP to him, at his place of work, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Winchester persuaded the police to visit my home to see if I intended sending a parcel (bomb) to the university?

    In November 2012, the Crown Prosecution Service took over the case and dropped it on the grounds that I had deliberately disrupted Anderson’s lecture with homophobic comments.

    Not only was this evidence provided by anonymous witnesses but no one, not even Eric Anderson is able to say what these homophobic views were. I had merely objected to his language. He also claims in a signed witness statement, without a scrap of evidence, that I was found looking for him on Winchester Campus and that the police had searched my house for weapons!

    It has to be pointed out that the CPS are amongst the top 100 employers on Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index [4] as are Core Assets a fostering agency.[5]

    Eric Anderson has written a long and detailed witness statement which is shot through with fabrications and yet the Chief Crown Prosecutor, Nick Hawkins said “Dr Anderson is a man of previous good character.”

    Clearly he had not bothered to read another witness statement of another academic, X, who said, “I did not feel that at any point the man in red’s (I was wearing a red pullover) behaviour was rude or physically threatening. I did feel that the Prof had intervened very quickly and became overtly assertive , but bearing in mind he had just given a talk describing how he had spent his life being subjected to strong homophobic behaviours, such a strong emotional reaction could be seen as understandable, either that or he was playing to the audience. On the way back to my office I did overhear one of the students say they initially thought it was part of the event.

    After the round of applause I left the room and stood just outside the door for about 5- 10 minutes where James and the other gentleman were still trying to calm the man in red – just to check that everything was OK.”


    On Monday 10th December 2012, a few weeks after the CPS had dropped my Private Prosecution, Dr Anderson appeared twice on BBC TV, with twin baby boys.

    In the morning, he appeared on BBC News with the twins and a young, male “nanny,” arguing the case for gay marriage. During the BBC interview he said, “Civil marriage is important for us, because it’s all of the goodies.” Eric was asked whether Christian or Judaic religious leaders should be allowed to refuse to marry LGBTS?. Eric answered, “Absolutely not. We have the right to be free to live our lives in a civil society free from religious dogma or mandates”

    Not once do the BBC interviewers ask what of the rights the baby boys to have to have a mother and father, when the United Nations Convention on Children’s Human rights, Articles 3,7&8, give children the right to know and be cared for by their natural parents?

    But Peter Tatchell at World Pride 2012 said, “there are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender human rights and that no nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of LGBT freedom,”[6] So clearly these rights no longer apply to children.

    During the interview the children were seemingly forgotten except occasionally to give an air of sentimental domesticity to the interview. [7]

    In the evening, the BBC Inside Outside programme in the South, described how Eric’s sperm was used to fertilise the egg of an Egyptian donor, which was then placed within an Asian surrogate. This resulted in twin boys who were then seen being “nursed”, in bed by his “husband” Grant, as though they had just given birth. Eric was shown nursing one of the twins with one breast exposed, in an attempt, I suppose, to convince the viewers that gay fathers make just as good- if not better- mothers as women . [8]


    Let us be reminded that in his talk at Oxford (see above), where he had expressed a preference for 16, 17, 18 year old boys. He also claimed that “The damage that’s caused by child molestation is socially constructed by the western world,” whereas in other cultures it is simply a stage on the road of child development (my words). When he adds to his bold confession of being a sex tourist, the fact that he believes paedophilia should be decriminalised; one wonders who is keeping an eye on the welfare of his twin baby boys?

    In addition, Dr Anderson is one of eight signatories to a letter written by a group, calling itself, B4U-ACT, who are demanding that paedophilia be recognised- like homosexuality- as a legitimate orientation. [9] The group’s founder, Michael Melsheime, served a three-year prison sentence in New Jersey for sexually assaulting a teen-age boy. [10] Another signatory to the letter, Wayne Bowers is also a convicted paedophile. [11]

    Fred Berlin who is an advocate for the B4U-ACT also has some interesting revelations. [12]

    In the BBC Inside out Programme, Anderson finished by saying, “bringing in equal marriage will make kids’ families more stable.”

    This jars horribly with his claim that marriage is sexual incarceration [13] and that promoting pornography is a good way to desensitise people to towards it. In an article, in the London Evening Standard, entitled, “Why men must be free to embrace their inner slut,” it reports, ‘ He’s also frankly delighted that porn helps make monogamy seem even more obviously boring and untenable: “I suggest that the pornification of society, the early age at which we begin sex, and the marvellous psychosocial effect of the internet have made us all grow somewhat desensitised to monogamous sex. But instead of problematizing the pornification of our culture, I celebrate it, suggesting that it both liberates and improves our sexual selves.” To this end, he supplies a long list of handy websites for “those looking to hone their masturbation skills.” [14]

    On his blog he describes himself as Chief Science Officer for Ashley, and that he is recognized for research excellence by the British Academy of Social Sciences. Really? [15] And who is this company for whom Eric Anderson is the Chief Science officer? Celia Walden writing for the Telegraph says of them, “…The slogan gracing the home page of the world’s biggest infidelity website, Ashley Madison, reads more like a command. But the site’s creator, Noel Biderman, assures me that the world’s adulterers need no encouragement…. Bilderman has spent the past nine years helping over seven million people – the site recruits a new member every 11 seconds – to “cheat on their significant other.” [16]

    Eric Anderson is associated with a site celebrating leather, Nazi uniforms and sexual violence. [17]


    After looking at these images, the question arises: do the police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the Crown Prosecution Service and both Bournemouth and Winchester Universities support thuggish methods, more suited to Ernst Rohm’s vicious homosexual Nazi Brown shirts, for silencing anyone who dares to challenge militant and gay radicalisers like Eric Anderson? For as other LGBTs, like David Starkey , they rightly claim, he is not representative of the majority of homosexuals who just want to be left alone to live their lives quietly and who may in time have to pay a high price for the narcissism of a small group of gay activists who presently have our government in their thrall? After this is exactly what happened in Germany before WW11 when Ernst Rohm overreached himself and there was a terrible backlash.

    We wait to see whether there is any justice left in Britain on Monday 17th. Please pray that whatever the outcome, God’s purposes will be worked out, and the Church will wake up to the evil that has already overtaken the West. [18]

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    [18] David Starkey, a gay historian’s warning to the British people
    Scenes of gaystapo rallys
    We have been here before
    More Gaystapo rage and fury

    Scott Rose, accociate of Eric Anerson

    What happened to Section 5 of the Public Order Act ?
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    Boy George thinks Christians should not be allowed in the public space
    Harry Hammond first Christian martyr to the gaystapo

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    Manchester Police cross the line

    Terrible corruption pf children by the rabid gays.

    And now death threats to little girls

    Anti-Christian Terrorism Erupts Against Christian Liberty Academy!

    Open violence against Christians

    Christians need police protection from rabid Sodomites in public Castro District

    The rage of Sodom
    More rage of demon possessed sodomites

    In in 2013 over a million people peacefully demonstrated in Paris in support of a child having both a mother and father, but the police demonstrated a level of brutality against the elderly, women and children not seen since the Nazis persecuted the Jews in the Holocaust.

    Tony Blair is proud of all that he has done to create a secure, cohesive and stable Britain.

    Nicky Gumbel of Alpha is also proud of Tony Blair.

    God have mercy on us and our children and children’s children.

    David Skinner
    7 November 2014

    November 10, 2014 at 9:41 am
    • Michaela

      Mr Skinner is admirable to be taking on this court action at an age when he should be enjoying his retirement.

      The quotes from Dr Anderson speak for themselves. He would not be teaching any student related to me, that I can say without hesitation. He is beyond belief.

      I will definitely be remembering David Skinner in my prayers. I hope he wins the case, but the way “justice” works in the UK, I won’t hold my breath.

      November 11, 2014 at 2:16 am
    • Nicky

      I watched the video of This Morning with Eric Anderson and the agony aunt Denise and he is really slippery character. She came across well until she agreed that if couples could have open sexual relationships with others that was OK as long as nobody got hurt. The kind of world they paint is decadent, no morals. It is unbelievable that this man is allowed to teach in a university. God help his students.

      November 11, 2014 at 1:10 pm
    • Josephine

      Well done David Skinner for taking this on. I wish I could be in that courtroom on the 17th.

      November 11, 2014 at 5:25 pm
  • Lily

    I will pray very hard for David Skinner. He is very brave to bring this action against Dr Eric Anderson. I’ve read about Anderson before and he is the last person who should have a position of influence over students in a university.

    The point about the absence of Catholic lawyers is well made. I can’t think of any action at all taken by Catholics in this crisis in any court in Britain. We could learn from the Anglicans in this, they seem to be very pro-active in pro-life matters.

    November 10, 2014 at 12:06 pm
  • Margaret Mary

    “Dr Anderson is one of eight signatories to a letter written by a group, calling itself, B4U-ACT, who are demanding that paedophilia be recognised- like homosexuality- as a legitimate orientation.”

    That is absolutely shocking beyond words, that this man is lecturing students in a university in England yet wants to legalise paedophilia.

    Why is the BBC not highlighting this fact alone? If Anderson was a Catholic priest they would soon publicise it, wouldn’t they.

    I wish to reassure David Skinner of my prayers for him next week in court.

    November 10, 2014 at 2:59 pm
  • editor

    Margaret Mary,

    Thanks for highlighting that quote.

    I have emailed the BBC, ITN and Sky News this afternoon and would encourage others to do so, to highlight David Skinner’s court case and to highlight the fact that Anderson is on public record advocating the legalisation of paedophilia. If they don’t think THAT is worth reporting, then that will tell us that these organisations are playing silly games when they express shock horror at child abuse.

    Below is the text of my email to the above news outlets:

    On the Catholic Truth blog we are discussing the forthcoming court action being taken by an Anglican gentleman against Professor Eric Anderson, who is a lecturer at Winchester University.

    This professor is alleged to have assaulted David Skinner, who is bringing the legal action. The BBC has already reported this matter in a limited way, but made no mention of a number of quite shocking facts about Professor Anderson, including the fact that he is on public record advocating the decriminalisation of paedophilia. You can find all the facts on our blog – click here [link to this thread, obviously!]

    That students at an English university are exposed to the influence of this professor is certainly a matter of immense public interest, so I trust that you will review the above link and report on this landmark court case in the detail which it clearly demands.

    Thank you.

    Signed etc.

    November 10, 2014 at 4:20 pm
  • Leo

    God bless David Skinner in speaking up for the Moral Law. His fortitude in standing against the Big Sodomy juggernaut certainly merits our prayers and good wishes.

    Reading of this case really does bring to mind the words “a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance”.

    Given that anyone with an elementary knowledge of the faith knows that, in the absence of repentance, sodomy leads to eternal perdition, we might also pray for the conversion of David Skinner’s crazed antagonist. Objectively speaking, by his words and actions, the latter appears, presently, to be on the bus to hell.

    Reading of Anderson’s words and actions, I’m reminded of what a great Franciscan saint had to say in happier times:

    “No sin has greater power over the soul than the one of cursed sodomy, which was always detested by all those who lived according to God….. Such passion for undue forms borders on madness. This vice disturbs the intellect, breaks an elevated and generous state of soul, drags great thoughts to petty ones, makes [men] pusillanimous and irascible, obstinate and hardened, servilely soft and incapable of anything. Furthermore, the will, being agitated by the insatiable drive for pleasure, no longer follows reason, but furor…. Someone who lived practicing the vice of sodomy will suffer more pains in Hell than anyone else, because this is the worst sin that there is.”
    -(St. Bernardine of Siena, Predica XXXIX, in Le prediche volgari (Milan: Rizzoli, 1936), pp. 869ff., 915, in F. Bernadei, op. cit., pp. 11f)

    In these days of diabolically possessed revolt against God throughout what used to termed the “Civilised World”, and the accompanying persecution conducted by the secularist, sexualist commissars, the minions of lucifer, the following really excellent article from the recently deceased stalwart soldier of Christ, Anthony Fraser, should make salutary reading for anyone still in an apathetic stupor.

    The link is courtesy of another robust defender of the faith, The Eye-witness blog.

    There is plenty I could pick out for quoting, but hopefully the following will encourage people to devote a few very well spent minutes to reading the complete article.

    “The Henry the Eighths of this world and the LGBT lobby are not content to indulge in sinful behaviour. They want us to admit that it is not a sin: that their behaviour is natural. They don’t want anyone to disturb their improperly formed consciences even through silent dissent. They want to abuse our consciences. They want us to lie to satisfy their erroneous consciences. But as Solzhenitsyn warned us in From Under the Rubble(3): ‘ DO NOT LIE! DO NOT TAKE PART IN THE LIE! DO NOT SUPPORT THE LIE! … and then he explains ‘What does it mean, not to lie? It doesn’t mean going around preaching the truth at the top of your voice (perish the thought!). It doesn’t even mean muttering what you think in an undertone. It simply means: not saying what you don’t think, and that includes not whispering, not opening your mouth, not raising your hand, not casting your vote, not feigning a smile, not lending your presence, not standing up and not cheering.’ (4)

    As the above DOJ document indicates, ‘not saying what you don’t think’ is not an option: it is tantamount to silence – a silence which the high priests of secular humanism will not tolerate no less than would Stalin, Henry VIII, or Herodius.”

    November 10, 2014 at 6:09 pm
    • Michaela


      That’s a fantastic quote from St Bernadine of Siena.

      I also think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say that the LGBT lobby are not content to indulge in sinful behaviour but they want us to say it’s not a sin at all. That’s absolutely true, and is the reason our society is going to Hell in a handcart.

      November 11, 2014 at 2:19 am
  • Leo

    I think the following article from John Vennari offers a really excellent summary of the detailed, utterly cynical, long term strategy and tactics of the propagators of perversion. It’s a classic, chilling example of the implementation of the amoral, evil methods of Saul Alinksy, who wrote the revolutionaries text book, Rules for Radicals (dedicated to satan by the way).

    Vennari has based his article on the 1987 book, of the self-explanatory title, Overhauling of Straight America.

    Here are a few words from the article that might give an accurate flavour of the sheer amoral cynicism at work.

    “The way to benumb raw sensibilities about homosexuality is to have a lot of people talk a great deal about the subject in a neutral or supportive way.”

    “While public opinion is one primary source of mainstream values, religious authority is the other. When conservative churches condemn gays, there are only two things we can do to confound the homophobia of true believers. First we can use talk to muddy the moral waters. This means publicizing support for gays by more moderate churches, raising theological objections of our own about conservative interpretation of Biblical teaching and exposing hatred and inconsistency.”

    “A media campaign to promote the Gay Victim image should make use of symbols which reduce the mainstream’s sense of threat, which lower its guard, and which enhance the plausibility of victimization…(It almost goes without saying that groups on the farthest margin of acceptability such as NAMBLA, [North American Man-Boy Love Association] must play no part at all in such a campaign: suspected child-molesters will never look like victims).”

    “A media campaign that casts gays as society’s victims and encourages straights to be their protectors must make it easier for those to respond to assert and explain their new protectiveness. Few straight women, and even fewer straight men, will want to defend homosexuality boldly as such.”

    “It is especially important for the gay movement to hitch its cause to accepted standards of law and justice because its straight supporters must have at hand a cogent reply to the moral arguments of its enemies. The homophobes clothe their emotional revulsion in the daunting robes of religious dogma, so defenders of gay rights must be ready to counter dogma with principle.”

    “At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights — long after other gay ads have become commonplace — it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified. (This will be all the more necessary because, by that time, the entrenched enemy will have quadrupled its output of vitriol and disinformation.) Our goal here is twofold. First, we seek to replace the mainstream’s self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the antigays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types.[4]

    “Two years later in their book After the Ball, Kirk and Madsen stated clearly their plan for mass propaganda for converting America to promote the homosexual cause. They write, “….by conversion we mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life, without which no truly sweeping social change can occur. We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media.”[5]

    I hope no one is under any illusions at this stage that the power behind the Great Programme of Perversion is anything other than the “father of lies”.

    November 10, 2014 at 6:37 pm
    • Josephine


      That is some set of quotes in there and although I am sure I’ve read some of them before, they really hit me between the eyes just now.

      This has definitely been achieved by the homo movement: “The homophobes clothe their emotional revulsion in the daunting robes of religious dogma, so defenders of gay rights must be ready to counter dogma with principle.”

      That’s exactly what they do, hold up the principles like respect” and “equality” and “rights” to trump religious objections. It’s worked so well, too. I agree – the power behind the homo movement is satanic. There’s no other way to explain how behaviour that has always been understood to be unnatural is now OK.

      November 11, 2014 at 5:31 pm
  • editor


    Your comments are, as ever, totally to the point, thoroughly documented/sourced and simply unanswerable. Which is why our enemies never do attempt an answer – have you noticed? Don’t get big-headed now, treat that as a rhetorical question 😀

    The Scottish BBC TV news today has carried a report on a Stonewall survey (i.e. “gay rights” group) claiming that “homophobic bullying” is endemic in Scottish schools, with the predictable supporters and village idiots trotted out to express dismay and promise action.

    Like, I mean, a survey conducted by the inmates of any prison in the land wouldn’t conclude that the prisoners were locked up for no good reason and ought to be released without delay – that prisoner-phobia must end immediately! Gimme strength. Not one person pointed out that there may well be a very obvious bias in the survey, given its source. Brain dead and then some.

    It will be totally unconscionable if the news outlets do not report David Skinner’s case in detail and the key facts about Professor Anderson, notably his support for “paedophile rights”. I almost added an alliterated adjective in there to describe the Professor but in case we have visits from the establishment-friendly (if not dominated) news media, I thought better of it. Oops!


    November 10, 2014 at 7:47 pm
  • Leo


    I agree completely, as would any person with the remotest sense of justice, and with an ounce of morality in them, that “it will be totally unconscionable if the news outlets do not report David Skinner’s case in detail and the key facts about Professor Anderson, notably his support for ‘paedophile rights’.”

    Here’s another story, that I doubt many who think they are “informed” by the mainstream media will be familiar with.


    “The RFSL was the Swedish branch of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), which in turn has promoted pedophilia for about ten years and is certified there at the UN as a non-governmental organization with consultative status, the European Section and in the EU , The RFSL always maintained pedophile contacts to a workgroup as well, which have campaigned for the legalization of sexual relations between adults and minors.
    ILGA has openly revealed since 2001 that the majority of their funding is obtained directly from the European Commission. The gay lobby is thus financed by the European taxpayer. And the rich. In 2012 alone, 1,017,055 euros flowed from the EU Commission in the ILGA-coffers. That’s more than 52 percent of the annual budget. Over such a windfall, other, more widely socially relevant associations were also pleased.”

    November 10, 2014 at 10:36 pm
  • Leo

    If anyone considers that David Skinner or anybody else should just keep quiet in the face of the shock troops of sodomy, just consider the following utterly disgusting example of the depraved depths of the moral sewer which is flooding what was Western Civilisation.

    Please make sure to read the following very revealing words:

    “The APA (American Psychiatric Association) said the unwelcome attention from conservative Christians helped them turn out a more precise and accurate guide.”

    Even when the stone is lifted, the propagandists for perversion persist in their demonic agenda. Can anyone explain what exactly is “more precise and accurate”, let alone acceptable, about substituting the word “interest” for “orientation”? I think anyone with a functioning brain can see where this is heading.

    November 10, 2014 at 10:47 pm
  • Leo

    The following two articles, by Hilary White and Ben Johnson of Lifesite News, will hopefully have some effect on the ignorant or apathetic. I think they are worth sharing with as many people as possible. I have followed the links with some quotations from the articles, which hopefully will encourage people to read them.

    “If we read them closely, however, the activists themselves have begun to explain it in quite straightforward terms. For them, it has never been about ‘equal rights’ but about the re-writing of our entire social order. The ‘gay rights’ movement has always been, in Peter Tatchell’s own words, ‘revolutionary, not reformist.’

    “Others have pointed out the Marxist origins of the Sexual Revolution as a whole, and it is clear that the sudden explosion of homosexualism is merely the next logical step in a systematic programme. A close cousin to radical feminism and grandchild of Marxism, homosexualism was developed out of the politico-academic pseudo-field of ‘gender studies’ and has, for 30 or 40 years, been pushed on a mostly unwilling public, through ‘anti-discrimination’ and ‘equalities’ legislation by a coalition of lobbyists, NGOs and politicians on the extreme left, and in increasingly powerful international circles.

    “Peter Tatchell is a prominent British homosexualist, which means he is a proponent of a specific political and social ideology that he wants to see adopted in British society and elsewhere. He is also a homosexual man, that is, he experiences sexual attraction for other men, a condition whose origin is still debated by doctors, psychiatrists and geneticists. The two things are not the same. This is a fact that tends to escape a lot of people who read and write about the Culture Wars, especially in its current manifestation that seems to have suddenly become all about homosexuality. Not all homosexuals are homosexualists, and not all homosexualists are homosexuals.”

    “Most tellingly, the Manifesto says that ‘reform,’ in other words ‘equality,’ is never going to be enough; what is needed is a total social revolution, a complete reordering of civilisation. Reform, it said, ‘cannot change the deep-down attitude of straight people that homosexuality is at best inferior to their own way of life, at worst a sickening perversion. It will take more than reforms to change this attitude, because it is rooted in our society’s most basic institution – the Patriarchal Family.’”

    “Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote in The Communist Manifesto of their plan for the ‘abolition of the family,’ to ‘replace home education by social’ or public schools, and to replace monogamy with ‘an openly legalized community of women’ (sharing women in common).

    “Their modern adherents continue to advocate for their anti-family vision on an issue-by-issue basis.”

    “Last June, the Communist Party of Australia urged its members to ‘strike blows against’ Christianity by endorsing same-sex ‘marriage.’”

    November 10, 2014 at 11:10 pm
    • editor


      I’ve read through these most recent posts from you and followed the links. All very informative indeed.

      Peter Tatchell is treated as a hero in these parts. He passes himself off nowadays as a “human rights campaigner” (or did last time I saw him on TV) and his support for a reduction in the age of consent to 14 is well known.

      I note that you rightly argue that David Skinner is correct not to remain silent/inactive and I’m pleased to report that David is determined not to allow this matter to fizzle out after the court case. We could use a few fighters like him in the Church right now, could we not, so we might pray for his conversion to the Faith as well as his success in court!

      I’m ashamed to have devoted so little time to this important thread today – been one of those days, I’m afraid but I will do my best to make up for my tardiness tomorrow.

      November 11, 2014 at 12:51 am
  • Christina

    Recalling that not a single good man was to be found in Sodom or Gomorrah, and witnessing the almost unbelievable speed with which this tsunami of filth of has inundated society, exponentially increasing the number of people ‘identifying themselves’ as sodomites and lesbians, and causing the rest to accept and praise them for acts that not so long ago, were universally abhorred, I fear that our own society is fast heading in the same way.

    It was always obvious, to anyone with eyes to see, that the propaganda of these evil groups, together with the brainwashing of young children in schools to accept their depravities as normal and praiseworthy, would, in a short space of time, cause uncertainty and confusion when these children reached puberty. It is true, I think, to say that children who are passing through a not uncommon developmental stage of same-sex attraction are quite likely now to assume that they are homosexual. In fact the emphasis placed on ‘equality’ and the gushing acceptance of perversion, together with the premature experimentation that sex-ed encourages, make the option to self-identify as sodomite or lesbian more likely. I do not believe that, except in rare medical cases, a child is born fated to develop a ‘sexual orientation’ other than towards the opposite sex. However our fallen nature is such that sexual pleasure can be experienced through many forms of depravity, and the devil uses this temptation more than any other.

    A long time ago i said that paedophilia would eventually be accepted and legalised for the same reasons as in the case of sodomy. There is a powerful lobby of paedophiles which will become more powerful as time goes by and the public becomes desensitised and eventually ‘politically correct’ about this, as it became about all the other taboos.. Only this evening the news is full of the case of the missing file prepared to expose this vice by Geoffrey Dickins.

    Sex education in schools is a paedophiles’ charter. Children are prematurely sexualised, and prurient curiosity replaces innocence. It disgusts all decent people when, for example, the widely-reported Asian gangs in Rochdale claim that ‘the tarts are asking for it’, but is there not some truth in this (not an excuse) when sexually aware and experienced very young girls are prowling the streets hoping to be given drugs and drink in exchange for sex?

    I will certainly pray for David Skinner, and thank God for men like him. But like all who oppose the Devil in the present times he will have much to suffer and in the short term little to show for it.

    Only the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will avail. ,

    November 11, 2014 at 12:42 am
    • editor


      Well said – I absolutely agree with every word. As for the legalisation of paedophilia – it would be completely illogical for the supporters of “gay rights” to oppose it. Once the principle is conceded – that a particular perversion is acceptable and desirable – then any and every perversion stands a chance. Just ask the Bestiality Rights groups…

      November 11, 2014 at 12:57 am
  • Nicky

    I agree with everyone here – David Skinner is a hero to stand up for the Moral Law when even top bishops in the Catholic Church are attacking it!

    The factual data on this thread is like gold dust. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of the court case. I sincerely hope Eric Anderson receives his just desserts.

    November 11, 2014 at 12:55 pm
    • Josephine

      “David Skinner is a hero” – absolutely!

      November 11, 2014 at 5:32 pm
  • Father Knows Best

    Great stuff. David Skinner is doing an immense amount to support the natural law. He deserves the support of all Catholics, not just the handful here, as he is doing something that is very hard to do, which is putting himself into the public spotlight and risking a lot of unpopularity and even hardship. God bless him!

    November 11, 2014 at 2:13 pm
    • Josephine

      Father Knows Best,

      Everyone I know is being informed about David Skinner’s court case because I agree every Catholic ought to be supporting him. It will be a travesty if the case isn’t on the news next week.

      November 11, 2014 at 5:35 pm
  • crofterlady

    I wonder why our leaders are so quiet on this issue? Some of my friends who read this blog (but don’t / can’t contribute) have commented on how infested the BBC is with homosexuals. As somebody said above, the media pushes their agenda and eventually people are brainwashed. I was looking at an old episode of Midsommer Murders the other night and was intrigued by the Sergeant’s disgust at an old fairy queen. He would get away with it now! However, I still think that manly men are still disgusted at homosexuality whether or not they say so openly!

    November 11, 2014 at 6:22 pm
  • Theresa Rose

    I have not watched every video or read every link, but I felt absolutely sickened by those I did see or read.
    Certainly I will be praying for David Skinner in court next week, defending the natural moral law. I expect we will be seeing plenty examples of viciousness by the homosexual lobby.

    November 11, 2014 at 7:33 pm
  • Helen

    I agree Theresa Rose and the BBC won’t be behind the door in either suppressing what they will see as unpalatable statements (read “truths”) or misrepresenting David in some way. Well done David!

    November 11, 2014 at 9:36 pm
  • Athanasius

    I too applaud David Skinner for his brave public stance against sexual perversion and its peddlers, but I’m afraid his voice will inevitably be silenced in a world that has largely returned to paganism like a dog to its own vomit.

    What is more certain to happen in the very near future is that God will intervene in a terrifying way to bring this global rebellion against Him to an end once and for all. There are very few instances of the divine wrath falling on men, such is the free will God has given to them, but those recorded few occasions where He has intervened have always been to punish widespread sexual deviance.

    We live in a world today that has not only rebelled against its Creator and His Commandments but is actually “in His face” with its rebellion, proud (with the pride of Lucifer) that it has almost completely eradicated Christian moral goodness and innocence from the planet. Everything has been turned upside down to such an extent that heads of State are wearing their support for homosexuality as a badge of honour and legislating to silence all oppose their folly.

    But if there is one aspect of this unprecedented global immorality today which is almost certain to stir the action of God, it is the destruction of innocence in children. He will hear the cries of His little ones who suffer in these times of debauchery, we need make no mistake about that.

    I am not generally given to applying apocalyptic scenarios to world events, but in the case of this universal filth that has swamped humanity in our time it is difficult to see how else this manifestation of the demonic can be brought to an end. There are various Catholic prophecies predicting just such an intervention by God, which, it is said, will come swiftly and unexpectedly upon the whole world.

    Michail Gorbachev recently declared that a third world war is now inevitable, a very scary prediction indeed from one who knows well what goes on in the dark corridors of power. But a third global war is a picnic in comparison with Catholic prophecy on the chastisement to come, which, said Our Lord, will be unlike anything witnessed from the foundation of the world.

    Only a public and solemn consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart by the Pope and the bishops gives hope of a mitigation of this punishment and a restoration of all things in Christ. Pope Francis, however, like his immediate predecessors, is unlikely to spare humanity the impending chastisement by complying with heaven’s request, because, like his predecessors, he is deluded by that Modernist myth of “the inherent goodness in all men”. Perhaps these Popes who have ignored Our Lady’s wiser counsel should have contemplated deeper the cause of those sacred wounds of Our Lord on the Cross!

    November 11, 2014 at 9:44 pm
    • Theresa Rose


      Our Lady did say that the Solemn Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart by the Pope and Bishops would be late – BUT, it would be done! At what point will it pierce either the pride or the thick skulls of the Pope and Bishops that they have no other option other than Consecrate Russia, I have no idea.

      I agree with what you have said. We do live in a world of unprecedented global immorality and abandonment of the Ten Commandments and of God Himself. It is terrifying to contemplate how many souls are damning themselves to hell – caught in the snare of Lucifer.

      In the meantime we can do as Our Lady asked – make sacrifices and pray the Rosary. If, as in 1956, the Russians up and left Austria as a result of 10% of the population made a public Rosary Crusade, without the Russians firing a shot. Russian communistic troops leaving a country – had never been heard of before.

      November 11, 2014 at 11:20 pm
  • Helen

    Athanasius, your post is very interesting indeed. Can you link or elaborate on what Gorbachev said about a third world war?

    November 11, 2014 at 11:33 pm
    • Athanasius


      I haven’t really studied Gorbachev’s words in any great detail; a reliable source told me about them in a general way and I have since heard the same story repeated by others. Best thing to do is Google him in relation to WWIII and I’m sure many sources will be returned. As far as I can gather, he spoke the words at a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. He linked the possibility, I hear, to continued sanctions on Putin’s Russia over the Ukraine business. That’s all I know, I’m afraid.

      November 12, 2014 at 12:33 am
  • hamishpeterson

    I applaud David Skinner. I would have expected your Catholic church to be at the forefront of such a debacle. I am totally disheartened at the way your church is going. I always had a respect for its teaching but after many things your pope has said and, indeed after that meeting in Rome, I am at a loss to know what to think. A beacon has been snuffed out, I think.

    November 11, 2014 at 11:40 pm
    • Athanasius


      Judas Iscariot betrayed Our Lord for money, St. Peter denied Him out of cowardice and all the other Apostles, bar John, abandoned him in His hour of suffering. We need to be able to distinguish between the divinely instituted Catholic Church, which remains spotless and constant in its teaching, and the weakness of her human members. Pope Francis is NOT the Catholic Church. He is Successor of St. Peter, yes, but not immune from disgracing that sacred office by his personal opinions and/or actions.

      November 12, 2014 at 12:26 am
  • Santiago

    David Skinner is a brave man, making a stand for what is moral and decent and deserves our support and prayers. Don’t look to the BBC to report this with any sympathy or even accuracy though – they are the people who still quite happily employ that moron Jonathan Ross and promote his equally despicable foul-mouthed colleague, Russell Brand.

    November 12, 2014 at 12:09 am
    • Margaret Mary


      I absolutely agree. The BBC are never going to report on this case properly. They never highlight the homosexual link in any abuse cases, so they’re never going to highlight Anderson’s support for paedophile rights any more than they did with Peter Tatchell’s comments or if they did, I missed it.

      November 12, 2014 at 12:01 pm
      • crofterlady

        Naw, naw, Margaret Mary, you didn’t miss it! There’s no way the BBC would admit to a link between child abuse and paedophilia because that would upset all their pals.

        November 12, 2014 at 3:50 pm
  • Helen

    Athanasius, I Googled the WW3 and I got the impression that old Gorbachev is just scaremongering.

    About Davis Skinner, we should all pray hard for him. He’s a brave, brave man.

    November 12, 2014 at 5:34 pm
    • editor


      At one of the first Fatima Conferences I ever attended in Rome to hear Fr Gruner speak, he listed things said by Russian political leaders, all of them war-mongering statements. His list included statements giving data about the building up of weaponry in Russia, and sentiments relating to the Russian ambition to rule the world (my words – I’m simplifying everything, moi being a simple gal…)

      Anyway, my point is that at the end of his list of quotes from Russian leaders, Fr Gruner told us that each and every statement he’d read out was taken from well known publications, newspaper reports etc. readily available to us all. His point was that Russia is not hiding her plans. We’re just not listening.

      November 12, 2014 at 10:42 pm
  • Leo

    Readers might remember to include in their prayers the McArthur family of Ashers Bakery, based in Belfast, as they give courageous witness to the Law of God in the face of the homo fascists’ persecution. The people of Ulster have more of the required backbone than most, but I’m sure every bit of support would be a help.

    This attack by the sodomites is along very familiar and predictable lines.

    I think these tactics are going to be used just as long as people are prepared to stand in front of the perversion juggernaut. We’ve gone, from Society turning a blind eye, to apathy, to toleration, to whatever you’re having yourself indulgence, to acceptance, and now to Group Think celebration. Unless someone is prepared to stand in the photographs and smile, and throw confetti, and talk about the “Happy Day”, I’m afraid the hissy fits are going to keep on coming.

    Apologies for not remembering their name, but there was nothing “gay” about the undoubtedly exemplary financial ruin inflicted on the heroic English couple who refused two sodomites a single bed, not accommodation, in their B & B, their own home.

    Let’s not forget that what this is all about: the destruction of marriage and the persecution of those who defend God’s Law. Sodomites and lesbians are being used as pawns in this agenda. In fact, the demand for so-called same sex “marriage” has been miniscule in France since it was legalized. That hasn’t stopped mayors being threatened with very heavy penalties for refusing to conduct the so-called “marriage” ceremony.

    November 12, 2014 at 11:12 pm
    • editor


      Colin and Karen McArthur are very brave indeed to fight this stupid case. The fact that the homosexual couple accepted the return of their deposit, should nullify any further action against them.

      Breaking News…These “gay” activist groups cannot be trusted. All through the same sex “marriage” debate here they lied through their teeth promising that nobody would be forced to accept their daft “marriages” and that nobody would be forced to act against their consciences. I said then and I’ve been proved right (it becomes wearing after a while :grin:) that they could not be trusted and that these assurances meant nothing.

      We should definitely remember this couple, along with David Skinner, in our prayers. They are showing a level of moral fibre that, sadly, too many Catholics appear to lack. But then, when the Pope himself says “who am I to judge?” we cannot be too surprised if Catholics lose sight of the gravity of the sin of Sodom.

      And what about that cake? Ugh! I don’t like wedding cake at the best of times; much too sweet. But that ugly rainbow cake would have me running for the nearest packet of indigestion tablets, pronto. Ugh!

      November 12, 2014 at 10:32 pm
      • Constantine the Great

        Fortunately we live by the rule of law and any unworthy act by the McArthur’s must be judged and penalised.

        November 15, 2014 at 4:29 pm
      • editor


        Of what “unworthy act” are the McArthurs guilty?

        November 15, 2014 at 5:02 pm
      • Constantine the Great

        … rather their company, Ashers, may have acted unlawfully.

        Self-delusion and self-righteousness are two sides of the same soiled coin.

        November 16, 2014 at 12:01 pm
      • Athanasius

        Constantine the Great,

        Tell that to the “gay” lobby. They’re the ones who need to open their eyes to the truth before it’s too late for them.

        November 16, 2014 at 3:13 pm
      • Constantine the Great

        Yeah, right.

        November 16, 2014 at 10:53 pm
      • Athanasius

        Constantine the Great,

        The principle law upon which all others stand is the law of God “written in the hearts of all men”. This has been the “rule of law” for 2000 years. It seems to me, then, that it is not the McArthur’s who were guilty of an “unworthy act” under the rule of law. Men are not free to legislate against the Commandments of God, for such would not be true liberty, it would be licence. Hence, the rule you recognise as law is actually lawlessness disguised as law.

        November 15, 2014 at 5:52 pm
  • editor

    A reader from Aberdeen has just texted to say she is praying for David Skinner today, as the court case begins.

    I’m sure we’ll all do the same.

    November 17, 2014 at 9:42 am
  • editor

    David Skinner has emailed to say that the case today was adjourned to allow Anderson to get his paper work in order.

    As if he hasn’t had long enough to get himself organised. The more I learn about this man, the more convinced I am that he should not be allowed anywhere near young people, let alone by employed by a university.

    November 17, 2014 at 6:58 pm
    • Santiago

      I whole-heatedly agree with you, Editor. Young people are taught about ‘stranger danger’ – this man definitely falls into this category. He should be banned from any contact with young people. I just hope that the parents of these students are alert to his abominable influence.

      November 20, 2014 at 12:03 am
  • editor

    The case was settled out of court – click here to read report

    December 4, 2014 at 2:52 pm

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