UK: Free Speech and Conscience RIP…

UK: Free Speech and Conscience RIP…

Glasgow midwives

“Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it”   (Albert Einstein)

Tell that to the highest court in the UK where the right of conscience NOT to participate in any way in the killing of unborn babies has been denied.  Click on photo (left) to read the details in the case of the two Glasgow (Catholic) midwives whose conscientious objection to being forced to participate in the administration of abortions at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow has been dismissed.

This, of course, is only one of many examples of the way freedom of speech and conscience are being destroyed in these days of imagined greater Bernadette Smythtolerance and alleged diversity.  Take the case of  the pro-lifer who was convicted of  harassing the manager of the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast and who has today been sentenced: ordered by a court not to go within 20 yards of the premises for the next five years.

Bernadette Smyth, 53, founder of the Precious Life movement and an internationally known anti-abortion campaigner, was also ordered by a judge to carry out 100 hours of community service. She must also pay £2,000 in compensation to Dawn Purvis, the manager of the Marie Stopes Clinic.  Click on photo (right) to read more…

Meanwhile over on Facebook, the story of how a primary school teacher “came out” to his class, prompting a nine year old girl to write a letter to him saying how she wouldn’t treat him any differently, was discussed with the majority of contributors bending over backwards to say how “beautiful” it was.  Read more about this story here

The conversation soon turned sour when one contributor dared to express concern that homosexuality was being promoted and children were being used to do this.  The proponents of “diversity” soon became enraged and completely intolerant – calling the young man names, using crudities and even taking screen shots of his comments and emailing them to his place of work.

It’s quite clear that all the claims to value free speech and freedom of conscience in the countries of the UK are baloney.  They fall into the category of “Yeah right”. The useful idiots can believe that mantra if they want.  There are far too many examples of intolerance directed at anyone who dares to think outside the politically correct box and to challenge the immoral legislation imposed on us in recent years, for me to fall for that line. What about you?  Tell us your experiences of challenging abortion legislation, homosexual “rights” etc.  Or maybe you think we’ve no right to go against what “society” has deemed right and proper?  Let’s hear it, then, because as far as I’m concerned, we’ve witnessed the death of free speech and freedom of conscience in the UK for some time now – there are just a few more examples in the news today – that’s all. 

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  • Wendy Walker

    Wishing all the genuine and lovely commenters a wonderfully Holy ,Happy ,Peaceful Christmas and a very Happy and BABY SAVING New Year ……Thank you all and Bless you

    December 21, 2014 at 4:27 pm
    • editor

      Thank YOU Wendy – have a wonderful Christmas!

      December 21, 2014 at 6:50 pm
  • Margaret Mary

    I wish everyone at Catholic Truth, newsletter team and bloggers, a very happy and holy Christmas and a very blessed new year.

    December 21, 2014 at 5:11 pm
    • editor

      Margaret Mary,

      Your regular contributions are very much appreciated on this blog. Many thanks for that, and for your Christmas and new year wishes.

      I hope you, too, enjoy a holy and happy Christmas, and every blessing comes your way in the new year.

      God bless

      December 21, 2014 at 6:52 pm
  • Pat McKay

    Dear All,

    Wishing you every blessing for Christmas and for 2015. Now you can open your e-card (hope it still works!)…..

    December 21, 2014 at 7:46 pm
    • editor


      BEAUTIFUL e-card ! Really beautiful, clever and fun! Thank you for posting it.

      And a very happy and holy Christmas to you!

      Thank you for all your contributions to our blog in the past year, especially on pro-life issues – your knowledge is impressive.

      God bless you in 2015.

      December 21, 2014 at 9:13 pm
  • catholicconvert1

    Aside from this shocking state of affairs in Glasgow, we should turn our prayers towards Northern Ireland, the only part of Britain where there is any major degree of religious practice, either on the part of Protestants and Catholics. The freedoms of Christians are being attacked there apace, with Asher’s Bakery, run by Presbyterians, being taken to court for refusing to bake a pro-gay cake, and the Catholic Church relinquishing its role in adoption services with Family Care Society. However, Paul Givan MLA has introduced a Freedom of Conscience Bill to exempt religious organisations from equalities laws. He is DUP and staunch Protestant, but has voiced his defence of the Holy Mother Church. I emailed him with a letter of support:

    ‘Dear Mr Givan,

    It has recently come to my attention that you are introducing a Private Member’s Bill in the Northern Ireland Assembly entitled the Freedom of Conscience Amendment Bill, in response to threats to freedom of speech, though and religion in the province. It is shocking that a Christian business, Asher’s Bakery, run on traditional Biblical principles, is being sued by the Equalities Commission, to enforce a misguided and nebulous form of equality. It is also profoundly disturbing that the Catholic Church, the largest Church in Ireland is sadly having to relinquish its involvement in the Family Care Society due to gay adoption, after many years of providing an inestimable service. These organisations are being attacked by a new, sinister and previously unknown form of evil. The ‘LGBT’ movement demands equality for the bizarre lifestyle choices of its supporters, but Christians and members of other faiths are witnessing their rights and freedoms being eroded apace. As Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor said in 2012: ‘in the name of tolerance it seems to me tolerance is being abolished’. In England we have witnessed Christians being robbed of their freedoms, such as Adrian Smith, a Christian, who had his salary cut by 40% and was demoted from a managerial position, Peter and Hazelmary Bull who were sued for refusing a room in their B&B to a homosexual couple, Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood, two Catholic nurses who can refuse to carry out abortions but must supervise these horrid procedures and finally the Catholic Church had to relinquish its adoption agencies between 2007-12. I truly hope that your bill will be successful in Northern Ireland, to prevent the shocking decline of freedom and morality as seen in England and elsewhere.

    I am also delighted that you are defending the freedom of the Catholic Church in Northern Ireland. It is clear to me that the Catholic faithful cannot have their freedoms upheld by Sinn Fein and other Nationalist parties. The DUP is the only party that will defend the traditional family and morality, against homosexuality and abortion, in a way consistent with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. It would be a sensible and profitable move for the DUP to court the votes of Catholics, by targeting their neighbourhoods and estates during election time, by issuing leaflets by making it known the DUP will defend Northern Ireland from abortion and the ‘LGBT’ lobby. You could even meet with Priests and encourage true Catholics to join the DUP.

    Once again, I hope that your bill will be successful and I look forward to receiving a reply’.

    It is abundantly clear that Catholics cannot have the doctrines of their Church defended by the scum of Sinn Fein, SDLP or the Alliance. They call themselves Irish?? If they went back to 1960, De Valera and McQuaid, and other Catholic leaders would use galoots like Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and their terrorist cohorts for manure. The DUP is the only party in Northern Ireland, in the absence of a truly Catholic party, to uphold traditional mores and Biblical morals.

    December 21, 2014 at 8:08 pm
  • Frankier


    While I agree with a lot of what you say I feel you are a bit liberal with the word terrorist.

    December 21, 2014 at 8:52 pm
    • editor


      Perhaps it’s my speed reading but I didn’t see the word “terrorist” in CC’s post, just a lot of uncritical praise for the DUP. While it is appalling that parties such as Sinn Fein, which attract the Catholic vote, now hold shockingly anti-Catholic positions on the key moral issues, and while, credit where it’s due, the unionist party has so far held out against the pro-abortion/pro-homosexual lobby, and Mr Girvan is to be commended for speaking out, I think Catholics looking at the bigger picture of their entire history as a minority in NI, would have to swallow hard to vote for the DUP. But let’s leave it there. Anti-Irish/anti-Catholic feeling still runs high in this “tolerant” land, so take the closure of this thread now, as we launch our Christmas break, as closure of that particular topic.

      CC has made his point, for which, thanks.

      December 21, 2014 at 9:08 pm
      • editor

        Merry Christmas, CC, and thank you for all your contributions to this blog in 2014. Look forward to reading your pearls of wisdom next year!

        God bless.

        December 21, 2014 at 9:09 pm
  • Leo

    “Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. Therefore take unto you the armour of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect.”- Ephesians 6: 11-13

    It’s a bit late, but thank you, Spiritus and Tommy for your comments earlier in the thread.

    May I add my total agreement to your remarks about Bernie Smyth. Along with Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood insert names, she can rightly be described as a mulier fortis, such as appears throughout the pages of Sacred Scripture. I think those three women have demonstrated exemplary Christian fortitude in the fight against the satanic evils of abortion.

    Bernie was back outside the death peddlers office in Belfast yesterday, standing up for the unborn, regardless of police cautions. As Spiritus and Tommy have pointed out, she really does stand out amongst Irish Pro-Life activists in understanding the true nature of the battle, and frequently recalls the words of Saint Paul’s letter to the Ephesians quoted above. Others really need to follow her lead.

    “Hence it follows that all public power must proceed from God. For God alone is the true and supreme lord of the world. Everything without exception must be subject to Him, and must serve Him, so that whosoever holds the right to govern, holds it from one sole and single source, namely, God, the Sovereign Ruler of all. ‘There is no power but from God.’ (Rom. 13:1)”. – Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, 1885

    All appeals to the basics of reason and natural law about the unspeakable barbarity of abortion are really water of a duck’s back in the case of the minions of lucifer who are waging unrelenting war against the unborn. I’m afraid, given the demonic forces at work, that they are not going to be persuaded of anything by happy, cuddly photographs of mothers and babies. No, the battle is spiritual. The enemy is demonically inspired.

    Public prayer is absolutely essential. Not just private prayer, which as is regularly pointed out here, is a given duty. That lack of public prayer, with rare notable exceptions, such as gatherings organised by Bernie Smyth, is where things went seriously wrong in Ireland last year. Only one Irish Bishop, as far as I know, Bishop Seamus Freeman of Ossory led a public procession of Prayer.

    I’m happy to report one bit of Christmas good news and evidence of the power of public Rosaries, the long prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, and other prayers, and sacramentals. The Marie Stopes baby bounty franchise in Dublin has recently closed its doors. For the last four years or so, there has been a prayer gathering for an hour and a half outside its doors every Friday. As well as countless Rosaries being said, accurate, truthful information about the evil of abortion was distributed, along with offers of genuine support to the women targeted by the baby hunters. At least one hundred babies were saved over the past three years. Pro-life information was offered by a few other steadfast souls at other times, but I have no doubt that public prayer is what drove the agents of death out.

    The sad thing is that there were never more than a couple of handfuls of people at these prayer gatherings. And there would have been no such prayer, if it wasn’t for one married couple who decided to actual carry out a bit of Catholic Action.

    The abortionists’ death dealing operation may move premises to an off street bunker. Who knows. Maybe the legal attack against Bernie Smyth in Belfast is part of a strategy. One in sure, all the people who drove past, or walked past the doors of the MS baby butchers’ outpost in Dublin, all those who muttered, and shouted, and screeched predictable or unrepeatable insults and those praying their Rosaries will have been given one more lesson in the power of prayer. Every little victory counts. We know how the war ends. We have Our Lady’s guarantee.

    “But if the faithful were generally to understand that it behooves them ever to fight courageously under the banner of Christ their King, then, fired with apostolic zeal, they would strive to win over to their Lord those hearts that are bitter and estranged from him, and would valiantly defend his rights.
    “…While nations insult the beloved name of our Redeemer by suppressing all mention of it in their conferences and parliaments, we must all the more loudly proclaim his kingly dignity and power, all the more universally affirm his rights.” – Pope Pius XI, Quas Primas, 1925

    A holy and blessed Christmas and many thanks to all the faithful bloggers of goodwill at CT, but most of all thank you to Editor, surely another mulier fortis, without whom there would be no worthy, unadulterated, and uncompromised blog platform for faithful Catholic laity in these islands to add their voices to the fight for Tradition, the restoration of all things in Christ, and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

    May the Holy Family watch over us all, born and unborn, in these times of tribulation, and in particular watch over and protect those under persecution for the Faith in the Middle East and throughout the world.

    December 21, 2014 at 9:10 pm
    • editor


      You just caught me as I was about to close down the blog – needless to say I couldn’t resist reading your latest gem first.

      And “gem” is the word. Your comment about the power of the St Michael prayer (in full) reminded me of our prayer vigil outside the Glasgow City Chambers last year (or was it the year before? My memory is dreadful) when we prayed the Rosary, sprinkled Holy Water and prayed the full St Michael’s prayer, beginning from the moment the “Gay Pride” march left its start-off point at the other end of Glasgow and headed for the City Chambers at George Square. We were all stunned at the way, the closer the march got to us, the stronger we felt the evil. The marchers became, it seemed to us, more frantic, as they entered the square and came towards us. That prayer is very powerful indeed and coupled with the fifteen decades of the Rosary, it left its mark on those praying for graces for the marchers and those coming under the increasingly strong influence of the homosexual lobby.

      Anyway, many thanks for all your marvellous contributions throughout this past year, and enjoy, please God, a holy and happy Christmas Leo. Look forward to reading you back here next year !

      Oh and, I see from your penultimate paragraph that I’ve got you fooled as well. And I can only say to you, what I’ve said to the others who have kindly lavished (entirely undeserved) praise in my direction – “if only”!

      God bless

      December 21, 2014 at 9:25 pm

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