Evil: Is It Ever Moral To Be Neutral?

Evil: Is It Ever Moral To Be Neutral?

collarpriestAfter a consultation with our members, the results of which indicated clearly a wide range of views, the Association of Catholic Priests has decided not to adopt a position in favour or against the Marriage Equality referendum.

At the same time we appeal for a respectful and civilised debate in which the issues involved can be discussed in a calm and reasonable manner. Sexual orientation does not debar anyone from God’s love. If as priests we are speaking on this matter, we need to remember that the use of intemperate language can cause deep hurt among gay people and their families, as well as doing further damage to an already ailing church.

The ACP asserts the particular responsibility that devolves on priests to measure their words carefully, and not to direct their parishioners to vote Yes or No.

We look forward to a debate that will be characterized by freedom of speech and respectful listening so that the best result for the Irish people might be reached.   Source


In the English-based Catholic Herald dated 27 March, Irish journalist, Mary Kenny, wrote: “I have a vote in this referendum, but I shall abstain. As I am not a formal resident of Ireland, I don’t think I should seek to influence the laws of Irish society. That doesn’t stop me from having an opinion, of course.”  Her opinion has obviously given rise to the headline There’s no such thing as ‘equal marriage’ [because] Ms Kenny argues, “all marriages are power struggles. ”   Eh? shamrock

Is it ever right to remain neutral, to abstain, in the fight against evil? Or have the goal-posts moved so far along the way now that civil partnerships/same-sex marriage (and other couplings outside of lifelong, traditional marriage) are no longer to be considered “evil”?  

Ireland goes to the polls to vote to overturn God’s moral law on 22 May.  Is it possible for any Catholic to remain neutral in the run up to this awful event, especially those charged with preaching the Catholic Faith and true morals?  And is it possible, in good conscience, for any Catholic to abstain from voting – no matter where he/she lives?  Comments invited…

Some time later…

The following video was brought to my attention – worth taking 3 minutes to view…

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  • Leo

    I posted the following excellent article from the late Anthony Fraser on another thread recently, but really, it is too good not to repost on this thread.

    The link is courtesy of another robust defender of the Faith, The Eye-witness blog.


    There is plenty I could pick out for quoting, but hopefully the following will encourage people to devote a few very well spent minutes to reading this really excellent article.

    “The Henry the Eighths of this world and the LGBT lobby are not content to indulge in sinful behaviour. They want us to admit that it is not a sin: that their behaviour is natural. They don’t want anyone to disturb their improperly formed consciences even through silent dissent. They want to abuse our consciences. They want us to lie to satisfy their erroneous consciences. But as Solzhenitsyn warned us in From Under the Rubble(3): ‘ DO NOT LIE! DO NOT TAKE PART IN THE LIE! DO NOT SUPPORT THE LIE! … and then he explains ‘What does it mean, not to lie? It doesn’t mean going around preaching the truth at the top of your voice (perish the thought!). It doesn’t even mean muttering what you think in an undertone. It simply means: not saying what you don’t think, and that includes not whispering, not opening your mouth, not raising your hand, not casting your vote, not feigning a smile, not lending your presence, not standing up and not cheering.’ (4)

    As the above DOJ document indicates, ‘not saying what you don’t think’ is not an option: it is tantamount to silence – a silence which the high priests of secular humanism will not tolerate no less than would Stalin, Henry VIII, or Herodius.”

    April 10, 2015 at 9:03 pm
  • editor


    The article from the Eye-witness blog is first class – I know you posted it before but it could be posted on every thread and then some, and it still would be as refreshing to read as at first sight. It’s absolutely crystal clear and should be given as wide an audience as possible. I must do a word count to see if it would be too much to publish in the newsletter. Truly terrific – thanks again for posting it here.

    April 10, 2015 at 10:58 pm

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