Pope Calls For Action To “Save The Planet”; Silent On Saving The Faith

Pope Calls For Action To “Save The Planet”; Silent On Saving The Faith

PopeFrancisClimateChangeIn what I believe was probably a very rare exercise in sarcasm, blogger, Athanasius, emailed me the other day to say that he was greatly looking forward to the new encyclical, adding “Ireland has just officially apostatised from the Faith and the Pope’s  writing about the environment.  Things are truly bad!”

Quite.  The Church is falling apart before our very eyes, with apostasy writ large just about everywhere, and Pope Francis – instead of concerning himself with the question of how to end the diabolically-inspired crisis within the Church, which has resulted in worldwide apostasy – is worrying himself to death about how to improve the weather. Crackers

When can we expect an encyclical condemning the errors of our times  and exhorting obedience to the moral law, as revealed by God and entrusted to His Church to preach and promote?  When?

 Click here to read about the launch of the first ever papal “eco-encyclical” – Laudato Si – and to read the encyclical click here 


Well, the Pope has laid his cards on the table. He’s a “believer”.  Where does that leave Catholics like myself, who do NOT believe that the weather is caused or changed by human beings…  People like me who remember Our Lord’s exhortation not to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself?  And where does it leave the papolatrists among us, who think the Pope’s every word is infallible? Could it be that the Holy Spirit is telling us that we ought to believe in man-made climate change? 

Tell us if the new encyclical has evangelised YOU into believing the doctrine of “man-made climate change” or, if –  like me – you agree with those commentators who suggest that the Pope should “leave science to the scientists” and further, that he should get down to ending the crisis in the Church, speaking out against the widespread loss of divine and Catholic Faith around us, apologise for his dereliction of duty in saying “who am I to judge?” (grave sin)  and admit that the Church has gone off the rails in the past 50 years thanks to that Council.  After all, he has to start somewhere if he wants to “save the Faith”.  And he must want to “save the Faith”… surely? 

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  • Christina

    Waterside4: Nagging? Moi? Perish the thought! I was only a faint echo of She Who Must Be Obeyed who occasionally nags avatarless bloggers.😷

    I’ve just lost another post (about your link). I expect when I’m reunited with my computer the thread will be archived😨.

    June 27, 2015 at 8:27 pm
  • waterside4

    After 47 years 4 month 5 days and 9 hours of obeyance of “her” I would not dream of calling anyone on the distaff side a nagger. I have the lumps to prove it!

    Please look up http://wattsupwiththat.com/ and look for who the Vatican is now courting. ‘knowme’ Klein a well known communistic commentator and activist. You really could not make it up.

    I’d love to die a Catholic
    With a life of no compunction,
    But with all these closet Marxists
    Who will give me extreme unction;
    I deny there’s global warming
    The real thermometers don’t lie,
    Let’s see the reading of the great
    Meteorologist in the sky.

    The atheistic Schellnhuber
    Wrote the Green Encyclical,
    Made sure no climate realists
    Showed his science was farcical;
    He would stop the masses breeding
    The lower classes he would bilk,
    Like his Nazi hero Malthus
    He would not wish it on his ilk.

    For years it has been obvious
    The Roman Church is in decline,
    To stop the rot His Holiness
    Has now turned to Naomi Klien;
    A well known Jewish Communist
    Who spouts the parables of Marx,
    This Pope should be preaching gospels
    Known as John, Matthew Luke and Mark’s.

    The Master Plan is completed
    With all the major players on board,
    We must make the whole world equal
    With energy we cannot afford
    Let us stop the world evolving
    Let’s kick away the lowest rung,
    Make sure the poor of Africa
    Continue cooking with dried dung.

    June 29, 2015 at 7:56 pm
  • Summa


    Everyone is in on the act. Must be nice to be popular.

    June 30, 2015 at 6:51 am
    • editor


      I saw that site a while back and wish a pro-life group would juxtapose those pictures and words of the Pope with pictures of aborted babies and his much gentler comments about those. It’s incredible to read his strong condemnation of animal cruelty alongside his much milder “disapproval”, shall we say, of the murder of unborn babies. Who would have ever dreamt we would live to see the day?

      July 4, 2015 at 12:07 pm

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