Named Person Scheme Sinister… Gives State Sweeping Powers Over Family…

Named Person Scheme Sinister… Gives State Sweeping Powers Over Family…

We’ve discussed this topic before – the legislation due to come into force in the autumn whereby the primary relationship of every child in Scotland – from pre-born to 18 years – is to be with the Named Person (NP) appointed by the State, not their parents.  Each time I’ve discussed this with some of the  parents in my circle, I’ve been absolutely astonished at their responses, which range from “it won’t happen” to  “it won’t affect me” to “I’ve got nothing to hide so it won’t be a problem”.  They fail to join up the dots in recognition of the fact that the NP scheme is Chapter 2 of the Communist Manifesto (destruction of the family) writ large.

In fact,  when we previously discussed this I remember a couple of our bloggers crossed swords, because one described parents who took a trusting attitude to the Government’s NP scheme as “simpletons” and another rebuked her suggesting it would be better, surely, to try to educate parents rather than call them names. Well, er.. yes. You’d think so. Except, over a year on, I know I’m not alone in finding it impossible to educate so many of them  – they just don’t want to know.  They refuse to recognise the gravity of this NP Scheme.  Yet, already, before the legislation has come into force, at least one parent known to me, who’d never heard of the NP scheme, now realises that she has had a visit from  hers – the health visitor attending to her during her pregnancy, called at her home (“just passing by”) and insisted on seeing her older (5 year old) child’s bedroom: one of the “standards” set by the government is that children will have a say in decorating their own room. Don’t laugh. That’s a fact.  Check here  And click here to learn about other parents’ experiences of the NP scheme ahead of its formal launch.  Another parent has told me that she is going to re-decorate her children’s rooms and make sure everything is as “perfect” as it can be, for fear (I repeat “fear”) of receiving such a visit to her home.  Looking on the bright side, this may be the first ever generation of perfect parents in the UK, if not worldwide… And children with their dream bedrooms!  Crazy. Totally crazy stuff.

I attended one of the NO2NP roadshows on 22 June – East Kilbride – and it was heartening to see informed people from all walks of life there, including concerned parents, medical professionals, education professionals, pharmacists and other health professionals, all there to hear the excellent speakers bringing home to us the sinister nature of this new law, with hard facts and concrete examples of how the legislation will operate in the lives of every family in Scotland, from pre-birth to their child’s 18th birthday. Sinister, with bells on, and nowhere to hide.

One speaker asked us to listen to Nicola Sturgeon’s response to Liz Smith MSP (Conservative) at First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament – see video below, and listen closely at 29.37 ff to hear Sturgeon asserting that “[the Scottish Government] will continue to act in a way that has the wellbeing of all children at the heart of “ourdecision-making” – i.e. the State’s decision-making.  Outrageous! A woman with no children of her own, telling parents how to raise their offspring! For, it is crucial that none of us makes the mistake of thinking that this legislation is aimed at protecting children at risk of abuse. That’s patent nonsense. Listen to Nicola Sturgeon speaking about the minority of cases where death has occurred, the exceptional cases, and then ask yourself why on earth she would want to label ALL parents as potential abusers and plant spies in every home – which is, effectively, what the Scottish Government NP is – a spy – in order to address a problem which affects a minority of children.

At least one top lawyer has savaged this piece of dictatorial  legislation – click here to read his assessment.

So, what can we do? 

1) Sign the No2NP petition – click here and send the link to every parent you know/Facebook etc.

2)  Write to your MSP – you can get the details here

3)  Spread the link to this blog far and wide – and send the link to every parent you know/Facebook etc. Encourage everyone to sign up and speak out. The stronger the voice of opposition, the better, and the more chance there is that this intrusive legislation is ditched.

Note: due to the seriousness of this issue, we are keeping this thread open, and at the top of the page, for easy access.  Feel free to post updates, any stories you hear etc. We all need to be as informed as possible, in order to fight this unprecedented and unconscionable intrusion into family life.  Say NO! to the NP Scheme – and say it loudly.  


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  • editor

    Received the following email update in my inbox today…

    Hi [Supporter of the No2NP campaign…)

    Supreme Court beckons for Named Person challenge
    as judges reject calls to put Scottish families first

    This morning we received notification that our appeal against the introduction of the Named Person scheme has been rejected.

    In a written judgment the Inner House of the Court of Session ruled that the legislation does not conflict with human rights or data protection laws.

    There are some positives to take away. The court seems to agree that parents should be able to reject unwanted approaches from the Named Person and that data sharing powers should not be extended beyond current law. Unfortunately that’s not what the legislation says. We believe the court is taking too optimistic a view of the legislation and how it will operate in practice.

    Responding to the judgment a NO2NP spokesman confirmed that the ruling would be appealed saying: “We do not believe that the judges engaged properly with the arguments we put forward so we will take them to the Supreme Court. Ultimately we may even have to go to Europe.”

    Contrasting the scheme portrayed in the judgment with the legislation itself, he said: “If the nature of the Named Person scheme was as the court described then we would not have brought this action in the first place. The judgment states that a Named Person is unable to interfere in family life but merely able to make ‘an offer of help, which may simply be rejected’. But the legislation gives a Named Person broad powers to interfere without parental consent.

    “The court also describes the aim of the scheme as ‘the promotion of child welfare’ but it’s ‘wellbeing’ that is at the heart of the Named Person scheme, not welfare. The judges say this distinction ‘is not easy to grasp’ but there is a stark difference.

    “Welfare approaches use ‘significant harm’ as the threshold for state intervention in family life, whereas Government funded guidance on the Named Person scheme says wellbeing is just another word for ‘happiness’.

    “The threat to the human right of families to privacy in their own homes has not gone away. Neither has the inevitability of breaches in data protection laws as the Named Person passes confidential family information from pillar to post. We will continue to take all available avenues for justice for as long as these threats remain.”

    We will not be deterred – the campaign to protect families all over Scotland from undue state interference continues.

    Thank you for your ongoing support,
    The NO2NP Team

    NO2NP campaigns against the Scottish Government’s Named Person scheme – legislation that allows the Government and state authorities to undermine parents’ responsibility for their own children and spy on family life.

    Get Involved

    Get in touch via the NO2NP Website. END.

    September 3, 2015 at 11:03 pm
  • Margaret Mary

    I came across this advert today – the demonising of parents is deliberate,IMHO.

    September 7, 2015 at 11:22 pm
  • editor

    Since not everyone relishes the thought of having to see Nicola Sturgeon’s lovely smile every time they log on here, we’ll close this thread now and launch a new thread, with link to this one, when there is a final ruling from the Supreme Court/Europe. Could be a while!

    Thanks to all who commented here. Keep informing friends and acquaintances, because the Government has no intention of spreading the news of this unprecedented intrusion into family life. Tell everyone you meet to check out the No2NP website where they will gather all the information they need.

    September 11, 2015 at 12:54 am

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