Blessed Pope Pius IX … Pray for us!

Blessed Pope Pius IX … Pray for us!

Pope Pius IXAt the time of the Pope’s death in Rome, a Belgian child, dying from an undiagnosed illness, told his mother he had a vision of Pius IX being crowned by the Virgin in Heaven. The child was instantly cured. Since news of the Pope’s death had not yet reached Belgium, the mother sent a telegram to Rome. The answer indicated the child had been cured at the very moment of the Pope’s death.  

Read more about Pope Pius IX here  – and note this remark:

“They write that I am tired,” said Pius IX five weeks before his death. “They are right. I am tired of so much iniquity and discord.”  

Now, of course, much of the “iniquity and discord” is being caused by a Pope – and wouldn’t Pope Pius IX be surprised to learn that it is the beleaguered faithful who are “tired” of it all.   

This thread is to help us recall the holy popes of days gone by and to share our favourite stories of these, their major contributions to the life of the Church and their fidelity in passing on the Faith through their teaching office, encyclicals etc.  A trip down Memory Lane, so to speak, with perhaps some thought given to what the contents of an updated Syllabus of Errors might include…

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  • Leo


    Too true about “spoilt for choice” concerning the “Jesuit crackpots”. Talk about picking berries from a bramble.

    Immediately defrocking at least 10,000 of them might be a useful start to a return to sanity. Failing that, a couple of battalions of thoroughly scholastic medieval Dominican Inquisitors could provide a great service to the Church. If only. Dream on we must. If nothing else, that’s a fair cue for the Dominican/Jesuit jokes.

    Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that the cancer of Modernism in the Church as a whole, mirrors, or rather is intertwined with, the descent of the Jesuits in particular. No doubt satan concentrated especially heavy fire on what was one of the best units in the Church Militant’s army.

    Indeed, along with its rejection of its magnificent history of service to the Church, it hardly constitutes a surprise to find that a Superior of the Company of Jesus has asserted a rejection of its military character. In February 1989, Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach told the 30 Days periodical that:

    “Any military connotation in relation to the Society and its Superior General must be eliminated…In this process of renewal (proposed by Vatican II), a certain way of being of the Society of Jesus has died. This explains why a theologian said in this magazine that the Society ‘was dead’…”

    Opinion on Malachi Martin certainly appears to vary wildly amongst Catholics faithful to Tradition. That said, his book on the order entitled, The Jesuits is an absolutely riveting read, particular in dealing with the period from Tyrrell and early Modernism onwards. It explains much concerning the Conciliar crisis, as well as helping greatly to understand the words and actions of Pope Francis.

    As for the “huge overdraft”, Editor, there’s no need. Don’t tell anyone else, but just for Catholic Truth, I’ll take IOU’s. Or else you can pay me in Irn-Bru.

    August 29, 2015 at 9:40 pm
  • Aldo Bartylla

    Saint John Bosco, who was in Rome at the time, noted on the day of the Pope s death, Today was extinguished the supreme and incomparable star of the Church, the Pontiff Pius IX. Within a very short time, he will most certainly be on our altars. After Pius death, many prayed to him for special favors.

    August 31, 2015 at 7:17 pm

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