USA Election – Exposed: Hillary’s Subversive Activity Against Vatican…

USA Election – Exposed: Hillary’s Subversive Activity Against Vatican…

Hillary Clinton & John Podesta
Hillary Clinton & John Podesta

Adrienne – a visitor to our site from Destin, FLorida – writes: “I’m deeply concerned by the anti-Church activity of our brother in Christ John Podesta and his friends. It is even more dangerous than their support for abortion and same-sex marriages, by itself. And I don’t want this issue to be talked round and forgotten.

I’d be very glad if you could publish my piece, because the mood of ordinary believers is quite an important thing that unfortunately haven’t been properly covered by our media.”

Clinton against the Vatican. Will the Holy See withstand?

According to the e-mails published by Wikileaks on October the 8th, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chief John Podesta is the most influential man in Soros’s war against the Vatican. Having close financial ties between them, both the “left” billionaire and the Democratic Party leadership are in favor of legal widely available and federally funded abortions as well as of full public acceptance of same-sex marriage. At the same time, the Catholic Church (to which almost every third American and about 40% of immigrants belong) remains committed to traditional values. Therefore, despite theologically enacted nonpolitical nature of the Catholic Social Doctrine, the Church’s voice is inevitably a hindrance for both: Soros and the Democrats.

So, in February 2012, the Democrats were eager to gain support for their Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, that required contraceptives and abortion costs to be included in the health insurance plans (and a refusal to fund birth control measures was labeled as “gender discrimination”). Hence, the president of the Voices for Progress, Sanford Newman wrote an e-mail to the Center for American Progress (CAP) founder, a longtime Democratic Party lobbyist John Podesta. Newman asked his opinion on the feasibility and possible ways of preparing the “Catholic Spring”. According to the Voices for Progress chief’s idea, it was necessary to somehow “plant the seeds of revolution” within the Catholic Church, so that the believers themselves would “demand their bishops to end a middle ages dictatorship” and better respect equality of the sexes. As a Jew, Newman recognized that he wasn’t familiar enough with Christianity, and carefully posed his offerings as hypothetical. However, John Podesta said bluntly that Catholics in Alliance with the Common Good (CACG) and Catholics United (CU) had already been created exactly for this purpose. He also complained about the lack of leadership and recommended that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend be consulted on this effort.

Indeed, since 2005 when these NGOs were established, they have been financed by the Soros Foundation and the Open Society Institute, either directly or through intermediary entities controlled by the progressive billionaire’s organizations. In their turn, CACG’s founder Tom Periello and its Chairman Fred Rotondaro are senior fellows at the Soros-funded CAP established by Podesta.

Criticism toward CACG and CU, who advocate the ordination of women and vindicate abortion and sodomy, has been heard since 2007. In 2008, Archbishop Charles Chaput stated that these organizations were compromising the Church. He also said that before the 2008 presidential elections two CU representatives had been accusing the Catholic Church of supporting Republicans and had been trying to urge him [Archbishop Chaput] to stop condemning abortions. In addition, Catholics United, which has nothing to do with the Church, was critical of the bishops who denied Communion to politicians who supported the legalization of abortion. Another critic of these liberal NGOs, Catholic League president William (Bill) Donohue also recalled how Chris Korzen, the CU Director at that time, tried to have him booted from CNN. In turn, CACG has been organizing events for liberal Catholic priests and lay people throughout the country. As a result of this manipulation, a misguided impression that Soros and Democratic Party’s initiatives were consistent with Christian theology was created. Thus, recently revealed correspondence has only confirmed pre-existing assumptions about the involvement of Hillary’s inner circle in the subversive activity against the Vatican.

It should be noted that the John Podesta’s attitude toward Catholics is not an exception but a norm for his party. For example, among the Hillary’s campaign Chairman’s emails one more derisive conversation was found. And it was between the current HRC director of communications Jennifer Palmieri and former Democratic chief strategist, CAP senior fellow John Halpin. The aforementioned Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has also claimed that the teaching of the Catholic Church encouraged “bigotry and harm”.

The U.S. Catholic community has met the attempts to distort the teachings of the Church, as well as politicians’ efforts to interfere with its affairs, with harsh criticism. President of the USCCB, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz stressed that such actions might appear to be “troubling both for the well-being of faith communities and the good of our country…Catholic beliefs had come to us from Jesus, not a consensus forged by contemporary norms ” Catholic League President Bill Donoghue advised the Democratic candidate for US president to dismiss her campaign Chief John Podesta. In his turn, president of the Brian Burch called for the resignation of Jennifer Palmieri and reminded us how Hillary Clinton herself had referred to conservatives as “basket of deplorables”. However, the Holy See hasn’t commented, yet, on the subversive efforts of Clinton’s team. 

Will St. Peter’s successor defend the right of believers to live in accordance with Christ’s commandments and protect the Church’s teachings from the encroachment of politicians? Is Pope Francis to put in their place the representatives of the American financial and political elite trampling on religious freedom in the eyes of the world? According to my American Catholic acquaintances, it depends from whence the Pope’s benevolence and concern for the poor originate: Marxism or the Lord’s commandments. The response of His Holiness, as well as its absence, will show what he is to a greater extent: Catholic or “leftist” – they say.

Comments invited – not least from our American Catholic brothers and sisters, out there. Are any of you seriously thinking of casting your vote for … that [anti-Catholic ] woman? 

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  • crofterlady

    RCA Victor, Love it!!

    November 14, 2016 at 5:11 pm
    • editor


      You’ve done it again. That link leads to a Google advertisement.

      November 15, 2016 at 2:05 pm
      • Gerontius

        TEE HEE

        November 15, 2016 at 3:30 pm
    • Lily


      “The ease & simplicity of Gmail, available across devices”

      Well worth a read? LOL! Your finger must have hit the wrong button, LOL!

      November 15, 2016 at 4:26 pm
  • crofterlady November 15, 2016 at 4:41 pm
  • Helen

    Can anyone explain who this guy, Soros, and why he is acting as he is? What’s in it for him?

    November 18, 2016 at 8:40 pm
    • editor


      “Eighty-six-year old Hungarian-American, George Soros, is a very rich man. He currently ranks number 46 in the very exclusive club of richest persons in the world.”

      What’s in it for him? Power… The ability to control world government policies (not to mention Catholic teachings…)

      Read this

      PS – I copied the first link that came up on my Google search, so apologies if it is too sympathetic to him. He’s a devil in disguise, if the company he keeps and the Wikileaks emails are anything by which to go!

      November 18, 2016 at 9:02 pm
  • Helen

    Editor, I did Google him but I still can’t get my head around why he would want to cause such mayhem.

    November 18, 2016 at 9:15 pm
    • Laura


      If Soros has control of governments and the Church, he can more or less run the world. Can’t you see that?

      November 18, 2016 at 11:27 pm
    • RCA Victor


      When you’re a leg man/bag man for the globalist elite, then one of your current goals is to undermine, weaken and destroy any nation that poses a threat to world government, by any means possible. World government, by the way, = the United Nations, whose charter was written by Communist agents, and whose driving force is Freemasonry, i.e. their god, Lucifer.

      In order to achieve this nefarious goal, many means are employed, such as: open borders/waves of “refugees” whose religious beliefs are inimical to the once-Christian West; “free-trade” agreements, which destroy the middle class and the industrial infrastructure of Western nations; currency speculation to devalue the national currency; the establishment of a fifth column media to orchestrate the denunciation and ridicule of anyone (such as Trump) who opposes the globalist agenda; the promotion and enforcement of such hoaxes as “man-made climate change,” which is just a cover for an oppressive tax scheme and deprivation of rights; the conversion of major religions, esp. the Catholic Church, to the UN agenda (look up “Agenda 21,” and you should recognize many of the alien initiatives that come out of Francis-Vatican)…

      On a cultural level, the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, contraception and euthanasia, the “rights” of criminals, the funding of “grass-roots” organizations (e.g. “Black Lives Matter,” “,” “the Open Society Foundation”) allegedly dedicated to social justice, but which in reality foment anarchy, racism, police hatred, rioting, and general disorder; the “equality” cult…in short, the agenda of the Marxist Frankfurt School and their “long march through the institutions,” which is to render the culture of the West so internally rotten and immoral that it will collapse, but most of all so that its citizens will become ripe for totalitarian thought control.

      All this, of course, under the guise of benevolent-sounding lies: peace, social justice, the preservation of the earth, international understanding, mercy, compassion, diversity, inclusion…

      November 19, 2016 at 1:49 am
    • Benedict Carter


      MONEY and POWER.

      These two words sum up the desires of great men through the ages. Original Sin? Weakened human nature? The desire to dominate and control?

      November 19, 2016 at 9:06 am
  • Helen

    Well yes, I suppose so. It’s a power thing which I just do not understand. I mean he’s about to meet his Maker!

    November 19, 2016 at 12:01 am
    • bencjcarter

      You think the Western elites have any belief in, or fear of, God?

      November 19, 2016 at 9:07 am
  • Helen

    RCA Victor, thank you for that most helpful reply. Everything falls into place now.

    BENJCARTER, I suppose not but I was so naive as to think that all men, at some time or other, think of their eternal destination. It seems strange to me that they do not. Even the ancient pagans of old believed in some after life.

    November 19, 2016 at 1:06 pm

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