Traditional-Leaning Priests Mentally Ill… Mgr Loftus (Echoing Papa Francis)

Traditional-Leaning Priests Mentally Ill… Mgr Loftus (Echoing Papa Francis)

funny-mental-illness-cartoonfamily-sufferIt’s been a while since we’ve reported on the dreadful writings of Monsignor Basil Loftus, whom we dubbed “Mgr Leftus” because he has, without doubt, abandoned the Catholic Faith of 2,000 years for the newer, if manifestly fewer, modernist version. I haven’t read his column for ages, but this morning, Sunday, 22nd January, a reader insisted that I take a copy of  his latest offering, because it really is, literally, a very nasty piece of work.  Having read today’s claptrap, I thought I’d post some extracts for discussion, knowing full well that there’s no point in writing to his bishop (Diocese of Aberdeen and Diocese of Leeds – as if we don’t have enough heretics of our own up here, they brought him up from England) because both bishops totally ignored the Open Letter we sent to them, some years ago.  True to type, they have allowed him to continue, unchallenged, to attack Catholic Faith and Morals, to the great scandal of many of the faithful. Shame on them. 

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that at a time when society is emphasising that we must de-stigmatise mental illness, the Pope and Mgr Leftus would think twice about using it as a term of abuse. Wouldn’t you? But no. Far from it. 

The good Monsignor spends most of today’s column citing, with obvious approval, Pope Francis’ assertion that young men who apply for seminary “with the intention of adhering to a pre-Vatican II liturgy” (i.e. the traditional Mass) are undesirables (if not deplorables!)

Stretching back to 2015, Mgr quotes the Pope addressing a meeting of priests in the Diocese of Rome: “to ordain these types of seminarians is like placing a mortgage on the Church”  and cites the Pope’s warning to bishops a short time later that they must “think twice” when a young man is ‘too confident, rigid and fundamentalist’ telling them to beware when admitting candidates to the seminary, because ‘there are mentally ill boys who seek strong structures that can protect them, such as the police, the army and the clergy.’ [All quotes taken from Francis’ concern over liturgical young fogeys, The Catholic Times, 20 January, 2017] 

Speaking to bishops, says Mgr L, Pope Francis opined that “Tridentine-rite liturgies celebrated by priests who had never known the Church under the old rite were ‘a manifestation of moral and psychological imbalances.’  And, a delighted Mgr L goes on, the Pope warned newly appointed bishops in 2015:  “Be careful when a seminarian seeks refuge in rigidity – because underneath this there is always something bad.”


The traditional Mass is described as “its own shop window” in today’s savage attack,  not to be”reinforced”  in seminaries “or by the use of outdated episcopal carnival-costumes” (that is this terrible priest’s standard way of describing the sacred vestments). 

The entire article exudes evil. As one American bishop said (and I quoted him, with source, in our newsletter at the time) “To be indifferent to the old rite is one thing; to hate it comes straight from Hell”. 

Now, there’s a thought for the good Monsignor.  Instead of blethering on about “rigid fundamentalism” he ought to try it sometime. Would make much more interesting reading that the baloney he churns out week after week in the Anything-But-Catholic Times.  

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  • lupine22

    RCA Victor, have a look at the current thread on the blog with regard to Knights..and check out the Knights of Malta latest. This gives a snapshot of what Bergoglio can really pull if riled. Shocking stuff.

    January 28, 2017 at 4:09 pm
  • editor

    For the record, the column spewed out by Mgr Loftus this week in the Anything-But-Catholic-Times is about the Knights of Malta, whom he insults as “filly old diehards”. To rub salt into his nasty piece, he goes on to name Cardinal Burke as another “frilly old diehard”. What a nasty man. A really nasty and very small man, is Mgr Loftus. As usual his nastiness is cloaked as a partial, at least, quote from someone else (not always easy to see where the quote ends and Mgr Loftus begins) but – in any case – that’s only camouflage for the more naïve among us. What he quotes, he believes. Note: for all his blether about Francis and his love for the poor and how the Knights are too “frilly” to count as caring about the poor (whilst acknowledging their good work for the poor!) he hangs on to his title of Monsignor and I doubt very much if he’s living in a council house in some down-market part of Sutherland. Talk about “don’t do as I do, do as I say…”

    I was handed a photocopy of his article by a reader this morning (I NEVER buy the paper – actually I’ve never seen it on sale in any city centre church in Glasgow, so goodness knows where it hangs out) Anyway, the title of the article shows that the editor has taken on board (and agrees with) Mgr Loftus’ assessment of both the Knights and Cardinal Burke: The demise of ‘frilly old diehards’ in the Church.” Anything-But-Catholic-Times, 3 February, 2017.

    Again for the record, here’s the “filly” quote in full…

    […now described by the President of the Knights’ German Association, Erich Lobknowicz] as “a tiny clique of ultraconservative frilly old diehards in the Church – diehards that [sic] have missed the train in every conceivable respect”, because they are opposed to all that Pope Francis stands for”. Another ‘frilly old diehard’, literally ‘frilly’ whenever he dons robes or vestments, and ‘diehard’ whenever he cites canon law, the American, Cardinal Raymond Burke, appointed in November 2014 by Pope Francis as the Papal Representative (Patronus) to the Grand Master, must now be considering his position. Pope Francis has announced that he is shortly to appoint a Papal Delegate Delegato Pontificio: to run the order in place of a Grand Master. Such an official will hardly require the assistance of a ‘Papal Representative’.

    The insufferable Mgr Loftus is really and truly insufferable. The arrogance of his every word just screams out at any discerning reader with a smidgeon of Catholicity in his/her soul. Remember, his recurring poisonous remarks about the old Mass (“frilly” vestments/”clown costumes” etc) reveal a hatred of the Mass which always reminds me to the words of Bishop Olmstead in the USA: “to be indifferent to the old Mass is one thing; to hate it comes straight from Hell.”

    Mgr Loftus – hatred of the old Mass – Hell….

    Go figure, folks, as our American cousins would say…

    February 4, 2017 at 4:47 pm
    • gabriel syme


      I NEVER buy the paper – actually I’ve never seen it on sale in any city centre church in Glasgow, so goodness knows where it hangs out

      The only time I’ve ever seen the “Catholic” Times was in – wait for it – WH Smith on Sauchiehall Street!

      It was some time ago, so I don’t know if they still stock it, but I always remembered it because (i) its the only time I’ve ever seen it and (ii) a Catholic paper (even one Catholic in name only) seemed so incongruous among the rest of their stock.

      February 4, 2017 at 8:23 pm

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