Bishop Toal of Motherwell Must Sack LGBT-Supporting Cambuslang Priest..

Bishop Toal of Motherwell Must Sack LGBT-Supporting Cambuslang Priest..

A Cambuslang priest’s message that the Catholic Church must redress the harm it has done to gay people has gone viral.  Click here to read more 

St Peter Damian, 11th century Bishop, Doctor of the Church, spoke out against the evils of homosexuality in the Church of his time.


Another priest of the same Diocese of Motherwell remains suspended for his decision to publish a book on the problem of homosexuality within the Catholic Church in Scotland.

There was promise, at the time, of an investigation into the claims made by Fr Despard in his book, but nothing has been done. And now we have a brother priest in the same Diocese openly “welcoming” LGBT people to his parish – without any reference to Catholic moral teaching on the need to repent of such behaviour, but instead, nicely timed, whether by accident or design, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England, with all the news coverage this anniversary affords.

It’s not so long sinceFr Morton was under police investigation for sex allegations of which he was eventually cleared.  We are emphatically NOT taking the “no smoke without fire” line – but one would think, would one not, that he would avoid having his name repeatedly associated with sexual matters in the tabloid press… Just a thought. 

A priest who makes an announcement that LGBT people have been harmed by the Church in the past and are now welcome, unrepentant, at his Masses, is saying that there is nothing immoral about homosexual activity, that the Church has got it wrong. Click here to read about homosexual activity and decide for yourself if the Church has gotten it wrong…   But, what to do about it?  Well, for one thing, I’d be hot-footing it out of that parish, never to return. Instead, apparently, the parishioners are behind their PP, which is all the more reason why the Bishop, Joseph Toal, MUST act. The people have been malformed to the point where they really do not know whether they are on foot or on horseback, no idea what it means to be a Catholic;  they have not been taught essential truths, such as the nature of the moral law – which comes NOT from “the Church”  i.e. not from any churchmen, but from God.  

Fr Morton MUST be sacked because he is effectively  denying the right and duty of the Church to execute its role as Guardian of the Moral Order.  Faith and Morals go hand in hand.  For him to arrogantly assert that the Church is wrong on such a fundamental question as human sexuality, male and female, reveals his own lack of divine and Catholic Faith, for, when the Faith goes, the Morals quickly follow.  No-one can be a fully believing Catholic while rejecting basic morality.  A dozen analogies spring to mind but this comment piece is already too long.  Essentially, we want Fr Morton to resign from parish ministry.  He is openly inviting public sinners to commit sacrilege, and so the Bishop MUST remove him from ministry.  After all, if Fr Despard had to resign for highlighting the very problem which Fr Morton confirms, why should Fr Morton be permitted to continue as Parish Priest, now cast in his new role as the darling of the LGBT “community”?

Please email the Diocese of Motherwell to express your concerns, and to call for the removal of Fr Morton from ministry at [email protected]

St Peter Damian, pray for us!  

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  • gabriel syme

    I wonder if St Bride’s will issue a similar message to adulterers?

    Making them feel very welcome, but at no point mentioning adultery is wrong?

    If not, how can Fr Morton justify this disgraceful discrimination against adulterers?

    July 31, 2017 at 11:45 am
    • Lily

      Gabriel Syme,

      “disgraceful discrimination against adulterers” – LOL!

      I think what Fr Morton wrote in his statement will cover adulterers as well, as he’s really basing his statement on the AL footnote, I think that’s sure to be the case.

      What will be a hoot to witness will be when we get a good pope who anathematizes everything that Pope Francis has advocated or allowed, and then watch the dissenters like Fr Morton jump into line. That’ll really show them up for the duplicitous cowards they are.

      July 31, 2017 at 6:10 pm
  • gabriel syme

    I forgot to say, there is a woman on the St Brides facebook page asking (at least twice) why Fr Morton hasn’t issued a statement saying protestants are welcome to come along and take part too.

    That must surely be the “shark jump” moment of St Brides Parish!

    July 31, 2017 at 11:46 am
    • Petrus

      What about paedophiles and beastophiles ? Father cannot discriminate!

      August 2, 2017 at 1:06 pm
  • Nicky

    I think this article from the Remnant site is very important, showing a new stage in the Church under Pope Francis – “gay Church comes out”. Totally shocking. Made me think of the Fr Morton announcement and I don’t think he will be the last to do this, not by a long chalk.

    July 31, 2017 at 9:17 pm
  • editor

    My attention has been drawn to a homily delivered by Bishop Toal at a youth meeting on 1st August. I’ve copied it in full from their website, because it is given in Word document form. I will be interested in bloggers’ views on it – remember the Bishop has delivered this homily in full knowledge of Fr Morton’s statement:

    Homily at Mass for Eurocampo – Carfin, 1st August 2017

    The Congregation for Divine Worship wrote a letter to all bishops recently on behalf of Pope Francis reminding us about the need to ensure the required integrity of the elements used in the celebration of the Eucharist. This basically means that the bread is identifiable as bread and the wine as wine and it laid down the basic requirements for this to be so. This instruction was issued to guard against the possibility of alternatives being used which would therefore compromise the validity of the Mass being celebrated.

    Perhaps this may sound a bit technical for yourselves, whose very presence at this week’s gathering indicates your belief in the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist and your great love for the celebration of the Mass and the adoration of Our Eucharistic Lord both in the tabernacle and when exposed upon the altar. The word integrity in regard to the Eucharist extends beyond the essential elements used in its liturgical celebration and I would like to express some thoughts about this.

    First of all considering the priest celebrant – although the reality of what is celebrated and the saving effects of its grace do not depend on the worthiness of the priest, all priests (and bishops) are aware that they are indeed the “earthenware vessels” as described by St Paul. We are unworthy in ourselves but are the recipients of the grace of Christ through ordination so that we can celebrate the sacred mysteries in his person for the benefit of his people. Allowing for personal flaws of character the faithful though have a right to expect that there is true integrity in the person of the priest and that he is truly striving to be a faithful minister, living a holy life in accord with the promises made at his ordination. This is not always the case and unfortunately scandal is caused if this comes to light. It can be a struggle for the priest to live up to all that he has promised and accepted in his priestly commitments, thus the need for his own deep relationship with the Lord and the support of the prayers of the faithful. At this Mass therefore and at every Mass I ask your prayers for the priest celebrating the Mass and for all priests that there may always be within them a truthfulness, and an integrity between the great mysteries they celebrate and the holiness and wholesomeness of their own lives.

    We can think of integrity also in regard to all the faithful who come to Mass and participate as fully as they can in its celebration. Like the priest you bring your own awareness of sin and weakness and your need to be saved by Christ and receive the blessings of his grace, especially in the reception of Holy Communion. The Church teaches us that in order to receive the Lord in the best way possible and to benefit from the grace of the sacrament we should strive to live in a manner worthy of our Christian calling. In order to do this there needs to be a desire to change whatever is sinful in our lives and make the effort necessary with the Lord’s help to do this. If people are living estranged from the Lord and his Body, the Church, because of the choices they have made and the life-style they are following it is necessary to confess one’s sins before coming to receive the Lord in Holy Communion. Freed from sin we are ready then to receive the Lord with pure hearts and can then hope to live the virtuous lives he expects of us. In our present world when we can sometimes presume too easily our own worthiness it is necessary to have a proper awareness of our need for repentance and renewal in order to be open to the grace the Lord offers us in the Eucharist. Integrity in the lives of each of us is a necessary condition therefore for receiving the Lord worthily in Holy Communion and in carrying its fruitfulness into our daily lives.

    Another point worth considering in regard to the integrity of the celebration of Mass is that the whole of the Mass is important, from the Sign of the Cross at the beginning until the final blessing and dismissal at the end. People should not come late for Mass nor leave early. Each part of the Mass, the prayers said and gestures made, have their own significance and we need to concentrate throughout the whole of Mass and participate as best we can in the words and actions and in our interior stillness and openness to the Lord’s loving presence. Its celebration opens for us the Word of God along with the prayers and tradition which have come down to us from the apostles and the early Church. It is not something made up in the recent past but something which has always been the most precious part of the Church’s life and worship. We celebrate Mass in the many languages of the peoples across the world but wherever we go and in whatever language Mass is celebrated we use the same prayers, listen to the same scripture passages, and repeat the same actions as we have been instructed to do so by Our Lord at the Last Supper. However grand or modest the setting in which the Mass is celebrated it is always the same Eucharist, in which the saving passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord are renewed for us and we participate in its grace and blessing. It is such a precious action that we should never wish to miss one moment of the celebration we are so privileged to participate in.

    Going back to the integrity of the elements used at Mass, the bread and the wine, I think it is important to emphasise how great a privilege it is to receive the Body and the Blood of Christ. When communion under both kinds is offered to the faithful in Holy Communion the people should reach out in the same way for the Precious Blood of Christ as they do for his Body. In doing so we are acknowledging and benefit from the fulness of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, his Body broken and Blood outpoured. To accept the cup of the Lord’s suffering, with its promise of sharing the new wine at the eternal banquet enriches our understanding of the wonder of what we receive in Holy Communion and heightens our desire to thank the Lord for his goodness to us.

    It is wonderful that you, the participants at Eurocampo 2017, have gathered here in Scotland to reflect on the gift of the Holy Eucharist in the life and worship of the Church. I am sure such a time of prayer and reflection with and before the Lord in the Holy Eucharist will bring great blessings to yourselves and to all whom you bring to the Lord. May the fruits of this blessed time remain with you always and may we all, and especially the Church here in Scotland, benefit from your prayers and from your love for and devotion towards the Holy Eucharist.

    + Joseph Toal
    Source – website of Diocese of Motherwell
    and select: Homily for Eurocamp Group – July 2017

    August 2, 2017 at 9:18 pm
    • RCAVictor


      Talk about mixed signals! The Congregation for Divine Worship wrote a letter to all bishops recently on behalf of Pope Francis reminding us about the need to ensure the required integrity of the elements used in the celebration of the Eucharist. Since when is this Pontificate concerned about the integrity of any aspect of Catholic and Church life???

      I’m also puzzled about “Eurocamp,” which appears to be a vacation booking website:

      That said, this letter seems to be modeled on the Paul VI model of “discipline” of wayward clergy and theologians: that is, make indirect reference to and indirect criticism of their errors in a speech, but take no actual disciplinary action whatsoever, as if the mere speech would correct the problem.

      Hence the paragraph on “considering the priest celebrant.” Moreover, the paragraph on the faithful could be taken as being in direct opposition to AL, since it speaks of confession, repentance and conversion before presenting oneself for Holy Communion. Good for him!

      But if this is all he is going to do about Fr. Morton, then Bishop Toal needs to get out of his comfy Toal-booth and apply his foot directly to Fr. Morton’s derriere….

      August 2, 2017 at 10:29 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        As ever, you are much too kind. Much MUCH too kind. I say that because, regarding the faithful and sin and Holy Communion, I don’t really think the bishop is as clear as he ought to be. He says this:

        ” If people are living estranged from the Lord and his Body, the Church, because of the choices they have made and the life-style they are following it is necessary to confess one’s sins before coming to receive the Lord in Holy Communion. Freed from sin we are ready then to receive the Lord with pure hearts and can then hope to live the virtuous lives he expects of us.

        Now, there’s no mention of confessing one’s sins in the Sacrament of Penance… with the attendant conditions (a firm purpose of amendment, that is, a determination not to return to that sin, which determination demonstrates the genuine sorrow) and so, arguably, cohabitees, homosexuals, the lot, might read that as urging them to confess their sins to God in their contrite hearts and once they’ve said “sorry, Lord”, get up and join the queue for Communion. I mean, will you give me that? Could I be right about that, RCA Victor, she said, with shades of a long-gone but never forgotten hero Columbo?

        One has to ask, does one not, why Bishop Toal failed to exhort those youngsters and all the sinners to whom he is reaching out (see, I’ve got the lingo) …why does he not exhort them to seek God’s forgiveness and absolution in the Sacrament of Penance, say it right out, and live with the consequences? What IS the problem, one asks, because one has to wonder, one really does…

        Well, RCA Victor – do I hear a touch of “On second thoughts…” across the Pond?

        August 2, 2017 at 11:20 pm
      • RCAVictor


        You have me over a barrel on that point, I must admit, because you speak the language of the Church before the revolution (i.e. clear, precise, straightforward, no wiggle-room), whereas Bishop T. speaks the conciliar language of surrender to the world, flavored with a few remains of actual Catholic language.

        However, I will desperately cling to my other point, which is that His Excellency has rejected, with this letter, the perversion of Church doctrine found in That’s Amoris. That is, unless he is promoting it somewhere else on his diocesan website, and/or unless you have another pin up your sleeve with which to burst my second bubble!

        August 3, 2017 at 2:47 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        Er… well… Is THIS a bubble-buster?

        August 3, 2017 at 7:26 pm
      • RCAVictor


        …Send not for whom the bell Toals,
        It Toals for me! (and my naivete)

        A summary by Fr. James Martin, no less! Oy vay!

        August 3, 2017 at 10:38 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        You are very naughty – I just knew the Bishop’s name would ring a bell with you 😀

        And I thought that the mention of Fr James Martin would tell you all you need to know about Motherwell’s response to AL. Unbelievable.

        August 4, 2017 at 12:35 am
  • editor

    Radio Scotland, the Kaye Adams Show, is to discuss Fr Morton’s statement on this morning’s show.

    Please ring in with your comments – number is 08085 92 95 00

    The show is on from 9.a.m. until noon, but I’m afraid I don’t know what time this topic is scheduled to be discussed. You can listen live here

    August 3, 2017 at 9:19 am
    • editor

      As I type this, I’m listening to the segment of the Radio Scotland show dealing with this issue. On the panel, three non-Catholics – two Protestants and one Muslim, discussing whether or not religion and homosexuality can be “compatible”. Apparently, there’s now the first ever “gay mosque” ! Talk about a downward spiral.

      Fr Paul Morton’s statement was read out in full and he was briefly interviewed to reinforce his dual role as darling of the LGBT lobby and classic “useful idiot” being used to savage the Church.

      I left my telephone number for Radio Scotland to call me to contribute but it’s clear that that’s not going to happen – it is now – and there was notice given of a further issue to be covered before the programme ends at noon. So, yet again, a stitch up to promote the LGBT agenda, aided and abetted by a Catholic priest.

      He must be feeling very pleased with himself, having the “negative” message of the Church (God’s law) brought out into the open and attacked on all sides.

      To think Fr Morton rang me some years ago to chide me for my letter published in the Herald, arguing that Catholic schools do not teach the Faith, and, acknowledging that the schools were deficient, nevertheless thought that my negativity could only do harm to the Church.

      Things are now farcical in Scotland. To say the least.

      August 3, 2017 at 11:53 am
      • Margaret Mary


        I heard that show on Radio Scotland this morning and the discussion on religion and gays was definitely a stitch up. It’s not just that they didn’t allow you to contribute – nobody at all contributed by phone. It was just the panel talking to themselves, and all we got was a string of soundbites.

        That’s laughable that Fr Morton thought you were harming the Church by pointing out that Catholic schools don’t teach the faith. LOL!

        August 3, 2017 at 6:06 pm
      • editor


        Correct. There was no phone-in. Very dishonestly, though, the person who took my call asked me for my views on the matter and sprinkled a few “brilliants” and “excellents” around as I spoke. Then, as she was thanking me for my call and about to hang up, having said they would ring me back if they were going to put me on air, I asked if, in that case, it might be useful to have my phone number? Oops! Caught. Clearly there was no intention of allowing “views” like mine on air, but why pretend? If she’d said that there was only going to be a short segment of the show given over to this, and they had three panel members, an Anglican, a Protestant of another denomination (can’t recall which one) and a Muslim, so there would be no time for phone calls, I’d have said OK. No problem. I’m going out anyway…

        Which brings me to some Breaking News…

        I had an appointment in Cambuslang today, not far from St Bride’s church , following on from another appointment, in the same place, yesterday…

        Yesterday, I was too early for said appointment, so moseyed on up to St Bride’s to have a look at the church. Long story cut short, a woman engaged me in conversation outside the church for a few minutes until Fr Morton appeared, driving in, exiting his car, headed for us. I said I’d popped up because I’d been reading about him all week which brought an “Ahhhhh”. I then explained that the lady here to my left was first in the queue, as she had come especially to meet with him on, I presume, a personal matter. I did not identify myself at that time. Thus, I escaped unharmed…

        I then paid a visit to the church and almost wept. It’s horrendous. I walked round and round looking for the Tabernacle (thinking of St Mary Magdalene’s cry: “Where have they put my Lord?”). I discovered the Tabernacle on my way out, situated in a little corridor-type room off the main church. The “sanctuary” of the main body of the church is chillingly cold and I don’t mean because the heating was off. Bare. More like a conference hall than some of the conference halls we visited prior to booking for our …er…. well… various conferences.

        Today, I decided to return to the scene of the crime to see if I could have a word with Fr Morton, as I had had what amounts to a brainwave (for me) and I wanted to put my idea/proposal to him, but I had just missed him, or so the lovely assistant priest informed me. He invited me to leave my contact details which I did, but I doubt if I’ll hear from Fr Morton, who must, at least now, if he didn’t before, believe that old Catholic “myth” about Guardian Angels; his Guardian Angel has been working overtime, this past two days, to protect him from moi. He’s safe now for the foreseeable future as I’m all done with appointments in Cambuslang for a good while… I’m sure he’s grateful for small mercies…

        August 3, 2017 at 8:03 pm
      • RCAVictor


        I think the bishops of Scotland should institute a new feast day in your honor: the Feast of the Unwanted Visitation!

        Here’s an update on Bishop Toal/Fr. Morton:

        August 6, 2017 at 6:43 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        That statement from Bishop Toal is not good enough. Here’s a couple of bits of news from the Diocese of Motherwell, where, despite the name, all is definitely NOT “well”.

        Firstly, I’m reliably informed today (11th August) that the Bishop has issued a letter to the clergy and laity of the Diocese about the case of Father Matthew Despard, who was suspended following the publication of his book about homosexuality within the Church in Scotland. I’ve checked the diocesan website and there is no copy of it up there yet, but I’ll be receiving a hard copy tomorrow and will report back, if it’s not online by then. Essentially, after outlining the case against Fr Despard and updating us on the “legal” situation, the letter concludes with a statement to the effect that Fr Despard wishes to be reinstated in order to continue his priestly ministry. To facilitate this, Fr Despard must fulfil certain “requirements”. Those in the know presume that – more likely than not – an apology to his brother priests will be a “requirement.” No requirement for Fr Morton to apologise for his scandalous statement about homosexuals and his attack on the Church (for past harm done to these poor victims). Nope. But I’m way ahead of myself… hang on…

        Secondly, I had the following email a few days ago from a gentleman whose name I will withhold to spare him any embarrassment…

        Further to your blog and Father Paul Morton, you have not updated your Blog with His Lordship’s Bishop Joseph Toal’s reply to the laity so I ask that you go to the Facebook pages of Motherwell Diocese and read His Lordship’s reply where he states it [is] wrong for all to have sex outwith marriage and his new Diocesan initiative for the people in same sex relationship’s as it is all on the diocesan Facebook pages dated 28th July [Ed: 26th July, actually, but who’s counting?]

        Turns out the statement from the Bishop is the same one which Petrus posted right at the top of this thread. I re-publish it here for ease of reference.

        STATEMENT FROM BISHOP TOAL: Bishop Toal has shared the following message regarding the pastoral care offered to who experience same-sex attraction.

        “Some clergy have asked me in recent times about the pastoral care we offer to people who experience same-sex attraction and I have had a number of discussions about possible approaches. One such approach commended to me is to make available the “Courage” ministry/programme – this encourages those who live with same-sex attraction… END.

        Now, for the life of me, I cannot see any mention of Fr Morton in there – can you? Yet, the very LEAST we may expect of a bishop dealing with a rogue priest who is publicly preaching false doctrine and insulting Christ’s Church which he alleges has done harm in the past to LGBT etc people… the very LEAST we expect is that the bishop publicly corrects that priest. All that statement does, is repeat Catholic teaching on marriage/sex outside marriage. No public correction of the false doctrine peddled by Fr Morton. That is a shocking dereliction of episcopal duty.

        Yet, not only has this priest led his congregation astray, but his Facebook statement attacking the Church and welcoming, without qualification, public sinners to Holy Communion has been viewed by over 61,000 people and the local MP is quoted in a newspaper report as follows:

        “[Fr Morton’s statement] was particularly welcomed by MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West Gerard Killen.

        A gay Catholic and campaigner for LGBT equality, Mr Killen said: “This unambiguously warm welcome from Father Morton and St Bride’s Church is a very refreshing step in the right direction, particularly for LGBTI people of faith and their families in the local community.

        “My husband and I will be heading along this weekend to show our support and solidarity for St Bride’s and I hope many other LGBTI people will feel encouraged to do the same.”

        Seems to me that there’s an inequality (pun deliberate) between the two priests; Fr Despard suspended and put through the mill for writing a book, we must assume in good faith, in a conscientious effort to bring out scandals which the Bishop of the day had refused to address, last resort, so to speak. Then we have Fr Morton who upped and attacked the Church for its teaching on homosexual activity, and the withholding of Holy Communion from public sinners, in accordance with Canon 915 of Canon Law. He suffers NO public consequences and, undoubtedly, received nothing more than a friendly, nod nod, wink wink slap on the pretend wrist from his complicit bishop.

        To record just a taste of the confused people who are afflicted with these bad priests, and affected by them, here is one woman writing on the Diocese of Motherwell Facebook page in response to Bishop Toal’s very weak correction of Fr Morton. Note: there are some commentators who are faithfully expounding the teaching of the Church on sex and marriage in reply to Janice Toner, but I’m only publishing her comments here, since this post from me is already far too lengthy: it is possible to deduce what her critics are saying by her responses, and I provide the link to the Facebook page at the end, for those who wish to read the entire exchange.

        Janice Toner Bit sad about this, but the problem isn’t that he’s asking gay unmarried people to be chaste, the problem is that straight folk can be married and not chaste, and the same is not granted to gay people. The Catholic church has always been against sex without marriage across the board. This is one of the issues that really shakes my faith.

        Janice Toner Funny, my priest tells me that it’s healthy to question and to disagree, and that you shouldn’t “shun the club because you don’t agree with all the rules”, so to call me less of a Catholic when this is stuff I discuss with my parish priest is a bit insulting. I’ll take his opinion of my catholicism over yours. The church may have been supernaturally founded, but men have been involved since day one, translating and editing all the way. There is always room for man’s mistakes on earth.

        Janice Toner So… You’re saying my priest is wrong in his advice, then? Wow. Again, I’d rather take his advice, as a dedicated learned man of God, over a random voice on Facebook, thanks. When I need answers, I look to the experts. Click here to reach the Facebook page of the Diocese of Motherwell

        To which I can only reply – never mind the experts, find yourself a penny catechism, dopey! And, WOW! Would I LOVE to know the name of your priest. If ever a priest deserved “outing”, he does. Not that it would do him any harm with his bishop, but the more intelligent and informed laity would know which parish to avoid like the plague…

        August 12, 2017 at 11:57 pm
      • RCAVictor


        This situation reminds me of the “Persecuted Priests” page on the Les Femmes website:

        August 13, 2017 at 2:08 am
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        That’s a very interesting link – thank you for posting it. Seems the Bishops are very selective in the matter of which priests they choose to “discipline”.

        I’ve now come into possession of a copy of the letter issued by the Bishop of Motherwell, addressed to the clergy and lay faithful of the diocese, headed: Update On The Case of Fr Matthew Despard. I can’t see it anywhere on the diocesan website or on their Facebook page.

        In the light of the latest clergy scandal in Motherwell – Fr Paul Morton – (there have been plenty more, sadly), the pertinent paragraph reads as follows:

        “Fr Despard has requested that he now be allowed to return to public priestly ministry by being given a new pastoral assignment in the Diocese of Motherwell. Conscious of my canonical obligation to ensure that a person nominated to an ecclesiastical office possesses the required suitability for that office, and having consulted the Motherwell Diocesan Consulters, I have asked Fr Despard to fulfil certain requirements. I await his response indicating his willingness to accept and carry out to my satisfaction these requirements.”

        So, let’s recap, briefly. Fr Paul Morton is considered to have the “required suitability” for the office of Parish Priest despite having publicly contradicted the teaching of the Church (and insulted the Church, accusing her of doing “harm” to homosexuals in the past) by issuing an invitation to practising homosexuals/transgenders to come along to his church and fully participate in the Mass, which invitation the local male MP and his “husband” took up, while Fr Despard is considered NOT to have the “required suitability” for the office of PP because of his expressed concerns in a book, now withdrawn from sale, about homosexuality among priests within the Church in Scotland (which aforementioned Fr Morton has now affirmed)…

        Does this make sense to you? Not to me, it doesn’t.

        Fr Despard is not a traditional, or even a traditional leaning priest. He is not a natural friend of Catholic Truth nor are we his “natural friends” in that sense, but we do not like to see duplicity at work, and this seems to be a clear case of injustice.

        At worst, Fr Despard has been guilty of a lack of prudence in publishing his book, but Fr Morton is guilty of attacking Christ’s Church for upholding the moral law and the Eucharistic discipline set out in Canon Law deriving from the moral law.

        I’ve asked Fr Despard’s support group to keep us informed about this case. In the meantime, let’s oblige the Bishop’s concluding sentence in his letter: “I ask your continued prayer for Fr Despard, myself, and the Diocese of Motherwell.”

        Amen, to that.

        August 14, 2017 at 12:34 pm
  • Mark Forrest

    I’m catholic and I’m embarrassed about this blog

    September 4, 2017 at 9:32 pm
    • editor


      Don’t visit us then. Problem solved, Sugar Plum.

      September 4, 2017 at 9:43 pm
    • Athanasius


      That’s probably because you’re catholic with a small “c”. We’re Traditional Catholic on this blog. But as Editor said, if you don’t like what we have to say then don’t visit here.

      September 4, 2017 at 10:03 pm
    • Vianney


      It’s what’s going on in the Catholic Church today that should be embarrassing you.

      September 4, 2017 at 10:24 pm
      • editor

        Oh and I forgot to say to Mark, that I hope he is impressed with (or at least not embarrassed by) my gender-neutral form of address: I use “Sugar Plum” for both male and female – and it can even work for “Other”…

        Let’s hope that doesn’t embarrass Mark-cum-Sugar Plum. 😀

        September 5, 2017 at 12:11 am

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