Vatican Betrayal of Chinese Faithful…Recognises Fake Government “Church”

Vatican Betrayal of Chinese Faithful…Recognises Fake Government “Church”

CHINA, January 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In what appears to be a capitulation to China’s communist regime, the Vatican has allegedly asked legitimate bishops to step down from their post in order to make way for the installation of new, illegitimate bishops, hand-picked by the government.

The Vatican has asked Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian to retire in order to allow a state-sanctioned and excommunicated bishop to take his place while “another Vatican-appointed bishop was asked to downgrade himself as the assistant of an illicit bishop,” according to a report in AsiaNews.  

Bishop Zhuang was secretly ordained with Vatican approval in 2006.  The Chinese government wants to replace Zhuang with excommunicated Bishop Huang Bingzhang, who is a member of the National People’s Congress.  Huang was previously excommunicated because he was ordained without Vatican approval.

“A letter dated 26 October demanded the 88-year-old bishop to resign to give way to the excommunicated bishop, whom the Holy See is going to recognize,” the AsiaNews report continued.  “Bishop Zhuang at that time refused to obey and rather ‘carry His Cross’ for being disobedience [sic].”

The news comes six months after Cardinal Joseph Zen, the first Cardinal from China and a key adviser to Pope Benedict XVI regarding China-Vatican relations, denounced a Vatican agreement with the Chinese atheistic Communist government. The Cardinal indirectly accused Pope Francis of backing a “fake” church in China. 

Cardinal Joseph Zen

“But the whole thing is fake. They [the Vatican] are giving decisive power to the government … how can the initiative of choosing bishops be given to an atheistic government? Incredible. Incredible,” he said at that time. 

Regarding the surprising demands of the Vatican as it acquiesces to the communist Chinese government, one underground priest told AsiaNews, “We of course feel hard to accept but do we have the rights to oppose the Vatican?” He added that if things actually go this way, “I may consider to quit and leave my priesthood.”

For the most part, the genuine Catholic Church in China operates underground while the government runs the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, a counterfeit church of communist-approved and monitored clerics. Bishops and priests of the underground church, which have been loyal to the pope and not the communist government, have faced imprisonment for their loyalty to the successor of Peter. 

Last year, Cardinal Zen, the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong and China’s highest-ranking prelate, pleaded with the Vatican not to “sell out” China’s Catholics by striking a deal with the Communist government, which seeks nothing less than “total surrender.”  

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Zen said he had been urged to speak out by Catholics who lack the freedom to speak for themselves. 

Zen said that a Vatican deal with the Chinese government would damage the Church’s credibility. After all, if the Chinese government can appoint bishops, other governments could expect to do so as well. 

“We are very much worried because it seems that the Vatican is going to make a very bad agreement with China,Zen told LifeSiteNews. “And I can understand that the pope is really naive … He doesn’t know the Chinese communists. But unfortunately the people around him are not good at all. They have very wrong ideas. And I’m afraid that they may sell out our underground Church. That would be very sad.”

“They don’t have much public voice, the underground,” Zen explained. “People who come from China to see me, they all say, ‘please, you must raise your voice. We cannot say anything’ because they have no freedom to talk. So I keep talking, but it seems that they [the Holy See] don’t listen. They don’t like to listen.”

Some Holy See officials “consider the underground, the faithful,” to be “troublemakers,” he said. And the pope has a strong desire for unity and peace but is “rather naive” about the nature of the Chinese government. [Emphasis added]

The news also comes amid reports of Christian churches being demolished in China while clerics and other faithful are being jailed for their associations with churches not sanctioned by the state. 

In what amounts to a crackdown on “Western” religions UCANews reports “Authorities in China demolished a large church in the city of Linfen, Shanxi province on Jan. 9, despite efforts by worshippers to halt the demolition and who were then pressured to remain silent, according to witnesses.” This was the third Christian church to be demolished or closed in China in two weeks.

More than 1,500 Catholic and Protestant churches in China’s Zhejiang province “have been targeted for demolition or cross removals in recent years, sources have said in a campaign against churches not coming under state control,” according to the UCANews report.  “Chinese authorities are increasingly using property regulations to remove crosses and demolish churches.”

Beginning last year, religious freedom and public worship became severely restricted in China, where the government has “physically abused, detained, arrested, tortured, sentenced to prison, or harassed adherents of both registered and unregistered religious groups,” according to a 2017 U.S. State Department report.  

The only priest of the Lishui Diocese, also in Zhejiang province, went missing shortly after Christmas when government officials abruptly took him away.   

Father Lu Danhua, ordained a priest of the underground church in 2016, was taken away by officials of the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) for “‘re-educating’ on new religious regulations coming into effect Feb. 1 and that he would return after obtaining a permit to be a priest,” according to another UCANews report.

The Catholic cleric “remains missing and calls to his mobile phone have not been answered.”   Source


In honour of the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians (May 24), Pope Benedict XVI composed the following prayer in 2008. He asked that it be recited every year on May 24, and that May 24 be designated a World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, as an act of solidarity and solicitude with her persecuted Catholics.

“Virgin Most Holy, Mother of the Incarnate Word and our Mother, venerated in the Shrine of Sheshan under the title “Help of Christians,” the entire Church in China looks to you with devout affection. We come before you today to implore your protection. Look upon the People of God and, with a mother’s care, guide them along the paths of truth and love, so that they may always be a leaven of harmonious coexistence among all citizens. When you obediently said “yes” in the house of Nazareth, you allowed God’s eternal Son to take flesh in your virginal womb and thus to begin in history the work of our redemption. You willingly and generously co-operated in that work, allowing the sword of pain to pierce your soul, until the supreme hour of the Cross, when you kept watch on Calvary, standing beside your Son, Who died that we might live. From that moment, you became, in a new way, the Mother of all those who receive your Son Jesus in faith and choose to follow in His footsteps by taking up His Cross. Mother of hope, in the darkness of Holy Saturday you journeyed with unfailing trust towards the dawn of Easter. Grant that your children may discern at all times, even those that are darkest, the signs of God’s loving presence. Our Lady of Sheshan, sustain all those in China, who, amid their daily trials, continue to believe, to hope, to love. May they never be afraid to speak of Jesus to the world, and of the world to Jesus. In the statue overlooking the Shrine you lift your Son on high, offering him to the world with open arms in a gesture of love. Help Catholics always to be credible witnesses to this love, ever clinging to the rock of Peter on which the Church is built. Mother of China and all Asia, pray for us, now and for ever. Amen!”

Note:  The constitution of the Chinese government guarantees its citizens “religious freedom.” However, since the Chinese Government views religion as a threat to its power, it restricts religious activities to only government-sanctioned organizations and registered places of worship. Those religious groups that do not submit to the government guidelines and are not willing to allow a secular and government agency to dictate its religious activities face severe consequences: surprise raids, heavy fines, imprisonment, and torture. Even to this day, the Chinese Government considers the part of the Catholic Church that is still underground [i.e., those in communion with Rome and the Holy Father rather than being controlled by the State] illegal. Thus, Holy Mass, catechism classes, baptism and other religious services for many Catholics that are still underground must be conducted in private homes and in secret with risks of exorbitant fines, imprisonment, house arrest, physical tortures, and labour camp internment.

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  • St Miguel

    1917….And Russia would spread her errors all over the world.

    March 14, 2018 at 7:23 pm
  • St Miguel

    Read and weep folks on this disgraceful situation :-

    Quite frankly I have had it with the Church of Rome!…..Liars, liars, liars….OR complete and utter idiots, if Parolin and his bunch of Ne’er do wells could NOT see this coming. EITHER way NONE of them are fit for office, from top to bottom.

    Now I have to say, how could the SSPX ,in future, EVER trust this shower?

    Reminds me of the famous Arthur Dailey car dealer comedy: ‘My word is my bond Terry’!

    I have had enough watching what I was taught as a child being thrown in the trash can.

    Has the SSPX commented on this Chines debacle?

    March 18, 2018 at 8:41 pm
    • editor

      St Miguel,

      It always saddens me when I see this kind of reaction from people, allegedly concerned about the crisis in the Church. I say “allegedly” because if there were a genuine, a truly Catholic concern, you would not speak in such a way about Christ’s Church – in other words, you would hesitate before making things worse.

      I am truly tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

      But, here we go.

      Our Lady came to warn us twice – once at Quito in the 17th century and again at Fatima in the early 20th century, that the Church and the world would undergo a “diabolical disorientation” – that is to say, everything would be turned upside down.

      We are witnessing that – we actually have been granted the privilege of living through this period of unprecedented crisis so instead of wasting the opportunity to deepen and spread our Faith, we should all educate ourselves on the nature of the Church, which is to save souls, and thus, to combat the Devil in his every guise.

      Not throw in the towel and say “I’m fed up with this”.

      Who cares if the SSPX has commented on this “Chinese debacle”? WHO CARES? Have you checked out the SSPX website to see if there has been any comment? In fact, there are articles stretching back to 1970 on the Chinese situation. But, frankly, I couldn’t care less if the SSPX has updated their commentary on China, not one jot. I’d care if it would make a difference, of course, but I’ve checked with the cabbages in my fridge, and no, don’t think it would matter.

      In any event, you won’t have to answer for the SSPX – you and I will only have to answer for our own actions and omissions. We have commented on the Chinese scandal in public via this forum (and previously on this blog). So, unless you can think of something else, that’s about the most we can be expected to do right now (and pray, of course, that goes without saying).

      As for the SSPX “trusting this shower” – yet further evidence that there are more people complicating and making the crisis worse, than there are helping to end it. God is hardly “this shower” and, like it or lump it, He has chosen to work through “this shower”.

      So, yes, when Bishop Fellay deems fit, he will and should “trust this shower”.

      And we should all pray for a truly Catholic spirit, a spirit of faith, that will see us through this crisis without allowing diabolically inspired depression and anger to take hold and dull our minds. Think of it as a privilege to be living through these difficult times, while allowing a calm, holy anger at the negligence of popes and bishops who are causing Catholics, for example, to have to travel for miles to get to Mass because of their imposition of a new Mass etc. Throughout this bad weather I have frequently asked my Guardian Angel to allow me just ten minutes with the Archbishop of Glasgow, where I reside, because the snow, ice and blizzards would be the least of his worries, believe me. How I’d like to speak my mind to him and his ilk. “If” (I told my Guardian Angel) “I’m going to crash into any cars on this journey in this awful weather, let it be the Archbishop’s…” Kidding, of course, but you’ll get my drift (snow, drift… get it?)

      But, that sort of calm (cold!) anger is very different from an unholy rage about secondary matters or matters which are outside our control. What a silly waste of energy, not to mention a missed opportunity to practise virtue and win grace for our own soul, and the souls of those causing our angst.

      Remember, we have some means of helping to educate our fellow Catholics in various ways about this crisis, including through this blog, and above all recall the warning and exhortation of the great Father of the Church, St Vincent de Lerins, that even if the entire Church should appear to fall into error, we have the solution at our fingertips; we cling to what Christians have always believed, everywhere, and at all times.

      March 19, 2018 at 11:12 am
      • RCAVictor


        Thank you very much for those wise words.

        I would like to add something which will no doubt be very unpopular on this blog, but it’s the truth. The SSPX is very culpable, in my USA experience, for cultivating the sort of anger, disgust and contempt for the modern Church that St Miguel exhibits. Its American chapels are frequented by many questionable Catholics, who for some reason it seems to attract: sedevacantists, Feeneyites, “Resistance” sympathizers, and God knows what else. The result is a schismatic mentality – not all that far removed, frankly, from the “Resistance.”

        This might not be a problem if it were addressed from pulpits, but it is not, with only one exception of which I’m aware. My somewhat cynical guess as to why is because many of these schismatic parishioners have money in the game.

        Moreover, this mentality is actually stoked from the pulpit, when the faithful are told things like they should have nothing to do with the mainstream Church, and especially not with those in the mainstream Church who are making their own efforts to restore Tradition. It is as if everyone outside the SSPX has a bad case of spiritual leprosy, and should be shunned, because the SSPX is the be-all and end-all of Tradition. This is even worse than a schismatic mentality: it shows signs of cult-like behavior [see: “Resistance”]

        I was informed yesterday that our local Bishop, who is a rare and generous shepherd when it comes to Tradition, recently paid a visit to the local SSPX chapel, attendance at which, about 5-6 years ago, he warned his flock against in his diocesan newspaper. Apparently there are some friendly behind-the-scenes interactions occurring between himself and the SSPX Priory.

        I am sure the red carpet was rolled out for him, but I have to wonder whether His Excellency has become aware of the contempt in which he is held, behind his back. Contempt exercised not only by numerous SSPX faithful, but by some of its clergy as well. The hypocrisy is astounding.

        You reminded me, not too long ago, of something Abp. Lefebvre warned against. He said that if the irregular canonical situation went on too long, a schismatic mentality would develop in his Society.


        March 19, 2018 at 2:25 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        Thank you for thanking me for my “wise words” which I reciprocate. I mean, I’m not thanking me for my wise words, but thanking YOU… get it? Ahem…

        I do agree with you about the extremism within the SSPX – drives me nuts. But, as you said (quoting me, she said humbly, who was, in turn, even more humbly, quoting Archbishop Lefebvre…) the longer the irregular situation goes on, the more likely the schismatic mentality settling into the minds and souls of those who have taken refuge in SSPX chapels.

        Which is why I get irritated with the “resistance” type comments about “not talking to ROME!” Always reminds of me the Protestant loyalists in the north of Ireland. It’s entirely the wrong attitude.

        March 19, 2018 at 4:12 pm
      • RCAVictor


        How’s this for positive thinking: I contracted the flu at the onset of March, followed by acute bronchitis, but I’m describing it as “I gave up my health for Lent….”

        March 20, 2018 at 3:35 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        Fantastic! That’s what I call “positive thinking”!

        March 20, 2018 at 4:16 pm

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