Papal Visit To Ireland: Write Your Own Open Letter To Pope Francis…

Papal Visit To Ireland: Write Your Own Open Letter To Pope Francis…

Open Letter to Pope Francis…

I am shocked beyond words at your silence during the abortion referendum in Ireland. A small group of us, Scots, went over to Dublin in order to help save the lives of the unborn babies at risk of being killed if a YES vote resulted so we remain in shock that the Pope himself remained silent throughout and yet plans to visit Ireland to attend a meeting ostensibly about “family” despite the fact that a keynote speaker is an LGBT-Z activist priest. We were treated appallingly by the majority of the Irish people whom we encountered on our visit – nasty and completely sold to the values of this world. YOU encouraged that by your silence.

You are easily the worst-ever pope in the history of the Church and a future pope and Council will denounce you as it denounced Honorius I. Think of the book titles, the headlines: From Honorius I to Francis I. Roll on!

Used to be that the jibe “is the Pope Catholic” was a joke. No more. Your alleged Catholicity is now the joke. So, enjoy your visit to Ireland, enjoy the World Meeting of Families – just don’t try to pass the event off as “Catholic”.

With no condemnation (however belatedly) of the shocking pro-abortion vote, and your willingness to share a platform with a priest who will present, as a good, one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, your presence at this event can only serve to further attack the teaching of Christ’s Church.

You, Papa Francis, are about as Catholic as the nearest Imam.

Signed… Editor, Catholic Truth


Click here to send YOUR open letter, albeit short and to the point, to Pope Francis via the Irish Times, ahead of his visit to Ireland later this month. And then feel free to copy it onto the blog and/or share your thoughts about the forthcoming World Meeting of Families.  

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  • editor

    It strikes me that whoever it was told me that Bishop Keenan (Paisley) was tweeting great things about the Pope in Ireland hasn’t posted the information so in case it gets lost, – yes, he was there, just as he attended the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and tweeted about how wonderful THAT debacle was, homosexual kiss, (other) warts and all. Unbelievable.

    Given Archbishop Vigano’s intervention, it will be interesting to see how Bishop Keenan and his brother bishops respond, now that the consequences of his involvement in abuse cover-ups is catching up with Papa Francis.

    August 28, 2018 at 9:23 pm
    • Michaela


      No surprise there, since Bishop Keenan is a massive Pope Francis fan. I seem to remember him saying he wanted to bring Francis’s vision of the Church to Paisley!
      As you say, it will be interesting to see how he responds if Pope Francis is forced to resign, especially if his successor turns out to be another Pius X, LOL! .

      August 28, 2018 at 11:01 pm

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