A Happy & Holy Christmas Everyone!

A Happy & Holy Christmas Everyone!


Wishing bloggers, readers and visitors to this site, all the blessings of the holy season of Christmas. Hopefully you will enjoy the above video presentation,  paying homage to the new-born, long awaited Messiah. 

As an additional treat, our blogger Elizabeth, real name Christine Fletcher, emailed this link to her radio programme of Classical Christmas music, broadcast on Swansbrook Radio  – it’s absolutely beautiful, so enjoy!

As ever you are welcome to exchange Christmas greetings, share favourite carols, prayers etc, as well as stories and jokes in the “good clean fun category.”  Happy Christmas everyone!  

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  • wendywalker95

    https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/armagh-cathedral-arrest-follows-pro-15605426…………Could not put on IRISH thread but this story isreally horrific

    December 29, 2018 at 3:13 pm
    • editor


      Thank you for posting that newspaper report, which horrified me. I’ve just sent the following email to the priest concerned:

      Fr Peter McAnenly,

      Having felt compelled, in recent years, to write to both Nigel Dodds and Arlene Foster DUP, after their respective appearances on BBC Question Time, to congratulate them on their wholly correct stance on both abortion and homosexuality, and to underline the fact that the Catholic politicians on the panel alongside them are about as Catholic as the nearest Imam, I was utterly appalled to read a Belfast newspaper report about the 57 year old man due to appear in court, as a result of you telephoning the police. What must these Protestant pro-life politicians and their Protestant pro-life people think? Incredible.

      Your argument about insurance is nothing short of ridiculous. I say this, of course, with all due respect because we mustn’t – above all – get hot under the collar and speak forcefully about any of these important moral issues, not even about the murder of these very least of Christ’s brethren. May I suggest, then, with all due respect, that if you were worried about leaving the pro-lifers unattended, if you really thought they were going to pray themselves to death, why not join in the prayer vigil? Perhaps an offer to pray for half-an-hour with the group would have defused the situation – in all fairness to you, certainly, if you were closing the cathedral at its usual time and not to put an end to their vigil, they should have co-operated. To call the police, however, seems to those of us already looking on in disbelief at the dismantling of Catholic Faith and the natural moral law by priests and prelates alike, to be outrageous.

      An English, non-Catholic pro-lifer posted the link to the Belfast newspaper report on our “Christmas” blog, because she is absolutely horrified that any Catholic priest would call the police to remove pro-lifers from a Catholic cathedral.

      The full horror of abortion is being lost as a result of its legalisation (and as a result of the crisis in the Church where, as prophesied at Fatima, everything is diabolically disoriented; we now even see disoriented priests defending the “pro-choice” women) but, as Pope John Paul II said, “now more than ever we must call things by their proper name; abortion is murder. In the light of that fact, the protesters are to be commended, not condemned for their attempt to defend innocent human life, and if they were needlessly uncooperative about the closing of the cathedral, that is a pity but not, surely a justification for calling the police. Goodness, when I think if the clergy child-abusers whose colleagues and superiors covered up their sins and crimes, this just takes the biscuit. Thus, I sincerely hope that no similar action will be taken tomorrow morning, when, if they keep their word, the pro-lifers return. End.

      His email address is pmcanenly21@gmail.com

      Parish team http://armaghparish.net/parish-team/

      December 29, 2018 at 4:25 pm
  • wendywalker95

    Dear Holy Priest FR P Mc Anenly
    I am e -mailing you in semi disbelief and semi disgust …no disrespect BUT surely what you did by calling The Police on a peaceful pro life person praying is horrific ?
    Here we are with Ireland ready to fall into the abyss of evil by aborting its precious new generations because it has been deemed trendy by the demon filled people ..and Politicians .,Mans laws are not Gods Laws
    They are NOT pro choice because there is no choice for the poor baby[s] only a horrific death ..then of course the suffering of family members who will mourn these cruel untimely slaughters or deaths for the rest of their lives
    You as a man of God must feel very saddened by this …and indeed you state you have a healthy pro life group in your magnificent Cathedral..you cannot though be a man to all men …especially evil ones
    I am not a Catholic but I have been fighting the vile so called contraceptive and murderous abortion horrors for 48 years …..here in The UK
    The blood of pre born babies saturate our land and yet still they clamour for more infant bloodlust these harbingers of death never stop
    I would ask you humbly Dear Fr to drop those charges on the brave pro life Gentleman and do encourage pro life people to Pray in your Cathedral which is Gods dwelling of course not satans
    In time to come when Christenings drop and Holy Communions beautifully joyous occasions plummet because like the pied piper your babies will have been spirited away by abortion and the abortionists who do the wicked deeds with such delight
    You will see more and more people sorely wounded by abortion whose grief and guilt and possible mental and physical health has been damaged forever in your Confession box ….May God give you strength to be able to offer comfort and Peace for them
    Yours so sadly
    BUt Respectfully always
    Wendy Walker Mrs
    God Bless and be strong against the evil you so face

    Protectress of the Unborn – Our Lady of Guadalupe | Our Blessed Mother | ANF Articles – Welcome to America Needs Fatima | ANF Site Articles
    One wintry Christmas Eve, a silver-haired woman sitting by her fire hearth reading her Bible, trying to make sense of why Our Lord became Man, was taught a great lesson by a flock of geese.

    Dear All here is my offering to FR MCAnenly Pray his heart changes over The pro Life prayerful man

    December 29, 2018 at 5:21 pm
  • wendywalker95

    Indeed welcome back and a very Happy New Year to all on here but without these blogs it will not be the same dreadfully sad

    December 29, 2018 at 5:24 pm

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