Europe: will Brexit kick-start the Christian restoration – or is it too late?

Europe: will Brexit kick-start the Christian restoration – or is it too late?

 From the website of the Lepanto Foundation – dated 7 December, 2018

The roots of the crisis in the European Union (1991 – 2011)

The economic, social and political crisis which the EU is undergoing is there for all to see. In a few days it will be the 20th anniversary of the Maastricht treaty, signed on 11 December 1991, which brought the European Union into being. Professor Roberto de Mattei, who was then president of the Lepanto Cultural Centre and who is now president of the Lepanto Foundation, was one of the first in Europe to express his criticisms of the Maastricht Treaty in a letter sent to all MEPs in Strasbourg on 11 May 1992, the day before the speech given by Queen Elizabeth II to the European Parliament. His analysis, which preceded by nearly 10 years the entry into force of the euro, invites us to reflect on our future.

Prof. Roberto de Mattei’s letter to the Members of the European Parliament.

Rome – May 11th, 1992

Dear Sir /Madam,

On behalf of the Lepanto Cultural Centre, of which I am President, I take the liberty of submitting for your attention certain reflections (1) on the Maastricht Treaty, stipulated by the Heads of State and Government of the Twelve on the 11th of December 1991, to launch the new international organization called “European Union”.

This Treaty, formally signed on the 7th of February 1992 and due to be endorsed by the respective national Parliaments by the 31st of December 1992, is arousing increasing doubts and perplexities in many quarters: will it really unite and strengthen Europe, or will it plunge her into chaos? This letter aims to stimulate discussion on this capital point.

A nihilist dream of the destruction of Europe

The year 1992 marks the 500th anniversary of the Discovery and civilization of America by Europeans, yet European and Christian Civilization is on trial.

Europe is being accused of having imposed its civilised patterns on the world, instead of “opening itself to the Other”, “to what Europe is not, never was and will never be” (2); it should therefore deny itself to recover the “otherness” it rejected, viz. barbarians, Indians, Muslims, all bearers of a “cultural message” which we must now adopt. Europe should therefore renounce its “secular ambition of historical centralization whose symbol is Columbus” (3) in order to “de-civilize” itself and sink into tribalism.

According to the historical vision by these “theoreticians of chaos”, Europe should be founded on the “loss of foundations” (4) and “not identify with itself” (5). This is nihilism.

No historical and cultural identities would deserve to survive because in the world nothing is stable and permanent and everything is devoid of order and significance: this Nothingness is the only reality which is to assert itself in history and society: “We must acknowledge the historically positive role of Nothing / … / We should base our European citizenship on Nothing” (6).

The real nature of the Maastricht Treaty

These nihilist theses on Europe, set out in journals, books, symposia, amplified by the mass-media and abundantly echoed by politicians, are neither to be ignored nor forgotten when debating such an ambitious political accord as the Maastricht Treaty.

It is not a matter of being generally for or against Europe, but of addressing the real background issue: What kind of Europe are we aspiring to? What kind of Europe is envisaged by the Maastricht Treaty? Political and diplomatic agreements do not simply boil down to technical formulas, but reflect political patterns, visions of the world and ideal aspirations. Which ones in this particular case?  Click here to read the rest of Professor Roberto de Mattei’s prophetic letter – it is lengthy, and thoroughly documented, and very well worth reading in its entirety. 


One highly significant section in the Professor’s letter relates to the rise of Islam in Europe:  “In terms of the Treaty, European political parties will “express the political will of Union nationals” (Title II, art. 138A). A “European Muslim Party”, owing to its deep-rooted presence in all territories of the Union, its power of political and religious cohesion, its financial resources and its international connections, might become the leading party in the European Parliament. This would imply Muslim political domination in Europe, peacefully won, or rather, peacefully handed over by Europeans themselves.” 

Professor de Mattei goes on to point out the possibility of this same dominance in the member states.  Logically, then, we must ask, might Brexit actually contribute to the restoration of Christianity – Christian belief and culture – both here in the UK and on the continent of Europe?  If you have any practical ideas on how this might be effected, share them with us. Or maybe you think the restoration of Christianity in Europe is a pipe dream?

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  • editor

    It’s worth reflecting on just who is to blame for the rise of Islam in formerly Catholic countries. Not Muslims, that’s for sure. Who, among us, wouldn’t head for Saudi Arabia or Pakistan if we knew that we would be permitted to evangelise, and to take up political and other positions within those societies? Of course we would.

    Indeed, the only reason there is any talk of a Christian restoration is because Catholics have allowed the Faith to die in their own souls and thus leave themselves spiritually sterile, unable to stem (or want to stem) the rise of secularism and non-Christian religions across the continent. Such has been the loss of divine and Catholic Faith that there will even be some who think that some kind of religion is better than no religion, and so welcome the building of mosques and minarets. Honestly, you could not make this stuff up…

    So, let’s avoid Muslim-bashing, please and thank you. What – in my humble opinion – is really required is that the entire Catholic population of Europe be summoned to a meeting in Brussels (by Catholic Truth), instructed to stand together in pairs, and have THEIR heads bashed together!

    A few rousing of verses of Faith of our Fathers should follow, and, high-fives all round, mission accomplished. Restoration complete 😀

    January 3, 2019 at 1:08 am
  • Petrus

    A very interesting thread. I’m looking forward to reading all the comments.

    This reminds me of something I heard recently. Apparently Protestants were in alliance with the Muslim Ottoman Empire which fought against the Catholic Holy League in the 16th century. St Pius V entrusted the Battle of Lepanto to Our Lady of the Rosary and Our Lady was victorious!

    There’s something familiar about what has been happening today. My feeling is Brexit alone will not be enough. It’s interesting that the public action of a Pope, entrusting Europe to Our Lady, brought about victory. I’m certain only another public act of the Pope, namely the Consecration of Russia, will restore Europe to Catholicism.

    January 3, 2019 at 10:24 am
    • editor


      Yes, I agree – it will take the Consecration of Russia to fully restore the Faith on the continent of Europe as elsewhere.

      I haven’t time to watch this (albeit) short video detailing the Battle of Lepanto myself right now, so I hope it’s accurate, but I think it’s one I did watch before and posted, so let me know if it’s needing attention from my delete button… I really don’t think so… It’s an astonishing event in history, and really does demonstrate the power of the rosary. Not to mention what can happen when a faith-filled pope takes dutiful action.

      January 3, 2019 at 5:48 pm
      • Petrus


        That is a good video. The only disappointment for me was the slight ecumenical slant towards the end, which I’m not entirely sure was accurate. The Protestant nations of Europe not only refused to join the Holy League, but actively supported the Ottoman Empire. I doubt very much there was a “beautiful expression of unity” after the Battle of Lepanto.

        I think today the Muslims are simply useful idiots, used by the godless European Union to smash Christian Europe. It’s such a pity that we don’t have a pope with the faith of St Pius V who can lead Christian Europe in the current war. The problem is there are no “generals” to help him. As good as some of our Brexiteer politicians are, I couldn’t imagine any of them openly supporting a pope who called for the re-christianisation of Europe. I couldn’t imagine even a supposed Traditional Catholic like Jacob Rees-Mogg saying publicly that we should pray the Rosary for Europe’s conversion. All very sad.

        January 3, 2019 at 7:37 pm
      • editor


        Disappointing about the end of the video – I must watch it properly, as I don’t recall that from the first time I viewed. I don’t recall anything I did more than 5 minutes ago!

        I’d love to see the evidence that Jacob Rees-Mogg is a “supposed traditional Catholic”.

        He is not too keen on guitars at Mass, so obviously attends the novus ordo, and he has assured anyone who will listen that his moral views (such as they are) will be set aside if he attains high office. He has no problem with IVF, would attend a “gay” wedding, and although he’s totally opposed to abortion in all circumstances, the pro-abortionists have nothing to fear – he won’t be changing the law. Well, our resident non-Catholic pro-lifer, Wendy Walker, is vehemently opposed to abortion in all circumstances, but I would bet my last pound coin that if SHE became Prime Minister, she’d set about repealing the Abortion Act while the removal men were still unpacking her belongings at No.10.

        Jacob Rees-Mogg is about as Catholic as Sadiq Khan and about as traditional as a mobile phone.

        January 3, 2019 at 8:34 pm
      • Petrus


        Hence why I used the word “supposed”! You will often see him described as a “Traditional Catholic” because he is rumoured to attend the Traditional Latin Mass. You won’t ever find me referring to him as “Traditional”.

        January 3, 2019 at 8:57 pm
      • editor


        Snap! I came back in to acknowledge that, and affirm that I know that YOU know that, but I forgot to say that, if you know what I mean… #whataplonkerIcanbe!

        January 3, 2019 at 9:16 pm
      • Petrus


        Yes, I knew you would know that about what I know about JRM. If only he knew what we know, then we would know for sure that he knows what the Church teaches!

        January 3, 2019 at 9:24 pm
  • Laura

    I also think Brexit alone won’t be enough to restore Christianity to Europe and I also think it’s Catholics, not Muslims, to blame for the loss of the Christian culture in Europe today.

    That letter from Professor de Mattei is definitely prophetic, and it got me curious about what the politicians of the day were saying about the Maastricht Treaty. I discovered that Jeremy Corbyn was also prophetic about the EU way back then. This is a very interesting clip showing him speaking then and now. I find it hard to believe he actually voted remain in the referendum in 2016, although obviously he might have changed his mind.

    January 3, 2019 at 10:50 am
    • editor


      That’s a very interesting clip from the past – talk about one’s words coming back to haunt one! Clearly, Jeremy Corbyn is a leaver at heart – but no wonder he doesn’t want to let Keir Starmer know that! He terrifies me, and I’ve never met him!

      I do agree that the Professor’s letter has turned out to be truly prophetic. The majority just drink in what they’re told by the opinion formers while the thinkers of this world actually reflect on the meaning of things. Professor de Mattei is one of the thinkers – thankfully.

      January 3, 2019 at 5:52 pm
  • Elizabeth

    I think that the de Christianisation of Europe really began with the so – called Reformation which divided and weakened European Christianity substantially. The horrors of the two world wars did not help and did lead to a loss of faith among many who had witnessed its horrors. The rise of communism further alienated many. Then along came ecumenism which further watered down traditional religious practice. Together with that is the rise in consumerism, feelgood “spirituality”, situation ethics, and to add to this perfect storm we have our own Catholic Church told that it is not necessary to try to make converts, Lutheranism should be celebrated, one religion is as good as another, all if these from our present Pope..all in all leading to the apathetic faithless time we find ourselves in. Not all caused by the European Union or those behind it (enter George Soros et al?) but very much facilitating the move towards an Islamic takeover. And the restoration of the caliphate is what they are all about. I really hope that if/when we leave the Union we will as a nation look around us and begin to realise what of our cultural heritage is in danger of being lost if we do not soon decide to put a stop to this constant erosion of our Christian heritage. And that means having the courage to stand up for Christian/Catholic teaching even if in the process we are accused of “hate crimes”.by the most intolerant lobby of them all!

    January 3, 2019 at 3:32 pm
    • editor


      Your assessment is absolutely correct. The EU can’t be blamed entirely for the state of the continent today, although it certainly hasn’t helped stem the various tides…

      I keep thinking that, perhaps, just perhaps, once we leave the EU (if we actually get to leave) our leaders will, indeed, take stock of the state of life here in the UK – and start from scratch to build up the faith and culture of our forebears (Catholic, so, I suppose, unlikely!)

      We live in hope!

      January 3, 2019 at 5:56 pm
      • Petrus


        I DO think that whilst Brexit itself won’t be enough, it WILL be a force for good. If we do manage to get out of the prison that is the EU without the sky falling in, I think other countries may follow suit. This will be part of the reason the EU are making it so difficult to get out.

        January 3, 2019 at 9:28 pm
    • Petrus


      Yes, absolutely correct. I would just add the French Revolution to what you say.

      January 3, 2019 at 7:18 pm
  • RCAVictor

    After reading this remarkable letter, I wish I could climb into a time machine so I could go back and ask the signatories of the Maastricht treaty if they knew that this was a disguised attack on Christianity – specifically, the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith – which is the foundation of Europe. In other words, the same question I would like to have asked the Bishops at Vatican II: did they know those documents were an attack against the Church and the Faith?

    As for Brexit sparking a Christian restoration, there are several things to consider:

    1. Will there be a Brexit, after all, or will the string-pullers behind T. May have their way?
    2. If Brexit is neutered, will the populace of the UK don their yellow vests and take to the streets, or are they too dignified to act like the French?
    3. The term “Christian restoration” needs to be better defined. A restoration of Protestantism would not be a Christian restoration – only a Catholic restoration would fulfill that development. That is not likely to happen under the present Marxist hierarchy, which has cast its lot with the enemy rather than with Our Lord and His Church. Under the current conditions, therefore, a Christian restoration would have to occur from the bottom up – despite the hierarchy, not with its aid.
    4. I have watched with interest as to whether there is any public Muslim opinion regarding Brexit and/or the EU, but so far I have noticed only silence. That is probably because the Muslims know they are a protected class under the politically correct tyranny of the EU, and they don’t wish to look their gift tyrants in the mouth. So the EU will not only look the other way while the Muslims murder and intimidate Christians and Jews, the EU will actually punish those who tell the truth about Islam, since the burgeoning presence of Islam is a key factor in the destruction of the European foundation (hmmm….annihilation of nations?).

    January 3, 2019 at 3:48 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      I did think of changing “Christian” to “Catholic” but, given that there is no true Christianity outside of Catholicism, I decided not to muddy the waters.

      As for “will there be a Brexit” and “T May’s string-pullers” – believe me, she doesn’t need any string-pullers. She doesn’t want to leave, which is why she has concocted a withdrawal agreement that the EU leaders can only imagine Santa placed in their Christmas stockings. We’re half in and half out, and she’s determined to keep it that way. She voted remain, she filled her Cabinet with remain-voting MPs and she refused to say how she would vote in a second referendum – at a wild guess, therefore, I’d wager “remain”.

      As for Muslim public opinion: well, Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Mayor of London is a staunch remainer, agitating for a second referendum (in the hope of overturning the first – real democrats, these remainers!) and he used the fireworks display in London at New Year to signal his support for the EU

      As for your final interpretation of the annihilation of nations – I’m a simple gal. Say nothing. I tend to think Our Lady usually makes her meaning clear and not many people would see the obliteration of a religion or culture as the annihilation of a nation. I believe that, when Our Lady warned of the annihilation of nations, she meant what she said; that there are whole peoples who will disappear, literally, from the face of the earth, if her wishes are not obeyed. I shudder to think how that might come about, but that, I believe, is the correct interpretation. This article from the Fatima Center clarifies:

      January 3, 2019 at 6:09 pm
      • Petrus


        I think we discussed this relatively recently. Opinion seems to be divided, even at the Fatima Center. There’s an article by Joanna Swords which offers several different interpretations.

        I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this over the year, but I think it’s better to simply take Our Lady’s words at face value. It doesn’t really matter how it will exactly unfold, what he can be certain of is that it’s not going to be pleasant!

        January 3, 2019 at 7:42 pm
      • editor


        I read that article by Joanna and she said at the outset that the obvious interpretation is the most likely, before going on to say that Fr Gruner RIP had also considered the meaning to be “spiritual annihilation” (which she went on to acknowledge is already well established.) I got the impression that he was merely speculating as to different possible meanings, without taking a definitive view on the “spiritual”. Given that Our Lady had spoken of “the dogma of the Faith”, I think there is more evidence than not, that by speaking of the “annihilation of nations” she is making a clear distinction between spiritual, religious punishment and the physical.

        So, I agree with you that we ought to take Our Lady’s words at face value – and be prepared, accordingly.

        It’s interesting to recall that Fr Gruner and Christopher Ferrara addressed the European Parliament in 2012:



        October 24, 2012

        Strasbourg, October 24, 2012 — On October 23, 2012 Father Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center in Canada and Catholic attorney and author Christopher A. Ferrara of the United States appeared at the headquarters of the EU in Strasbourg, France to speak in support of a motion for a declaration by the EU Parliament calling upon Pope Benedict XVI to carry out the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

        Maybe time for a re-run!

        January 3, 2019 at 9:37 pm
      • Petrus


        Are you offering to pay for the plane tickets? Our “Catholic Truth On Tour” group have already fought the good fight in Ireland. Perhaps the next stop is Brussels?

        January 3, 2019 at 9:48 pm
      • editor


        You kidding? I can hardly afford a packet of Brussel sprouts these days, never mind a plane ticket to the EU Parliament.

        And I’m already disappointed that I can’t attend any of the Leave Means Leave protests in London, outside Parliament this month – but I will be taking to the streets of Glasgow if they dare to call a second referendum. We’ll see a big increase in the Scottish vote if there’s a next time! Yip, I’ll persuade plenty of voters to vote leave if there’s a next time and they WILL agree – if only to get rid of me!

        January 3, 2019 at 9:53 pm
      • RCAVictor


        Thanks for those clarifications, though I would like to point out, in my own shaky defense, that I did put a question mark after “annihilation of nations”….the defense rests, and is now out pubbing and clubbing….

        I didn’t know about his speech, but the position of the Mayor of London also confirms what I said about the Muslims knowing which side their bread is buttered on. I wonder if their teachings on – and violent treatment of – homosexuality will ever be publicized, in contradiction to one of the EU’s favorite police state themes?

        I found this today about the anti-Brexit fear tactics, though I can’t vouch for its accuracy:

        January 3, 2019 at 9:29 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        That’s very interesting about the film. I noted, in particular, this giveaway passage about the lead actor:

        “Then there’s Cumberbatch himself, who has been an outspoken, public Remain supporter/Brexit opponent. He claims the movie attempts to present a very nuanced and fair look at the people behind both campaigns. We have not seen the entire film so we can’t comment definitively one way or the other on that point. However, based on the trailer, Cumberbatch’s avowed anti-Brexit stance, and the documented history of the BBC and Channel 4 in the cranked up Project Fear II campaign, it would be truly naïve to accept their “impartial and fair” claims as anything other than bilge.”

        This is actually good news, because all the polls are showing that the fear tactics of the remainers/remoaners, are not working and, in fact, there is some evidence (I’ve met at least one person myself) that former remain voters would vote leave this time, since they are disgusted at the undemocratic tactics of those who lost the vote. They are ignoring the bleak forecasts of the economists, not least because they’ve been wrong on absolutely everything so far. They forecast that we would need an emergency budget right after the referendum in 2016 if the vote was to leave – never happened. Nor did any of their other warnings come true. The sky DIDN’T come crashing down!

        So, this film will just confirm the media bias which is patently obvious to anyone with half a brain and, believe me, plenty of the remoaners have half a brain! I make a distinction, note, between well meaning people who voted remain and yet accept the result – they say “just get on with it…” – and those who voted remain but refuse to accept the result. They are the “remoaners” . Losers, you call them over there in the States!

        PS I’m about to go pubbling and clubbing myself, so maybe bump into you later – literally! I can’t walk straight after a couple or three Lemonades these days. Since I’ve gone off the Coca Cola, I’ve noticed a difference… 😀

        January 3, 2019 at 9:48 pm
      • RCAVictor


        The identical phenomenon has been taking place here in the States regarding the supporters of Hillary Clinton, as well as Clinton herself and her fellow satanists: (a) the refusal to accept that she lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, and (b) the ongoing attempt to overthrow the popular will of the people by trying to have Trump impeached with this utterly bogus “Russia collusion” scam.

        Thus it seems the liberal elites are working from the same corrupt, devious script.

        January 4, 2019 at 3:08 am
      • Petrus

        I mean to comment on the editor’s point about Mrs May. I couldn’t agree more. She’s clearly trying to sabotage Brexit with her awful “Chequers Plan”.

        As far as I’m concerned, the best way forward is a “no deal” Brexit. Any deal that the EU would agree to is a half baked form of de facto membership. If the EU thought we were serious about walking away, they would change their tune and be desperate to make trade deals with us. We would then have the upper hand.

        January 3, 2019 at 9:32 pm
  • Margaret Mary

    I’ve just read an article on Brexit by a British man who works for the Financial Times, the article is published in the Irish Times. It was so arrogant. Putting Britain down, as if we will be pygmies on the world stage if we leave the EU.

    It reminded me of the videos on another thread showing the President of the Commission, Juncker, as drunk as a skunk – and I ask myself who wants to belong to this corrupt project? He seems to be drunk most of the time.

    January 4, 2019 at 12:11 am
    • editor


      Having trawled the awful Irish Times, I think this must be the article you mean, because the author is about as arrogant as they come…

      I usually restrict my prayers of petition to seeking spiritual fruits, but I now find myself praying that the UK will prove to be a thriving, prosperous nation within minutes of the clock striking 11pm on 29th March! The lying prophets of doom and gloom who are trying to convince us that leaving the EU means disaster all round, really need to look in the mirror on 30 March and see egg all over their dishonest faces.

      Roll on!

      January 4, 2019 at 4:51 pm
      • Margaret Mary

        Yes, that’s the one. It really made my blood boil.

        January 4, 2019 at 9:23 pm
  • Prognosticum

    It can never be overstated how the EU as it exists today is the fruit of a plan by European potentates and intellectuals at the end of the Second World War to establish a new paradigm of supranational cooperation intended to manage conflict between the continent’s ancient nation states, particularly France and Germany, in the wake of the continent-wide devastation wrought by the First and Second World Wars.

    Although it was intended as a politial union from the outset, it was initially sold to the British—in particular by Ted Heath—as no more than a ‘common market’, i.e. a purely economic entity with the scope of promoting free trade between the member states. This was a blatant lie which will forever mar Heath’s tenure both as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party. Margaret Thatcher, Heath’s successor, saw the dangers in both ‘ever closer union’ and the Euro (I seem to remember that she described the latter as being like a building designed without fire escapes, or words to that effect, a vision that many Greeks, Spaniards, Italians and Irish today know to their extreme cost to have been nothing short of prophetical) and her opposition to both would ultimately lead to her demise at the hands of the same liberal elites which are today seeking to overturn the referendum of 2016. For Thatcher, and for conservatives generally (note the small ‘c’), the fundamental problem with the EU is that it is anti-democratic to its core, having been born of the view, more or less, that plebs cause wars and liberal elites always know best. Thus, unlike in the British system, where the Government must command a majority in the directly elected House of Commons, the EU government—essentially the European Commission—is the fruit not of the popular will, but of the deliberations of the national governments of the member states. Thus Europe is governed by a college of unelected officials without the direct consent of its population. This is tantamount to a self-perpetuating oligarchy reminiscent of the Soviet Union and is, I would contend, profoundly foreign to the British spirit which views government accountability, first to Parliament and then to the electorate, as bulwark against tyranny.

    The resurgence of Christianity in Europe is, in my humble opinion, a different, though not an unrelated matter. Leaving aside the not insignificant fact that Europe transcends the EU and that Russia is spiritually, if not politically, a European power, the question of some future resurgence of Christianity in Europe can only be considered in the light of the reasons for its decline which are many and highly complex. For it is only if we answer the question of the reasons for its decline that we can prospect its resurgence.

    Confining myself to the Catholic Church and to recent history, I would suggest that her decline in Europe (but not exclusively) has a very great deal to do with the question of her self-identity. Without wishing to repeat what I have said on earlier threads, it is my contention that the Church which celebrated the Second Vatican Ecumencial Council was a Church more than anything else in search of relevancy. The First and Second World Wars and their aftermath posed new and difficult questions to a body which was still highly conditioned by the Protestant Reformation more than by any other single factor. But the Sixties were swinging; television was finding its way into more and more homes and, consequently, into more and more hearts, with devastating effects; the U.S. was working to fulfil President Kennedy’s dream of landing a man on the moon before the end of the decade; developments apace in the fields of science and technology (not least contraception) seemed to dispel in mankind any need for God. Add into the mix the ingredients which would lead inexorably to the events of 1968 and the sexual revolution and you have a Church that was terrified of being deemed irrelevant. Thus the rush to re-organise the market stall in order to make it more appealing and to the plotting of a pastoral trajectory which would try to align the Church more and more with the world—almost an attempt to baptise it against its will and regardless of its Prince, in what would contend was the biggest pastoral mistakes in her history.

    Thus the decline, according to moi. But what of the resurgence? Would it not be enough simply to wak the above back to the 1950s and just begin again like nothing had happened? Sorry, but it can’t be done.

    Let us not forget that any resurgence in the Church will be above all the fruit of divine grace which requires that man accepts the Good News, just as her decline was the fruit of betrayal. To put it in simple terms, resurgence requires conversion. Conversion, in its turn, is born of preaching (in the wider sense) and example (witness), as it always has been.

    More than by Brexit, it will be the hell on earth which mankind is creating for itself in its pride which will induce people to return to God through the Church. But part of the process will necessarily be a Church which is faithful to her Lord above all and which does not seek compromises with the world.

    The Holy Spirit is not in the business of offering discounts. Either the Church will be in accordance with His will, or it will decline even further.

    January 4, 2019 at 1:09 am
    • Theresa Rose


      You have reminded me of the 1970s when the EU was initially sold to the British as no more than a ‘common market’. There was a referendum held at the time about it. My instinct and vote was NO. Looking back to those years I cannot articulate what is was I thought was wrong.

      This article from Vernon Coleman says of that time that Britain was taken into the European Union illegally.

      January 5, 2019 at 5:24 pm
  • RCAVictor


    More than by Brexit, it will be the hell on earth which mankind is creating for itself in its pride which will induce people to return to God through the Church.

    Amen to that! What puzzles me, aside from the failure to recognize that the socialist economic doldrums in which the UK finds itself can be directly traced to the labyrinthine EU policies and regulations, is this: don’t people understand that the politically correct police state which the UK has become is the work of the EU and its bureaucratic hacks?

    January 4, 2019 at 3:04 am
    • Prognosticum


      In my humble opinion, very few of us actually understand what is taking place before our very eyes. The same liberal elite which runs the EU is also alive and well in the UK and commands parliament, the civil service, the judiciary, academia, and, not least, the press. We are simply not told about the negative effects of the protectionist EU on our economy. This explains why UK visitors to the US are often amazed to see goods sold for significantly less than what they would pay back home. But it is not just a question of tariffs. If you have time, please read the article by Owen Paterson in the opinion section of today’s Telegraph which criticizes the EU’s approach to agricultural innovation.

      The press, especially the BBC, is the main reason the EU has been allowed to get away with it for so long. The fact that the BBC is held in such apparent reverence by the main political parties, especially the Conservatives, speaks volumes.

      January 4, 2019 at 7:29 am
      • RCAVictor


        Do you have a link to the article you mention? I don’t see it on the Telegraph site.

        As for the press, their counterparts here in the States have been exposed, for their ongoing anti-Trump hysteria, lies and agitprop, as complete and utter frauds and traitors. Hopefully a similar awakening regarding your press will occur soon…

        January 4, 2019 at 4:10 pm
      • editor


        You’ve just sparked a memory I have from some years ago when a relative told me that on her (frequent) visits to the USA, she took a more or less empty suitcase because not only could she buy clothes that were different from what was/is on sale in the stores here, but also at less cost. The conversation came about because when I complimented her on a particular outfit, she said she’d bought it in America … then spilled the beans about taking an empty suitcase.

        It’s only three months now until we break free – I am taking invitations to Brexit parties as from now, if anyone wishes to invite me… 😀

        January 4, 2019 at 10:32 pm
  • RCAVictor

    I would like to change my previous opinion about the source of a Christian restoration in Europe. I previously thought it would be a “bottom up” phenomenon, because of the evil nature of the present hierarchy.

    Actually, the “bottom up” restoration is already occurring, thanks largely to Summorum according to most. However, it is a very small-scale restoration: priest by priest, parish by parish, Mass by Mass, layman by layman, inching its way forward under extremely adverse conditions.

    As several others have already posted, I agree that the large-scale Christian restoration for which we yearn will in fact be due to the Consecration of Russia being performed, according to Our Lady’s request. Thus it could only be characterized as a “top-down” restoration!

    January 4, 2019 at 4:21 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      Yes, I completely agree – the true restoration will only come about after the Consecration of Russia. Roll on!

      January 4, 2019 at 10:35 pm
  • Nicky

    The Professor’s letter was truly prophetic. It’s impossible to read it with an open mind and not see that this whole EU project has been a stitch-up from the start. No wonder Barnier et al don’t want Britain to leave – if we get out, there will be an avalanche following us!

    January 5, 2019 at 12:36 pm
    • editor


      I’m not sure about an avalanche, but the Irish are already making moves to leave the EU – there is an IREXIT Party launching today!

      January 5, 2019 at 1:09 pm
      • Petrus


        That’s encouraging to see, but I think Ireland will cling on to membership with everything they’ve got. They seem to be well and truly under the EU spell.

        January 5, 2019 at 3:14 pm
      • editor


        I think it’s a great sign. I don’t think the ordinary people will cling on, it’s the politicians who are the beneficiaries of the gravy train who will try to cling on (as is happening here).

        Here’s the link to the Irexit Freedom website

        And here’s a clip of their spokesman, Hermann Kelly, speaking at their conference.

        I’m wondering if this is the same Hermann Kelly who exposed the lies about the Magadalen Laundries, in his book (reviewed in Catholic Truth), Kathy’s Real Story… Seems likely

        January 5, 2019 at 3:35 pm
      • Fidelis


        You are right and in fact Nigel Farage nails the lie that the ordinary people are pro-EU (at the same Irexit Freedom conference)

        January 5, 2019 at 3:50 pm
      • Petrus


        Yes, I do agree it’s a great sign. I’m just not sure about the “ordinary people”. The “youth” of Ireland appear to be very attached to the notion of being “European”.

        I think it might be even more difficult for Ireland to leave given their financial ties to the EU following the “bail out” they received. Of course, there is a chance I’m completely wrong 🙂

        January 5, 2019 at 4:52 pm
      • editor


        You are right, in that the young are the problem, as here in the UK – so ignorant and so gullible; a deadly combination. As long as they can be reassured that the airline companies will continue to compete to offer cheap flights to their favourite holiday destinations, though, that will suffice to get them, if not to vote LEAVE, at least to stay home and not add to the REMAIN vote! Numpties.They really are products of the modern education systems of the west, where critical thinking is only applied to attacking the Church, so who knows.

        My own conversations with some “ordinary people” when I was last in Dublin, revealed that they nearly all thought that Ireland couldn’t survive financially without the help of the EU, but hopefully, with a good IREXIT campaign driving home the facts, that will change.

        Still, let’s get BREXIT on the road before we worry about IREXIT!

        January 5, 2019 at 9:51 pm
  • Lionel

    They will do everything to sabotage the Brexit in order to discourage other countries from leaving this disastrous Europe!

    January 5, 2019 at 10:19 pm
    • editor


      Absolutely! That is IT – you are totally correct.

      January 6, 2019 at 9:14 pm
    • Petrus

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more.

      January 7, 2019 at 9:33 pm
  • RCAVictor

    Apparently the English (“a nation of shopkeepers”? – another one of Hitler’s mistakes) are not as reserved as I previously thought:

    January 6, 2019 at 7:21 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      I’ve often wondered about that saying – I always think of the English as a nation of kings and queens!

      I am beginning to worry about BREXIT – the remoaners are determined to prevent it, so – and this is me just thinking aloud, folks, I’m not betraying the cause, so keep the heid – but I am now wondering if, instead of protests, we just get the MPs to vote for May’s agreement and then, 30 March forward, begin to work at changing it. Once we’re out, we’re out.

      Or am I missing something? Legal eagles speak up now, or forever hold your peace…

      January 6, 2019 at 9:13 pm
  • John Rayner

    I am a very firm believer in Brexit. I have one regular correspondent with me who is a firm Remainer and of course we disagree. As someone who has dual citizenship (British and Australian) but resident in Australia now for over 40 years, I no longer have any say in what goes on in Britain. I am a regular reader of “The Australian” newspaper and today I read an article there, written by a Russian lady. She claims that support for Vladimir Putin is dropping considerably within Russia. The Russian people are fed up with the dictatorial style of Putin and demands are growing there for greater individual freedom and they are fed up with the lack of growth in the regions and they want greater prosperity to be more widely spread. So, maybe, the Conversion of Russia is not so far away as some might think.
    I cannot see Brexit making any difference to the entrenched secularism of Britain. Australia is just as bad. We are trying to get a Bill of Religious Freedom through our Government here. That Bill has a rocky road ahead of it.

    January 8, 2019 at 12:37 am
    • Petrus

      Interesting points about Russia. I can’t see how the “conversion” of Russia could simply be a disenchament with Vladimir Putin and it definitely can’t happen outside of the Consecration of Russia.

      I’ve also interpreted Our Lady’s words at face value and understood the conversion as a conversion to Catholicism. Russia will become a Catholic!

      January 8, 2019 at 8:38 am
    • editor


      I am very glad that you are a Brexiteer. Don’t let your remainer friend influence you to change your mind – they are working very hard over here to gain “converts”! Speaking of which…

      I do agree with Petrus that the conversion of Russia is not a conversion from one set of politics to another, but a conversion to Catholicism. I know that you haven’t said that it’s a political conversion but that is a popular view – we’ve had it suggested more than once.

      I fear you are right in your assessment about Brexit and the entrenched secularism of the UK. Sadly, you are probably spot on. It WILL be a political “conversion” for us to get out of the UK and run our own political affairs, so we have to think of it as better than nothing and a step in the right direction; free of the permissive influence of the EU, a foundation may be established that will make religious and moral conversion a little easier in the future. Time (if God grants us some) will tell…

      January 8, 2019 at 9:59 am
      • Petrus


        Let’s hope so! It’s certainly a step in the right direction.

        January 8, 2019 at 4:16 pm
  • crofterlady

    I think secularism is much more entrenched in this part of the world from the likes of America. One of family is there presently and says Americans are more “spiritual” than Brits. I also cannot see Brexit stopping that, but it might help us get a handle on things, which we certainly don’t presently have.

    January 8, 2019 at 12:37 pm
    • Petrus


      I would agree. I have one main hobby and the competitions are often held on a Sunday morning. When I said I wouldn’t be able to make a Sunday morning people looked at me as if I had two heads. They couldn’t fathom why I wouldn’t be free on a Sunday morning! Incredible! When I said I went to Mass, one person said, “Surely you don’t need to go every week?” A sad reflection on just how secular the UK has become.

      Whether Brexit will make any difference to this I don’t know. I doubt it. However, I agree that it’s a first step to restoring some form of normality.

      January 8, 2019 at 4:08 pm
  • editor

    Watching the news today, and listening to the (usual) commentators, I’m more convinced than ever that we will not be leaving the EU on 29th March – in fact, I don’t believe we’ll leave at all. Just as I said on the day I cast my LEAVE vote, we will not be allowed to leave. They may use the delaying tactic of postponing the 29th March deadline, but that will expand into remaining for good – or until we can get a Government/PM with a spine.

    Note this: don’t know if I simply missed it, but – apart from the disgraceful Edinburgh incident – I have no recollection of THIS abuse against Nigel Farage’s family and property being reported on any mainstream news channel…

    January 8, 2019 at 11:15 pm
    • Vianney

      Nigel Farage tends to exaggerate things and he certainly exaggerates about the incident in Edinburgh. Originally he claimed he was attacked by a group of Scottish Nationalists until the organisers pointed out that none of them were Scots or nationalists and were in fact a group of English students at Edinburgh University. There were only about a dozen of them but the number grows every time he retells it and is now up to 80, so I would take anything he says about being attacked with a large dose of salt.

      January 16, 2019 at 8:56 pm
  • Margaret Mary

    Here is Nigel Farage tearing a strip off Barnier at the EU Parliament today. It’s well worth a watch, and look at Barnier’s face, he doesn’t know whether he’s on foot or on horseback! LOL!

    What do bloggers think – will we have a second referendum (I hope not) or just leave on 29th March on World Trade rules? (I hope!)

    January 16, 2019 at 6:48 pm

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