Parliament Vs God – Is It Surprising That It Now “Trashes” The People?

Parliament Vs God – Is It Surprising That It Now “Trashes” The People?

Parliament Versus The People – Journalist, Melanie Phillips writes

So here’s how things stand. Leaving the EU with no deal is now the only way in which parliament can implement the Brexit referendum result, a decision handed by parliament to the people of Britain to make.

All signs point to MPs voting today against leaving with no deal. They will be voting against the act of parliament they themselves passed, under which the UK leaves the EU on March 29 regardless of whether or not withdrawal terms have been agreed.

They will thus be voting to trash the decision of the people that they themselves invited the people to make. For every alternative to leaving with no deal – a delay to the date of departure, Norway-plus, some alternative form of customs union, a second referendum, Mrs May’s deal itself that was voted down last night – is a version of remaining under EU control.

If MPs vote against leaving with no deal, they will be voting to stick their fingers in the voters’ eyes. They will be unequivocally throwing down the gauntlet: parliament versus the people.

Why therefore should any British citizen vote for any of them ever again? Democracy is a bargain between rulers and the ruled. If MPs vote against no-deal tonight, they will be tearing up that bargain. Why should any British citizen continue to have any faith in any of these MPs from whichever political party? Why should any British citizen continue to have any faith in the democratic process at all?

Mrs May said one true thing in parliament yesterday. If MPs do not implement Brexit, their constituents will not blame Brussels. They will instead blame them.

If MPs vote against leaving with no deal, they won’t just be voting to blow up Brexit. They’ll be voting to blow up their own political parties and faith in British democracy itself.    Source – Parliament Versus The People


For years now, politicians across the UK Parliament have legislated to permit various immoral acts, including abortion and same-sex “marriage”, with transgender “rights” recognised as far back as Gender Recognition Act of 2004, to allow people to apply to change their legal gender. The movement to legalise the “right to die with dignity” is growing. Conversely, the right to freedom of speech is being severely curtailed in an all-out effort to squash “dissent”;  anyone seeking to challenge any of these “rights”, certainly in public,  is likely to end up in prison. 

So, having rejected the “rights” of God – and thus, our obligation to obey His Moral Law, it’s hardly surprising that the UK Parliament is now turning against it’s own people.

Readers have been contacting me this past couple of days to say that they now firmly believe that the UK Parliament has stitched up the Brexit process to ensure that we do not, in fact, leave the Godless  EU.   Tonight’s vote to take “no deal” off the table is – in their collective view – the final proof of that determination to keep us as part of the planned United States of Europe.  I tend to think they’re right.  What about you?  

And as I’m about to press the “publish” button, this from Westminster Fly, one of our English bloggers: I’m just begging the Immaculate Heart of Mary to overcome the machinations of evil or misguided men and get us out of the EU completely and without delay. I think that only She can help us now.”   

There’s really nothing to add to that, except … Amen!

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  • Fidelis

    This talk is very interesting indeed. As Kate Hoey MP said back in January, “The Great Betrayal” has begun –

    If they do take “no deal” off the table, I think there will be a terrible reckoning for the MPs who have stopped Brexit (which I think they’re trying to do).

    Some of the things Kate reveals are shocking. I think this video is well worth watching through, it’s less than 15 minutes.

    March 13, 2019 at 4:14 pm
    • editor


      Thank you for posting that video of Kate Hoey speaking at a Leave Means Leave rally. A very good talk – and her final words are particularly apposite given the vote this evening to take “no deal” off the table – here was Kate Hoey MP saying in January, 2019 that anyone who votes to take “no deal” off the table is taking the first step to really betraying the referendum result.

      It’s why the remainers are so pleased at having this vote tonight – they now feel that they have victory in their sight – that they will engineer the process and votes in Parliament to make sure that Brexit will never happen.

      Unfortunately, I am increasingly convinced that they will win the Battle of Brexit and we will be condemned to suffer the consequences of remaining in the Godless EU.

      March 13, 2019 at 5:16 pm
  • crofterlady

    As WF said, perhaps the Mother of God will come to our aid if we ask her fervently enough.

    March 13, 2019 at 6:09 pm
    • Laura


      It’s becoming more and more clear that only Our Lady of Fatima can sort out the world and the Church – everything is getting worse, all the time.

      I’ve never been that trusting of politicians but now I see them as blatant liars. I just cannot believe their nerve in working round the clock to stop Brexit. 500 out of 650 MPs are remainers, so with only 150 who really believe in Brexit, we’ve no chance of getting out, without supernatural help.

      March 13, 2019 at 9:29 pm
    • Nicky


      I agree with that – Our Lady will come to our aid if we pray hard enough.

      March 13, 2019 at 10:51 pm
  • editor

    I’ve been watching the voting, and the place / Government really is shambolic.

    I heard it reported that several cabinet ministers abstained and one has resigned but on a quick Google can’t find any names. If anyone knows, please post here. I’m dying to see the back of Amber Rudd for one and if several disappear, maybe some actual Brexiteers (like Jacob Rees-Mogg) will be appointed, and not before time.

    March 13, 2019 at 8:52 pm
    • Josephine

      The Scotland minister, David Mundell, abstained and Amber Rudd and Hammond, the chancellor abstained which is a kind of crime in Parliament when they were supposed to support the government motion. A junior cabinet officer has resigned, called Sarah Newton, because she couldn’t support it.

      However, I can’t really understand this. I thought the government motion was to rule out a no deal Brexit, and I’ve definitely heard Amber Rudd and Hammond saying no deal would be terrible (I’ve never heard of Sarah Newton before tonight) so I don’t really see why they had to abstain. I must be misunderstanding.

      I do agree that Theresa May needs to bring real believers in Brexit into her cabinet. The whole thing is being run by the remainers.

      It does seem clear that we need divine help to get out of this “club” – some club! Once you’re a member, you can’t get out of it!

      March 13, 2019 at 10:26 pm
      • Petrus

        It’s a prison, rather than a club!

        I don’t think Mrs May will bring in real Brexiteers. I do wonder if she’s secretly happy Brexit is being thwarted. I don’t trust her.

        March 14, 2019 at 8:07 am
      • editor


        You took the words “secretly happy” out of my mouth. I wouldn’t be surprised.

        March 14, 2019 at 9:37 am
      • editor


        This might clarify the vote for you – it IS confusing the way the motion was framed, and then amended.

        March 14, 2019 at 9:43 am
  • Laura

    I think Nigel Farage won’t be missed in the EU Parliament, LOL!

    March 13, 2019 at 9:26 pm
  • Nicky

    If we get cheated out of Brexit, I will never vote in any election ever again. I’m disgusted at what I’ve seen going on in Westminster today. It’s a total disgrace.

    March 13, 2019 at 10:50 pm
    • editor


      I think a lot of people feel that way. “The death of democracy” it’s called.

      On a lighter note, I’ve come across a letter published in the Yorkshire Post, which makes a really good point near the end:

      From: William Rees, Boroughbridge

      I WOULD have hoped for a more coherent rationale from Gina Miller in her article (The Yorkshire Post, March 8) which tries to persuade us that Brexit is a terrible mistake. Gina Miller: can Nigel Farage marchers tell us the benefits of Brexit? Ms Miller seeks to do this by making derogatory and personal comments about a number of prominent Brexit supporters, particularly Nigel Farage, which quoting dubious statistics about what “could” happen in the event of Brexit actually being implemented.

      And her analysis, such as it is, seems faulty, describing the EU as the “greatest and most successful socialist project of all time,” while claiming that its size allows it to stand up to various “global giants”. The fact is that the global hi-tech companies are only too delighted to deal with the EU, because they are able to shore up their own monopolistic trading practices with regulations that protect their interests.

      The EU’s “four freedoms” simply funnel economic growth and prosperity into a small number of industrial and commercial centres while leaving the rest of Europe behind, although they do throw some crumbs from the table in the form of the regional social funds that she also refers to.

      Unfortunately there will be short-term pain if and when we leave the EU, given how the Government has failed to plan adequately for us leaving without a so-called deal. But let’s remember, when you jump out of a sinking ship, you do get wet. [Ed: emphasis added because… I LOVE it!]

      And in the long term it is far better than the alternative. 😀 END. (There are other letters on the subject underneath Mr Rees’ letter)

      I suggest we also pray to St Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers and politicians, for light for those men and women who are behaving appallingly in Parliament in their efforts to thwart Brexit. St Thomas More, pray for them…

      March 13, 2019 at 11:21 pm
  • Deacon Augustine

    What we are seeing happening in the world and the Church at the present time are very similar phenomena. In fact they have the same spiritual roots.

    The political elite, like the hierarchy, has totally sold out to the dialectical materialism of Marxism – even if it be primarily Neomarxism or Cultural Marxism at this stage. Globalisation is one its primary weapons to change our culture and religion and so dominate the world.

    In the contract between state and citizen there are 3 primary securities which the citizen looks to the state to provide: economic security, cultural security and border security. These securities can only be provided by the state if it has sovereignty over the territory which it occupies. For people who view the world through the materialistic lens of Neomarxism, only one of these securities is a valid objective: economic security. Both cultural security and border security are irrelevant in their worldview, and in fact are impediments to the global hegemony of dialectical materialism.

    Hence when dealing with the likes of Gina Miller, Remoaners, socialists, europhiles etc. they will always reduce any question of policy to the crudities of economics only i.e. the love of money – the root of all evil. Considerations of cultural security, national identity, border security etc. are either irrelevant or anathema to them. The vote for Brexit was a gut rebellion by the British people against the hedonistic materialism of the elite – even though they might not have been able to articulate it that way. The same reaction is starting to gain momentum across the globe as evidenced in the election of Trump, the Gilets Jaune in France, Salvini and the Lega in Italy, Vox in Spain, Orban in Hungary, the rejection of “Open borders” in Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

    Of course the MSM portray this as a rise of “far-right” Nationalism whereas it is simply a rejection of cultural suicide and a reassertion of the platonic virtue of patriotism or filial piety. All the neomarxists, whether they be in parliament, the media, business or finance are incapable of seeing that there are values which the populace cry out for which transcend mere economics and for which people are prepared to make economic sacrifices in order to get them back.

    If that represents the current state of affairs in the City of Man, the City of God is directly analogous. After invasion of the Church by neomarxists (modernists/post-modernists) there was a similar war begun upon the cultural security and border security of the City of God. The aftermath of Vatican II saw cultural security destroyed by the devastation of the Mass, the Sacraments and popular devotions – and the people responded by deserting them. Border security was destroyed by the assault upon the doctrines and dogmas of the Faith, Catholic morality, the idolatry of ecumenism and religious indifferentism, but most of all by the de facto abandonment of the dogma “Extra ecclesiam nulla salus.”

    We have now reached the point where the highest office in the Church is occupied by a neomarxist – a man who cares as much for the dogma of the Faith as our MP’s care for democracy. The only love to be found in most of the Church is the love for money – the root of all evil.

    Our Lady warned us clearly that this would all come about if the world would not repent when she told the seers of Fatima of the errors of Russia which would spread throughout the world and see the annihilation of many nations. How many people realize that the goals of the Bolshevicks were not just political and economic, but were cultural too? Their ambitions to dominate and destroy nations were dependent upon their concurrent goals to destroy the family and the Church – the two institutions of repressive patriarchy which stood between the loyalty of the proletariat and the state. Hence within 6 weeks of assuming power in Moscow, Vladimir Lenin and his lover Inessa Armand, a devotee of the Marquis de Sade, had legalized abortion, divorce and homosexuality.

    The simultaneous rise of neomarxism in society and in the Church is nothing more than a tool of Satan’s war on the Kingdom of God and rebellion against all created reality and nature. Our Lady forewarned us of it and gave us the remedy against it. Do not give up either on democracy or the Church, but rather pick up your Rosaries and do prayer and penance, and resist evil with every fibre of your being wherever you encounter it.

    March 14, 2019 at 12:56 pm
    • editor

      Deacon Augustine,

      Your post went into moderation – for no good reason, so I presume it is merely the length which makes the SPAM detective suspicious. Sorry about that!

      Having read it through now, all I can say is WOW! So much truth packed into it.

      I reflected particularly on your reference to the prophecies of Fatima and the way Fatima is being ignored by priests and bishops who, when they do mention it, reduce it to the (obvious, and perennial) need for prayer and penance – ignoring the rest. Even Pope Benedict remarked, in (I think) his book length interview with Peter Seewald, that the description of Hell might simply reflect pictures/images that the children had seen.

      It reminds me of the words of the author of the preface in the play ‘St Joan’ written by atheist George Bernard Shaw, where commenting on the way Joan was not believed by her contemporaries and dubbed “mad” – we read: “If Joan was mad, all Christendom was mad, too, for people who believe devoutly in the existence of celestial personages are every whit as mad in that sense as the people who think they see them.” Precisely!

      Watching the news today, with absolutely delighted commentators unable to hide their glee that Brexit may not happen at all, I find it incomprehensible.

      Realising that they did not understand the historical background, I remember smiling at one American headline after the 2014 Scottish independence referendum: Did the Scots just vote against their own freedom? That’s the sentiment I am experiencing now – why do these politicians and media commentators want to sign up to a United State of Europe, army, currency, the lot?

      With Brexit, we have some chance at least of restoring our Christian culture here in the UK – little to zero if we remain in the EU.

      March 14, 2019 at 1:30 pm
      • Deacon Augustine

        “With Brexit, we have some chance at least of restoring our Christian culture here in the UK – little to zero if we remain in the EU.”

        editor, you are spot on.

        There are a number of “commentators” on YouTube with huge followings who are starting to get to grips with the ideas behind what is going wrong. Their eyes are being opened to the diagnosis, but they haven’t got much of a clue about the true solution – yet. It may not take much to tip them over to the truth – they are certainly closer to it than our hierarchy! A case in point is the video below which was posted yesterday:

        March 14, 2019 at 2:34 pm
      • editor

        Deacon Augustine,

        There’s a lot of truth in that video, as you indicate – although it would have been better without the (admittedly relatively mild) crudities – but it’s a pity the speaker concluded that there is no solution, as you pointed out. The speaker is young enough to, hopefully, be “tipped over to the truth” so I have added a comment underneath his video, giving the link to the Fatima message at the Fatima Center.

        March 14, 2019 at 7:33 pm
  • Laura

    So they’re going to extend Article 50 right enough – I really think this is the beginning of the end of Brexit.

    I don’t think the Brits will take to the streets to cause mayhem, though – and, after thinking about it a lot today, I’m not even sure they’ll punish MPs at the next election, as by then it’ll be all talk of lower taxes and jam tomorrow etc. I hope I’m wrong but I think people in the UK tend to be very compliant most of the time. Brexit could prove to be the exception, all right, so we wait and see.

    March 14, 2019 at 10:03 pm
  • crofterlady

    A bit of light relief:


    March 14, 2019 at 11:00 pm
    • Lily


      LOL! I bet they’d make a better job of Brexit than the MPs we have at present!

      March 15, 2019 at 11:03 am
  • editor

    Here is Melanie Phillips’ latest commentary on the John Bercow debacle

    I’ve just realised that I put her previous “rapid response” commentary on an older Brexit thread – sorry about that.

    I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we ought to get posters made that read Melanie Phillips for Prime Minister!

    She’s definitely got more of a handle on the subject that Theresa May – that’s for sure!

    March 19, 2019 at 3:29 pm
    • Petrus


      Melanie Philips is really excellent. She wrote a book on education called ‘All Must Have Prizes’. It was a great read.

      March 19, 2019 at 5:32 pm
      • editor


        I agree – Melanie Phillips’ writings are really excellent.

        As is the following article by top Brexiteer, Steve Baker MP, published in today’s Telegraph:

        Steve Baker MP writes…

        The one advantage of the Cabinet’s Withdrawal Agreement is that it would allow us to claim Brexit on March 29. Of course, some colleagues are attracted to it – but the British people have already spotted a dud deal. According to ComRes polling yesterday, 54 per cent say it does not deliver. Just 14 per cent approve.

        If we put this agreement through and Theresa May negotiates the future relationship as hopelessly as our withdrawal, we will find ourselves with all the disadvantages of membership and none of the advantages of Brexit. I understand my Conservative colleagues want to say they have delivered Brexit for fear of voter backlash and I understand the nation is crying out for progress, but this deal would backfire terribly by the next election.

        Voting for this deal is not pragmatism. It is the reverse. It would be an understandable but counterproductive surrender for immediate respite. The pragmatic, realistic response to the deal is to keep clearly in sight what it does, what it will stop us from doing in future and the impossibility of escape from it, once we have locked the door on ourselves.

        Leavers cannot be responsible for the actions of pro-EU fanatics determined to overthrow the foundations of our democracy, whether they attack the mandate of the voters, the procedures of the House of Commons or the ministerial code. Some of us will not be forced to share responsibility with them for overturning not just the decision of 17.4million people, but the legitimacy of our entire system. That is what we will have done if we convert a clear instruction to take back control into a further surrender of our capacity for self-government, forever.

        Elected politicians asked the public to choose. All sides said we would honour their decision. They chose independence, despite every horror placed before them, and we stood on manifestos fulfilling that choice. Yet since Chequers it can be seen our fearful Establishment intends us to be a satellite of the EU, locked in a decaying orbit with no way out.

        If we vote for this deal, we will have locked ourselves in a prison with no voice and no exit. We will escape only with the permission of those whose authority we rejected. The PM won’t resign if the agreement goes through. She will stay and drag us miserably into deeper political disaster.

        Practical politicians looking to the future must resist pressure and stop this deal. And it will not be stopped now or in the future by voting for it. This is reality and foresight. It is not self-indulgence or ideology but a practical grasp of what lies ahead.

        Perhaps as some suggest, we are defeated, brought into a clever catch-22 with no good choices. But we were not outmanoeuvred. We were outnumbered. Always. From the start and regardless of the election. A determined minority of Conservative and Labour MPs has fought a sustained rearguard action all the way through. If, in the end, we are beaten by those numbers, there will be no shame in it.

        But we are not beaten yet. Soon the EU27 will realise that there are those politicians in the UK who, together with a majority of the voters, will not “come to heel”. The EU will discover a strategy founded on our capitulation has not worked. They will see they cannot afford no-deal as they head into a European Parliament election already bound to undermine further integration. That’s why now more than ever the Prime Minister should change policy. At this European Council, it is time to strictly limit the length of the “Implementation Period” and to replace the backstop with alternative arrangements on the Irish border which can endure indefinitely between our two territories in a spirit of friendship, goodwill and trust.

        In the midst of a deep political crisis following naturally from intolerable policy choices, the exit is clear – either revise the Withdrawal Agreement to deliver self-government, or exit on World Trade Organisation terms while offering to negotiate the EU’s proposal of last March. Any other course would be open to political failure. Ends.

        March 20, 2019 at 7:34 pm
      • Athanasius


        That was a great article, I enjoyed reading it.

        I was watching the Robert Peston show tonight andone of the guests was Nigel Farage. Of course it didn’t take long for the conversation to move from Brexit to Aaron Banks and some woman affiliated with the new Brexit Party who apparently made racist comments and was forced to resign.

        Farage answered the questions as honestly as he could, as always and in good humour despite the fact that they are traps to ensnare him. The programme then moved on to an interview with William Hague concerning Brexit before returning to the two panel guests, Lisa Nandy MP and Phillip Lee MP for their comments.

        Ignoring Peston’s question on the hague interview both of them launched into the most astonishingly hateful diatribe against Nigel Farage. It was embarrassing to watch, and very uncomfortable for Peston.

        Anyway, I got their email addresses and wrote to both telling them that if I had my way they would be deselected and dismissed from politics for their behaviour.

        There is just no courtesy or respect left in these politicians, they just act like thugs. Politics in this country has descended to an all-time low that I never thought possible in a civilised society. We can see the run down in politicians like the aforementioned. Not even basic common courtesy is shown anymore, it’s disgraceful.

        March 21, 2019 at 1:09 am
      • editor


        The two you name are among those determined to stop Brexit, for all the bluff about “respecting the will of the people” and there’s a petition now online to scupper the will of the people by revoking Articl 50

        I said on the day I cast my vote in the 2016 referendum that I didn’t think we’d be “permitted” to leave. The EU has, infeed, engineered things by taking control of the process from the get-go and the hapless (or devious – I’m never sure which) Theresa May has aided and abetted them at every turn.

        I don’t own a hat but if we actually do leave, I’ll buy one and eat it. They must surely sell chocolate hats somewhere!

        March 21, 2019 at 9:54 am
      • Athanasius

        Your right about those two, they are trying to stop Brexit and that’s why they hate Farage. If you’re going to buy that hat then make it a tin one. Let’s see some good old British grit!

        March 21, 2019 at 3:38 pm
  • Fidelis

    Did anyone see Tony Blair on Newsnight this week, a couple of days ago? At the very end of the interview, he was asked about praying for this situation with Brexit. His reaction and words in reply to the interviewer tells us all we need to know about his “Catholic” faith. I was stunned, not because I had a high opinion of him but because it is such a basic thing to believe that God is above everything:

    March 21, 2019 at 11:41 am
    • editor


      I can’t say I’m surprised at Tony Blair’s reaction to the question (although I am surprised that the question was asked in the first place. Seems the mainstream media give precious little thought to God, at the best – or worst – of times.)

      Blair’s mocking reaction is not surprising, but shocking and reveals that he does not understand the most basic tenet of the Faith – that we seek God’s will in ALL things and pray to that end.

      What a very confused man.

      March 22, 2019 at 9:31 am
  • Margaret Mary

    The petition to revoke Article 50, cancel Brexit, is now at 2 million. there’s another petition which we are asked to sign in order to beat that one. Please sign if you want Brexit to happen.

    March 22, 2019 at 9:35 am
    • westminsterfly

      Yes I’ve signed it and passed it on. But more than doing this, please will everyone beseech the Immaculate Heart of Mary to overcome the machinations of evil or misguided men, and to take us completely out of the European Union at the first possible opportunity. The prayers of the Mother of God are far stronger than any e-petition.

      March 22, 2019 at 11:59 am
      • editor


        So true – Our Lady can certainly overcome the machinations going on over Brexit, no doubt about it. I believe she is represented by the twelve stars. I can’t remember the details, and there’s no mention of that connection on the website about the flag but I remember hearing something along those lines at a Fatima conference in Rome some years ago.

        March 22, 2019 at 8:27 pm
      • Hans

        It’s seems that we will soon have a conservative Catholic at the head of the EU
        and possibly a sincere and devout Catholic as the German Chancellor

        Equally Italian, Polish, Hungarian and Austrian Governments ALL have Conservative Catholic rulers and parties in power.

        Could it be that we should be asking Our Lady to pray to God that we remain within the EU?

        To describe people who are pro-EU as ‘evil’ is simply bizarre. There is clearly a strong case for Catholics remaining within the EU as shown here

        May God bless Europe and may our Blessed Virgin watch over the people of Europe

        March 23, 2019 at 5:56 pm
      • editor


        Isn’t President Tusk a Catholic? He referred to “our Pope” a day or two ago during a press conference, quoting the Pope as saying that “Hell is still empty.” That is to say, Pope Francis does not believe the Fatima apparitions, which contain Our Lady’s warning that souls are falling into Hell because there is no-one to pray for them. Goodness and HE actually canonised the children who reported that!

        But, whatever – and I’d already seen that SCO article – Europe has completely lost sight of its Catholic roots. Any Catholic appointed to top posts will be, trust me, “Catholic” in name only.

        We voted to leave. We WILL leave – sooner or later. I’m just praying it’s as soon as 29th March as our PM promised on over 100 occasions.

        Nobody here said remain voters are evil. That’s a falsehood. Do NOT peddle falsehoods on this blog, please and thank you. To do so, IS evil.

        March 23, 2019 at 7:08 pm
      • Hans

        See comment responded to above, quote – “…overcome the machinations of EVIL or misguided men, and to take us completely out of the European Union at the first possible opportunity.”

        Also, I never mentioned remain ‘voters’. You mention voters, then you’ve said I’ve committed an evil and accused me of something I never said, you should apologise for this falsehood immediately.

        March 23, 2019 at 9:41 pm
      • Laura


        You are referring to Westminster Fly’s comment about “the machinations of evil or misguided men etc” but there’s nothing wrong with that. There are obviously evil men (and women!) in the world, Westminster Fly did not say any particular person was evil.

        I also think you ought to cut editor a bit of slack – she’s very busy and unlike others who are anything but busy, she is on here a lot, trying to keep the blog going and educate Scotland all by herself! LOL! I’m sure that’s how it must feel to her sometimes, but, anyway, it’s Lent and you could maybe offer up your hurt feelings at being “falsely accused” just this once!

        March 23, 2019 at 10:10 pm
      • editor


        You’ve moved up the pay scale – right to the top! Thank you for your generous defence of my unworthy self.

        I HAVE been very busy this evening, exchanging emails with a non-Catholic gentleman who is keen to work with us on our latest video venture… Aimed at out-smarting the ecumenical brigade. More in due course!

        March 23, 2019 at 10:25 pm
      • editor


        Sorry, I can see that I misinterpreted your comment about “evil” -I’ve been up to my eyes, and merely dipping in and out of the blog today.

        What do you think … IS President Tusk a Catholic? The fact that he’s Polish and his reference to “our Pope” (thinking Hell is empty) makes me think he is – what do you think?

        March 23, 2019 at 10:28 pm
      • Josephine


        Both Tusk and Juncker are Catholics. Here is Juncker, drunk out of his mind – a model Catholic, not, LOL!

        March 24, 2019 at 2:45 pm
      • Hans

        I have not mentioned Juncker, I’ve mentioned his potential replacement.
        Also, if you have a problem with Juncker being drunk then surely you also have a problem with the behaviour of President Trump, who appears to be insanely popular within this forum.

        If Trump is indeed under the patronage and protection of Our Lady of Fatima, as suggested on here. Then he is so, while a lapsed Protestant, blatantly paying off prostitutes and openly boasting about how he sexually assaults women.

        March 24, 2019 at 7:26 pm
      • Fidelis


        President Trump is not a Catholic. Juncker is. The fact that Trump may have paid off a prostitute (it’s disputed) should make us all the more amazed that he has sufficient depth in his soul to (1) exorcise the White House and (2) ask the priest to let him have the statue of Our Lady and then be photographed holding it.

        It’s a lie to say he “open boasted about sexually assaulting women” – if you are referring to the private “locker room” type comments that were published across the world (unlike Juncker’s drunkenness) those were private comments and from what I know myself, not that different from the talk of plenty of men when they’re with other men. I’m not justifying it, but it’s a lie to stretch that to make it seem that he sexually assaulted women. He did not.

        March 24, 2019 at 9:09 pm
      • editor

        Right, now, Hans, you are identified as a troll. What a pain. Why do you people DO this?

        I’ve been monitoring you carefully. Typical of the daft trolls we get here, you flail out in all directions, demand apologies, insist – in this case – that if we get new EU leaders who are Catholics, all will be well, and when we point out that we already HAVE EU leaders who are Catholics, you turn that fact that one of those, known – I’m told – as “Drunker Juncker” (over there in Brussels) is perpetually drunk and that before breakfast – instead of responding to that fact, you turn your ire on Trump. I’ve placed you on the naughty step and you will not be released from there – EVER. So, don’t waste your time replying to this. Unfair? Who cares?


        March 24, 2019 at 9:20 pm
    • editor


      thanks for that – signed.

      March 22, 2019 at 8:24 pm
  • leprechaun

    Madame Editor,

    Granted, the picture looks doom-laden, and all set to get even worse.

    Our Parliamentary representatives who supported Brexit so strongly in the early days after the 2016 referendum seem to have been reminded subsequently to transfer their allegiance away from the constituents who voted for them to the puppet masters behind them who assisted in their selection as candidates in the first place.

    Now we are seeing the arrogance of individuals who believe they are untouchable due to the far-reaching connections of those who control the levers of power.

    Be not deceived. God is not mocked. He works in mysterious ways, but hope springs eternal in the human breast, and in the end, Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. We have here the setting for the parable about the wheat and the tares. When the time comes for the harvest to be gathered (it will not be long now), the wheat will be gathered into the barn, and the tares will be thrown on to the fire.

    Anything that happens between now and the day of the harvest can be classed as a penance we must bear in order to share eternity with Our Lord eventually and for ever thereafter.

    Remember Faith, Hope and Charity – but the greatest of these is Charity.

    March 22, 2019 at 10:46 am
    • editor


      We are witnessing an intensifying of the evil that underlies the European “project” as it’s euphemistically termed.

      Whereas previously, there was plenty of lip-service paid to respecting the vote, respecting and honouring the will of the people blah blah, now – much more openly – the same remainer MPs are calling for Brexit to be cancelled. They do so in a number of ways, notably “a people’s vote” knowing that the question can be designed to ensure a “remain” result OR simply revoking it, on grounds that it is too difficult etc.

      It certainly does look like the “great escapers” had an easier time getting out of Alcatraz that we are having getting out of Europe, but, we place it in Our Lady’s hands. Without, of course, easing the pressure on the politicians. Unfortunately, I have an SNP MP so there’s no point writing to him, but I urge everyone with a “normal” MP to keep up the pressure – big time.

      March 22, 2019 at 8:32 pm
  • Helen

    Nigel Farage said this morning on Radio 4 that Russians were voting in that online leave petition. The journalist interviewing him was openly hostile to anything he said.

    Immaculate Heart of Mary, save us!

    March 22, 2019 at 6:10 pm
    • editor


      Any time I’ve seen Nigel Farage interviewed on TV recently, he’s been insulted and derided, notably by Anna Soubry yesterday. He pointed out some time ago, that he gets abused all the time, called a Nazi and all sorts of insults hurled at him but nothing happens. Soubry is called a Nazi on one occasion during an interview in broad daylight, with people around her, then escorted by police to the House of Commons – and the offender was charged and taken to court. Truly, you have to marvel at the advances made by the Feminist Movement – such strong women, these days, don’t you think?

      Yes, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will surely save us!

      March 22, 2019 at 8:35 pm
  • editor

    Now, as well as being thick, racist, xenophobic, narrow-minded, blah blah, those who voted to leave the EU are insane – well, isn’t that the logical conclusion of Hugh Grant’s assertion that every sane person in the country is signing the Revoke petition? Quote: “Alongside the link, Grant wrote: “I’ve signed. And it looks like every sane person in the country is signing too. National emergency.”

    March 23, 2019 at 11:41 am
    • Athanasius


      I noted yesterday that the demonstration in London was populated by large numbers of those societal dropouts they call “celebrities”. Not a single one of them, as far as I can see, have done anything positive for society. They are like their Hollywood compatriots in General, a bunch of Socialist rebels.

      March 24, 2019 at 2:33 pm
      • Fidelis


        I notice that in all the news reports they are talking up that march and the petition but added together, even if 5 million did sign the petition (people in Russia signed it and from other parts of the world) and even if there were a million on the London march, that is still only 6 million and we already know that 16 million voted to remain in the EU. The fact remains that 17.4 million voted to leave. They just can’t get their heads around that.

        March 24, 2019 at 9:11 pm
      • Margaret Mary


        Also, one of the MPs interviewed on a news item about it, by way of showing the support for the remainers, revealed that some people had come from all over Europe… I think there’s a reason why we have to go to a designated place to cast our vote in the privacy of the voting booth. Names ticked off against our addresses, so we know it’s a valid poll.

        So, they cannot use this march or the petition to argue to remain. The remainers lost the argument in the approved poll. The rest don’t count – literally!

        March 24, 2019 at 10:24 pm
      • editor


        I agree with thee, with Fidelis and with MM.

        What more is there to say?

        I’m just wondering what will happen if they do push for a second referendum before the first one has been implemented – what a scandal.

        If that happens, I hope each and every Brexiteer MP in all parties, defect to the new Brexit Party.

        March 24, 2019 at 10:29 pm
  • Laura

    They are determined to get a second referendum which is totally anti-democratic (not to say an offence against Christian justice, IMHO) before the first one is even implemented.

    The right thing to do is to let this happen on WTO terms and then, if it proves to be the disaster they are all predicting, go for a second referendum. I don’t think it will happen at all, I think it will be a great success, leaving the EU, especially before they start their European army. After that, we’d be likely to be caught up in conflicts all over the place. Leave means leave!

    March 25, 2019 at 12:00 pm
  • editor

    Watching the deviousness over Brexit, with the “remain” parliament doing everything to stop it, I find myself actually half- hoping that they win this battle and we stay in – so that I can gloat when I see their reaction to “ever increasing political union”, such as when our UK budget is decided by Brussels and their sons (and daughters of course) are being called up to do military service and fight in EU chosen battles, that will be a treat to watch.

    Am I a very VERY bad girl?

    March 26, 2019 at 11:12 am
    • Athanasius


      Whatever the outcome of this mess, whether it is no Brexit directly or no Brexit via May’s deal, the people in Britain will now know that parliamentary democracy is dead as a working concept. We have seen it die already in the U.S. with the so-called Democrats trying every dirty trick to bring down their elected President. Now the British parliament has demonstrated quite clearly that it also holds the democratic process in utter contempt.

      The truth is democracy today is liberal Socialist totalitarianism under which the people’s voice will never be listened to. This Brexit betrayal will result in a constitutional revamp of politics in Britian. We need to rid our parliament of its largely rogue element and put honest people in their place. And the House of Lords needs scrapping altogether.

      The next general election is going to be very interesting indeed, especially if Nigel Farage gets his new Brexit party up and running. Just wait and see the fallout the Tories and Labour will suffer for their treachery.

      March 26, 2019 at 1:01 pm
  • Athanasius

    This talk on Europe by Enoch Powel back in the mid 70s is astoundingly prophetic. I urge all to listen to what he had to say, it’s a real eye opener.

    March 27, 2019 at 9:53 pm
    • editor


      That’s the first time I’ve heard that speech. I’ve grown up with the propaganda version about him being an out & out racist. But for the internet. very few people would have been alerted to the downright dishonest, blatantly lying mainstream media.

      March 27, 2019 at 11:48 pm
  • Athanasius


    Yes, it is worth reading the Wikipedia page on him. I never really knew much about him, other than, as you yourself believed, he was written off as a racist. When I actually read what he had to say, however, I realised that they had deliberately twisted his words to make him appear racist. He was nothing of the sort, just another false accused patriot by the fake media. It shows how they were at it even then.

    March 28, 2019 at 1:06 am
  • editor

    Following developments today, I’ve just signed this latest petition – thought others might want to do so, as well.

    April 3, 2019 at 1:32 pm
  • editor

    In this short video clip, Steve Baker MP sums up why we are in this mess right now. As if we didn’t know it, we are dealing with cunning, devious, utterly dishonest “remain” politicians including government ministers:

    I’m now resigned to staying in the EU. What about the rest of you?

    April 4, 2019 at 3:58 pm
  • editor

    I’ve received the following email from a reader in England – the publisher of Brussels Laid Bare, which we discussed back in October, here… :

    In view of the catastrophic and humiliating mess that our politicians are making in Westminster, one of my customers has suggested that I urge those that I know to email Victor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, and politely ask him to veto any extension to Brexit and thus help facilitate our early departure from the EU. (Perhaps “early” is a misnomer when we should have left ten days ago.)

    If you agree with this suggestion, please send this email to your friends. You can see the wording that I have used below. Please feel free to copy it, though, it would be better if you vary the wording to match your own tastes.

    I understand that Mr Orban’s email address: [email protected]

    This is what I sent to Mr Orban:

    Dear Mr Orban,

    Might I respectfully ask you to veto the Brexit extension, and thus enable the UK to escape from the bullying clutches of the dictatorial EU.

    With sincere thanks from one of your many supporters in this country.
    Yours sincerely

    Over to you, folks!

    April 7, 2019 at 6:12 pm

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