Parliament Vs God – Is It Surprising That It Now “Trashes” The People?

Parliament Vs God – Is It Surprising That It Now “Trashes” The People?

Parliament Versus The People – Journalist, Melanie Phillips writes

So here’s how things stand. Leaving the EU with no deal is now the only way in which parliament can implement the Brexit referendum result, a decision handed by parliament to the people of Britain to make.

All signs point to MPs voting today against leaving with no deal. They will be voting against the act of parliament they themselves passed, under which the UK leaves the EU on March 29 regardless of whether or not withdrawal terms have been agreed.

They will thus be voting to trash the decision of the people that they themselves invited the people to make. For every alternative to leaving with no deal – a delay to the date of departure, Norway-plus, some alternative form of customs union, a second referendum, Mrs May’s deal itself that was voted down last night – is a version of remaining under EU control.

If MPs vote against leaving with no deal, they will be voting to stick their fingers in the voters’ eyes. They will be unequivocally throwing down the gauntlet: parliament versus the people.

Why therefore should any British citizen vote for any of them ever again? Democracy is a bargain between rulers and the ruled. If MPs vote against no-deal tonight, they will be tearing up that bargain. Why should any British citizen continue to have any faith in any of these MPs from whichever political party? Why should any British citizen continue to have any faith in the democratic process at all?

Mrs May said one true thing in parliament yesterday. If MPs do not implement Brexit, their constituents will not blame Brussels. They will instead blame them.

If MPs vote against leaving with no deal, they won’t just be voting to blow up Brexit. They’ll be voting to blow up their own political parties and faith in British democracy itself.    Source – Parliament Versus The People


For years now, politicians across the UK Parliament have legislated to permit various immoral acts, including abortion and same-sex “marriage”, with transgender “rights” recognised as far back as Gender Recognition Act of 2004, to allow people to apply to change their legal gender. The movement to legalise the “right to die with dignity” is growing. Conversely, the right to freedom of speech is being severely curtailed in an all-out effort to squash “dissent”;  anyone seeking to challenge any of these “rights”, certainly in public,  is likely to end up in prison. 

So, having rejected the “rights” of God – and thus, our obligation to obey His Moral Law, it’s hardly surprising that the UK Parliament is now turning against it’s own people.

Readers have been contacting me this past couple of days to say that they now firmly believe that the UK Parliament has stitched up the Brexit process to ensure that we do not, in fact, leave the Godless  EU.   Tonight’s vote to take “no deal” off the table is – in their collective view – the final proof of that determination to keep us as part of the planned United States of Europe.  I tend to think they’re right.  What about you?  

And as I’m about to press the “publish” button, this from Westminster Fly, one of our English bloggers: I’m just begging the Immaculate Heart of Mary to overcome the machinations of evil or misguided men and get us out of the EU completely and without delay. I think that only She can help us now.”   

There’s really nothing to add to that, except … Amen!

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  • editor

    I’ve received the following email from a reader in England – the publisher of Brussels Laid Bare, which we discussed back in October, here… :

    In view of the catastrophic and humiliating mess that our politicians are making in Westminster, one of my customers has suggested that I urge those that I know to email Victor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, and politely ask him to veto any extension to Brexit and thus help facilitate our early departure from the EU. (Perhaps “early” is a misnomer when we should have left ten days ago.)

    If you agree with this suggestion, please send this email to your friends. You can see the wording that I have used below. Please feel free to copy it, though, it would be better if you vary the wording to match your own tastes.

    I understand that Mr Orban’s email address:

    This is what I sent to Mr Orban:

    Dear Mr Orban,

    Might I respectfully ask you to veto the Brexit extension, and thus enable the UK to escape from the bullying clutches of the dictatorial EU.

    With sincere thanks from one of your many supporters in this country.
    Yours sincerely

    Over to you, folks!

    April 7, 2019 at 6:12 pm

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