Women’s Football & Femininity…

Women’s Football & Femininity…

Is there anyone out there who actually thinks that women playing football is even remotely “feminine”?  Take a look at this…

Now, try to keep a straight face as you make the case for women’s football – which is being praised and promoted across our TV screens like it’s the best thing since – you guessed it – sliced bread…

Women, in fact, seem to be praised and promoted for doing anything and everything that men do, with no sympathetic mention of the traditional role of women as wives, mothers, homemakers.  Indeed, being a wife and mother is now dismissed as “unfulfilling” – hardly surprising, then, that it is the one ambition to which most young girls do not aspire these days. The feminist movement has succeeded in making women ever more masculine – women’s football being the latest evidence of this disturbing phenomenon; and I believe women’s cricket is now also increasingly popular with sporty feminists. 

Yet, it seems to women like my unworthy self, that the “feminist” types today are very far from being feminine women, either in appearance (highly immodest dress is very common these days) speech (they can be as crude as any male) or demeanour – see the above clip from the world of women’s football for a classic example. 

Think of the planning, the preparation required in order to achieve success in games and move up to national and international level.  Doesn’t leave much time for marriage and the family, does it?  And if it doesn’t sit comfortably with marriage and family life, does that exclude Catholic women from pursuing the sport, at least professionally?   Or have Catholic women now dropped the adjective to become merely “women”?  Could be.  It was George Bernard Shaw (Irish playwright)  who said: “…it is difficult if not impossible for men [and women!] to think differently from the fashion of the age in which they live.”   Seems self-evidently true in our times. 

In any event,  personally, I cannot look at any female footballer, whether rolling in the mud crying with disappointment, or strenuously kicking a ball almost level with her head,  and think “feminine”.  Can you? 

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  • Megan Rapinoe Reply

    That GIF you’ve got proving the immorality of women’s football, by the way, is a scene from a movie. This would be like using the scene from Singing In The Rain as evidence in an article on climate change.

    Editor: I don’t recall anyone actually saying that women’s football was “immoral” but, hey, I’m open to every possibility. It’s certainly undignified, that’s for sure. However, if you can find a GIF of a woman playing football and looking dignified with it, feel free to post it here – I can’t find one.

    As for a scene from “Singing in the Rain” being used as evidence for climate change – would depend on the context, Sugar Plum. If I were writing an article on climate change (and don’t hold your breath) I might use it to show that people like me are quite happy with all sorts of weather, and that, look, even way back when they made this film, the weather was erratic. “Gerragrip, climate fanatics”, I’d say. Gerragrip!

    Now, as I said in reply to your previous rude comment, don’t let’s keep you. Thanks for popping by…

    August 3, 2019 at 11:41 am
    • Megan Rapinoe Reply

      You completely undermine your own argument. You have inserted a GIF specifically intended to make women’s football look UNdignified. So if it is, as you state, impossible to find a real-life GIF of dignified women’s football, by definition every GIF of real-life women’s football must be UNdignified, so any one of those would have suited your purpose equally well. Thus it would have made your point more effectively had you used one such.

      Editor: what are you ON? That is one utterly nonsensical post.

      August 3, 2019 at 12:05 pm
      • Josephine

        It certainly is nonsensical. She seems to be saying that yes, women look undignified playing football but you should have picked a photo of one actually playing footfall instead of an actress in a film playing football. DUH!

        That would mean you couldn’t pick a still or a gif of a doctor performing an operation in a film because it’s not a real doctor performing a real operation or a real policeman (in a drama) arresting a real crook. DUH!

        August 3, 2019 at 2:19 pm
      • Laura


        Re your paragraph # 1 – I don’t actuallythink so because if you look at Megan’s actual words, she is saying that by picking that photo/gif Editor “specifically intended to make women’s football look UNdignified.”

        That would suggest that it is possible to find a photo/gif which makes women playing football look dignified and, like Editor, I can’t find one, I did look, honest!

        August 3, 2019 at 6:39 pm

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