Is it a sin to break lockdown rules?

Is it a sin to break lockdown rules?


Shelley Luther, the salon owner in the above video told the Judge in court that she had broken the rules because she had to feed her family.  He was adamant that the rules  had to be followed, no exceptions.   7 days in jail and a $7,000 fine were imposed, with an additional $1,000 fine added for every day that her salon remains open.   We don’t know Shelley’s religion, but if she’s a Catholic, should she be going to Confession, with her sin of “disobedience” writ large on the list?  

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    Many thanks for that extract. I’ve now read the entire article and it’s excellent.

    Underneath, Chris Ferrara has added the following statement:

    Here is junk science at its best:

    The IHME model now “predicts” that 60,415 will die from COVID19 by August 4 “assuming full social distancing through May 2020.” According to Christopher Murray, the Director of this Gates-funded fake science outfit:

    “Our estimates assume statewide social distancing measures are continuing in states where they have already been enacted, and for those states without such measures in place, it is assumed they will be will be in place within seven days.

    “If social distancing measures are relaxed or not implemented, the U.S. will see greater death tolls, the death peak will be later, the burden on hospitals will be much greater, and the economic costs will continue to grow.”

    They really think we are that stupid! Anyone with half a brain can see that the term “full social distancing” is not a quantity that can be plugged into an algorithm for modeling purposes but rather a politically charged term that is quantitatively meaningless, differs in application from place to place, and is impossible to verify empirically.

    Note the requirement of “statewide social distancing,” which is clearly tailored to the demands of the proponents of the economy-killing lockdown.

    “Statewide social distancing” is a phony variable, invented this March, which has no basis in prior experiential data from other epidemics that could be quantified. As this model now bases its ever-declining fake “predictions” on a vague, politically-motivated and quantitatively empty variable, it can be dismissed as pure junk amounting to nothing more than agitprop. Yet Scarf Lady and Tony keep touting this agitprop on national television. Trump must find a way to jettison these two subversive operatives immediately.

    As I have said: this is the biggest fraud in the history of American politics outside of World War I.


    Which reminds me, has anyone else noticed the response of the Government spokesman and medical side-kicks to the journalists’ tame questions at the daily press briefings? I’ve now started to anticipate and laugh before it’s said… What’s said? Well…

    Everything is either”incredibly important” or an “incredibly good question” or incredibly this, or incredibly that… When in fact, the whole thing is a waste of time. It’s an incredibly long time since I’ve watched the whole thing right through 😀

    Gimme a break!

    May 10, 2020 at 3:59 pm

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