Sinister, Rogue UK Government(s) Rule By Diktat – MPs MUST Speak Out…

Sinister, Rogue UK Government(s) Rule By Diktat – MPs MUST Speak Out…


The following letter was written by a couple in England and is offered here as an encouragement to others to write to MPs right across the UK – we really do need to make our voices heard as the governments of the UK continue to rule by decree or diktat – the form of governance normally associated with Communist-style tyrannical regimes.  As we have seen on this blog via a number of video clips, the UK is quickly becoming a police state, with officers acting as agents of the State, by enforcing measures (supposedly temporary) which are based on political ideology, masquerading as science.  So, read the letter below and share your thoughts:  are we being led, now by sinister forces?  Are we no longer sleep-walking, but now marching into a permanent form of tyrannical government, where no dissent is permitted and will, in fact, lead to hefty fines or imprisonment?  Our personal freedom is being trampled underfoot, right across the UK where each of the four devolved administrations is ruling by diktat.  Writing to our local MPs is important – they need to know that we are extremely angry about the loss of our liberty.  The couple below have made their feelings very clear – hopefully, after reading the text of their letter, you will be motivated to write to your own MP, as a matter of urgency. 

Letter to an MP in England…

Dear…. MP…

Re: Coronavirus Regulations

Boris Johnson said today:

“The world we want to move to is one where everyone can take an enabling test at the start of every day.”

Is that the world you want your children to live in? Since my letter of 23 May 2020, we continue to live, as we have since in the passage of the Coronavirus Act 2020, subject to the absolute diktat of our incompetent health secretary, Matthew Hancock, with no scrutiny from parliament, no transparency on government advice and decision-making, and no accountability. This is strange, as serious cases of Covid-19 have reduced to statistically negligible levels, notwithstanding continued government lies about a “second wave”, as shown by these chart [sic]

This is against a backdrop of significantly increased testing (see below), which is known to yield a high percentage of false positive results.

It is incredible that more MPs are not speaking out against this abuse of power, or the fact that the stated reasons for these restrictions on liberty have been repeatedly superseded by further specious reasons. You are paid to represent the interests of your constituents, whose remaining liberties are now the plaything of a rogue government. Please let me know what you intend to do to hold the government to account for its reckless and sinister actions. In particular, I trust you will be able to confirm you intend to vote against extending the current intolerable despotism for a further two years when the act comes up for a parliamentary vote at the end of September. If not, please can you explain why you believe should continue to draw your salary?

The government has just announced that it will be restricting gatherings to 6 persons as of Monday. It has done no impact assessment for this. This is in addition to numerous other harmful measures introduced on a similar basis, including:

1. Mandatory face coverings on public transport.

2. Mandatory face coverings in shops.

3. A £10,000 fine for organising an “illegal gathering” (which since the case of Piers Corbyn we now know will now include any  political  protest to challenge the government’s action, but not protests organised by terrorist groups such as BLM and Extinction Rebellion).

None of these measures is remotely justified, given the fact that the risk now posed to the general public by Covid-19 is in line with background risks encountered every day. What is particularly monstrous is the reinforcement and redoubling of such restrictions against a backdrop of diminishing risk. I can see no reason for this other than the government’s desire to promote public fear to perpetuate its autocratic and unaccountable rule – whether because it is hoping its incompetence is not found out, or for more sinister reasons.

The government now proposes to roll out vaccines to vulnerable people that have not been properly subject to full clinical trials and concerning which no evidence exists on long-term side effects. It is certain that, given the public appetite for such a vaccine, this action will result directly in many deaths and many more life-changing side effects; and more again, if the vaccine is mandated. The fact that the government is aware of this risk is evident in the consultation document issued in respect of these proposed measures (see here: s-and-treatments-for-covid-19-and-flu).
Ed:  this link leads to an Error Page. I think the author of the letter may have meant to link to this page

The government still refuses to rule out vaccine mandation – a crime against human dignity worthy of Josef Mengele –  and in addition there are plans to introduce a digital ID card (see the article in the Times available here:, likely containing immunisation status information. I repeat what I wrote in my last letter; if such a card is introduced I will consider myself under an obligation to disregard such a wicked law. A UK parliamentary petition opposing any enforcement of vaccination has exceeded 100,000 subscriptions (see here:

Such invasive and far-reaching measures could only be contemplated (if at all) for the most severe reasons, and in light of a thorough and transparent risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis. I pointed out the deplorable lack of any such analysis in my earlier correspondence. Mr Hancock incredibly dismissed the need for any such analysis in a press conference on 15 June 2020. The fact that the government still refuses to offer transparency on its decision-making is sinister beyond description.

The lack of vigour or urgency with which the official opposition has conducted itself in this matter is frankly disgraceful. I look forward to hearing what you plan to do to restore our liberties, the rule of law, and hold the government to account. If you plan to do nothing, I look forward to hearing your evidence-based reasons for doing nothing.

Yours sincerely,   Ends – all emphases added…

Comments invited…

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  • Lily

    I think it is very sinister that they keep introducing new restrictions – and why the number 6? It’s all random and pointless.

    The letter is very good but, to be frank, I can’t see any point in writing to MPs – they’re all in this, they all agree with it, and they treat their constituents with contempt at the best of times, IMHO.

    We can get support on forums like this, and if we can join in public protests that is good, refuse to go along with mask wearing etc if we can get away with it, but apart from that, I think we can only pray for the consecration of Russia and sit tight until then.

    September 10, 2020 at 9:33 am
  • Josephine

    It is definitely sinister. We definitely now have rogue governments across the UK but there really isn’t anything we can do about it. Writing to MPs is a waste of time. They are not going to go against their leadership and the opposition parties are all in this as well right up to their necks. Soon platforms like this will be shut down.

    I was appalled at the language used by Boris Johnson in that clip – using coercive language and the threat of police to enforce his ridiculous rules. How does any virus know if there are six or more people in a group – it’s utterly unbelievable, the whole thing.

    September 10, 2020 at 12:05 pm
  • Fidelis

    I think this is becoming more and more terrifying. Catching the virus is the least of our worries now. This is a report about the marshalls who’ll be paid £30,000 a year, so this looks to be a permanent thing. We’re going to be policed every time we go out. This is anything but normal and over the top.

    September 10, 2020 at 12:22 pm
    • Athanasius


      I look forward to the day when the police approach me for not wearning a mask. These disgracers of the uniform and the noble heritage of policing in our country will be told in no uncertain terms that they exist by the consent of the people for the people, they do not exist as a strong arm of government ideology.

      Should the day arrive when I am acosted for going about my lawful business and arrested for “obstruction of injustice”, they will find that I carry no personal identification by which they can pursue their abuse of constitutional freedom.

      Nor will I supply them with personal information that is none of their business. It will be interesting to see if they can take an anonymous person to court! My sole contribution to their efforts will be to educate them on the vast gulf that exists between “Legal” and “Lawful”.

      Hitler make it “Legal” for authorities to dispossess the Jews and brutalise them as though they were sub human without rights, but such evil could never be called “Lawful” as it tramples the divine law and every right and proper law known to man. Hence when the police claim that they act legally, it does not automatically mean that they act lawfully. In the case of Covid-19 legislation they are definitely acting unlawfully against the free citizens of the land. The police force has lost its moral compass today, so that it’s Masonic chiefs serve politicians now rather than the people.

      September 10, 2020 at 1:18 pm
      • Laura


        If you don’t carry any personal identification how do you manage for money or do you just cash enough to make sure you’re covered? What about the use of credit cards, or if you are asked for your driving licence for a reason other than Covid? I’m curious about how that works in practice, as I may have to do that as well, since I’m not co-operating with any of this evil if I can possibly help it.

        September 10, 2020 at 2:34 pm
      • Josephine


        The distinction between what is legal and what is lawful is something that surely a good lawyer could use to defend an ordinary conscientious objector who refuses to abide by these rules?

        September 10, 2020 at 2:47 pm
      • Athanasius


        I fully believe that if anyone took the English or Scottish governments to court, citing official facts in the face of their propaganda, then they would win their case hands down. It is so perfectly clear in constitutional law that these leaders have gone rogue with their legal derees, it’s a turn of events they could never defend in a court where only facts count.

        September 10, 2020 at 8:51 pm
      • editor


        Like Laura, I’m curious about the practicalities of not carrying ID with you – I’ve got everything except my Last Will & Testament in my bag.

        So please, spill!

        September 10, 2020 at 2:49 pm
      • Athanasius


        When I go shopping I take cash and leave my wallet at home. When I arrive at the shops I leave my phone in the car. It’s not possible all of the time, only most of the time. Besides that, I don’t think they can look inside your wallet, bag or phone without a search warrant, though not certain about that one.

        September 10, 2020 at 8:54 pm
      • Catherine

        I don’t take my phone or any I’d with me. I only travel local. I bought I small ‘brick’ phone eg non internet phone, so I can change the SIM card whenever I like if I need to take a phone with me to contact my family. I leave my smart phone at home. I’m not making it easy for them to track and trace me. I contacted my GP and told them I only have my landline and no mobile anymore. Since I heard a friend from Glasgow was called by someone at the NHS to say they had been in the vicinity of someone with Covid or someone who had been near someone with Covid. They seem to track the mobile as opposed to someone giving the contact details. It was a mother visiting her son but only left something on the front step and was told to isolate but later accepted their explanation that they didn’t go in the house but left soup on the doorstep.

        September 10, 2020 at 10:55 pm
      • editor

        This isn’t the UK – it’s Canada, but this is one you have to read for yourself before you’ll believe it. This craziness is absolutely everywhere…

        It’s not the spread of a virus that is cause for concern – it’s the spread of this sort of insanity.

        September 11, 2020 at 12:03 am
  • Athanasius


    I agree with you, there is absolutely no point in writing to MPs about Covid-19 as they have all largely bought into the plan to kill democracy. You’ll note that there has been zero political opposition in any country questioning the new “emergency” (totalitarian) legislation, which has simply been decreed by governments without any form of due process or accountability, not even a single voice asking how this is justifiable in light of official statistics showing Covid-19 to be little more of a threat to humanity than a bad flu.

    The letter sent by that couple is praiseworthy indeed, and very well writen, but it will produce no effect on the arrogant MP who receives it. They are all very arrogant in this matter, believing themselves to be enjoying a new kind of authority that renders them free of accountability to the electorate. And who can blame them given the idiotic masses who have meekly complied with their democratic freedom and civil liberties being taken away. I see them every day in the shops, almost all of them wearing their dehumanising masks like children who have not yet reached the age of reason.

    One glimmer of hope, though. I read in today’s Scotsman newspaper that public support for lockdowns in Scotland is plummeting. It’s a bit late now given that the economy is destroyed, but it’s happening.

    Speaking of the destroyed economy, I had to laugh at Sturgeon’s comment that the UK government’s post-Brexit Internal Market Bill will do harm to the economy of Scotland. She even called it a “power grab” by Boris Johnson. Yes, this is the wee dictator who now “ORDERS” the lockdown of various regions in Scotland, a power of office not granted toher by the people.

    And there’s no Scottish economy left to damage. The wee Stalinite destroyed that for generations to come when she first “ORDERED” lockdown. Still, I suppose she will continue to get the vote of the low IQ.

    September 10, 2020 at 12:52 pm
  • Catherine

    I just want you to know, I called my local sport centre to ask how many people with be allowed in the fitness class that I would normally participate in which usually has 520 participants, The receptionist said the class will allow 18 people as of Monday instead of 15 people. We can wear masks when we enter the building and in the exercise room until we find out place on the floor, then we can take off our masks, do our fitness class and then put our masks back on and leave without talking to anyone. Incredible. So, Boris Johnson said more than 6 people can’t mix (which will come here to Scotland) but 18 people, all strangers, can exercise together in a room without masks. Crazy stuff.

    September 10, 2020 at 1:57 pm
  • Catherine

    I have just come across this news:

    September 10, 2020 at 2:01 pm
    • Laura


      So Nicola Stalin is following in Boris’s footsteps. No surprise there. That’s what she’s done throughout just tweaked it a bit here and there to give the impression she is being different. I was sickened watching Piers Morgan fawning over her. She laps it up but carefully conceals her pleasure. She is one devious woman IMHO.

      September 10, 2020 at 2:39 pm
      • Josephine


        Piers Morgan is an idiot. If he knew how much the SNP is failing Scotland in health, education etc. he might think again before lavishing praise on Sturgeon. He is such an ignoramus.

        September 10, 2020 at 2:43 pm
      • Catherine

        I agree!

        September 10, 2020 at 10:30 pm
  • Nicky

    I agree, there’s no point in writing to MPs – and really there’s nothing we can do except as individuals refuse to go along, not wear masks and answer back when we are approached by police and marshalls. It won’t be easy.

    September 10, 2020 at 2:06 pm
    • Josephine


      I agree – but it would be good if some lawyers stepped forward to say they would defend people who are unjustly arrested over Covid rules. Surely they must see the difference between “legal” and “lawful” which Athanasius has pointed out? Surely this would be a good basis for a defence?

      September 10, 2020 at 2:45 pm
      • mary

        Big Brother Watch is a good organisation which has done just that

        September 16, 2020 at 9:44 am
      • mary

        Big Brother Watch got all the unjust unlawful arrests and fines around April overturned. and continues to fight the draconian legislations. I follow their progress and carry one of their tote bags to advertise them.

        September 16, 2020 at 9:57 am
  • RCAVictor

    It would appear that Satan has chosen the UK with which to lay all his cards on the table – and his cards are not spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts either. He’s got a full house of cards (pun intended) that say “global tyranny.” I’m guessing that the UK was chosen because it was already the closest (or second to Germany, perhaps) to police state conditions, with the enforcement of political correctness being widespread and severe. The enforced acceptance of the rainbow crowd and the Muslim invasion surely set the stage for this.

    Speaking of Muslims, is there no reaction to the dictators from them? Or are they just accustomed to dictatorships, that being the nature of their religion?

    Also interesting that in the UK, Satan has bypassed the anarchy stage, with which he is currently occupied in the USA, and moved directly to dictatorship.

    Meanwhile, the hierarchy is……down in the sub-basement with Joe Biden?

    September 10, 2020 at 3:41 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      You got it in one – Scotland and the UK in general, is already subject to in-built Socialist government. We are pathetically used to being told what to do. If you recall, there was a battle to get the Named Person Scheme overturned and this was only thanks to the ultimate intervention of the Supreme Court in London where the Judges noted that the Scheme was more like something you would see in a country ruled by a totalitarian regime rather than a free democratic country (the Judges didn’t realise the irony of their words, obviously).

      More recently, the Scottish Government instituted rules demanding that we all install umpteen smoke alarms in our homes, one in every main room, and this to show “leadership” following the Grenfell Tower fire in London. Almost before the ink was dry on the paper, the local authorities were spending a fortune installing the smoke alarms in every room in every Council house. I’ve contacted my MSP to tell him exactly when I’ll be installing mine. My court date comes up in December 😀

      As for the Muslims – we wouldn’t know because no dissent is publicised.

      And of course the hierarchy is nowhere to be seen. They are complicit in all of this and one day they will pay a severe price. God help them.

      September 10, 2020 at 5:24 pm
    • Catherine

      I agree with what you say, RCA Victor. I saw an news article today. I wondered if it is true. I think it maybe.

      September 12, 2020 at 7:49 pm
      • Josephine


        As I’ve read on here before, I don’t really think it is all that important how the virus came into being – it’s quite likely that China manufactured it, but as we already discussed, it’s not actually the virus that’s the problem anyway but the way governments are using the virus to keep us under control. Also, Trump says he will deal with China and he’ll get to the bottom of this, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m actually surprised that any Chinese person would put herself in danger by publicly saying what that woman is saying. I just don’t know whether she’s right or not but it’s not my issue – my issue is getting my freedom back, LOL!

        September 12, 2020 at 8:43 pm
      • RCAVictor


        I’d say it is partially true. As we’ve previously noted on this blog (and the new video from Fr. Altier just posted by Athanasius confirms this), elements of this virus were made in a USA lab in North Carolina, then stolen and taken to China. In other words, this is not just a Communist Chinese operation: it is a Deep State operation, and the Deep State (international Communism) has agents and institutions everywhere, including in allegedly free nations.

        September 13, 2020 at 12:02 am
  • Miles Immaculatae

    Meanwhile, Dominic Cummings.

    September 10, 2020 at 5:01 pm
    • editor

      Miles Immaculatae,

      I assume you refer to the fact that Dominic Cummings was permitted to break the rules, no problem – unlike this person who was arrested following the anti-lockdown protest at the Scottish Parliament

      Am I alone in experiencing an awful feeling of helplessness in all of this?

      September 10, 2020 at 10:40 pm
  • editor

    The reader who emailed me the text of the letter which I’ve published at the top of this thread, has written as follows… She is not the author of the letter; it was penned by friends:

    Thank you so very much for printing my young friends’ letter. However, I am disappointed at the very negative responses of “…oh there’s no point in writing to MP’s..” I simply do not agree at all! My argument would be: We have a moral duty to defend the Church and Truth in a time of crisis in line with our Confirmation Duty. Now, this is the same as all the letters that went to Bishops. Then… we leave it to God and to Our Lady to do the rest! (That’s the bit everyone here is missing – lack of faith)

    This advice came from a Trad Priest some time ago and I use it when writing important letters or emails. A prayer said from the heart to the Holy Ghost asking for His intercession.

    “…Oh, Holy Ghost I adore you present in my heart and present in the heart of … may they hear Your Voice, not my own. Gloria…”

    At Covadonga, Don Pelayo and his small army were outnumbered greatly by Muslim forces. However, he placed all faith and trust in Our Blessed Lady and the battle was won against all odds. Our Lady turned around the arrows coming towards Don Pelayo and his troops and hit the enemy. She demanded absolute and perfect trust in her and she won the day! As I recall, the battle of Lepanto had a similar result.

    So… can everyone now please pick up their pen (sword) and write asap. As I understand it, we must do all we can and leave the rest to God.
    God bless all here.
    (You may print any or all of this omitting my name of course). Ends.

    September 10, 2020 at 7:56 pm
    • Josephine


      I understand the point your reader is making but she is out of order to suggest that we lack faith just because we don’t see any point in writing to MPs about this. I’ve written to my MP already, about masks, and it’s futile. You just get a reply trotting out the government’s policy..

      Christ told us that there comes a time when you have to shake the dust off your feet, stop casting pearls before swine and when you’re dealing with a whole parliament full of MPs of all parties all agreeing with these draconian rules, there’s obviously no point in keeping on writing letters.

      So, with all respect to that person, I don’t need a lecture from a “Trad Priest” on praying and writing letters. I notice your reader doesn’t even want her name published here, LOL! Do we take it she’s written to her MP about the lockdown, masks or the most recent rules because she’d need to sign her name to it or it would be worthless.

      September 11, 2020 at 12:12 am
  • editor

    I’ve received the latest update from the Keep Britain Free campaign. The man at the helm, Simon, writes…

    Dear Supporter,

    Earlier this week the Government announced that any gatherings of more than six people in England will be illegal from Monday 14th September. They have argued that this latest draconian measure is essential due to a sharp rise in cases triggered by the general public being overzealous with the recent freedoms we have been given.

    Yet, whilst they are quick to shift blame to people across England who are simply trying to get on with their lives and hold on to some remnants of normality, it is okay for more than 50 Tory MPs, including Mr Johnson, to hold a meeting in a parliamentary room with a capacity of just 29…

    On top of this hypocrisy followed the ludicrous announcement that “Covid-19 Secure Marshals” will enforce social distancing measures and that if we don’t toe the line, 10pm curfews might be imposed too. This was on the day that just 8 people lost their lives to Covid in England.

    As a result, individuals up and down the country are being stripped of their freedoms and liberties once again, without any scrutiny in Parliament over what the implications might be. These policies echo life under a communist dictatorship and the Government simply cannot be allowed to impose these serious impositions on our personal freedoms whenever it so chooses.

    Estimates suggest that lockdown on its own has caused 2,700 deaths a week – that includes suicides, mental health problems, domestic violence and missed medical appointments. In addition to this, for the 10th consecutive week, more people have died of the flu than Covid-19.

    The damage to the UK economy and the magnitude of the recession caused by the coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented in modern times, whilst employment saw the largest fall in a decade, with the number of employees on UK payrolls falling by 730,000 from March to July.

    And the Government’s solution to kick start the road to recovery … to spend £100bn on testing everyone, every week. That will cost each taxpayer in the country £3,500. Enough is enough! We need to put a stop to this madness now otherwise there will be no way back from the economic crisis this country ends up in.

    Our judicial review is the only thing standing between us and totalitarianism. Therefore, now more than ever, it is vital that we gather as much support as we can.

    To help us in our mission, please continue to share our updates, our cause and the link to our Crowdjustice fund with your networks. Make sure you are following the Keep Britain Free social media channels, the links to which are below. Please also consider adding #KBF to your social media handles or bios to help spread awareness of the campaign far and wide.

    For anyone interested in getting involved – we have pulled together some resources that you can use to help spread the values of free speech and independent thought. These can be found on our website here and include flyers for businesses and letters you can send to your MP. There is also a members forum on our website, where you can speak with other like-minded people dedicated to our cause.

    Once again, I want to thank you all for your ongoing support. With over 16,000 people now signed up to Keep Britain Free, our voice and influence is getting stronger each day.

    Together, we will Keep Britain Free.

    September 11, 2020 at 5:17 pm
  • RCAVictor

    I’m sure the UK dictatorship would approve of this person, whom I would characterize as someone who has learned to love her chains:

    September 11, 2020 at 9:48 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      That is precisely what is driving me mad – watching the clowns who are trying to outsmart one another in being the first to dream up some novel way of co-operating with this nonsense.

      i haven’t watched the TV news for weeks now, but I tuned in this evening to hear first hand about the latest stupid rules – the “rule of six” as it affects where I live.

      The reporter went into the street to ask for reaction from the public. I think three or four people were on camera, each one thicker than the one before. Here were their responses to the “rule of six”, best I can remember…

      “Well, yes I think it’s necessary because the virus is spreading again.” (blind faith – notice: no questioning of the data.)

      “I’m pleased about it because if people aren’t keeping the rules, we need to do something…” (superior being – “they” are not being obedient, we’ll fix them! )

      “I think it’s necessary (shrug of the shoulders) because the more we obey the rules, the quicker we’ll get out of this…” (a drinker of the propaganda…)

      DUH! Brainless, brainless, brainless…

      September 11, 2020 at 11:08 pm
      • RCAVictor


        My first instinct, knowing the utter dishonesty of the media, would be to suspect that these sheeple were screened in advance, but the I remembered to get back on my medication….

        September 11, 2020 at 11:19 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        They would most definitely have been selected from those interviewed, it wasn’t live; however, I think the majority of people here are completely compliant, brainwashed. It’s incredible to watch.

        I’m seriously thinking of producing another simple sheet of paper to hand out – focusing on the loss of our liberties, and disabusing those who think this is a temporary situation.

        September 12, 2020 at 12:26 am
  • RCAVictor

    This article provides a pretty good summary of the Communist dystopia being created before our eyes:

    September 12, 2020 at 3:53 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      Absolutely on the button – the big difference is that in the USA there are commentators who realise the Communist threat is imminent – over here, that’s dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”.

      I’m under orders (if we go ahead with our planned video on the topic) not to label the entire Scottish population as “stupid” but it’s going to be very difficult, believe me. I’ve never seen such robotic obedience to the ever more ridiculous orders coming from Holyrood. It’s beyond belief, like living in an episode of the Stepford Wives.

      September 12, 2020 at 5:33 pm
      • Michaela


        It’s like living in an episode of the Stepford Wives.

        LOL! I couldn’t agree more!

        September 12, 2020 at 5:39 pm
      • RCAVictor


        Here is an affirmation, more urgent in tone, of that LSN article, from the Managing Editor no less. He also approvingly cites Dave Cullen’s videos, many of which have been posted here.

        September 13, 2020 at 12:04 am
      • editor

        Goodness, RCA Victor, I don’t know how I missed this. That report deserves a thread of its own. Leave it with me!

        September 16, 2020 at 9:59 am

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