Glasgow Priest-Policeman To Un-Masked Layman: Obey Or Forfeit Sacraments…

Glasgow Priest-Policeman To Un-Masked Layman: Obey Or Forfeit Sacraments…

St Mungo’s, Townhead, Glasgow

Catholic Truth blogger Athanasius, aka Martin Blackshaw, writes…

In what can only be described as providential timing, I encountered first-hand on Saturday the evil that Fr. Dunn warned of in his letter challenging the bishops of Scotland on their Covid-19 response measures.

The venue of my bitter experience was St. Mungo’s church in Glasgow’s Townhead, the source of the evil was the superior of the Passionists there, Fr. Frank Keevins.

Having clearly been tipped off that I had entered the church for Confession, dismissing, as is my Catholic duty, the faithless and dehumanising house rules for entry imposed by Scotland’s wayward hierarchy, Fr. Keevins skulked around outside awaiting my departure in order to “have a word”

The word mumbled from behind his pitiful little face covering was that unless I conform to the Covid-19 tyranny of the State, as per the capitulation of the bishops and their clerical enforcers, I will not be allowed to enter that particular House of God again. In fine – no mask, no Sacraments.

Two Gospel texts came to my mind as he spoke; one being Our Lord’s condemnation of the Pharisees who close the kingdom of heaven to souls, neither entering themselves, the other His just wrath visited upon the worldly Temple moneychangers.

Imagine Our Saviour turning up in the flesh at St. Mungo’s today only to be greeted by a masked usher asking for His contact details, squirting him

with sanitiser, handing him a State muzzle and offering to guide Him to one of the few pews not taped off. I think it fair to conclude that having turned away from that worldly place, emptied of God, there would not be left a stone upon a stone.

No matter how hard I tried to explain this reality to Fr. Keevins, reminding him of the very grave evil he was perpetrating, evil that could well result in the loss of his own immortal soul, he remained unmoved and resolute. His response was a flippant “I will take that risk” as he sought refuge in “blind obedience” to the bishops – that monumental error of our time that robs the free children of God of their liberty on the whim of abusive ecclesiastical authority.

This recourse of Fr. Keevins to blind obedience rather reminded me of the pathetic defence of the Nazis at Nuremberg who sought to justify their wickedness with the line “I was only obeying orders”.

To be absolutely clear on this point, it is the teaching of the Church that subordinates must obey the legitimate ecclesiastical authority in all that is consistent with the faith handed down. However, it is equally incumbent upon them to refuse obedience when the ecclesiastical authority issues commands that are detrimental to the faith and harmful to souls.

There is no question that by their treacherous compliance with unjust secular laws relating to Covid-19, laws that subordinate the superior supernatural authority of the Church to the inferior State, trampling the freedom and dignity of Christ’s flock along the way, these worldly bishops and priests must be resisted by all Catholics who retain a true sense of the faith and zeal for the honour of God.

It has been patently obvious for several months now that Covid-19 represents no threat to health for 99.7% of the global population; this is verified both by official statistics and the declarations of the world’s leading scientists.

Hence this unholy behaviour of our clerical superiors, unprecedented in ecclesiastical history even during times of real plague, is proof positive that the Church is presently undergoing a great crisis of faith in her clergy, a crisis that demands of the faithful serious discernment in the grave matter of which priests they entrust their salvation to.

The Redemptorist missionary admonition of tradition reads “You have one life to live and one soul to save; death will come soon, then heaven or hell for all eternity”. With these words of true wisdom ever present in our minds let us all resolve to reject the spirit of “the Prince of this world” that so many bishops and priests have succumbed to – and are trying to subject us to.

Our clear duty is to seek out faithful clergy, supernatural men of God noted for their love of God and their spiritual zeal for souls. These, in my experience, are generally priests who celebrate the ancient Latin Mass of the saints and martyrs and are conspicuous for their Eucharistic devotion, rejecting the much-abused, irreverence-inducing indult of Communion in the hand to standing communicants.

While they are by far the minority these days, often disdained and marginalised by their worldly bishops and confreres, these are the priests whose voice resonates within our souls as the true voice of the Good Shepherd.


To date, only one priest has gone on the record in Scotland (and, as far as we know, in the entire UK) to express his shock at the way the Bishops are implementing Government Covid-19 restrictions, placing themselves at the service of the State – that is to say, they have chosen to serve Man not God. This, of course, contradicts the Gospel imperative: Our Lord teaches very clearly that we cannot serve two masters – we must choose God or the world.  If we try to serve both, we will come to hate the one and love the other (Luke 16:13)  The Bishops of  Scotland and the wider UK seem to have made their choice. This, of course, has been true for many years now, so we are entitled to ask if, in fact, they have come to hate God. They certainly do not appear to love Him more than the corrupt politicians from whom they are taking their orders, turning the Father’s House into a den of thieves. 

But, what about the rest of us? Martin Blackshaw has made his position crystal clear: he’ll be complying with this ridiculous Covidiocy around ten years after Cadbury ceases chocolate-making.  But what about you and me – will we go along with these outrageous restrictions through fear of fines and imprisonment? Are we likely to choose God over Nicola Sturgeon, in the absence of the kind of moral and spiritual leadership which we have a right to expect from our religious leaders?  Bishops and priests are clearly afraid of the possibility of finding themselves with a criminal conviction, and their fear is understandable… until, that is, we recall the many priest-martyrs at the time of the Reformation who were criminalised  – and executed  (our own Scottish martyr, John Ogilvie SJ included) – simply for refusing to stop offering Holy Mass.  Quite a standard – sets the bar very high for us all. 

So… what now?  Should priests who refuse the Sacraments to non-compliant laity, be disciplined?  Share your thoughts…   

            Immaculate Heart of Mary,          pray for us!  

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  • graeme taylor

    I do not know how to respond, having just received Archbishop Cushleys Pastoral letter. In it, he states so many strange things. I include His Grace in every Rosary as I am so very concerned. The Archbishop has told us faithful to get to Mass as often as we can.
    I live in a rural parish of approximately 300 parishioners (over two small churches) – we are allowed 15 “tickets” to assist at the Holy Sacrifice and we have Saturday morning 11 am Mass ( as an additional Mass offered to meet the Sunday obligation?) a Mass on Sunday at 9 am and a Mass at 11 am so that adds up to 45 “tickets” out of 300? I do not know how to respond to His Grace.
    The Archbishop also asks us to “place our scruples aside” regarding his ( non – authoritative) instruction to receive Our Lord in my hands. Words escape me!
    His Grace adds that watching Mass on the computer is good.
    I am so distressed by Shepherd’s lack of shepherding, today reflecting on the sorrowful mysteries and seeing the sheep on the hills as I walked, asking Our Lord to take the blindfolds off the Shepherds He has granted us and then to return home and to read the Archbishop’s letter. I prayed the Hail Holy Queen.
    The inheritors of the Apostles Sacred mandate to teach and govern appears lost in a sea of pollical propaganda from these 100 or so men and women in the Scottish Parliament.

    God save us.

    October 9, 2020 at 8:39 pm
    • editor


      That is just horrendous.

      However, it’s hardly surprising. One of the first answers Archbishop Cushley gave to a reporter when he arrived in Scotland to take up the reins after the O’Brien scandal was “there’s no crisis (in the archdiocese)”

      He was hardly going to set about cleaning house if he thought everything was in good order.

      I’m not sure if you are planning to come to our public rosary tomorrow, but if so, would you please ask somebody to point me out – I’ll be the slim, blonde, glamorous woman with a thinly disguised halo round my head – 😀 Seriously, somebody is sure to recognise me and I really would like to have a brief chat after the rosary.

      Parking, by the way, is only for those who have won the lottery, so I recommend either train or bus.

      If you are not coming, can’t be helped…

      October 9, 2020 at 9:22 pm
      • RCAVictor


        I think it would be much easier to identify you as the woman not wearing a mask, or social distancing… 🙂

        Seriously though, I think the modern clergy’s idea of “cleaning house” is to remove all the Catholic content therein and replace it with Freemasonic and pagan heresies. They even have a name for it: “the new Evangelization”!

        October 10, 2020 at 1:16 am
      • Athanasius


        The “cleaning house” also includes a lot of sanitiser!

        October 10, 2020 at 1:46 am
    • Athanasius

      Graham Taylor

      I think we all share your anxiety and a certain despondency, which we really shouldn’t succumb to. We are only human, however, and right now “His Grace” and so many other “His Graces” have lost the grace of God and are blind leaders serving secularism. It is truly a unique tragedy in the history of the Church but I’m afraid it’s the reality, and it includes a Pope who apprently no longer believes in the supernatural mission entrusted to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. What a judgment these men have in front of them unless they immediately repent of their betrayal of Our Lord and his flock.

      October 9, 2020 at 11:26 pm
  • graeme taylor


    when I read of the Rosary tomorrow I arranged to be there. Thank you again for all your help.
    I will seek you out tomorrow afternoon.
    God bless,

    October 9, 2020 at 9:26 pm
    • editor


      See you there!

      October 10, 2020 at 8:45 am
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe

    Dear Bloggers,

    This was addressed to Henry on another blog in answer to a point he made, but is also 100% relevant to this blog if we are to stop this evil suppression of our Human rights. hence have pasted it here.


    You are absolutely right. We stand up and fight.
    Incorrect information, deceit, suppression & lies are continously being given by our Government, both Scottish and UK. I believe the only way they will altar course is if fear for their money and reputation is proclaimed before the country. This must start from a few and grow.

    So I say to you:

    Please watch this video. It is 50 minutes long and you will need to give it your FULL attention to appreciate the legal information and content it contains. I say, ideally connect your laptop to a TV screen and watch it that way. The man at the centre of the video is a German Lawyer and 4 others, who have been gathering factual evidence and evidence of peoples actions (Gov advisors) that cannot be denied, about Covid and the lies/deceit around it. The Lawyer led the case of the claim against Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen, both for Billions of dollars, because of false information given. We are being given gravely inaccurate information about Covid – this is explained very clearly in video.

    Please copy this link, the above paragraph and this:

    Dear Sir/Madame, Covid – Incorrect info, deceit, suppression & lies!


    Put it together, print off copies and give it to anyone, but ESPECIALLY anyone you know who has a business – eg pubs, restaurants etc that has had to close. (such people are loosing business, money and probably laying people off, making them redundant). Encourage them to watch the video so that the hopefully can see that a legal damages case, a Group Litigation Order, for their losses could be started against Boris, Nicola, Matt Handcock, . . .. etc, for the losses suffered through the actions of Boris, Nicola, Matt, etc in impossing lock down based of false facts propogated by their advisors. This Group would be Country wide group and proceed as such to Court, so little individual cost, if any, to such individuals/businesses.

    I have addressed this to you Henry, but I encourage all who read, to do like wise.
    We need to gather a wee snowball at the top of the hill and start it rolling down the hill, but we all must get some snow for the wee ball at the top. If manage it, and with the grace of God, hopefully we can scare/frighten them into stopping the gravely incorrect actions, if they beome aware a Court litigation has been started against them for damages.

    All is explained in the above video link, 50 mins, but worth every second for the armour it is offering us. It is up to us to take it up and start fighting!

    October 10, 2020 at 10:10 am
  • francescomarta

    We have already appealed to any Doctors/Scientists/ health Professionals willing to speak out on this fake Science as the window of opportunity is closing fast, I now appeal to any Lawyers out there who give us some advise on the incidents below and on how to address the tyranny we are now facing daily. Please also address the rights of Catholics wanting to enter the sanctuary of God without being harassed by the Priests like Fr Keevins and Bishops.

    This is happening in all areas of our lives, I recently spoke to the retired Nurse (mentioned in a previous thread regarding Sweden being a controlled group) who informed me she was denied entry to a Charity shop because she would not use the shop’s sanitiser. She explained this has an adverse affect on her Asthma and after remonstrating with the assistant who then said she would get the Manager, ending up walking out due to the embarrassment caused by the incident.(we know how deadly those sanitisers are – see Dr. Vernon Coleman’s Video on these)

    In the next case, the Nurse tried to book an Optician appointment and after informing them she would not be wearing a Mask was told that it would be up to the Optician if they would see her and that they are following Government Guidelines. Their Head Office also reiterated this.

    The Nurse then contacted a very helpful Disability Discrimination Service Provider(not trained Lawyer) who informed her that she could have a case under the “Equality Act” with the Charity Shop not providing “Reasonable Adjustments” (facility to wash her hands soap and water) because of her disability (asthma) and causing her distress. They provided a link, which I attach below

    Please go to Resources, type in Services and it is should be the fourth letter down template which can then be sent to the offender.

    Another link is ACAS Disability & Discrimination,as%20well%20as%20other%20people%20because%20of%20disability.

    Where is the science behind the tyranny in our churches and places to shop? De Vernon Coleman asks the same question on this video clip below (previously censored I think)

    October 10, 2020 at 1:07 pm
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe


      Yes, I agree with you, but the people in examples given have had NOTHING to FEAR from being lacadaisical or even lying to us.

      If they have great lose to fear through a major court action/pending court action, by a large group, I believe, they will take notice through the fact that they could loose a lot/everything for not giving the full truth.

      But everyone needs to gather that little bit of snow, therefore making the ball larger and larger and terrorize them by the snowball sixe them for untruth, lack of accurate information.

      That ammour for this is all to be found in the video linkI detailed, and I regret to say it, but if people think they have a chance of financial gain/get money, it is a stronger driver/influencer.

      October 11, 2020 at 12:33 pm
      • francescomarta

        Our Lady of Guadalupe,

        I agree with you that a larger group would have more impact taking action in the issues regarding face masks and sanitisers, but the reason we are in this situation is because people do not resist on an individual basis but continue to comply, so the restrictions increase. If people wear the mask in Church and elsewhere, then the Government will push for masks to be worn in the streets next and so on. The blue print for the New World Order is to make sure everyone will take the Vaccine, are digital prisoners (know where you are, what you are doing and what you are buying) in a cashless society, everything that is happening now is simply herding us to this point.

        I believe one person can do much good, you only have to look at Rosa Parks who played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. Also look what our own Athanasius has done single handed in bringing our so called Shepherds to task, long may it continue.

        October 11, 2020 at 1:35 pm
  • Ellie

    Matthew 18 – parable of the forgiven but unforgiving servant. You had just left the confessional and you took it upon yourself not just to justify yourself but to accuse another!
    Peter 2:18 – We should obey civil authorities. Also Jesus: “give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. I think you’ll find that the closure of the Churches, while appearing not to be ideal is actually not the catastrophe we thought because it has encouraged the Faith to spread online. Anyway “My thoughts are not your thoughts” says the Lord. You should contemplate edifying things rather than feeding your mind with nasty stories about allegedly corrupt prelates. I feel that you have been doing the bullying here. So much so that I am going to put an alias down here if I have to. May the Lord bless you by opening your eyes to seeing the plank in your own eyes.

    Editor: what a nasty comment. Normally, I would either remove any personal remarks before permitting a new comment to be published, OR I’d just delete it. I’m leaving this as is, despite it being packed with personal (uncharitable) remarks because it is just SO ignorant – in both political and religious terms, and it is certainly absent even the most basic understanding of Catholic teaching on the relationship between Church and State, that some of our bloggers just might be able to help educate you in the matter.

    Catholic Truth at your service!

    October 10, 2020 at 11:15 pm
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe


      Peter 2:18 – We should obey civil authorities.

      So we should have Abortion if the flesh wants that?
      We should become Homosexual if the flesh draws us that way?

      I will say no more, except a prayer for you at the altar God.

      October 11, 2020 at 12:12 pm
  • Athanasius

    E***e (can’t write your full pseudonym or my comment will go straight to moderation)

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in assuming that you are a Catholic aged under 50 years and raised entirely in the post-Vatican II religion, which is not remotely the same as the Catholic religion that existed for almost two thousand years up to that Council.

    Assuming again that you have never personally studied the traditional teaching of the Church, especially in regard to the principle theological virtue of divine charity, then it is perfectly understandable that you should respond to my article emotionally and, dare I say, sycophantically.

    The primary objective of charity, contrary to the human social justice narrative of today’s bishops and priests, is to love God supernaturally above all things and our neighbour as ourselves. Sometimes this virtue is extremely difficult to practice since it necessitates speaking truthfully and forthrightly about the public failings of spiritual superiors whose words and/or actions offend against Church teaching and put immortal souls, including their own, in danger of eternal damnation.

    My response to Fr. Keevins behaviour falls into this category and is not in the least comparable with the Gospel examples you quoted, which are incomplete and out of context.

    The obedience to civil authorities you cited from Peter 2:18, for example, is properly explained by Our Lord Himself in the accompanying text you reference, which I notice you only partially quote to fit with your comments. Our Lord did indeed command that we “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s”, but you forgot to add “and to God what is God’s”. In fine, obedience to civil authorities is subordinate to obedience to God and cannot therefore be used as a pretext to impose unjust civil laws on the Church to the detriment of her divine mission on earth.

    As for the servant in the parable who was forgiven a huge debt by his master only to refuse forgiveness of a much lesser debt upon supplication from his subordinate, the moral of that one is that we should extend forgiveness to all who ask it of us if we would have God forgive our greater transgressions.

    This is not what happened with Fr. Keevins. I had just been to confession and received absolution, that much is true, but Fr. Keevins was not asking my forgiveness for anything when I left the Church, although he should have been for turning the House of God into a State sanitary facility. On the contrary, he more or less told me never again to return to his church for the Sacrament of divine mercy unless I was prepared, like him, to obey the secular rules imposed by a godless government.

    In other words, it is clear that the health of the mortal body is more important to Fr. Keevins than the health of the immortal soul. This is as sinful before God as it is unprecedented in Church history, utterly at odds with the spirit of Our Lord, with Church teaching and with the example of the saints, especially in times of plague and widespread infection.

    What it represents, in fact, is a parallel with the State-run “Patriotic Church” of Communist China, a schismatic organisation that fronts as the Catholic religion but whose clergy are completely subservient to the laws of that evil dictatorship in Beijing. This is unconscionable behaviour and every priest and bishop who is bowing to this “new normal” in our country needs to be called out for their treachery.

    I will say in conclusion that society is collapsing under this Covid-19 hoax because so many people are refusing to use their God-given reason to check the facts for themselves, quite content to just let the government and the media dictate how they are to think and live.

    Likewise in the Church, the most appalling and wicked evil is presently taking place under the pretext of health because so many Catholics like you are failing in duty to seek the truth and speak out, quite happy to blindly obey the bishops and priests as though they were infallible deities. This is not Catholic – blind obedience to superiors has never been a teaching of the Church for subordinates, as evidenced by St. Paul’s very public rebuke of St. Peter recorded in the Acts of the Apostles.

    The guiding rule for Catholics is twofold: 1. We are obliged to obey the legitimate authorities of the Church in all that is consistent with the faith handed down. 2. We are equally obliged to refuse obedience when those authorities act contrary to the faith, lest by obeying men we disobey God whose eternal law (the Church’s supernatural mission to sanctify and save souls) is far superior to, and immune from, unjust legislative impositions by the secular State.

    In summation, you and so many like you need to study the teaching of the Church, as is your Confirmation duty, otherwise you will remain superficial and emotional rather than informed and apostolic.

    My response to Fr. Keevins and the bishops is far more charitable before Our Lord than your outburst because it draws attention to their present betrayal of Church teaching and the flock entrusted to their care, which public rebuke, by the grace of God, may cause at least the more humble amongst them to seriously reflect and alter course.

    Silence in the face of what they are currently doing is tantamount to consent to their sin and will be judged by Our Lord accordingly. In this regard you, too, may wish to reflect!

    October 11, 2020 at 3:07 am
    • francescomarta


      What a brilliant executed reply.

      The World these days is so obsessed with “touchy feelings” or “Victim Mentality” that they fail to see the bigger picture. What about all those souls going to hell because of the sins of the flesh as Our lady of Fatima warned, which is precisely why we need the Sacraments, Confession, Holy Mass, etc. Padre Pio also said “It would be easier for the World to exist without the sun than without the Holy Mass” As the Church goes down as does the World.

      The State does not have the Authority to dictate to the Catholic Church and if Fr. Keevins & Co, do a little research they will soon find out (if they are still ignorant) that the “Coronavirus” is a Scam to usher in Communism and maybe, or just maybe they may take their thumbs out of their mouths and stop the Mask, Sanitiser and Social Distancing nonsense and once again take up their ordained role of leading souls to Jesus Christ.

      October 11, 2020 at 1:13 pm
      • Athanasius

        Francescomarta & RCAVictor

        My thanks to both of you for your kind support and encouragement, which is more appreciated than you know.

        It is sometimes difficult to actually grasp what is happening and the ease with which is happening – the blind compliance of the majority to this evil is just breathtaking.

        I note that the video interview between Andrew Neil, one of the UK’s top political interviewers, and the WHO’s Dr. David Nabarro has been taken down by big tech. This is the video interview wherein Dr. Nabarro urges governments to stop locking down in response to Covid-19.

        What more proof do we need of the utter criminality of the people behind big tech; Twitter, Facebook and the like. These people should be in prison alongside Gates, Soros and no few government leaders and pseudo scientists. It is, as I say, the unleashing of the greatest evil on humanity and most are just walking blindly into it. For me, the blindness is such that it has to be a divine punishment on humanity for its sins, the fulfillment of the prophecy of Fatima that Atheistic totalitarianism is being establed all around the globe in the most audacious assault against God and freedom ever perpetrated.

        Under normal circumstances the Church would be there to alert mankind of this apocalytic evil, but, as we all know to our great sorrow, the hierarchy and the clergy, having no real supernatural faith left in their souls after decades of Modernism, are presently facilitatiing this masterful Luciferian assault on mankind. The tragedy of it is beyond words and the judgment awaiting them in eternity is beyond thinking about.

        Remember the 16th century prophecy of Our Lady at Quito, a prophecy for our time that ties in perfectly with the prophecy of Fatima. She told Mother Mariana De Jesus Torres that Freemasonry (the twin of Communism) would launch a global assault on Christian culture, virtue and the family, and that those who should speak out against it (the hierarchy and clergy) will remain silent.

        Not only are they silent, they are, as per Pope Francis’s playing down of abortion and playing up of merciful inclusion for perverts, actually working with Freemasonry to eradicate God and moral goodness from the hearts of men. The Pope’s latest Encyclical is yet further evidence of this naturalist agenda within the Church. It is not Covid-19 Catholics should be concerned about, it’s this Modernist/Masonic poison that has been injected straight into the veins of Mother Church by those who know her best.

        For the Covid-19 scam to succeed, the enemies of God had to get the Church’s hierarchy on message. These treacherous Churchmen have duly obliged and now the reign of Antichrist is rapidly manifesting all around the world in all its vile ugliness and brutality.

        October 11, 2020 at 8:44 pm
      • francescomarta


        Thank you for your kind comments, you are most welcome.

        As regards the Nurse who was told by the Optician that she may not be seen if she did not wear a mask, she did contact the Shop in question again and informed them of her rights. It is also a good idea to look at the Company’s Web-Site as this particular Optician one states about “wearing a Mask, unless you are exempt”, which can also be quoted – use their own words against them! She also contacted the ‘Charity’s Shop’ complaint Department (the one that refused her entry because she did not sanitise her hands), did not make an official complaint as they agreed to resolve with in- house training and making reasonable adjustments if customers cannot use the sanitiser. I would also suggest that readers print out the Law, already published on this thread (kate Shemirani twitter page) so it can be used if challenged. Interestingly, these mini Hitler’s we are facing, do not realise we are fighting for their freedom!

        Anyway on a final note, we don’t have to ask for our freedom, we simply have to take it back, it is our basic right as human beings.

        October 12, 2020 at 12:39 pm
      • Athanasius


        One of the rules of governement is that shopkeepers and assistants are not to challenge customers for not wearning masks, failing to socially distance or rejecting sanitiser. If it concerns them that much then they are encouraged to contact the police, or rather the State Militia since it is no longer a force for justice and law.

        I have only once been told I could not enter a shop, a pharmacy, because I didn’t have a mask on. I reminded the staff of the government rule and invited them to call the police. Never had a problem with them since!

        My brother received his letter of redundancy today in which his employer deeply regrets the decision he has been forced to make but says the industry in general, and his business in particular, has been decimated by the Covid-19 restrictions. These government criminals must be exposed and stand trial for what they have done to the economy, not to mention the mental health of the nation. There is no doubt in my mind now that the media is deliberately operating as a criminal element in this as well, all information I have sent them on national and international interest having been utterly silenced. It’s just not normal behaviour.

        What we need now is a popular peaceful uprising to take back our freedom and bring the evil criminality of this evil cabal of politicians, mdeia moguls, pseudo scientists and others to justice at a Neuremburg II-type public trial. This must never again be allowed to happen.

        October 12, 2020 at 1:18 pm
    • RCAVictor


      I echo Francescomarta’s assessment of your post, and thank God you are on this blog!

      I was especially struck by your [irrefutably accurate] comparison of the Scottish Church to the Chinese Patriotic Association as a front for the state. I think that comparison applies to the Church in England and Ireland as well. These clergy should not be wearing clerical vestments, they should be wearing scarlet “A’s” – A for apostate.

      In fact, to take it a step further, I’d say the Vatican has become a front for the NWO since the election of Francis, not only affirming and promoting its ideological poisons but participating neck-deep in its financial and moral corruption as well.

      October 11, 2020 at 6:39 pm
  • Athanasius

    Now the evil World Health Organisation is getting worried because the wicked crime against humanity is beginning to get exposed. The man in this interview criticised the UK in March for not locking down earlier. Listen to what he’s saying now. He and his partners in crime must be getting rattled!

    October 11, 2020 at 12:59 pm
  • francescomarta

    The agenda that FR Keevins is complicit in is leading to Police tyranny that would have been unimaginable just a year ago. I expect eventually those who will not take the vaccine will encounter something similar if they try to leave the house. I must warn commentators that a few F bombs can be heard in the following video clip.

    October 11, 2020 at 2:51 pm
    • editor


      A few “F” bombs? Nothing like what they’d have heard from me, be assured.

      Utterly shocking. That policeman MUST end up in prison. For a very long time. And the girl given thousands in compensation.

      Australia seems to be far and away the worst place on earth, right now.

      October 11, 2020 at 3:33 pm
  • Athanasius

    That is utterly shocking, I cannot believe the world is watching this kind of State-sponsored police criminality and saying nothing. Just shows how quickly the world can deteriorate into barbarism while most look on in approval. Seems lessons from history are never learned.

    October 11, 2020 at 6:24 pm
  • francescomarta

    For additional support and information for anyone else who is threatened with “no mask no sacraments” by a Catholic Priest like FR Keevins, or is discriminated in shops and public transport, there is good advice from the following link.

    Meanwhile as the Government controlled media pushes the Covid 1984 scare stories, a ‘whistle blower’ Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says “Second Wave” Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, “Pandemic Is Over.” Someone should tell the Bishops of Scotland to wake up!

    October 11, 2020 at 9:54 pm
  • Julia

    Dear Editor

    As I read this article I am watching the Gospel of John on YouTube and I am at the part where Jesus is driving out the people and money changers from the temple. If we thought that was bad enough then just think of the horror and sacrilege before his eyes if he comes back to earth now! His church in crisis, his sheperds in fear, his sheep in confusion and the order of the holy mass totally distorted! It beggars belief that we have allowed this to happen. If you haven’t done so already you must read the phrophesies of Our Lady of good Success. These phrophesies have been kept for this generation because we are in the times revealed to mother Mariana de Jesus Torres. All is revealed about what we are living in today. We must be ready for worse abominations to happen to our Catholic faith and we must be united in our faith. How do we do this? Recite the holy rosary daily, fast on Wednesday and Friday, monthly confession, the holy eucharist and reading the bible. These are the 5 stones Our Lady of Medugorje recommends to fight our Goliath. I also recommend you read up on the purple scapular of benediction and protection given to the prophetess Marie-julie Jahenny kept for these times too! We need to wake up and see what is happening on a global capacity. Keep your garments white and oil in your lamp. God bless you all

    Editor: Julie, we have featured the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success on this blog and in our newsletter more than once, just as we have fairly frequently exposed the fraud of Medjugorje. For example and again here

    We do not promote unapproved apparitions here. Both Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success are approved apparitions – and unequivocally rightly so, given that in both cases, we are now living through the events prophesied. Please do not try to argue any case for Medjugorje – it won’t be published here. Thank you.

    October 12, 2020 at 10:44 am
  • Helen

    My friend who attends the Edinburgh chapel tells me that the priest there is obeying the diktat from comrade Nicola! It seems he is afraid of being fined £10K and therefore has imposed the 50 attendees rule with a person counting numbers entering church, although there aren’t usually over 50 attending anyway. Hard to believe really, especially of a society priest.

    In contrast to that faithless position there are some very courageous diocesan priests out there. At my sister’s parish, the PP has said several Masses every day from the get go. He visited the sick, buried the dead, heard Confessions, said outdoor Masses and is even learning to say the TLM. All this was / is carried out without fuss and he seems to be simply taking the chance, for the benefit of his flock, that he won’t be reported to either the police or the bishop! May God bless him, and He will.

    October 13, 2020 at 12:00 pm
    • graeme taylor

      Helen, that is very sad news about the Edinburgh priest. Your sister is blessed to have such a faithful holy Catholic priest.

      October 13, 2020 at 7:16 pm
  • Josephine

    I wonder if Fr Keevins will be angered at the news that his parishioner, Margaret Ferrier SNP MP is not having any police action taken against her despite her taking the train from London to Scotland after testing positive for the virus

    Or is it one rule for those who want to go to confession not wearing a mask, like Martin, and the political class types who are allowed to do their own thing? There’s now been a string of them breaking the rules and nothing happens to them. Yet the rest of us face fines of thousands of pounds, including people who have lost their jobs or are in danger of losing their jobs due to the reckless government policies controlling our every day lives. .

    Ferrier is a digrace and she should be at the very least handing over her pay cheque to some poor family living from hand to mouth If I was a constituent of hers, I’d be demanding her resignation and I definitely wouldn’t be voting for her again, ever.

    October 15, 2020 at 7:56 pm
  • Theresa Rose

    This article from titled – New Irish law banning gatherings threaten prison for priests who say Mass. What has an Irish law have to do with Scotland, you may ask. I wonder if this could be a possibility here in Scotland and further afield.

    In the article is says: “The last time priests faced such a penalty for saying Mass was when Catholics were under bloody persecution from a protestant country”.

    October 24, 2020 at 9:43 am
  • editor

    The following shocking report is from Lifesitenews – my email to the PP follows although I could only copy a highly edited part of it to Cardinal Cupich, due to their word limit … The contact details are given at the end of the report, if anyone else wishes to contact this priest – who is another Father Keevins (I’ve also post this on the “Brain Damage” thread as well, for the record…)

    Dear Father Northbrook, (error – it should be Fr. Gustafson. Apologies for my carelessness.)

    I am scandalised at the way the Church in general is acting like an arm of the State in this Covid “crisis” – some crisis when almost 100% of those infected recover and those who do not are the very elderly with underlying conditions. Clearly, this is a contrived crisis – a Coronavirus which is being used for political purposes. It is being used, in fact, to control us, and change our way of life; indeed, what we are seeing is the unfolding of the Fatima prophecy that Communism – a totalitarian form of governance – would take hold across the world

    Your treatment of a woman who, like myself, refuses to wear a mask, refuses to go along with this removal of our personal and religious freedom, is utterly disgraceful and not only disgraceful because you have failed to act as a priest and taken on the role, instead, of a policeman, an arm of the State, but because it reveals your ignorance of the uselessness of masks. The World Health Organisation recently admitted that it reversed its policy of not recommending masks only as a result of political lobbying, not because they suddenly thought masks effective. Dr Fauci said at the outset, if people want to wear masks because it makes them feel better, that’s fine, but there is no need.

    Priests, of all people, should not be acting in the faithless, fearful fashion typical of the pagan world. You are giving a scandalous counter-witness to the world, for which you will answer to God one day. The effete response of contemporary priests in the USA and in my home land of Scotland, stands in stark contrast to the brave saints of the middle ages when priests bathed the sores of those afflicted by a real plague and administered the sacraments to the dying. What a contrast!

    On the matter of mask wearing – these are not only useless in the prevention of spreading any virus, but they can be highly dangerous. Brain damage resulting is irreversible as this linked article by a neuro-physician explains:

    There is also a link to a video-presentation by a lawyer who details the facts about this virus, warning of legal prosecutions to come for all those who have perpetrated this “crime against humanity” – interestingly, the same charge laid by the above neuro-physician to those insisting on the wearing of face masks. Someday, all those who have persecuted whole populations by enforcing these bad laws to terrorise us will be called to account. That any priest is part of this terrorism is utterly disgraceful.

    I ask that you apologise profusely to Colette O’Regan for your abusive treatment towards her which is, to say the least, a grave lack of pastoral care. She is right to point out that it is only mortal sin which prohibits us from receiving Holy Communion – not any priest’s political views.

    I will be copying this email to Cardinal Cupich via the form provided on the diocesan website although even over here in Scotland, your archbishop’s reputation has gone before him and I do not expect anything from him. That he is unlikely to do his duty, however, does not mean that I am permitted to neglect mine, which is to speak out against attacks on the Faith and against such injustice as you are perpetrating on Mrs O’Regan.

    Perhaps the links I have included in this message will enable you to reassess your position.

    Signed… Ends.

    October 28, 2020 at 10:12 am
    • Athanasius


      One slight error in your letter – you have addressed it to “Fr. Northbrook”. Easy mistake to make but Northbrook is the town and the priest is Fr. Gustafson. Doesn’t really matter, he’ll get the message.

      Here’s my response to this faithless priest:

      Dear Fr. Gustafson,

      I read on Lifesitenews of your abuse of priestly office in the matter of a certain Mrs. O’Regan and her refusal to be subjected to the new face mask tyranny.

      You may or may not be aware that a German neurologist has recently come out and begged governments to stop enforcing the wearing of these hellish implements, stating that in her expert opinion of more than 30 years in the field of neurology they are doing immense damage to the brain by restricting oxygen to brain cells. She warns that some years from now there will be a huge exponential increase in dementia and other brain-related illnesses as a result.

      Though very worrying for the population in general, this dire prediction is as nothing compared to what you and other so-called servants of God are doing to immortal souls. Like modern-day Pharisees you are men absent of supernatural faith who “strain on a gnat while swallowing a camel”.

      While subordinating the supernatural mission of the Church to the inferior authority of the State, unheard of in Church history and contrary to Church teaching, you show yourselves for the worldly men you are – more terrified by a disease of the body that is on a par with a bad seasonal flu than with the disease of sin that kills souls. How often we see this evidenced today in prelates and clerics who support the apostate Joe Biden for President thereby confirming that they are more Cultural Marxists than Catholics. It’s a shocking truth manifesting the world over and absolutely consistent with the prophecies of Our Lady, both Quito and Fatima, concerning a great loss of faith in the Church from the top down in this time of “diabolic disorientation”.

      Like Mrs. O’Regan I have also experienced first hand the scandal of a priest with no faith, one who has turned the House of God, a House of Faith, into a house of fear. Here is a link to the article I wrote in response on the “Catholic Truth Scotland” blog to alert other Catholics to avoid such priests as they would avoid a plague

      I hope you will seriously reflect on your words and actions relating to Mrs. O’Regan and that God will grant you the grace to realise that your moral reasoning in the matter is seriously skewed, not in the least consistent with the eternal law and your sole duty in this world to sanctify and save souls.

      Sincerely In Jesus & Mary

      Martin Blackshaw

      Scotland, UK.

      October 28, 2020 at 3:01 pm
      • editor


        Yes, I acknowledged that on the other thread where our letters are posted. I was rushing, as per usual. Very careless of me.

        Great letter from you – hope he gets plenty like ours; not missing and hitting the wall, as the saying goes…

        October 28, 2020 at 8:21 pm

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