Christmas Gift From Scottish & UK Governments – A Brand New Virus!

Christmas Gift From Scottish & UK Governments – A Brand New Virus!


This was inevitable. At the first mention of a possible easing of restrictions over Christmas, complaints were raised by “the experts” and those who are demonically keen to keep us all locked down and under strict surveillance, come what may. We were told that a drastic lockdown would have to be imposed in January, if we insisted on celebrating Christmas. “Too bad” was the silent message from those of us determined to mark Christmas as free people living in a supposedly free country. Then, hot on the heels of this defiant silence, came  the expressions of a “fear” that there was a new strain of “the virus” coming to get us.  I remember smiling a wry smile when I heard that, and thought “Christmas WILL be cancelled, after all”.  Who needs to know how to work a crystal ball, these days?  Is there a new virus?  You’re asking me?  Answer: not in a million years.  I do not believe it. Not for a nano-second. 

Now, there are plenty of other much shorter (1 minute +)  clips on YouTube with Nicola doing her pitch for an Emmy but I chose the full blown message because I’m curious to know if other bloggers see what I see – utter insincerity. She really does deserve an Emmy. That is one actress.  She’ll be on Piers Morgan, Good Morning Britain first thing on Monday, be assured – he swoons over these Sturgeon Statements, misreads her “concern”, believing it to be the real thing.  Listen: her concern is to hammer home that she’s not to blame for any of this, she’s empathetic, she doesn’t want to do this, sob, sob.  But when it comes to “tough love”, she’s the queen. She knows what’s good for us, sob, sob, even if it makes her unpopular, sob, sob.  Gimme a break. 

Well, you tell me…  is there a new virus – or did the powers-that-be who are pulling the (purse) strings on this, decide that we might get too used to having our freedom (almost) back if the rules were relaxed for a few days over Christmas, and so the noose had to be tightened?  That’s my best guess – what’s yours? 

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  • RCAVictor

    How anyone could take this clown seriously is beyond me. Oh, I thought of a name for the “new variant” of the “virus”: SARS-COVID-BS.

    December 19, 2020 at 11:23 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      Believe me, her fans take her ultra-seriously. The rest of us, nope.

      I think they’ve already chosen a name for the new virus – wait for this: Covid-20!

      I had just been wondering what they would do to keep this going, since one of the “experts” had a “slip of the tongue” moment a few days or so ago, suggesting that we couldn’t come out of this until at least 2022. How on earth, I thought, are they going to manage that but what better way than to find us a fresh virus for every year of imprisonment. Enter Covid-20. I believe they were not going to “find” this new “variant” until after the holidays, just before we enter the new Year, so Covid-20 would set us up perfectly to welcome Covid-21 when the time comes. Then the worry set in about giving us too much freedom over Christmas so the new virus had to be wheeled out, so to speak, prematurely.

      Truly, you could not make this stuff up, she said most ungrammatically…

      Of course, there are some who wills say I just did 😀 But I think I’m onto something here… My years dedicated to watching Columbo are finally paying off… 😀

      December 19, 2020 at 11:46 pm
      • RCAVictor


        That’s only the half of it. Along with a fake new virus every year, we’ll have to take a new vaccine every year, because, dontcha know, the previous year’s vaccine just won’t protect us against this latest mortal threat.

        And all the people will sing their praises to the Luciferian New World Order for saving them from a horrible death! That is, if there are any people still alive after a few years…

        I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: we are being crushed under a death cult.

        December 20, 2020 at 11:15 pm
  • RCAVictor

    I’ve found Sturgeon’s cabinet:

    December 19, 2020 at 11:29 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      You’ve not been paying attention…. That’s only a TWO tier cabinet..

      Four-tier = full lockdown. That’s what we’re all facing now, “just in case” somebody gets sick. Just in case…I always liked him, too, Justin Case. Before all this carry on, not now. Now I really can’t stand Justin Case…

      I’m rambling now – it’s going on midnight here, so I’m closing down feeling quite aggrieved that if I lived in the USA like you, I’d still have another 5 or so hours before midnight – there’s so much I could get done! It’s not fair!

      December 19, 2020 at 11:51 pm
      • RCAVictor


        I believe the response to Justin Case is heavenly intervention, aka Justin Time…

        December 20, 2020 at 6:53 pm
    • Faith of Our Fathers

      That’s a good One my Young Friend but where is the Bevy. I suppose you especially know lots of Our Scottish Slang I E Words but am sure that Wee Nippy herself likes a Nip . Of course she may have a few Nips . BTW Victor I suppose you know a Nip in Scotland is a drop of the Hard Stuff . The Mountain Dew mixed with the Barley. A few loosens your tongue 👅 a Few more loosens your inhibitions and sometimes even loosens the Back Of a Black Mariah an old saying for a Police Vehicle. Of course one can only talk of being in Free Hotels ,not of course the ones the Many Migrants occupy . O know it’s 4 Star Hotels at least for them . No am talking of the Free Hotel Rooms where you were given a Stinking Blanket for the Night ( Funny how their were no Human Rights back then ) and a Bucket in the corner for well ,Let’s just say Emergencies which of course if occupied by 2 of you could lead to really Stinking conditions. What’s funny about it all is not once did I catch a Cold a Flu or God Forbid a New Strain of Cold or Flu especially when one was put in these Free Hotel Rooms overnight in the Winter where am sure some actually must have Froze to Death . Still You were usually asked if you wanted to leave the Free Hotel Room when the Dayshift arrived. Of course back then one was Obliged to Contribute to some Fund or other although I never ever received a thank you letter when reliefed of my Monetary Possesions even although the Donations were forced ones rather than Charitable ones . As a Man of The World am sure you get my Drift.
      God Bless You My Friend. James . D .

      December 20, 2020 at 10:51 am
      • RCAVictor


        I think you missed your calling in life: you should have been a writer. Specifically, maybe a journalist whose niche is to publish his trenchant, colorful observations about life and society!

        After your plumbing is soldered up, have a go at it!

        December 20, 2020 at 11:57 pm
  • Athanasius

    I have said before that these people are serving evil, they know there is no virus threatening humanity. This is about the new totalitarianism under Lucifer’s reign, “the great reset”, the “New World Masonic Order”. It was never about health, which is why they have seen to it that every medical expert in their field who has raised the alarm has had their voice silenced in the MSM and across Social Media with enormous cash fines for those who persist by addressing public rallies. But the world deserves what it’s getting right now and fully deserves the worse evils yet to be unveiled under the new Dr. Mengele’s, for people have generally abandoned God, not least the prelates and priests, and so are now subject to the rule of their new master – “The Prince of this world”. Let’s see how compliant they all are when the global economy collapses and every freedom they once took for granted has been removed by the new Socialist elite running the world.

    December 20, 2020 at 1:29 am
    • Faith of Our Fathers

      A frightening but true post especially of the Really Good Doctors out there. One especially in the U.S . Kory Pierre has said that they have had a cure since August for this C.C.P. Disease yet the F.D.A. will not release it to the Public. Check out this Good Doctor on YouTube ( if it’s still up of course) crying in the Senate as he talks of in his Words the Wonder Drug Ivermectin. Of course Gates . Soros. Sachs Etc Etc would not be making $ Trillions off of it so No Deal . Except of course as you say with Lucifer. They make lots of deals for Him . O and we remember that old saying. You Can Fool Some of The People Some of The Time . Most of The People All of The Time . But Not all Of The People All Of The Time . I think that’s going out of date . Sure the Left has now also called that Poor Girl Greta Thunberg to jump on this . I better stop there I don’t want to Sin my Soul as Confessions are now Banned for Christmas. God Help Us .

      December 20, 2020 at 11:32 am
  • Athanasius

    Here’s what happens when a respected outlet slips up and publishes the truth about Covid-19:

    And here’s proof that what the John Hopkins University study declared in relation to Covid-19 deaths has the backing of no less than the August findings of America’s CDC:

    The evil lies of the Covid lockdown dictators are always exposed in some way or another for those who have ears and eyes.

    December 20, 2020 at 1:41 am
  • Athanasius

    I found this telling little paragraph in a report by The Epoch Times on arrests in London during anti-lockdown protests:

    “…From Wednesday to Friday, London went into Tier 3 of England’s tiered CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus alert system, meaning no more than six people can gather outdoors…”

    I had no idea that the tier alert system was orchestrated by Communist China. This demonstrates once again whose really running this global sideshow!

    December 20, 2020 at 1:57 am
    • RCAVictor


      If I remember correctly, the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation trial balloon endorsed the full spectrum of Red China’s approach to a manufactured health crisis: face masks, lockdowns, contact tracers, taking temperatures at building entrances, social distancing, and of course, vaccines and health passports.

      Meanwhile, the fake vaccine promos among the ruling class have begun. There was a photo the other day of someone getting a vaccine from an empty syringe, and today we see Nancy Pelosi getting a vaccine from a capped syringe!

      These Luciferians have no shame, no conscience, no morals – they might as well be Aztec priests performing human sacrifices.

      December 20, 2020 at 6:45 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        I know your comment is addressed to Athanasius and I know he plans to answer you later – I’ve kept him chatting on the phone, but he will be back, he says to tell you!

        In the meantime, I have to put in my tuppence-worth because I laughed heartily at the empty syringe and capped syringe – are you serious?

        If so, you are so right these are Luciferians – no shame, no conscience, no morals…

        There’s no shortage of them on this side of The Pond either!

        December 20, 2020 at 8:47 pm
      • Athanasius


        I think you’re spot on with that observation. I don’t believe for a second that these elitists are taking the vaccine, I think it’s all a publicity stunt to lead the great unwashed into more learned behaviour. I never believed that Boris Johnson was in serious condition with the virus either, that was another clever ruse designed to impress upon the minds of the unthinking how even the Prime Minister wasn’t immune from the plague. These people really are evil and cunning with it.

        December 20, 2020 at 10:54 pm
      • editor


        You are absolutely correct about the so-called great and the good not taking this vaccine – Spiro Skouras provides evidence for that in the video I’ve just posted to introduce the new thread on the vaccines. Incredible stuff.

        December 21, 2020 at 12:14 am
  • editor

    I’ve copied this from Lockdown Sceptics: they are lying to us – again: this variant is not new….

    Yet even before the announcement yesterday afternoon scientists were pushing back against the Government’s “new mutant strain” scaremongering. Time For Recovery UK released a statement calling on Matt Hancock to release more details about the strain, which it turns out is not new at all but has been around since at least September.

    On Tuesday December 15th, Professor Nick Loman of the COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG UK) consortium, identified the new set of mutations as VUI – 202012/0. He confirmed that it is not new, as COG UK identified it in September, and there is no proof that it is more infectious. As Professor Sharon Peacock, COG Director, pointed out: “We are still dealing with very thin evidence at the moment about this variant.”

    Dr Maria van Kerkhove, the technical lead of COVID-19 response and the head of emerging diseases and zoonosis unit at WHO, has also confirmed that the strain involved has been circulating for many months, though she referred to it as N501Y.

    Recovery is challenging Matt Hancock to answer these key questions:

    – Why did he announce this as a new strain on the eve of the tier review when it appears to have been circulating for several months (and may have existed for months more before it was identified)?

    – Why has he made headlines with the news that it’s more infectious when the experts who identified the strain say that we don‘t have evidence for that yet?

    – Will he publish the evidence he has for that so his claims can be independently verified?

    – In the words of the Washington Post, “At a news conference Monday evening, neither Hancock nor England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, released enough data to help the public understand the significance of the new variant.” Does he now regret the way that this announcement was handled, given that it has attracted international criticism?

    – With millions of lives and livelihoods at stake, does he now consider that the statement he made to Parliament about the ‘new’ strain may have been misleading?

    – Does he retain confidence in the Government advisers who briefed him on it?

    – With even the experts at the World Health Organisation who are responsible for tackling the virus apparently confused by the information that the DHSC has provided over the details of the ‘new’ strain, will he remind his department to prioritise accuracy and the clear communication of the known facts over sensationalist language that makes headlines?

    “There is a lot of trivial diversity in the spike protein. Over 20000 variants have been reported,” commented Professor David Livermore, Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of East Anglia. “What is the hard evidence that this new variant really is so different against this background of great diversity? Apparently VUI202012/0 was first found in September. It’s not clear where it came from or how long it had existed previously. The delay before it expanded doesn’t fit with super-infectiousness. Any variant of SAR COV-19 might expand swiftly because it gets into a part of the country which has had a relatively low prior exposure to SARS-CoV2 – like Kent or East Anglia – rather than because it has any particular biological advantage. As ever, talk of ‘exponential spread’ is misleading. We have now repeatedly seen that as exposure rises, spread slows.”
    Jon Dobinson, Campaign Director of Recovery, commented, “The evidence suggests that Matt Hancock may have needlessly terrified millions of people by giving misleading information about a variant of the virus which has existed for months.

    With millions of lives and livelihoods at stake, it is imperative that the Government is seen to be carrying out a balanced and responsible public health campaign. This looks like irresponsible scaremongering. It increasingly seems as though Matt Hancock and his advisors are carrying out an all-out marketing campaign for harsh restrictions rather than taking a balanced and proportionate approach. It is now clear that he and the Government have been guilty of hugely damaging errors in tackling this virus. Are they trying to sustain the panic to avoid being held to account for the damage they have done? That would be criminally irresponsible, given the damage that their actions are causing. But it is increasingly hard to interpret their actions in any other way.”

    December 20, 2020 at 8:42 am
    • RCAVictor


      To put it in simple terms, what we have here is a cabal of deviants trying to sell a fake variant.

      December 20, 2020 at 6:38 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        In a nutshell. The proverbial nutshell!

        December 20, 2020 at 8:50 pm
  • Faith of Our Fathers

    I like nearly all on Here by now ,are especially Fed up with this Wee Megalomaniac Wummin. I of course read your comments Ed and guess what . Am just back from Our 8.00 TLMASS of whom we have a Good ,no a Very Good Priest who during his Homily was told ( through Janet McCrannicky through to His Bishop ) that Christmas Confessions would be cancelled. Of course that doesn’t effect me as Even You Know that I Am Perfect. I suppose your putting a pinch of Salt on your Breakfast when you read that last sentence. Anyhow I know not what Wee Nippy said as I cannot even watch Her . As I said am just back from Holy Mass where of course the Figures have now been dropped from 50 to 20 . Just a we Question. Will their only be 20 allowed In Asda Etc Etc . I know that I can of course check myself but You Have much more patience than me . Av to go for a Health Check up Face to Face would you believe on Wednesday. This Chinese Corona Fabricated Disease I of course don’t want to catch. Am I concerned. About the Virus NO . Am I concerned about the Prostate Check Etc Etc you Bet I am . But God willing al try and take that One Day At A Time. After all we have no promise of Tomorrow and of course I need not tell You that . God Bless You. James. D .

    December 20, 2020 at 10:14 am
    • editor


      You can be sure that when Asda make the rules, they turn to me, first, to let me know… Seriously, we can be sure they won’t be restricting the numbers of customers – lose money? You kidding?

      We’ll be praying for your medical intentions and hope they don’t become surgical intentions. Our Lady of Lourdes, Health of the Sick will look after you, that’s a given.

      December 21, 2020 at 12:18 am
  • Antoine Bisset

    Planning to bring our daughter home from Glasgow for Christmas has taken on similar difficulties to extracting Allied airmen from German occupied Europe. Can we get over the border without being arrested? The border is only the division between council areas, but they are in different “tiers” and travel is banned.
    Another child who is in England will not be coming home. She will be spending the next three weeks alone. I do not suppose that we are in any way unique.
    This is not about a moderately serious illness.
    What is happening is an all out assault on Christianity. There will only be a handful at Midnight Mass, where before the churches were frequently packed. One of the two most significant feast days in the Christian calendar has effectively been wiped out, religiously, socially, by decree.
    The Adversary is now in control and the consequences will be suffered by all. Our civilisation was founded on Christian principles and our laws are Christian laws. Our Christian society came down through the centuries. The Mass I served as an altar boy was the same Mass attended by Charlemagne.
    It does not matter to non-Christians, it seem. They dominate the media in all its forms. They have not recognised that the destruction of Christianity is the destruction of the society that gave them everything.
    One does not need to be a car mechanic to recognise that the car won’t go any more.

    December 20, 2020 at 10:34 am
    • crofterlady

      Antoine, we have 5 children, from all over the globe, who will be coming home for Christmas. The USA, South Africa, Ireland, London, Edinburgh. So what is your children’s problem? Just ignore the the Stasi rules and let them come home! The trains are operating, as are the buses and planes, so what’s the problem? There’s no way they can inforce these ridiculous rules. They just rely on British compliance! Ignore them.

      December 20, 2020 at 11:37 pm
      • editor

        Or, Antoine, try Crofterlady’s trick – she bribes her brood and they come home at every opportunity 😀

        December 21, 2020 at 12:02 am
      • Antoine Bisset

        Thanks for that. Do you think that we did not review the options and discuss the possibilities? There are no restrictions on people arriving at airports, other than the theoretical and unenforceable quarantine requirement. However, the travel restrictions on citizens in Scotland are being enforced by police on roads and on trains. The border between Scotland and England is shut.
        Moreover, a full scale “lockdown” will be enforced for weeks after Xmas preventing any movement. So returning to jobs etc will be difficult.

        December 21, 2020 at 10:22 am
      • editor


        That is true. I know of people who are nervous just coming to Mass on Sundays, driving from a nearby (but “banned”) town. I also know of someone who had booked a train ticket to visit a friend in the week between Christmas and New Year, now concerned that it would be too dangerous to make that short trip, again to another town in the central belt.

        And they tell us we live in a free country? When I used to see a police officer I felt reassured. Now, I’m nervous, and that’s with my car tax, MOT, the lot bang up to date.

        December 21, 2020 at 10:26 am
  • Faith of Our Fathers

    What a great post . I do Honestly feel for you and your Family but I heard from a Young Man last night whose Father wouldn’t go and seek NHS treatment because he said that their were more deserving than him . He said his Father had worked all his Days and payed Taxes all of His working life . He then said ” My Father Died 4 Days ago ” av no doubt that this C. C. P . Virus will be put on his Death Certificate. But what he also Deviantly said was that neither Wee Nippy or Her Cohorts will Now stop him and his Family from doing what they Please over Christmas. Of course we as Catholics know that Our Society was completely based on The Ten Commandments first and foremost. Ad like to offer a Wager that Wee Nippy couldn’t name 4 without consulting someone. And BTW am being generous to Her with the Figure 4 .

    December 20, 2020 at 11:14 am
  • Antoine Bisset

    There may be vaccines ahead…

    December 20, 2020 at 3:09 pm
  • RCAVictor

    Based on a hypothesis that we are undergoing a preview of the time of the Antichrist, it would be interesting to compare the prophesied features of that future time with ours.

    For example, Lifesite has an article by Maike Hickson that the Papal Altar (which was profaned by a pagan pot of dirt, courtesy of Francis) (who has profaned the Chair of Peter) has not been used for many months:

    “LifeSiteNews reached out to Professor Schwibach, asking him to explain the meaning of his commentary and photo. He told LifeSite that since the corona lockdown in the Vatican, the Pope has never offered the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass on this altar anymore.”

    December 20, 2020 at 6:51 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      That is very interesting indeed. I’ve not had time to read the Lifesitenews report, but will do later – I just came in to post this short video showing a protest in London today; I just cannot believe how the protests are plentiful in England, but nothing up here in allegedly “Braveheart” land. I’m beginning to get the “we don’t DO stereotypes” lobby.

      December 20, 2020 at 7:32 pm
  • Lily

    I am finding it hard to believe these figures – is anybody else doubtful? How can we find out the true numbers?

    December 20, 2020 at 10:48 pm
  • crofterlady

    Ha ha, look at this:

    December 20, 2020 at 11:18 pm
    • editor


      That report merely underlines the utter dishonesty and cynicism in these people.

      My eyes glazed over (always do) at the technical jargon – it there is one subject of which I am thoroughly sick and tired, it’s health.

      So, it’s not that the WHO didn’t know about the false positives – they just didn’t want the rest of us to know that they know until it suits – i.e. when the vaccine came along. Don’t miss the new thread on vaccines. I’m now doubling down on my determination not to be vaccinated – ever! For anything!

      December 21, 2020 at 12:00 am
  • RCAVictor

    I don’t think this video has been posted here before, from Dr. Tenpenny:

    December 20, 2020 at 11:31 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor,

      That looks really interesting – and I’ve just this minute posted a new thread on the vaccines. Feel free to re-post that link over there. It looks to be very interesting and informative indeed. I’ve just watched a few minutes but look forward to the rest asap.

      December 20, 2020 at 11:56 pm
  • Antoine Bisset

    So that’s all right then. (Although I’d like to know why the theological/ethical argument is now reversed.)

    December 21, 2020 at 9:25 pm

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