Nicola Sturgeon: Worship Virus, Not God – Bishops Must Refuse To Comply…

Nicola Sturgeon: Worship Virus, Not God – Bishops Must Refuse To Comply…

Summary, Edinburgh Evening News (note:  no mention of ban on church-attending)

Lockdown may last longer than January

Scotland’s new lockdown may last longer than initially intended, Nicola Sturgeon has told MSPs.

A legal requirement will be in force to ensure Scots living in Level 4 areas remain at home as much as possible during January.

However, the First Minister told the Scottish Parliament that these changes will be kept “under review”.

She said: “However, I cannot at this stage rule out keeping them in place longer, nor making further changes. Nothing about this is easy.”


As expected by those of us who are totally cynical about the Scottish Government and its leader who is well overdue an Emmy Award for best Scottish TV Actress, Nicola Sturgeon has announced that we are going into full lockdown from midnight tonight.  While Boris/England is agonising over whether or not to introduce another full-blown lockdown, Nicola Sturgeon – ever anxious to portray herself as the decisive-if-reluctant-bearer-of bad-tidings- leader, has plunged Scotland into another lockdown. 

Frankly, I don’t believe the propaganda about the NHS being in peril – but even so, that’s not my problem.  I’ve been paying into the NHS for years and I’m not one bit pleased that my contributions apparently mean nothing, that the NHS is not fit for purpose, it can’t deal with a simple virus.  It’s not my job to protect the NHS.  It’s my job to be suspicious of Government and believe me, suspicious is the understatement of the year, since I can no longer describe myself as a free person living in a free country. 

Sturgeon has the temerity to once again ban worship in churches, and the bishops will no doubt yet again, be obedient servants of the State.  Then she has the added temerity to say that the most painful decision was the restrictions on schools and nurseries.  Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up. 

Catholic Truth calls on the Bishops and, indeed, all those in positions of religious authority from priests to religious superiors to bishops, to refuse to comply this time.  No matter the legal consequences.  We cannot replace the worship of God with the worship of a virus.  Speaking for myself, if our priests decide to defy this unlawful and – I would say – blasphemous action, I will be at Mass on Sunday as I am required by God’s law. 

Our blogger, Athanasius, is preparing a second Open Letter to the Bishops of Scotland, which we will publish as a separate thread as soon as he submits it, within the next day or two, but in the meantime, please make clear your own position on this latest blow to our person and religious freedom.  Are you going to sigh and accept it all – again?   

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  • Antoine Bisset

    One will recall that Ms Sturgeon was embroiled in what looks like a conspiracy to bring charges against Alec Salmond. The multiplicity of charges was subsequently dismissed by a jury. The background to that affair is murky and the consequences may be ongoing.
    More recently…
    Margaret Ferrier MP has now been arrested by Police Scotland for an offence that allegedly took place three months ago. Why has action only just been taken? One might question why any action is being taken at all, but lay that aside for a moment. Ms Ferrier has apparently admitted that she travelled from London to Scotland after a positive Covid test, when she should have self-isolated.
    Ms Ferrier is an MP for the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP and First Minister has repeatedly urged Ms Ferrier to resign her seat and leave Parliament.
    Ms Ferrier has refused to do so, as she is entitled to do. She was elected by her constituency. But, an election for the Scottish Parliament is coming up shortly in May 2021 and Ms Sturgeon almost certainly wants Ms Ferrier gone by then.
    Ms Ferrier is to be charged with “culpable and reckless conduct” which is a very wide-ranging catchall. Also referred to as “reckless endangerment” it can carry a sentence of life imprisonment, although that would be very unusual. (One case did result in 5 years.). A sentence of, say, 13 months would be very satisfactory however as it would result in the automatic expulsion of Ms Ferrier from Parliament. Did Ms Sturgeon influence the police? Has Ms Sturgeon had a wee quiet word with the Lord Advocate? Bear in mind that the position of the Lord Advocate is in the gift of the First Minister. Scotland is very small, very cosy.

    January 7, 2021 at 1:10 pm

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