Scots TV Presenter On Covid-Generation: “What’s The Point?” Future Bleak…

Scots TV Presenter On Covid-Generation: “What’s The Point?” Future Bleak…


It is my considered opinion that there is no point any more in writing to politicians at any level. Things are too far gone now – lockdowns have become an accepted method of controlling the population. Generating fear really does work, and it makes no difference if we remind folk that the Government’s own alleged experts said at the outset that there is a 99.98% recovery rate in those who become infected with this virus.  In other words, most people recover. At least two people in England, who were aged over 100 recovered way back at the beginning – wheeled out of hospital to a parade of staff cheerfully applauding. Doesn’t matter. There is a tiny risk of becoming infected, so best to stay at  home, close schools and businesses, ban church-going, insist on mask-wearing and (anti) social distancing, with heavy handed police tactics, including hefty fines, imposed on anyone who dares to disobey.  Too bad about those suffering with other illnesses;  last time I checked Covid was #24 on the list of causes of death in the UK – or was that England, can’t be sure, but you’ll get my drift…it’s certainly not #1 cause of death in Scotland, or anything like it, that’s for sure.

In that context, I have every sympathy with Neil Oliver’s views, and I’m not at all surprised at the perfectly understandable attitude of his 17 year old daughter and her friends who ask “what’s the point” of studying and working to succeed in education in preparation for the world of work, when, on the whim of a Government our personal and religious freedoms may be removed, with education and work brought to an unceremonious halt. 

What I find hard to fathom, though, is why someone with Neil Oliver’s obvious  intelligence (and ditto Mike Graham) hasn’t apparently realised why we are in lockdown for the foreseeable future; that this is not about a virus at all, never was about a virus – that we are actually living under a system of totalitarian governance, stealthily established with the willing, if naïve, co-operation of the majority of the population; that, almost overnight, Communism has arrived.  They don’t appear to be joining up the dots to reach that conclusion. Too busy, I suppose, rightly focused on encouraging the teenagers in their circle not to lose hope, but to keep planning ahead…

In any event, Neil Oliver hits a number of nails on the head in the above interview, and I fully sympathise with his response to this ongoing and apparently never-ending series of lockdowns.  Do you?    

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  • Michaela

    That was a great interview – I love the way Neil Oliver just speaks up about it and no wonder he’s worried about his daughter and her friends. He’ll know about the rocketing suicides thanks to these insane lockdowns. Lives are being ruined, laughably in the name of keeping us healthy!

    The news today shows clearly that lockdowns don’t work. The question is, when will these nutty politicians admit that?

    January 21, 2021 at 10:48 pm
    • Athanasius


      The World Health Organisation said two months ago that lockdowns don’t work and are counter-productive, that governments should stop doing it. Didn’t make ablind bit of difference to the despots because it was never about health. So much for their mantra “we follow the science”.

      January 22, 2021 at 12:07 am
      • Lily


        The World Health Organisation have now, at last, admitted that PCR tests are unreliable as well – and they did this right after Biden became president. The following quote is from a Guardian report:-

        After months of flooding the data pool with false positives, miscounting deaths “by accident”, adding “Covid19 related death” to every other death certificate…they can stop. The create-a-pandemic machine can be turned down to zero again.

        …as long as we all do as we’re told. Any signs of dissent – masses of people refusing the vaccine, for example – and the CT value can start to climb again, and they bring back their magical disease.

        We really are being taken for fools.

        I found the interview on the Mike Graham show really touching – my heart goes out to those young people who think “what’s the point” of working hard if we are going to be in continual lockdowns. If you think of it, that is what is happening to people losing their jobs and businesses, which is why the suicide rate is climbing. Those people who are pushing these lockdowns have a lot to answer for, they are ruining people’s lives.

        January 23, 2021 at 10:14 am
    • editor


      Lockdowns clearly don’t work and yet the news today (I am going by the headlines only) indicate that Boris (and therefore Nicola) are going to keep this lockdown going until summertime. Which doesn’t meant there won’t be a few days or even a week or so of relative freedom until a new excuse – a sudden surge in “cases” (not infections, note) – means that, with great reluctance blah blah, we need to stay at home again until summer. I’ve already seen one crazy photo of two females in scant bikinis (well, all bikinis are scant, of course) lying on a beach sunbathing, wearing face masks. Honestly, you just couldn’t make this stuff up.

      And somewhere, believe me, there will be a medical “expert”, a scientist, whoever, saying this is necessary for our “safety”.

      To which I reply – gerragrip!

      January 22, 2021 at 11:30 am
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Ed i have to Butt in here to give you this gem . I live in a Council House which is relevant to my post . I have been given 2 notifications already of a Non Emergency Electrical Inspection of which I said NO . The Council have now issued ME with a Letter saying that if I DO NOT allow Electricians in this Monday then they will Force Entry into my Council House with Ballifs Expenses of which I will be forced to pay . I didn’t notice the Letter until an Hour Ago as because of The Chinese Disease I leave Mail lying for a couple of Days . So let’s see How Hypcritical this all is . My Local Parish Church ( as all are ) is closed under pain of £ 1000 Fines if opened it is Fairly Large . Yet my Small Two Roomed Council House is to be invaded by probably 3 Workmen who Say that Social Distancing will of course be taken into account. I cannot leave the House as there is Nowhere to go and of course I have to stay in anyhow Both for my Own Security and the Workers Security. BTW in my Little Home which is probably a little smaller than Sturgeons to do Social Distancing one would have to stand at the Back Door while another one would be in The Attic. Of course it would be Presumed Obtuse of Me to suggest in Anyway that all of the above B.S. has anything to do with Back Handers being passed around and not just at Christmas. O sorry they Banned that also . But we must get The Ballifs round to force entry for an Electrical Inspection.

        January 22, 2021 at 10:17 pm
      • editor


        I wonder if by “electrical inspection” they really mean to install the various smoke detector gadgets – if you recall the Scottish Government has passed a law requiring every home to have a smoke detector in every main room, including the landings in houses. It’s ridiculous. It has come about to allow the Government to “virtue signal” as they say these days, following the Grenfell Tower fire in London.

        Idiots. If there is a politician in the land who is NOT an idiot, speak his/her name now or forever hold your peace!

        January 22, 2021 at 11:50 pm
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Ed as an Electrician myself most of the Smoke Detectors are not required. I am in no way suggesting that Smoke Detectors are not needed that is a different question. In my Council House downstairs their are 3 which are apart in a Distance of about 8 Ft this of course is ridiculous. In saying that Maybe The Smoke Detectors are doing Social Distancing.
        On another level their is a Sheltered Complex about 400 Yards from me where if am lucky I will end up ( hopefully not next door to Joe Biden.) Anyhow these Homes have lower ceilings and are on ground floor only for obvious reasons. Now the Fire Brigade automatically comes out to said homes as soon as a Smoke Detector goes off. I kid you not the Fire Brigade ( and its always 2 Fire Engines) are there at least 5 times a week. The Problem is that said Smoke Detectors are too close to the Cookers as you couldn’t swing a Cat in The Kitchen. This has been going on for at least 10 years and that alone must cost the Tax Payer £Millions over the that time . I said to 1 of the Tenants who live their. ” Why do they not put in all Heat Detectors instead of Smoke Detectors” . Sorry someone with a lot more Brains than me makes up the rules. You are also doing Idiots a Gross misservice by your above comment. 👏

        January 23, 2021 at 1:28 pm
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Ed sorry for going off Topic but both you and I know that Smoke Detection would not have stopped The Grenfell disaster. It had been Known for years that the Piping Insulation was Rubbish in fact I was in an Attic one Day using a Handlamp which got too close to Insulation. The Fire was so fierce it was like a Rat up a Drain pipe and I was lucky to put it out. Lots of Negativity has been spoken of Asbestos but were I building a home I know what I would be using for insulation. I also advise anyone with their own property to investigate what is Insulating your Pipes. It may just save your lives. Because one things for sure when that Useless Hairy Insulation catches fire a Smoke Detector going off is already too late.

        January 23, 2021 at 1:48 pm
      • editor


        Do me a favour? Tell me what you think of the Mike Graham/Neil Oliver interview?


        January 23, 2021 at 3:48 pm
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Sorry for going off Topic but I can understand What’s the Point. We’re of the same Generation ( I think) and my God ,when I was young and serving my Apprenticeship the World was my Oyster even taking in the Bigotry of Employment of the West of Scotland I cannot remember any of my Friends being unemployed. If you were unhappy in a Job you left for something better. Of course this is not the first time that the Young especially in Scotland being left without hope . I remember the terrible Thatcher Years where 10 youngsters were planting the one tree . I myself was fortunate and although Thatcher Shut down one of My Factories I was never Jobless for long . This though is a step further down into full Communism of that I most certainly agree with you . My other posts were to point out the Rules which as I said if I do not let Workers into my House on Monday am being threatened with Ballifs. Yet I cannot even visit my Daughter Granddaughters Brothers and Sister Etc .

        January 23, 2021 at 6:14 pm
      • editor


        I can understand that we all go off topic sometimes but… smoke alarms?!

        Not wo worry – you manage to make even smoke alarms entertaining 😀

        And yes, your situation is scandalous, being threatened with bailiffs for not allowing electricians into your home while banned from seeing your own family. Disgraceful.

        The whole thing is a scam and it’s getting worse by the minute.

        They’re desperate to keep it going, too – it’s so obvious. Now we’re told that deaths are going to rise big time, due to this latest new variant, a claim, thankfully challenged this time by other scientists (other than the Government “experts” that is…)

        So, why the lies? I wonder what they are really doing… here’s my very own “conspiracy theory” made up all by my little ole self…

        Are they keeping this going in order to totally crash the economy (if it’s not yet totally wrecked) and then we’ll be told that the powers-that-be will write off all debts including our own personal debts and all we have to do in gratitude is hand over our hearths and homes?

        Remember this – one of the key slogans of The Great Rese : “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy about it.”

        Think about it… a conspiracy hidden in plain sight?

        January 23, 2021 at 11:54 pm
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Thanks for the reply Ed .Personally now the only thing we can be sure of is further Lockdowns you are most certainly not far off the mark by your own opinions .But hey lets look on the bright side .Just look at the Chinese and the North Koreans they own nothing and their ALWAYS happy . Are they not .I mean how happy does one have to be as you never see Fat People especially in North Korea .In fact I was actually thinking of going their for a Holiday. You may think am wrong but especially in North Korea you never seem to see any Old People ( I wonder why ) and am sure I as a novelty would be attractive to all the Young Ladies .

        January 24, 2021 at 8:58 pm
  • Helen

    Can anyone explain this to me because I just don’t get it?

    A friend said this:
    Who would have thought it !!!!
    Released on the same day that the “elite” captured the USA.
    Wear your mask for 100 days while the “case” numbers plummet.
    Job done. Joe Biden has saved America.
    It will be interesting to see how Boris and Nicola play it.

    January 21, 2021 at 10:59 pm
    • Athanasius


      They’ll add a zero to the hundred, or at least Boris will. Nicola will go for several zeros, just to be different.

      January 22, 2021 at 12:15 am
  • Mike

    Off topic question. I’m new on this site. Of the bishops that you have in Scotland, which one is the less bad? I assume none of them are good but lets say, which one is the less Modernist, like the bishops in America who are open in their support for heresey and degeneracy (I’m thinking in people like cardinals Cupich, Tobin, Gregory, who dominate the Church over there) Thanks.

    January 21, 2021 at 11:54 pm
    • Athanasius


      In my estimation, Bishop Stephen Robson of Dunkeld is the best of them. I sincerely believe he is a bishop of good will whose voice, like so many decent bishops in the world, is silenced by that new democratic system of governance they brough in with Vatican II called the Bishops’ Conference. That little trick robbed the bishops of their sole authority within their individual dioceses, replacing it with the democratic will expressed by the majority in the Bishops’ Conference. Democracy replacing autocracy in the Church – they thought of everything!

      January 22, 2021 at 12:33 am
    • editor



      The bishop who has the reputation for being “less bad” is Bishop Stephen Robson of Dunkeld. He has that reputation because – wait for this… drum roll – he is regarded as sympathetic to the traditional Latin Mass, allowing one of his priests to offer a Sunday TLM (albeit using the modernist term “Extraordinary Form”) Interestingly, the parish is named St Pius X 😀

      That said, as a brief tour through the above website will reveal, there’s not a lot that is “less bad” – indeed at this stage, thanks to Summorum Pontificum, there are priests in other dioceses who offer the TLM, albeit despite reluctant bishops. At least Bishop Robson is not “reluctant”. However, his modernist stripes are there, not too far below the surface.

      To be fair, though, he is one of the few bishops who has always answered any letters penned by my own fair hand – and always courteously and in friendly tone, so he’s “less bad” liturgically speaking, probably much the same in every other way (ecumenically etc) and “excellent” personally speaking.

      In short, his end-of-term school report would read – shows some signs of improving but needs to work much harder all round. 😀

      Others may have a different take on any “less bad” bishops in Scotland, but that’s my tuppence-worth…

      PS – I see that, while I was typing, Athanasius beat me to it. Thankfully, it’s a case of great minds thinking alike – for the most part. 😀

      January 22, 2021 at 12:38 am
      • Mike

        Thank you for the answers. Does the blog has a contact email or something? I would like to write something privately. Thanks again. Have a Blessed Friday.

        January 22, 2021 at 2:42 am
      • editor


        To contact my unworthy self, email [email protected]

        And yes, I’m available to be Donald Trump’s Personal Assistant when he re-surfaces to seek public office. 😀

        January 22, 2021 at 11:08 am
  • Patrick Healy

    Dear Editor,

    Once again you get down to the nuts and bolts. Where did you serve your engineering apprenticeship?

    Seriously on the subject of this thread, if anyone on here has time on their hands I urge them to go to

    Sundance does a great job in analysing the hell on earth which the United States (and the so called free world) are about to experience.

    Btw 2021/01/21 (even if it is the American way) must be some sort of — something.

    Finally I am pleased to see my Bishop get some (reluctant?) praise. I can assure you if he was not constrained by the bishops mafia, he would be more forthcoming. I have been to HIS celebration of the Latin mass.
    Please pray for him.

    No doubt some kind soul will correct my effort to do a link above.

    January 22, 2021 at 8:44 am
    • editor


      Yes, I should have mentioned that Bishop Robson himself has offered the TLM and I know that you are right to say he would be likely to speak out more if he were not constrained by the Bishops Conference and I do sympathise with that position; however, since he will have to answer to God for his words and actions in his own diocese, so, in the way of the perfection to which we are all called, that really should not constrain him or any other bishop. Easy for me to say, I know – there’s no chance of me ever being made a bishop, you lucky people 😀

      Your link is really more appropriate on the USA thread about the election – if you could re-post it there. I’m about to go over and post a comment myself about something else. It’s helpful – generally speaking – to stick to using the appropriate thread. See the list of recent threads on the sidebar, although I’ll post the link for you here this time, for ease of reference. Thank you.

      January 22, 2021 at 11:15 am
  • RCAVictor

    “…why someone with Neil Oliver’s obvious intelligence (and ditto Mike Graham) hasn’t apparently realised why we are in lockdown for the foreseeable future…”

    That’s called being suckered into playing the enemy’s game, on his terms, instead of playing your own.

    January 22, 2021 at 4:06 pm
    • Athanasius


      I think they probably have realised but can’t say it publicly because they know the media will call them conspiracy theorists in order to discredit them. I think a lot of people know what’s happening now and are likewise afraid to speak out.

      You’re right, they need to start playing the game forthrightly, not as the enemy directs it.

      January 22, 2021 at 5:03 pm
      • Theresa Rose

        It makes me wonder how much which is shown in the link below can be regarded as a conspiracy theory. There shown of people gathering protesting about the lockdowns, but also plans of the 1%, that is the elite and their plans.

        January 23, 2021 at 12:21 pm
      • editor

        Theresa Rose,

        I have just watched the first part of that video and it is excellent. As for “conspiracy theory” – my standard reply to that claim is that there is a conspiracy all right, but there’s nothing theoretical about it.

        Will finish watching the video later. Many thanks for posting the link.

        January 23, 2021 at 12:54 pm
      • RCAVictor

        Theresa Rose,

        Here’s an infallible yardstick by which to judge the statements of the Communist elite:

        It’s only a conspiracy theory when it’s opposed to the plans of the satanists. Otherwise, it’s “wise and benevolent consensus.”

        January 23, 2021 at 4:12 pm
    • editor

      RCA Victor and Athanasius,

      To be fair, the fact that the bosses at talkRadio are permitting any questioning of the lockdown strategy is to be welcomed. Unless things have changed since I last saw the TV news (months ago now – I deliberately stopped watching the lies) then such questioning is not allowed anywhere else in the mainstream media.

      I heard one of the talkRadio hosts saying they get a lot of criticism for allowing such questioning, so – as I say – better than nothing.

      It may be, then, that Neil Oliver and Mike Graham do understand that there is a “big picture” (in fact, come to think of it, I believe Mike mentioned the Great Reset on at least one occasions); he may have been told to avoid the temptation to publicly say more at this stage.

      As is evident in the above interview, though, I think there will be public figures like Mike & Neil who, if they truly do “get it”, will feel they have to speak out loud and clear in the near enough future. If there’s no sign of an end in sight in the reasonably near future, that may happen. Roll on…

      January 22, 2021 at 7:54 pm
    • Faith of Our Fathers

      Victor when is the First Re Education Program due to start in The States and have you yourself a yen for attending it. Sorry My Friend but at the moment if I didn’t have a little Humor well I know not were ad be. I attended Hospital last Monday for a Scan and will receive the Results this Monday. I have been told that their is nothing serious and at the End of The Day what will be will be. But am a worrier and I know Christ told us that Anxiety would not add a Day to our Lives I also know that he is correct of course. It’s just the not knowing. God Bless You My Friend and Keep safe in these Terrible times.

      January 23, 2021 at 1:59 pm
      • RCAVictor

        God bless you, J.D., I’ll keep you in my prayers. As for re-education, I plan on doing a little of that myself, with my crucifix and holy water handy. Confucius say, “Demons when splashed with holy water have case of severe heartburn.”

        January 23, 2021 at 3:51 pm
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Thanks for the message my friend it’s good to know that in Adversary those times should be a nudge to push us forward . But we require a Leader for that and the Man in White who lives in Rome is certainly not who we will look to . Of course I could go out and stand with a Placard at our Local Aborturey but am to much of a coward . Anyhow we must look to ourselves ( myself at least ) . As I said in another Blog that to me what really makes us a Catholic is that we do not deviate from Tradition and that was something at least that I can be thankful for The Obama Men . Soros. Biden. And last but not least Francis. I better not ad in the Ed again as she says am praising Her too much for pushing me towards the Real Mass . I have as You probably do also talk to other Catholics of the Situation in The World and they look at me as if I were a Martian 👽. I said last week to a good Catholic Lady that Francis wasn’t a Catholic and it was if I had committed murder from the look she gave me . We know to keep The Faith. Francis as far as am concerned is now a write off and he’ll do what he has always done try and wreck the True Faith. We are NOT the same as Mullahs and Buddhists we are of the one Faith handed down to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ.
        God Bless. James. D .

        January 23, 2021 at 5:53 pm
  • Lily

    I agree with this – we should see the real evidence for these lockdowns, not just have the gloomy daily briefings to go by.

    January 23, 2021 at 10:06 am
  • Lily

    I am also wondering what was the point of those years of “austerity” which caused so much financial pain for people when the Government is borrowing a billion just to get us through this. You just cannot trust politicians.

    January 23, 2021 at 10:19 am
  • RCAVictor

    Another vaccine casualty, this one an American baseball hero:

    January 23, 2021 at 4:19 pm
  • Helen

    Bill Gates AGAIN! Or maybe it has already been posted?


    January 24, 2021 at 1:39 pm
  • Helen

    Now folks, there are three f###s in here but it is priceless and far to good to waste. If it can be cleaned up, can someone do it?


    January 24, 2021 at 1:46 pm
    • editor


      You’re not in hot water – worry not. I can see the funny side of most things, although I would prefer to avoid the F word on the blog, please and thank you! There’s little enough evidence of Catholicism in the world today, so in this little corner, we fight to keep it clean – including the jokes. However, the occasional exception has got to break the rule, so to speak…

      I’m not an Alex Bellfield fan, though – he makes excellent points all the time but spoils it with his bad language. It’s so unnecessary as I think the facts speak for themselves. Anyway, I didn’t know about Nicola’s wanton breaking of the rules – last I heard she’d broken the mask-wearing rule by only wearing it while sitting down in a pub, not when standing up and that is when the virus is dangerous….

      Gimme strength!

      January 24, 2021 at 3:29 pm
    • crofterlady

      Well the absolute nerve of her! We have a flat in the borders which requires repair but, because there is a tenant in situ, the tradesmen are not allowed in! One rule for them and one for us! Shows you they don’t believe in this scamdemic themselves!

      January 24, 2021 at 5:24 pm
      • Josephine


        I’ve seen a report that Andrew Neil the journalist is setting up a new 24/7 news channel called GB News and he is out to expose the SNP, and to give a voice to those of us who are not enchanted by the SNP. He’s been quite tough interviewing Nicola Sturgeon where other journalists tip toe around her. The best bit is that he is Scots himself, so nobody can call him biased, LOL!

        January 25, 2021 at 9:17 pm
    • littlecharie


      This man’s claims are not true. Bute House is owned by Historic Scotland, not the Scottish Government, and any work done there is at the behest of Historic Scotland and not the Scottish Government. A friend who works at Historic Scotland told me that, while it is true that work was recently undertaken at Bute House, it was essential structural work on a ceiling which was unsafe. Despite what this man claims, No painting or decorating has been done.

      January 26, 2021 at 11:33 am
      • Athanasius


        It makes absolutely no difference to me whether she ordered this or not, or even why the work was done. It’s not really about a one-off breaking of her own rules, although she did break the rules not wearing her “gimp mask”.

        The real evil of this little tinpot dictator is her targeting of churches for closure while big businesses are allowed to remain in operation. The hatred for God and religion is clear in this woman and her SNP Marxist Party, which is why no Catholic could EVER vote SNP and still have the audacity to claim to be Catholic in any true sense of the word. They would, in effect, be silent apostates.

        January 26, 2021 at 5:25 pm
    • Athanasius


      The F word doesn’t bother me, I’m not that sensitive having been exposed to it, and worse, throughout my working life. That video is absolutely hilarious, good for him. Of course, F words apart, he says out loud what most people think of that pathetic individual in Edinburgh, not to mention her Marxist brothers and sisters in the straight-from-hell SNP.

      January 26, 2021 at 5:14 pm
  • crofterlady

    Oh dear Helen, you’ll be in trouble for that post!

    I tried to post this on the General discussion thread but cannot access it, so I’ll post it here for a little light relief:


    January 24, 2021 at 1:53 pm
  • crofterlady

    Now it will be my turn!

    January 24, 2021 at 1:54 pm
    • editor


      You have a low opinion of my sense of humour – or is it my tolerance…

      Anyway I was a great fan of Alf Garnett when he was on “the box” all those years ago and that little clip did make me laugh. Thanks for that.

      On topic…

      I can’t remember reading your opinion of the talkRadio Mike Graham/Neil Oliver interview at the top of this page, but that may be my poor memory. I’ll check back now to see what you think, because it really does carry an important message.

      Thanks again for bringing Alf along – he really is a scream.

      January 24, 2021 at 3:36 pm
  • crofterlady

    “What I find hard to fathom, though, is why someone with Neil Oliver’s obvious intelligence (and ditto Mike Graham) hasn’t apparently realised why we are in lockdown for the foreseeable future; that this is not about a virus at all, never was about a virus –that we are actually living under a system of totalitarian governance, stealthily established with the willing, if naïve, co-operation of the majority of the population; that, almost overnight, Communism has arrived. They don’t appear to be joining up the dots to reach that conclusion.”

    Editor, you said this above and it’s exactly what I’ve been banging on about for months. I even wrote to Mike Graham about it but didn’t get a reply. They get what’s going on, but they do not see the bigger picture i.e join up the dots OR they are afraid to say so. They are intelligent men, so what is their problem? PC- ness, wokeness (I don’t think so) or fear of media banishment? Imagine if they stepped up to the plate?!!

    Why don’t you send this link to Mike Graham?

    January 24, 2021 at 11:11 pm
    • editor


      I wrote to Mike Graham a good while back, some months ago, now – at least the only way to contact the presenters is through the form on the talkRadio site so I have to assume that he received it.

      I explained in my message that I really like Mike Graham, his relaxed style and range of guests, and that it’s wonderful that he is challenging the need for lockdowns. I went on to express my surprise that he still seems to avoid going that bit further, that lockdown is not about a virus, that it has been used to lead us into authoritarian (Communist) style of governance. I told him that we’ve used some of his interviews on our blog and provided the blog address.

      Then, I went on to praise the interview on that particular day (I think it was Neil, again, but can’t be sure), saying it was the best I’d ever seen/heard and that I was planning to post it on our blog until the moment, close to the end of that superb interview when he, Mike, used the holy name of Christ as a swear word. That meant I couldn’t use it, and it was disappointing since, while we have a relatively small number of active contributors to the blog, we have many readers from every part of the world (and then some!)

      I finished as I had started, with lavish praise for the show and for Mike personally, and I have to say that – and this may be simply coincidence – since then I’ve not heard Mike take the holy name of Our Lord in vain. I had heard that a few times previously to that particularly excellent interview, but not since. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, it may be that I’ve been “lucky” in only seeing/hearing those which are, as is the above extremely good interview, absent that profane use of the holy name.

      January 24, 2021 at 11:36 pm
  • crofterlady

    Editor, I’ve never heard Mike Graham blaspheme. I would have been shocked if he had. If he feels the need to use such language, why not try Mohammed! Anyway, I, too, wrote to him with a similar message to yours. He MUST know that we are being lied to and that there is a nefarious agenda out there. Perhaps he’s afraid of being shut down or being accused of being a conspiracy theorist .

    January 25, 2021 at 10:31 pm

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