Vaccines: Catholics To Benefit From Murdered Babies On Vatican Say-So?

Vaccines: Catholics To Benefit From Murdered Babies On Vatican Say-So?

Editor writes…

I received the following email last night from a reader in the USA…

Good evening,…

I wanted to share with you the most recent posting that my wife Vickie and I placed on our page concerning what we see as a shift in emphasis by many Catholics away from opposing the COVID-19 vaccine for moral reasons to relying on arguing pragmatically that the vaccine is dangerous (which it truly is). 

If you would like to use our posting, please feel free to do so.  Or you link to it, if you prefer …the priests here in Post Falls are apparently following the SSPX hierarch lead, unfortunately, even to the point of having held a “vaccine presentation” on 4 January.  We have our take on that in an earlier posting that you may find interestingOn Distractions and Staying Focused | Tradidi Quod et Accepi (

In any event, please let me know what you think, and feel free to use what you wish from our blog. Ends

Coincidentally, I also received an email last night from a reader at home, here in Scotland, who is puzzled that her priest is promoting the vaccine – if the CDF has approved it then surely Catholics may take it?  

Given the continuing confusion surrounding the Catholic position on this (and on just about everything else, under the Francis pontificate), I think it’s time for another thread on the subject of the Covid vaccines.  Below, then, the text of the above linked article from the Tradidi Quod et Accepi blog…

From the Tradidi Quod et Accepi Blog…

On Distractions and Staying Focused

Over the last couple of weeks, the focus of the COVID-19 debate seems to have shifted — amongst Christians in general, and some Catholics in particular — from the moral liceity of abortion-tainted vaccines and pharmaceuticals to the dangers of the shots. It is a distraction that should give us concern; for the logical extension of the argument is that when or if we have a safe COVID-19 vaccine, there will no longer be any basis for objection. When I tried to re-focus a friend of many years on the real issue — the immorality of any vaccine associated with murdered babies — he argued we would never be able to convince our legislators of the evil of the vaccine on moral grounds, so we should shut down the vaccination program through the pragmatic approach of sounding the public health warning.

No doubt, many of those who agree with my pragmatic friend have viewed the interesting video making the rounds on “social media” of Dr. Simone Gold, of Frontline Doctors. In the video, Dr. Gold, who is also an attorney, gives a convincing presentation at what appears to be a Protestant church earlier in January, on the many dangers of what she correctly calls “experimental biological agents” being injected into millions of Americans. Some of you may remember that Dr. Gold and several of her colleagues had gone to Washington, D.C., several months ago and held a press conference there to promote the common sense approach of using hydroxychloroquine and zinc in the treatment of what Frank Walker of Canon 212 humorously calls “the Blessed and Eternal Virus.” You can view the hour-long video here:

Dr. Simone Gold: Experimental Biological Agents [Ed: YouTube removed Dr Gold’s video, but you can view it here ]

Dr. Gold’s sound arguments notwithstanding, most of us are adamant that the focus of the opposition to these vaccines should be on their lack of moral liceity.  We should be even more insistent that the current COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are morally unacceptable after viewing the recent video of Lifesite’s John-Henry Westen interview of vaccine research expert Pamela Acker. Viewing this video will be an hour well spent:

Lifesite: Pamela Acker; Vaccine expert explains how aborted baby cells taint covid vaccines

Biologist Pamela Acker puts some big lies to rest in this interview, including the fable from “fact-checkers” (and unfortunately from some priests in the SSPX) that specific lines of what is termed “fetal cell lines” were perpetuated from two or three babies killed thirty of forty years ago. In fact, these stem cells/DNA (which Fr. Chad Ripperger correctly insists must be buried with a Christian burial) actually consist of stem cells/DNA from scores of murdered babies. The lie, for example, that HEK-293, which was used in both the development and testing of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, were not just from the one baby we were told was killed in 1973. In fact, in the interview, Pamela Acker specifically mentions HEK-293:

[T]he HEK stands for Human Embryonic Kidney, but 293 stands for . . . the 293rd experiment that this particular researcher did to develop a cell line. And that doesn’t mean that there were 293 abortions, but for 293 experiments you need far more than one abortion. And we’re talking probably 100s of abortions. And, this was done with the collaboration of some hospitals. And there was a group in Sweden that was involved in developing the WI-38 cell line, so a different cell line, but they routinely were aborting babies for the use in trying to develop fetal cell lines.

There is far too much info in the interview — some quite gruesome — to allow me to dwell on all the points that this courageous young biologist makes. I am anxiously awaiting her book, which is on back order. I will be reviewing Pamela Acker’s Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, on this site in the near future, God willing. In the meantime, you can order the book from the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation at:

Kolbe Center; Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, Pamela Acker

It comes down to this: the tragic fact is that even if a vaccine does not use mRNA, nor contain oncogenic elements, most are either tested with or contain stem cells of brutally murdered babies —  many, many more than we were being told by the Left and sadly, by the SSPX, which bought into the idea years ago that fetal cell line WI-38, for example, was from a single baby aborted forty years ago, as articulated on page 9 of the Dr. Timothy P. Collins, M.D., article in the Angelus “Vaccine” issue of February, 2006. In fact, a 2018 video of a court case in which the ghoulish vaccine researcher and developer, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, was a witness, is eye-opening and nauseating. Parts of the original footage (in which Dr. Plotkin, under oath, reluctantly admits that seventy-six murdered babies were used in the development of the stem cell line WI-38) have been included in another gut-wrenching Lifesite video here:

THE PROOF: Many aborted babies used in vaccine creation

As an aside, Dr. Collins makes this unfortunate statement in the second paragraph of his article in that issue: “I accept the usefulness of mass vaccinations in general.” The fact of the matter is, there is at the very least reasonable doubt that most of the vaccines routinely required for children today were ever really necessary. I will address this in a future posting; but for an excellent analysis of this, take some time to peruse the “Learn the Risk” website, particularly:

Learn the Risk: Did diseases decline because of vaccines? Not according to history

Unfortunately, too many traditional Catholics buy into the disinformation propagated in the infamous Angelus issue of February 2006 regarding the SSPX change of heart on Rubella vaccines.  The issue was prompted, of all things, by the pronouncement the year before by the Pontifical Academy for Life, that itself allowed Catholics the possibility of taking abortion-tainted vaccines like Rubella, if there were no alternative and if one makes his objection known.  The Angelus issue included the entire text of the PAL “decision”.  I have a copy of the February 2006 Angelus issue before me as I write. The article by Dr. Collins is obviously the centerpiece of the issue, and clearly breaks with the statement in 2000, by then-District Superior (and physician) Fr. Peter Scott. At that time, Fr. Scott was disseminating what he described as the teaching of Holy Mother Church regarding the moral theology principle of “cooperation in evil” with respect to abortion-tainted vaccines such as the Rubella shot. But in the February 2006 “Vaccine” issue of the Angelus, Fr. Scott, referred to as the “publisher emeritus,” changes his mind. On page 14 of that issue, he can hardly contain his enthusiasm for the June, 2005, statement from the Pontifical Academy for Life:

It is a surprising relief and unusual joy to find this quandary resolved authoritatively for Catholics. The document . . . is admirable and refreshing to see. (The PAL document) does allow the possibility of using such vaccines in the case of necessity for the health of one’s children when no other alternative exists, such being a very remote and material cooperation in the evil of abortion.

The February, 2006, issue is still available from Angelus Press. It is a sad and even heartbreaking realization — but an undeniable fact — that the SSPX unfortunately opened the door publicly to the possibility of taking abortion-tainted vaccines for “proportionate cause” with that Angelus issue – a break with what had previously been taught to the laity in the pews.  Most recently, the awful article that appeared in December, 2020, on the website should give all traditional Catholics pause.  It is absolutely scandalous! All of a sudden, we agree with something out of “Modernist Rome,” as Archbishop Lefebvre so often called the cesspool on the banks of the Tiber. In fact, here is what Archbishop Viganò has to say about the Pontifical Academy for Life:

When we consider the new orientation of the Pontifical Academy for Life… we cannot expect any condemnation of those who use fetal tissue from voluntarily aborted children. Its present members hope for mass vaccination and the universal brotherhood of the New World Order, contradicting previous pronouncements of the same Pontifical Academy.

If you bring up objections to an SSPX priest, many will give you the three “talking points” reportedly being proffered as responses on at least three continents (though there are many priests who dissent from the official position):

  1. “You are too emotional!”
  2. “It is a very complex matter, and you are simply laymen;”
  3. “Don’t you trust us?”

Well, there is a plethora of responses I could give to each of those, but the bottom line is that sometimes, we lay people have to stand up, with a properly formed conscience and a sensus Catholicus, for what we know is the immutable teaching of the Catholic Church from time immemorial. We were told from the pulpit last week that we have to “discern spirits” and we were given elements of the three arguments above — obviously a thinly veiled slap on the wrist for those faithful at Immaculate Conception Church in Post Falls that have pushed back against what was disseminated in the unfortunate “vaccine talk” of 4 January. We must stand our ground and remind priests that they cannot assume we are stupid.  Furthermore, there are many, many Catholics – both traditional and Novus Ordo – who have discerned correctly that vaccines containing murdered baby stem cells (as described by Pamela Acker) or derived from such testing are morally wrong. Period!

We are on the right side of this issue, and we are in good company. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and countless prelates and priests throughout the world stand with us! Here is Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, one of the few courageous American bishops, who wrote on 22 January, the anniversary date of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions:

All the political posturing on vaccines is truly disgusting. The fact remains that ANY vaccine available today involves using murdered children before they could even be born. I renew my pledge . . . I will not extend my life by USING murdered children. This is evil. WAKE UP! (Upper case in the original)

Dear readers, don’t be led astray by the distraction of the (very real) medical/scientific/health problems of the vaccines. And do not listen to those who try to rationalize that taking abortion-tainted vaccines is only “remote” cooperation in evil. It is sheer sophistry! These extractions and subsequent murders of babies for the sole purpose of medical “research” continue today. It is why Bishop Athanasius Schneider calls it “concatenation.” It is not only a linkage, it is an interdependence. Worse, by taking such morally unacceptable vaccines, we create a demand for more and more babies to die these horrible deaths, as the pharmaceutical companies perpetuate the lie that this barbarism (Bishop Schneider calls it “cannibalism”) is needed. So do not be distracted. Let’s stay focused on the real issue: the horrendous evil of abortion-tainted vaccines. May Almighty God grant us victory in this combat against the forces of darkness, which seem to have seduced so many of those who should be with us! [Emphasis added]

Note:  I have emailed the link to this discussion to the three SSPX priests at Post Falls – the Prior as well as the Principal and Vice-Principal of the school.

Some time later…  the administrator of the Tradidi Quod et Accepi Blog alerted me to the fact that they link to our original post on the topic of the SSPX support for the Covid vaccines in their original post on the topic, The SSPX Blinks – click here  

There is also a further post on the subject on their blog, enetitled The SSPX Dobles Down on the Vaccine here

Comments invited…   

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  • editor Reply

    Here’s more from Jon Rappoport…

    Vatican Vaccine Hotline, How Can I Help You?

    by Jon Rappoport

    February 8, 2021

    Hello, this is the confidential Vatican Vaccine Hotline for Opus Dei members, I’m Bishop Capone. How can I help you?

    Yes, this is XXXXXX. I want to verify that the Pope is advising his flock to take the COVID vaccine.

    He is.

    And the Pope is infallible, correct?

    Well, yes. In this case, however, he is expressing his personal opinion.

    But that opinion couldn’t contradict God’s wishes.

    True. How can I help you, sir?

    I plan to receive the vaccine. I know all vaccines carry a risk. Suppose, after I get the shot, I die? How should my family interpret my death?

    That’s a complex matter.

    I’m a devout family man. I would like my family to believe my death is part of God’s plan. They would take comfort from that. You see, if the Pope wants me to take the shot, and the Pope always speaks in accordance with God’s point of view, then my death would be a positive detail in God’s overall Design.

    Yes, I see where you’re going with this. However—

    I would be willing to make a sizeable donation to the Church.

    Sir, you’re talking about an Indulgence. That practice has been outlawed for centuries. A person can’t buy his way into Heaven.

    I’m talking about $150,000.

    How much?

    Excuse me, I misspoke. I meant $1,500,000.

    How much?

    Again, I mixed up the numbers. I meant ten million.

    That’s very generous, sir.

    Bishop Capone, I fully understand that money does not buy a man entry into Heaven. I would intend my gift merely as a sign of my loyalty to God’s Church. And to the Pope.

    I understand.

    All I’m asking for is a promise that, if I die from the vaccine, the Pope will write a note to my family, assuring them that my death was part of God’s plan, and they should take comfort in that knowledge.

    I will make an inquiry, sir. Of course, we’ll need a few details from you. Verification of your identity, recent bank statements, tax returns, that sort of thing.

    No problem, Bishop. My secretary can forward all that information to you. While I have you on the line, I wanted to ask you about another matter.

    What other matter?

    I know the Church is major landholder. I assume you’re tracking property values across the planet. In this time of the lockdowns, those values are dropping precipitously. My companies are interested in purchasing what we call distressed assets. Especially, land. It would help us considerably if we had access to a comprehensive list of potential acquisitions. We would appreciate any assistance you could give us.

    How much did you say you’re willing to donate to the Church?

    We can arrange the gift in several ways. For example, suppose from your list of prime distressed assets, we purchase a hundred items. We lay out seven billion dollars in all. I would be prepared to donate 4.56 percent of that to the Church.

    4.56 seems rather low. I’d be thinking more in the area of 12 percent.

    I could go 6.2.


    Eight. Anything more than eight would constitute an unconscionable burden. And for that eight, we would expect the Church to provide assistance. Recommendations to the sellers of distressed land to give us special consideration.

    Let’s call it nine percent.

    All right. Because it’s the Church, nine.

    I’ll kick your proposal upstairs, sir. See how it flies. Meanwhile, I’m going to put you on hold and transfer this call to our Security and Banking Division. They’ll take your information and do a quick preliminary background check. By the way, our construction companies are operating at full strength. It’s possible we can negotiate a deal to build out structures on the properties you purchase.

    Interesting. What sorts of structures?

    We’re very much into warehouses these days. Storage and shipping areas for all sorts of products that can be ordered online. With the lockdowns, more and more people are buying what they need without having to venture outdoors.

    I like it. I’m planning to take the vaccine next week.

    Let me ask—are you in good health?

    Excellent health. I run four miles every day. And I swim. I had a complete physical a couple of months ago. Passed with flying colors.

    Glad to hear it. We would want our partners to remain strong. You might want to check out the official COVID death rates for healthy men in your age group. I have your Opus Dei file in front of me. You’re 46. The death rates are absurdly low. Miniscule.

    Are you suggesting I should forget about taking the vaccine?

    I’m not a doctor. But do you think God set up the world so that, one day, scientists would EXPERIMENTALLY inject a piece of RNA into eight billion people, on the hypothesis that this RNA would force cells of the body to manufacture a protein that RESEMBLED a protein from SARS-CoV-2…and then the immune system would swing into action and produce a response to THAT mimicking protein…thus preparing the body if and when SARS-CoV-2 actually came along? And the one person on the planet who was most passionate about this whole program was someone named Bill Gates? THIS was God’s Design from the Beginning?

    I take your point, Bishop Capone. Thank you.

    I word to the wise, pal. And now I’ll transfer your call.

    February 8, 2021 at 4:34 pm
  • Athanasius Reply

    This demonstrates officially that PCR testing was a con all along and should scrapped altogether. How evil are these twisters?

    February 8, 2021 at 10:19 pm
  • editor Reply

    This information came to me this morning in a round robin email from the USA…

    Dear all,

    I feel I have a duty to ask you to consider the information in the following videos and I feel an urgency due to the number of my friends and relatives who are facing the questions these interviews answer. It has taken me quite a long time because I have cleared the info in #2 with traditional Catholic priests, doctors, and nurses. I am being brief on purpose to let the experts do the talking, so as not to further waste your time with my personal opinion. I leave it to you to share what you will with your families and friends, especially your adult children.

    Mrs. Charlotte Iserbyt (90 years old this year) and closer to home, Mr. John D’A, have been warning about the power given to “educrats” and “health” officials for years. We see how remarkably correct they and many others have been. Please say a prayer for Mrs. Iserbyt as she has had a minor stroke. She is Catholic.

    1. Dr. Michael Yeadon: Known Faults And Dangers Of The PCR Test

    Dr. Yeadon showed very early last year how dangerous it was to use the PCR test to evaluate whether one had the big disease. The high number of false positives is well explained. Please note that the WHO changed the number of cycles on January 20, 2021 within the hour of Biden’s Inauguration. This address has both the video and a transcript.

    An Education in Viruses and Public Health, from Michael Yeadon, Former VP of Pfizer

    2. Pamela Acker: Catholic and MORAL Perspective

    I am impressed by two video interviews that Pamela Acker gave that are very helpful in finding principles by which to “draw the line” morally whether to accept a COVID injection (or any vaccine for that matter). This covers the matter of the Pontifical Academy’s position on cell lines and testing, not to mention the nano particle tracking, genetic modifications, and who knows what other “pig in a poke” ingredients are in these injections. Both videos are very helpful, the second has new (at the time) and timely information.

    A. Here is the first:

    B. Since that time John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews has shared another video interview with her where she adds several facts which had not been considered in other articles, even her interview of last month; which means that she would probably have an update to her book soon. This video has a word for word verbatim transcript. Very helpful moral considerations.

    B.1. Official transcript at Lifesitenews:

    3. America’s Frontline Doctors Dr. Simone Gold: HEALTH And LEGAL Perspectives
    Here is a 33 page White Paper report from America’s Frontline Doctors with excellent warnings, recommendations, and actionable information about this experimental venture. I printed the paper for easy reading.

    America’s Frontline Doctors White Paper On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19

    4. Professor Dolores Cahill: Why people will start dying a few months after the first mRNA vaccination

    She explains the disease enhancement (ADE, antibody dependent enhancement) that is a known death risk. You cannot get rid of it. Another expert, Alexandra Henrion Caude, explains a greater risk for the elderly in receiving the injection.

    Why people will start dying a few months after the first mRNA vaccination

    February 9, 2021 at 11:53 am
  • wendywalker95 Reply

    CBR UK
    3tcSi2 mdfpoierdfmnsornsed ·
    This is a MUST READ for everyone who is considering taking the Covid-19 Vaccine. Just how ethical is it? And what is the link to aborted baby fetal cells?
    Awareness and informed consent is key!
    PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! #covid19vaccinerollout #HEK293 #DontForgetJohanna

    February 9, 2021 at 2:21 pm
  • wendywalker95 Reply February 9, 2021 at 2:28 pm
  • editor Reply

    Goodness, Wendy. Apparently all the bad reactions and deaths from the vaccine are occurring outside the UK.


    February 9, 2021 at 3:34 pm
  • wendywalker95 Reply

    CBR UK
    4tS ponshorsedrriaemds ·
    All 3 Covid-19 vaccines currently available in the UK, involve the use of fetal cell lines created from body parts of aborted babies. SIGN and SHARE this petition calling for ethical alternatives.
    #Covid19vaccines #HEK293 #DontForgetJohanna

    PLease sign and share widely thank you

    February 10, 2021 at 12:34 pm
    • Josephine Reply

      Wendy Walker

      I will sign that, thank you.

      February 12, 2021 at 10:52 am
  • Josephine Reply

    I also posted this over on The Great Lockdown Debate thread:

    The government are admitting that over 200 people have died including unborn babies in miscarriages, after receiving the vaccine.

    I also read somewhere that there is a high refusal rate in the USA. People are right to be worried – it’s a rush job and for something so important as a solution you’re putting into your body, we should not be forced to take it. That includes the blackmail of not getting a “vaccine passport” if we choose not to take it.

    February 12, 2021 at 10:52 am
  • wendywalker95 Reply February 12, 2021 at 1:31 pm
  • crofterlady Reply

    I’m sure everybody is aware that Lifesite News have had all their YouTube videos taken down? anyway, they can be found on Rumble and I found there this very interesting video on the AstraZeneca vaccine. I also checked out the government site the lady recommends.

    February 12, 2021 at 2:56 pm
    • Lily Reply


      Thanks for that really chilling information – I can’t imagine why anybody would risk taking those vaccines, even to get a “health passport”.

      February 12, 2021 at 4:42 pm
    • Lily Reply


      I watched the BBC documentary on the vaccine last night, and the doctor they interviewed denied flat outright that there was any animal or fetal material in any of the vaccines.

      They completely rubbished all the arguments that had convinced people they interviewed not to take the vaccine and in the end, most of those people had said they would take the vaccine.

      It’s the BBC so they are biased to start with. I don’t trust them one bit.

      February 16, 2021 at 9:10 am
  • Catherine Reply

    A friend in the USA sent the following to me. I would be interested to hear what you think about this, especially the 1 hour long video of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny:

    1. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

    Very important information about how the vx operates and will operate, not only in people’s bodies, but also in their daily activities. Names genocide. Also describes how the CDC is gaining the leases of those who cannot pay their rents.

    2. Dr. Lee Merritt

    Thirty minute video, my notes:

    Dr. Merritt is an excellent student and teacher. She has been studying the weaponization of health for years, or at least noticing it. Charlotte Iserbyt, author of deliberate dumbing down of america (sic), has been saying this for years. Mrs. Iserbyt also noted the amount of power given to unelected health officials (departments, etc.) throughout the states – warning that it was near dictatorial.

    She is so right that people are not getting true informed consent.

    Good explanation about the mRNA capacity for disaster.

    Interesting about binary poisons. Next year’s flu season is when we’ll see the disease enhanced deaths. I started to suspect this right away when they were going to prioritize our military last spring and summer…. What a great way to disable our armed forces.

    She gives a list of the things to have on hand.

    I know people who are using America’s Frontline Doctors to get Hydroxychloroquine to have on hand. A retired nurse saved her own mother’s life with it just this last week. She said that in Kansas they will not allow doctors to prescribe anything that will cure (at least in this situation like HCQ, Ivermectin, and something called budenezone?). Illegal. Budenezone? Budesonide? Doctors in Kansas cannot even prescribe it if you’ve never had it prescribed. She said it stops a bad breathing reaction and is curative. So sad.

    3. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Talks about circumstances surrounding Hank Aaron’s death with many other good interviews and showing that their social media were being taken down as this webinar progressed:

    February 15, 2021 at 6:25 pm
  • Catherine Reply

    I wanted to share with any of you who may be interested:

    I emailed (American Frontline doctors) to ask how I could get hold of the hydroxychloroquine if I needed it in the future. I was delighted to the the reply below:

    To get hydroxychloroquine please sign up and become a member on our site where you can find the answers to most of your questions regarding HCQ, vaccines, and other frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19. Memberships are free and super easy to make!

    In becoming a member, you can easily schedule a consultation with a telemedicine physician which can help you determine medication, dosage, prices and more which can be found our site through the following link:
    However, becoming a member is not required, and if you would like to go straight to the telemedicine company, use this link:

    If you have questions regarding the telemedicine service, please contact them here:

    If you have any other questions please email us again.

    February 15, 2021 at 6:40 pm
  • editor Reply

    I have received an email from Marinaio, extract below, which includes a link to the updated post on this topic, published on his blog. It makes very interesting reading.

    “I thought you would be interested to know that today we received a comment from Francesca Romana on behalf of Don Pietro. You may recall their two poignant articles from the Rorate Caeli website that we covered in early April. When you have a moment, take a look at our updated blog posting and don’t miss Francesca Romana’s comment at the end of the comment section.”

    I paid a quick visit this morning to post a comment – this is a huge success for the Tradidi blog – if you recall it was quite a shock to read the pro-vax articles on Rorate Caeli, so well done Marinaio!

    May 5, 2021 at 10:56 am

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