Cancel Culture Comes To Scotland – Teacher Fighting Trial By Wokeness …

Cancel Culture Comes To Scotland – Teacher Fighting Trial By Wokeness …

From the Mail Online…

With editorial commentary throughout…

A Scottish private school teacher is facing being struck off after slamming Ruth Davidson for having a ‘fatherless child’.
Ed: well, he didn’t “slam” her”.  Ruth’s pregnancy was in the news at the time and he merely used it to comment on relevant issues regarding family life in our changing (and not always for the better) society. 

Richard Lucas, a physics teacher at £35,000-per-year Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, made the comments on a video he posted to his YouTube channel.
Ed: and as far as we know, that’s still allowed in our “free” country. Yes? No?

Mr Lucas is now being investigated by the General Teaching Council for Scotland for his April 2018 video titled ‘Ruth Davidson and the fatherless children’.  Ed:  oops!  Seems I was a bit previous there…

Private teacher rants about Ruth Davidson having ‘fatherless child’ Ed:  he didn’t “rant” at all.  He spoke very calmly. Indeed, I once attended a meeting at which Richard was present. He didn’t so much as raise his voice during some very lively discussions.  So, that’s a porky pie, for starters.  But, decide for yourself – click here to view the video which may cost Richard his registration with the Scottish Teaching Council for Scotland – and thus, end his career, remove his livelihood. 

He also says: ‘There is cause to be concerned about same sex marriage.’ Mr Lucas made reference to statistics published by American sociologist Mark Regenerus, he said: ‘The statistics always show worse outcomes for children from lesbian and gay parented households.

‘But then the statistical jiggery pokery kicks in and by controlling for one thing or another eventually you can make those effects disappear and claim that the children turn out just as well.

‘There’s good reason to think that there are problems associated with/correlated with same sex parenthood.’
Ed: Mr Lucas is hardly the first person in the world to suggest this – check this report

Mr Lucas now faces being removed from the teaching register altogether following a complaint by a parent.
Ed: which is a total disgrace. And this parent will, no doubt, pay lip-service to the importance of teaching her offspring to be tolerant of everyone, all opinions and none. Hypocrite. 

The GTCS charges read: ‘The meaning and effect of these statements in the 2018 video, is that homosexuality is undesirable as it causes physical and mental health problems. ‘That same sex parenting is inferior to, and is of less value, than heterosexual parenting and should be discouraged as it is harmful to children. The charges continue: ‘Such statements are offensive and/or communicate intolerance, prejudice, discriminatory and/or, are potentially discriminatory. ‘…as a reasonable and properly informed member of the public, having regard to the content of your statements, would conclude that you were intolerant of and prejudiced against same sex parents and would discriminate against them and their children in the course of your duties as a teacher.’
Ed: I beg to differ  On the contrary, any and all thinking persons will conclude that it is the GTCS and the parent responsible for putting Richard Lucas on trial for his beliefs who are intolerant, offensive, prejudiced, and discriminatory. Any “reasonable and properly informed member of the public” will reach that conclusion in jig-time.  Those, that is, who are not yet fully brainwashed – not to say terrified – by the Woke Witch-hunters. Those who can see through the persecution of Richard Lucas. Those, in other words, who can think for themselves. Outside the Woke Box. They know exactly what is going on here. And it’s got absolutely nothing to do with tolerance. 

Speaking today to the panel, Mr Lucas said: ‘I admit to making the comments – I do not think that I am unfit to teach.’
Ed: Bravo, Mr Lucas.  That’s the only way to deal with bullies – stand your [righteous] ground. 

Mr Lucas also took to his Facebook page on Saturday to defend his actions. He said: ‘I still hold the views expressed in the ‘offending’ video and I will continue to articulate these views regularly and publicly as I see fit.
Ed: Bravo, Mr Lucas!

‘Whatever the outcome, I will immediately restate my views publicly and explicitly reject the right of GTCS to restrict my freedom of speech in this way.’
Ed: Bravo, BRAVO! Mr Lucas.

Mr Lucas, who is representing himself at the hearing, today cross examined former Headmaster of Merchiston Castle Andrew Hunter.
Ed: Oh, that is one wall on which I would love to have been a fly.

Mr Hunter told the panel how he had tried to talk to Mr Lucas about his views, saying: ‘I tried my hardest to nurture you to see that your views had always put you on a collision course. ‘It is in my personal view that in such a vocation we cannot adopt such a view that was expressed in the video. ‘I don’t think it’s our right to irrespective of what any religious texts may say. Whether it’s the bible or the quran.’
Ed: WOW! He’s a treasure, eh?   His patron saint is Pontius Pilate. Hand him a bowl of water and a clean towel (or maybe sanitizer would be more woke). As an aside allow me to opine that maybe he should be on trial himself:  for a Headmaster, his command of the English language isn’t the best – and isn’t “Headmaster” a tad sexist?  Just sayin’ … 

Mr Lucas then quoted the Catechism of the Catholic Church to which legal advisor Gareth Jones interrupted, saying: ‘The purpose of the witness is not to descend into personal attacks during cross examination.’
Ed: note:  Richard is not a Catholic but a committed Evangelical Protestant – that he quotes from the Catechism, is evidence, right there, that he’s no bigot. 

Mr Lucas closed his questioning by asking: ‘Is your honest belief that because I believe in mainstream Christian beliefs it makes me unfit to teach?’
Ed: that’s it in a nutshell. Answer: yes.  Now, read on for the Head’s waffle…

The former headmaster replied: ‘I tried to say to you, do not you think you have to moderate these views to context and meet people halfway. I tried to get you to acknowledge that if we have faith we can not say such things when there are people around us who have some faith or no faith at all.
Ed: this is the bit where Pontius Pilate slaps on that sanitizer…

‘I wanted the best for you and the students.’
Ed: false:  what you wanted was what was best for you – an easy life; what you wanted was to get a pesky parent off your back. There’s not a teacher in the land who can’t “picture the scene”. 

Deputy head Alan Johnston was also cross examined by the former school teacher. In his statement, Mr Johnston said: ‘He was getting close to crossing the line, a line he hadn’t previously crossed. ‘Richard is clever, he never explicitly says the words I think. He thought the school thought he had extreme or radical views.’
Ed: anyone who thinks the Ten Commandments make sense, is thought to hold “extreme or radical views.”  Thanks for the tip. We know which private school we won’t recommend to our wealthy friends when we make some said wealthy friends. 

Mr Lucas was adamant during the hearing that the school was monitoring his political party the Scotland Family Party.
Ed: and that is without a doubt.  Check out the Scottish Family Party short introductory video here… With widespread publicity, the new Scottish Family Party is a real threat to the inhabitants of Holyrood – they could entirely change the shape of the next Scottish Parliament. 

When he questioned Mr Johnston about this, the deputy head said: ‘I think initially we thought that people have the right to an opinion – we were not monitoring your online behaviour.
Ed: well, initially you were right. You should have stuck with that thought and told the pesky parent what to do with her woke complaint.

Mr Lucas questioned Mr Johnston further, asking: ‘My video supposedly infringed aspects of Merchiston Castle – did it?’

Mr Johnston replied: ‘Voicing an opinion which makes anyone feel less accepted is intolerable. Our values are to be accepting.’
Ed: well, the best way to teach is by example, so you need to show Mr Lucas that HE is accepted; that HIS values are accepted.  Simple, really. 

The hearing continues.    Source



Well, it’s officially here.  Cancel Culture. We must not deviate from the politically correct path or we face “re-education” at best and sacking at worst. To find out where this “cancel culture” is heading, just look across The Pond… Anyone who doesn’t agree with Joe Biden and his fellow Communists can’t even purchase a pillow, for goodness sake.  We have to nip this in the bud – if it’s not too late. What thinkest thou?   But first, spare a prayer for Richard Lucas, who is undergoing a most disgraceful persecution. Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for him…

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  • Faith of Our Fathers

    ” Truth what is Truth ” yes certainly a Pilate Hearing. One cannot express any true belief concerning Homosexuals, they now make the Law . Anyone with Half a Brain will know when Davidson and Her So Called Homosexual Wife’s Child grows into Manhood ( if that Word is allowed then ) He / She will seek out their Father . Whether Davidson or Her Wife will tell the Child the Truth and that He / She was conceived in a Test Tube will be up to them . Even at that every Human Being wants to know their Father and their Mother it’s only Natural and one doesn’t need in anyway be Religious to know that . Richard Lucas is a very good Man and no matter the Proceedings in this Kangaroo Court Hearing he will not tell Lies . And let’s face it first and foremost that’s what the Homosexuals or the LGBTQ2WXYZ. Community want him to do . Come to think of it surely at this Pandemic Time their shouldn’t be an LGBTQ2WXYZ. Community. Just saying. Of course am sure that the Rotten. S.N.P. will be loving this . It also takes the Heat off of Wee Nippy and Truth or Dare – so to speak.

    February 8, 2021 at 9:06 pm
  • RCAVictor

    Does anyone remember the United Nations’ “Year of Tolerance” in 1995? That was a major step, for the Luciferians, toward redefining language in order to suppress and punish thought (a process called thought crime).

    Here is a blurb from Wikipedia describing the alleged purpose of this “Year”:

    “UNESCO [lead agency for this initiative] said that five key planks were required to overcome intolerance: law, education, access to information, individual awareness and local solutions. Tolerance is thus a political, legal and moral duty to protect and preserve human rights.”


    Intolerance = any opinion, idea or doctrine that affirms and embraces Western Civilization and Christianity.

    Tolerance = the enforced acceptance of ideologies, behaviors and views that embrace depravity in any of its forms. “Tolerance,” redefined, only applies to those who accept and endorse depravity. Anyone who rejects depravity merits persecution, not tolerance as traditionally defined.

    The mealy-mouthed Mr. Johnson expressed the redefinition perfectly, when he said:

    “Mr Johnston replied: ‘Voicing an opinion which makes anyone feel less accepted is intolerable. Our values are to be accepting.’

    Could this evil double standard possibly be more obvious?

    February 8, 2021 at 9:14 pm
    • Lily

      RCA Victor,

      That’s the first I’ve heard of a UN Year of Tolerance i n 1995. Since then, it’s been downhill all the way with the people who talk the most about tolerance becoming more and more INtolerant. We all have to agree with the woke bunch or pay the penalty.

      That Edinburgh school is the last place any caring parent should send their child. They clearly do not go in for tolerance, that’s obvious. They would even risk destroying someone’s life just to make the point about “tolerance”. It’s a joke.

      February 9, 2021 at 7:01 pm
    • Michaela

      RCA Victor,

      No – the double standard could not be more obvious. They are hypocrites, the head, deputy head and parent, every one of them. Nothing good will come of this for them. They will suffer the consequences of this evil eventually.

      February 9, 2021 at 11:31 pm
  • Faith of Our Fathers

    Also Victor although it Probably won’t apply to Ruth Davidson and Her Wife . As both are petty Politicians but their uselessness as Politicians doesn’t somehow affect the zise of their Salary. It’s not unknown For said Homosexual Lesbians to break up ,in fact it’s quite common. Here though comes the Rub ( so to speak) and it’s happened a few times although God Forbid that the MSM report it . The Lesbian who leaves the Homosexual Relationship and who is not the Mother wants nothing at all to do with the Child in that relationship as far as Money is concerned I.E. Alimony as She has no Blood Ties to the Child .So the One left literally holding the Baby then goes after the Father . After all even Homosexuals have to admit that it takes Sperm from a Man and an Egg from a Woman to conceive a Human Being. So the Father who maybe 6 or so Years down the line and has no Remembrance of his so called Good Deed is taken to Court by the Lesbian holding the Baby for Alimony. I hope that Richard can find some correspondence concerning at least one of these cases . That’s before the M.S.M. stopped reporting them of course.

    February 8, 2021 at 9:52 pm
  • gabriel syme

    The case against Mr Lucas is a disgrace and an abuse of power.

    Affirming a child’s right to be raised by his or her biological parents – being what is best for them – a is a normal, widely held and non-controversial opinion. I would expect a majority of people would agree with the notion, even today.

    On the “Scottish Family Party” Facebook page (Mr Lucas is the leader of this party), it states that the lesbian mother (one Adele Wood) who made the complaint against Mr Lucas was since found to have lied in her complaint statement. And so she is not allowed to contribute to the hearing, which continues in spite of this.

    The Teaching Council’s case rests upon the idea that a reasonable and informed person would conclude that Mr Lucas values would cause him to negatively discriminate against homosexual couples and the children whose parents they pretend to be. What an absurd notion.

    However, a reasonable and informed person would undoubtedly conclude the Council is pursuing a clear agenda in order to do the dirty work of a malicious liar.

    On the website, the Council claims to be concerned with ‘Equality and Diversity’, yet here is seeks to forbid normal, long standing and highly credible views held by very many people in society. The stance that only one opinion is acceptable flies in the face of ‘Equality and Diversity’.

    I think people should certainly air their concerns about this to the Teaching Council, which claims to “welcome all feedback”. This can be given here:

    There is also a “complaints” link, which we can investigate later if necessary!

    Editor – why not make the Teaching Council aware of our discussion here? I hope they don’t think they live in a bubble and that the people who pay teacher’s wagers are not watching.

    February 8, 2021 at 11:06 pm
    • editor

      Gabriel Syme,

      I have now emailed the link to the GTCS, AND to the school, addressed to the Headmaster and Deputy Head respectively.

      Thank you for your input – every word a jewel of common sense, something which these woke clowns seriously lack. Interesting that the complainant has been proven to be a liar. More than interesting.

      February 8, 2021 at 11:41 pm
    • Josephine

      Gabriel Syme,

      The case against Mr Lucas really is a disgrace, I totally agree. It’s downright evil to do this to any human being. The Headmaster and the Deputy Head sound like a pair of shallow people. I know from teacher friends that senior management in schools are nearly always terrified of complaints from parents. Just as well they’re not in customer services – they wouldn’t survive a day.

      This cancel culture is totally immoral and I hope all those involved come to realise that it will probably affect them some time soon. If they disapprove of anything now, then in the future it could be their turn to be publicly humiliated.

      It’s the most stupid nonsense imaginable. I feel very sorry for the former teacher. I hope it doesn’t affect his future.

      February 9, 2021 at 10:54 am
    • Laura

      Gabriel Syme,

      I totally agree – it’s disgraceful what is happening to Richard Lucas and it is a total abuse of power, driven by the fear of the complaining women who is now proven to be a liar. I’d sooner have Mr Lucas teaching children than either the Head of Deputy Head of that school and I wouldn’t want anyone who lies anywhere near them. Kids need good example of basic morality, like telling the truth, for goodness sake, not woke fanatics.

      February 9, 2021 at 1:38 pm
  • Athanasius

    I had to laugh at this response from the deputy head: “Mr Johnston replied: ‘Voicing an opinion which makes anyone feel less accepted is intolerable. Our values are to be accepting.’”

    Does that include paedophiles?

    How ridiculous is this new WOKE ideology? What they’re actually doing is cancelling out 2000 years of Christian culture and morality, trampling on the graves of their own ancestors, and telling everyone around them that they had better toe the new party line or else. Not on! It’s these creeps of extreme tolerance who are the dangerous radicals, not those who voice their opinions, as is their God-given and human right. It’s what the devil does, he turns everything on its head so that what was once right is now wrong and what was once moral is now immoral.

    Here are some wise quotes of G K Chesterton borrowed from various sources – every one a gem, and so true. This shows the shallowness of Richard Lucas’ accusers, exposes them for what they really are.

    “Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance. [“Puritan and Anglican,” The Speaker, December 15, 1900. Reprinted in The Chesterton Review, vol.9, no. 4]

    In real life, people who are most bigoted are the people who have no convictions at all. Bigotry may be roughly defined as the anger of men who have no opinions. It is the resistance offered to definite ideas by that vague bulk of people whose ideas are indefinite to excess. Bigotry may be called the appalling frenzy of the indifferent. This frenzy of the indifferent is in truth a terrible thing; it has made all monstrous and widely pervading persecutions. In this degree it was not the people who cared who ever persecuted; the people who cared were not sufficiently numerous. It was the people who did not care who filled the world with fire and oppression. It was the hands of the indifferent that lit the faggots; it was the hands of the indifferent that turned the rack. There have come some persecutions out of the pain of a passionate certainty; but these produced, not bigotry, but fanaticism — a very different and a somewhat admirable thing. Bigotry in the main has always been the pervading omnipotence of those who do not care crushing out those who care in darkness and blood. [Heretics, chapter XX, “Concluding Remarks on the Importance of Orthodoxy”]

    …And what applies to the family applies to the nation. A nation with a root religion will be tolerant. A nation with no religion will be bigoted. (“The Sectarian Society,” A Miscellany of Men).

    …A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it. – “The Five Deaths of the Faith,” The Everlasting Man.

    …“Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” – Illustrated London News, April 19, 1930.

    …“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” – Illustrated London News, Jan. 14, 1911.

    …“Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God.” – “Very Christian Democracy,” Christendom in Dublin

    …“There are those who hate Christianity and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions.” – Illustrated London News, Jan. 13, 1906.

    …“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.” – Chapter 5, What’s Wrong With The World.

    …“The truth is, of course, that the curtness of the Ten Commandments is an evidence, not of the gloom and narrowness of a religion, but, on the contrary, of its liberality and humanity. It is shorter to state the things forbidden than the things permitted: precisely because most things are permitted, and only a few things are forbidden.” – Illustrated London News, Jan. 3, 1920

    …“These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own.” – Illustrated London News, Aug. 11, 1928.

    February 9, 2021 at 2:33 am
    • Josephine


      Those are fantastic quotes. I must save them to use!

      February 9, 2021 at 10:49 am
      • Athanasius


        Indeed they are. Chesterton had a knack of putting eternal truths in one sentence – great wisdom.

        February 9, 2021 at 11:24 am
      • Lily


        Yes, he did – thank you for those super Chesterton quotes.

        February 9, 2021 at 6:58 pm
  • editor

    I’ve just received an email from Richard Lucas to thank us for this thread and to say he’s tweeted it out.

    February 9, 2021 at 11:51 am
  • westminsterfly

    I recall that one of the first same-sex couples to adopt a child and I’m pretty sure it was in the UK, were found guilty of possessing child pornography (I can’t recall if it was the child they had adopted, or other children’s pictures). Needless to say, a Google search has proved fruitless as this story – and I definitely remember it happening – has conveniently gone down the memory hole. Also, I remember reading the heartbreaking story of a young girl who grew up with her father who was a homosexual, the things she witnessed, the problems it has caused her. Her story is here:-

    February 9, 2021 at 12:43 pm
    • Laura

      Westminster Fly,

      Your comment reminded me of a video I’d seen of a woman who was raised with two lesbian women and is now an advocate for traditional marriage. I was really surprised to find that it is still on YouTube!

      February 9, 2021 at 1:35 pm
      • Michaela


        Thanks a really interesting video – it’s not often you hear someone speaking the truth in these situations, all too anxious to be PC or woke or whatever the latest label is.

        February 9, 2021 at 11:28 pm
      • westminsterfly

        It won’t be on YouTube for long. They are having a purge of these things.

        February 10, 2021 at 9:07 am
  • Faith of Our Fathers

    Am as surprised as yourself that You Tube hasn’t deleted that Video, for Gods Sake they’ll be starting to put out the TRUTH and we cant have that .Interestingly the Woman talked about the Horrible Obama and we all know what a Deviant he is .As for which Obama it is take your pick . Also if Ruth Davidson and Her Wife Jen Wilson had any Principles, then they would come out and say that .This is a free country and although they Disagree with Richard Lucas that hes at least entitled to His Opinion . It seems as if the Scottish Parliament is very short on Principles and shed be scoring an own Goal as far as this situation is concerned .After all am sure if it went to a Vote with Scottish Conservatives that the vast majority would side with Richard Lucas .

    February 9, 2021 at 6:24 pm
  • Lily

    I am appalled, but not surprised at this school’s treatment of Richard Lucas.

    I was also stunned when I heard the speaker on the Scottish Family Party video saying that the Scottish Government’s baby boxes contained condoms. I couldn’t believe it so I went to check it out for myself and hard as it is to believe, it’s true. They just can’t help themselves, they interfere in family life all the time. Most people are not appreciative, though, so there’s still some hope for the country.

    February 9, 2021 at 6:57 pm
  • Michaela

    What that school is doing to Richard Lucas is downright evil. I’m a great believer in “what goes around comes around” though, so they will get their come-uppance eventually.

    What is really concerning is what the kids are learning from this nonsense. As soon as someone says something you don’t agree with, set out to destroy them. What a message. Some educators, they are.

    February 9, 2021 at 11:29 pm
  • Fidelis

    What is happening to Richard Lucas is scandalous.

    It is beyond belief that people are being disciplined and even losing their job because of something they believe that was believed by the majority of the population for thousands of years!

    What’s going to happen next – what if the paedophile rights movement wins out. Will anyone who condemns paedophilia a few years from now be hauled up before the teaching council?

    February 10, 2021 at 11:58 pm
  • gabriel syme

    Some good news! Mr Richard Lucas has been allowed to continue working as a teacher, following his GTCS hearing.

    The news is reported almost nowhere – at the time of writing, it seems that even the website of the GTCS lacks the news.

    Very many outlets covered Mr Lucas’ alleged “rant” (i.e. temperately expressed, moral, logical but unfashionable opinions) which the case was based on, but it seems few are covering his victory which occurred over a week ago now.

    I found mention of it in The Times, but as I am not a subscriber, I can only read the opening paragraphs:

    A private school teacher has been allowed to continue working in the classroom after a hearing in which he was accused of homophobia for criticising Ruth Davidson for having “fatherless children” on YouTube.

    Richard Lucas, a former physics teacher at Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, made the comments in a 2018 YouTube video that were deemed “offensive”.

    At a hearing of the General Teaching Council of Scotland, the teacher regulator, he stood by his claims, insisting that: “I think homosexuality is immoral and I think same sex marriage should be discouraged.”

    I am pleased for Mr Lucas although it was disgraceful that such a contrived case, instigated by a malicious LGBT liar, achieved such mileage.

    February 22, 2021 at 10:19 am
    • editor

      Gabriel Syme,

      That’s great news for Richard. Wonderful.

      Thank you very much for being the bearer of such glad tidings. Much appreciated.

      February 22, 2021 at 7:17 pm

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