Irish Bishops Reaping What They Have Sown: Government Persecuting Church…

Irish Bishops Reaping What They Have Sown: Government Persecuting Church…

St Patrick didn’t manage to kick ALL snakes out of Ireland – evidently…

DUBLIN, Ireland, April 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Irish Catholics have faced months of persecution from the national government, with public worship banned since December and attempts to host services punishable by fines and prison time for ministers. Now, a new law has been passed which further tightens gatherings both indoors and outdoors, effectively criminalizing attendance at any religious gathering, including sacramental Confession with a priest.

The updated legislation, (S.I. 171/2021), enacted under the guise of public health and safety, renders meeting a priest for Confession a criminal offense in Ireland, punishable by up to six months in jail, or a fine of €127 (about $152 USD). 

There remains an arbitrary permission to attend weddings and funerals, albeit in limited numbers.

Oran Doyle, law professor and member of the COVID-19 Law and Human Rights Observatory at Trinity College, Dublin, explained on RTE Radio 1’s News at One, Sunday, the recent change to Irish law and why it is significant regarding Catholic worship and access of the faithful to the sacraments.

“What’s changed is really the legal treatment,” he explained. “Apart from the first lockdown last April/May, and the start of June 2020, there hasn’t been a legal prohibition on religious services.”

Doyle pointed out that the Irish government, until this point, “has talked in terms of ‘levels,’” with regard to the their lockdown regimes. These levels, or tiers of restrictions are supposedly based on the severity of the spread of COVID-19, with higher levels bringing about harsher impositions on social gatherings, and so on. “But really those levels aren’t always backed up by law, and the case of religious services in general … there was no legal prohibition [for attendance].”

The recent adjustment of law “is the first time that a clear, legal prohibition on religious services has been put in place, as I say, since the first lockdown last April/May,” Doyle informed listeners.  

In a statement, Ireland’s pro-abortion Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, attempted to quell fears that members of the Catholic Church, and indeed all religious observers, were being attacked by the new legislation, saying that the law “was not intended to single out worship.”

But Doyle flatly contradicted the minister’s claim. “Well that can’t be correct because previously in the legislation there was a clear ban on any events in your households and there was also a ban on what they described as ‘relevant events,’ which, in the law, has a very clear definition as events for social recreational purposes, things like that,” he said.

“So those type of events were already banned but religious events weren’t, and they seem to be the most obvious thing that was cut by this change in the law that was made last week,” he responded.

The new provision in law applies to any religious event, be it held indoors or outdoors. “That’s where it is different from the restrictions on other events,” Doyle said. “So, for example, if a priest were to do the sacrament of Confession with one parishioner outside, socially distanced, that would be a criminal offence; but if the priest were to meet the parishioner for a chat, that wouldn’t be a criminal offence because that’s dealt with under one of the other provisions or regulations.”

Doyle clarified that the offense, in such an instance, would be on the part of both the penitent and the confessor, both of whom “attend” the sacrament together in the same place and at the same time.

He added that, whilst the provision “doesn’t mention ‘religious purpose’” as a specific offending event, the new regulations “are made by the minister for health under the statute passed by the Oireachtas [Irish parliament] last March, and it’s the statute that defines events to include an event for religious purposes.”

“So when these regulations use the same word ‘event,’ in the way that it was used in the main statute, well then that meaning has to follow through,” Doyle explained.

Irish bishops continue attempts to dialogue with government officials

Commenting on the new “draconian” impositions on the Church in Ireland, the Primate of All-Ireland, Archbishop Eamon Martin, characterized the statute as “provocative and formally enacting a potential infringement of religious freedom and of constitutional rights.”
Editor, Catholic Truth: Well, you didn’t show too much (if any) concern that your Government was infringing God’s right to have His Moral Law observed when you meekly sat by and watched as evil laws were enacted which legalise both the murder of  unborn babies and the sexual unions of same-sex couples.  So, no point getting all hoity toity about “infringements of religious freedom now”.  Justice towards  God is even more important than justice towards the rest of us. Think about it.

Martin expressed his “disappointment” that the Church faces tighter restrictions, despite “the consistent support from the churches for public health messaging since the beginning of the pandemic.” In fact, the support from the Irish Catholic hierarchy for oppressive government restrictions went so far as to see the Archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Farrell, voluntarily prohibit priests in his diocese from distributing Holy Communion to parishioners privately “[in] the interest of health and safety.”
Editor, Catholic Truth: As it says in the headline, the Irish bishops are getting precisely what they deserve. They are reaping what they have sown by not standing against these disgraceful lockdowns and restrictions from the get-go, but, instead,  actively co-ooperating with them. In other words, the Government is now treating the bishops with contempt, not “despite” their support for the unlawful pandemic measures but “because” of their support. Bullies never respect the bullied. Think about it; think, think, think, and when you’ve done that, think again. Yes, they are reaping – big time – what they have sown.   Galatians 6:7-8: ‘Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap’.

“[D]espite the reassurances of the Taoiseach [prime minister] to church leaders … that he understood the importance of faith and worship to the people of Ireland,” Martin said, “this statutory instrument was introduced in a clandestine manner and without notice or consultation. We consider this to be a breach of trust.”   Source
Editor, Catholic Truth: And you think that anyone (and I do mean anyone) cares what you think?  Your politicians are treating you – deservedly in my opinion – with contempt.  Get over it. 


Don’t misunderstand my injected commentary above – I think the Irish Government is a disgrace, just as I thought when they legalised abortion and same-sex “marriage”.  I’ve been consistent throughout.  The Irish bishops have not been thus consistent.  They are in the “let’s have our cake (social acceptance) and eat it” camp.  But, as St Paul says,  God will not be mocked and they are already, even in this life, getting what they deserve in terms of being held in utter contempt by the very politicians and people they’ve tried so hard to please.  And they’ve more to look forward to in the next life: ‘He who will deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in Heaven.’ (Matthew 10:33). 

So, feel free to criticise the Irish Government – they truly deserve it; but don’t forget that the real culprits are the bishops. I’ll email the link to this thread to the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference  “across the water”. They’ll be thrilled.   

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  • Lily

    I totally agree that the Irish bishops are getting what they deserve, they really are.

    Reading that Lifesitenews article was an eye-opener, not just the actual report but the links within the body of the article itself. I hadn’t realised how much the Irish bishops had co-operated with the pandemic restrictions – they really and truly do deserve to be insulted by their government.

    If only they would do what the Governor of Florida has done as per the other thread – just admit they made a mistake and say they are no longer supporting the government’s intrusion into the lives of the people of Ireland. Just open the churches and take what comes – I can’t imagine that if they did that and if every priest reopened his church that they would fine them all or jail them all.

    The problem is, nobody is putting these politicians to the test, everyone is just meekly going along with it all. It’s unbelievable, especially in Ireland where they fought so hard to keep the faith in the past. It was bad when the English were repressing them but not their own government. It makes no sense.

    April 22, 2021 at 2:55 pm
    • Josephine


      I couldn’t agree more. If the way the Church is being hassled in Ireland right now doesn’t waken these bishops up, nothing will.

      They’ve been so weakened by the clergy abuse scandals that they just cower away in a corner. They don’t face down the critics, just go along with the narrative that all priests are a danger to children. That has weakened them so much that they feel they can’t do anything but accept everything that’s thrown at them. It’s real cowardice. Some people say it’s understandable but I disagree. They should have said right away that this was terrible but you can’t tar every priest with the same brush and not allowed that shame to silence them when they should be living out their vocations.

      April 22, 2021 at 3:53 pm
    • Nicky


      You are right about the Florida Governor, De Santis. He’s strongly tipped to be a candidate for the presidency in 2024 but with the corrupt election system over there now, I can’t see the Democrats ever being ousted now. That was the whole point of the fraud, to make sure they got back into power for good.

      It would be something, right enough, if the Irish (and our) bishops would “do a De Santis” and just admit they were wrong to support lockdowns and start afresh.

      April 22, 2021 at 5:13 pm
  • RCAVictor

    “In other words, the Government is now treating the bishops with contempt, not “despite” their support for the unlawful pandemic measures but “because” of their support.”

    Imagine that: human nature exposes the lie and folly of ecumenism and human respect! Who is it that has nothing but contempt for the Catholic Church’s continuing sell-out of Our Lord, first to the Protestants and then to the Muslims, since Vatican II? First the Protestants, then the Muslims. And they’ve said so publicly, especially the Muslims.

    (Oh, and let’s include the Masons among those to whom we’ve surrendered.)

    Looks like Ireland has returned to the days of Mass rocks. Shouldn’t “The Taoiseach” be calling himself Cromwell?

    April 22, 2021 at 3:50 pm
    • Josephine

      RCA Victor,

      Our comments went up at the same time, so I have to say I agree with you completely, except I don’t think there will be any “Mass rocks” these days because I honestly don’t think these bishops and priests believe the faith. They’re all ecumenists and the lack of fight when the abortion and gay referendums were on the go, was hard to believe. Only priests who spoke against those referendums were told off! I also remember the CT team going over to leaflet at one of those campaigns and being met with verbal abuse on the streets of (?Dublin).

      April 22, 2021 at 3:58 pm
  • Nicky

    Doyle’s comment “What’s changed is really the legal treatment,” he explained. “Apart from the first lockdown last April/May, and the start of June 2020, there hasn’t been a legal prohibition on religious services.” makes me think that if the 27 Protestant ministers in Glasgow who took out the legal challenge against the SNP Government hadn’t done that, we’d be in the same position.

    Half the time the police are interpreting what is supposed to be “guidance” as if it was law, and I think the Judge in Edinburgh put paid to them doing that here. The Scottish government had issued “regulations” which included closing churches but it wasn’t actually illegal. If those ministers hadn’t gone to court, and the Judge sent a warning shot across the Government’s bow, we’d be in the same boat, I’m sure of it.

    I agree about the Irish hierarchy, though – they are a very weak lot.

    April 22, 2021 at 5:10 pm
    • Michaela


      I agree – but for those Protestant ministers going to court for a Judicial Review, we’d be in the very same position, threatened with jail for going to church. It’s incredible that there are still some people who think this is all about a virus! LOL!

      April 22, 2021 at 6:46 pm
  • Bill

    That article from Lifesitenews, and particularly Editor’s comments seriously hit the nail on the head, and brought home a few truths to those apologies for bishops.
    Talk about the Shepherd looking after the sheep, more like a wolf devouring them. When are they going to get it into their thick sculls that this Government hates them, and all that they should be standing for?. The vast majority of priests are no better, ‘though there are a few who are providing the Sacraments on the qt.
    It’s a penal offence now for a priest to hear confession even outside.
    As for the laity, I for one have heard precious little laments from them, praising instead all the lovely online Masses.
    If there’s an ounce of faith left in those Sissy Bishops they should throw caution to the wind and immediately open all the churches, and let the chips fall where they will. With any luck a few of them will end up behind bars, and then maybe they will reflect, and take the silly smiles off their faces.
    This once great Country is now the pits, and we’re all reaping the reward for the public insults to Our Lord, via the recent referendums on Abortion and the legalizing of Sodomy. Johnny Cash after a visit to Ireland wrote a song called Forty Shades Of Green, well, there’s no green shoots showing any more, but rotten fruit, and the stench is going to get worse, with a corrupt Government, corrupt judiciary, corrupt police, and corrupt Church. They’re debating an Euthanasia Bill , and a Hate Crime Bill, and introducing a transgender or transhuman or whatever it’s called programme, into primary schools, and people can’t get vaccinated quick enough, thinking the Government cares about them. And still not a peep from the Sissy Bishops.
    When one thinks of the history of Ireland, the persecutions from outside, the great famine, the priests and religious who sacrificed their lives for their flock, instead of hiding in the sacristy, with a half dozen masks on them, only one conclusion is possible, they have lost the faith, they have forgotten God.
    Pray the veil is removed from their eyes.

    April 22, 2021 at 5:17 pm
  • Faith of Our Fathers

    Well well maybe these Irish Bishops will have to dismiss a Servant or 2. They may even God Forbid have to cook for themselves although i suspect that may not Happen until the next Lockdown. The amazing thing about this Garbage is that The Loyalists in The North ,at least the 100ft High Bonfire Engineers, still believe that the Pagan South wants to take over The North and turn them all into Catholics. As i said to Victor on a post that our Social Problems here among ordinary people are way complicated. When i stayed in a certain Town in Lanarkshire they actually used to Advertise what were called £1 a Bullet Nights. ED i dont think that many of the Bishops will complain except if it infringes on their, lets just say Luxury Lifestyles. Remember before The Irish Voted for Mass Slaughter of unborn Children, Nippy invited any Females to Scotland for Free Abortions,of course we had to pay for them. Maybe a same invite can be sent to the Faithful Irish Catholics to come over here for Mass. Assuming of course that their are any Faithful Irish Catholics left. O just a we bit off Topic .In a Catholic Church just 2 Miles from me the Priest was reported to The Police for having 53 At Mass instead of 50. Nothing like your so called own kind putting The Boot in when your lying on the Ground. As its been said before what Cromwell .Churchill and Thatcher couldnt do the Irish have done to themselves. Its certainly a True Passage in the Bible that says along the lines ” Let one Demon in and another 7 shall follow “.Well they let as you say so called Homosexual Marriage in. Then it was The Legal Murdering of unborn Children, and now its this.What next Public Hangings at The Irish Tron Gate in Dublin. Nothing would surprise us now.

    April 22, 2021 at 5:26 pm
  • Michaela

    That Lifesitenews article is very interesting and worrying but this one is also of great interest.

    I’m inclined to agree with him when he says this:

    A Constitution which now makes specific reference to the killing of unborn children should say nothing about “our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ.”

    Liberal and anti-Catholic voices have long demanded a secular state in Ireland. They should be given it. And modern Ireland should be made to own its many failures without any opportunity to blame Christianity.

    That’s exactly right. IMHO.

    April 22, 2021 at 6:44 pm
  • Josephine


    I went to read that link you posted – it’s a very interesting article, as you say. But then I saw another headline which made me laugh and think “I might try that!” LOL!

    Maybe if the still practising Irish Catholics threatened to do that unless the bishops and priests start living as they’re supposed to live, that would make the difference! It’s worth a try!

    April 22, 2021 at 8:08 pm
  • Laura

    I agree with everyone so far – the Irish bishops are just like the Scottish bishops; about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    April 22, 2021 at 9:38 pm
  • Edward Mulrenan

    Their failure to.oust pederast clerics for Devafes as in Arg. .,Canada and the usa has bred Contempt for the cino bishops in Ireland as well.. They are regarded as a JOKE BY pro. homosexuals ,abortionists ,Euthanasia promoting Pol. There..iis so obvious, Even in Arg. .,Chile, Costa Rica etc….. . IF bishops as well as in.Canada ,USA, Vatican, west Europe and Ireland refuse to enunciate the morals sexual and otherwise let alone enforce them then such contempt is obvious and well deserved. So sad

    April 23, 2021 at 1:34 am
    • editor


      I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said that it was and remains a huge mistake for the Irish bishops to have reacted SO apologetically for the clergy abuse scandals. And that, permanently so.

      Of course, those scandals are horrendous and must be identified as such. But would the members of other professions allow their professions to be defined by such scandals and spend the rest of their lives apologising for them? Would they have allowed such scandals to prevent them from carrying out their professional duties properly for fear of pharisaical criticism? Do medical doctors refuse to visit elderly patients at home because of the murderous Dr Harold Shipman in England? Of course not.

      They should have spoken out very strongly to condemn all such scandalous behaviour on the part of clergy, and cleared out those who were guilty, making sure that they now act on information urgently, but not just to be seen to be doing something; instead, for the purpose of distinguishing credible from fabricated instances and then acting decisively – telling the mainstream media to take a hike with their intrusive and insulting questions. And certainly NOT enlisting the help of Protestant ministers to undertake an investigation within the Church. Can’t remember if they did that in Ireland – our bishops in Scotland did that, adding scandal to scandal. And they accused Catholic Truth of washing our dirty linen in public! Unbelievable.

      And, from the get-go they should have cleared out the seminaries (without waiting for them to close or fade away) to send the message that “only Catholics need apply”.

      Unfortunately, all of the above requires (a) that the bishops actually believe that clergy abuse is an evil which needs to be wiped out – inaction or weak action suggests otherwise and (b) it requires strong Catholic Faith and that, manifestly, is not on offer in any of the bishops, certainly in those posing as leaders in Ireland.

      April 23, 2021 at 11:21 am
  • editor

    In the Lifesitenews video which I’ve just posted as the introduction to the new thread, “Church in Chaos…” Bishop Paul Dempsey of the Diocese of Achonry is mentioned (but, note, he is no longer “Bishop -Elect) because he has publicly opposed the CDF document on blessing same-sex unions. I paid a quick visit to his website and here is an extract from his disgraceful statement, with the link in case you can be bothered visiting to read the baloney in its entirety: personally, I think life’s too short –

    Following the publication of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s response to the question of blessing unions of people in same sex relationships, many have expressed their anger, disappointment and disillusionment with the Church. This has been experienced as another hurtful response from the Church to people with same sex orientation. In an article published on the 16th of March 2021, Bishop Johann Bonny of Antwerp, who attended the Synod on Marriage and the Family in 2015, stated that during the synod “there were frequent discussions about appropriate rituals and gestures to include homosexual couples, including in the liturgical sphere. Naturally, this occurred with respect for the theologically and pastoral distinction between a sacramental marriage and the blessing of a relationship. The majority of the synod fathers did not choose a black and white liturgical approach or an all-or-nothing model…

    The deeper problem arises in the sphere of language, at best it is experienced as cold and distant, at worst hurtful and offensive. The statement that the Church “cannot bless sin” is seen as targeting or treating same sex couples in a way that others are not targeted or treated in the Church. Many have found this deeply offensive. As a result some feel they are not welcome and have no place in the Catholic Church. There is a great sadness in this as no one should feel that they are not welcome in the Church, which is the Body of Christ. Further to this, so many people in same sex relationships have enriched the life of the Church and continue to do so in parishes across the world.”

    Goodness only knows how this character reconciles the above nonsense with the fact that Christ spoke about sin – and its damning consequences. Often. And what about the crackpot “not feeling welcome” idiocy… Was Go and sin no more “targeting” adulterers? Er… yes. At a wild guess, it certainly makes clear that it’s not a great idea to engage in adulterous affairs. I wish these brainless bishops would just admit that they do not believe the Faith and become official Protestants instead of pretend Catholics. They’re now beyond a joke. Just go. Please and thank you.

    I’ll email the link to this thread to Bishop Dempsey and then await the usual lecture on “charity” – saying nice things is what charity means to the snowflake Catholic population of today.

    April 24, 2021 at 1:16 am
    • Lily


      I agree about the bishops who obviously don’t believe the faith and don’t understand the meaning of the natural law, they should just pack up and leave, instead of taking money for their comfortable lifestyle from the poor working class people across their dioceses. That applies to our bishops in Scotland as well as the Irish bishops.

      The ridiculous argument about “language” being hurtful is actually an insult to our intelligence. You don’t apply that standard to any other sin. You don’t hear bishops warning us to watch the language when calling out murderers and thieves in case we hurt their feelings, LOL! The stupidity is breath-taking.

      April 24, 2021 at 10:43 am
      • Josephine


        The Catholics in that diocese should stop putting money into the collection plate. If enough did so, their “comfortable lifestyles” would soon not be so comfortable.

        It mystifies me why this (or any other) bishop is so keen to curry favour with those committing the grave sin of sodomy. The fact that it’s been legalised doesn’t make it right.

        I know Editor often makes the point that those who are justifying the homosexual sin or any other sin of impurity, really, are more likely than not, living in a compromised way themselves. The more I think about that, the more I agree with it.

        April 24, 2021 at 12:08 pm
    • RCAVictor


      This Bishop’s lexicon is straight out of the homosexual playbook: the truth is “hurtful and offensive” and makes people feel “unwelcome.” Draw your own conclusions: if it thinks like a duck, talks like a duck…

      I wonder how he and his traitorous ilk will feel when they find out they are “unwelcome” in Heaven?

      April 24, 2021 at 3:42 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        That is the problem – somehow, the LGBT++++ lobby have managed to take control of the clergy, seminaries and hierarchy. It’s dreadful.

        Well, at least Bishop Dempsey did accord me the courtesy of a reply and he didn’t, as I’ve come to expect, lecture me on the need to be more charitable.

        However, there was a stipulation with his email that it was “strictly private” etc and publication is not permitted.

        Suffice to say, the Bishop referenced his statement in full, in response to my charge of his “dissent”. I did include a link to his full website statement, above.

        By supporting same-sex unions in any way (the latest tactic being “blessings”) I maintain is to dissent from Catholic morality and teaching about marriage. In essence, the Bishop disagrees, basically arguing that his statement is encouraging careful language for the purpose of providing pastoral care. All hinges, then, on what is meant by “pastoral care”.

        April 24, 2021 at 7:21 pm
      • RCAVictor


        Since Vatican II was a “pastoral” Council, we know all too well what that word means: dead silence on Church dogma and doctrine, and plenty of double-talk to satisfy human respect and obscure truth.

        I shudder to think how much the population of Hell will be increasing over the next 10 years…

        April 24, 2021 at 10:54 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,

        Sadly, so true. As for the population of Hell – if only they’d been reading the strongly worded (and well documented) sermons of some of the great saints who warned of the huge number of Catholics who end up in that extremely warm, er, climate. We wouldn’t be living through this nightmare apostasy – I’m sure of it!

        April 24, 2021 at 11:57 pm
      • editor

        RCA Victor,


        Although I felt I couldn’t publish the Bishop’s reply to me, but simply referenced the essence of it, which was that he wasn’t dissenting from Catholic teaching on marriage, but merely being pastoral re. same-sex “blessings” , I don’t see why I can’t publish my reply to him. And the reason I have decided to do so is that, while I wrote my reply with the intention of closing the correspondence, he has written to me again in reply to my reply. More on that in due course. First, though, here is my email in reply to his “pastoral care” message (which constitutes his reply to my original email)…

        Dear Bishop Dempsey,

        Thank you for your reply. I did read your statement in full, and I did put the link to it at the end of the section which I quoted, on our blog.

        However, to quote from the highly controversial (to put it mildly) Amoris Laetitia serves, I’m sorry to say, to confirm the concerns which I have – and which all truly informed Catholics have – about the failure to uphold God’s moral law, and, indeed, the all but abandonment of it, by the hierarchy and clergy during this period of unprecedented crisis in the Church.

        When Pope Francis refers to the authentic teaching of the Church on marriage and moral issues, there is always a “get out clause”. Especially, it seems in the matter of homosexuality.

        To claim that such “get out clauses” amount to mere “pastoral care” raises the question of what constitutes “pastoral care”. My own understanding is that all pastoral care must be ordered to the salvation of souls. Thus, to encourage people to continue in a sinful lifestyle, is NOT to provide pastoral care but to promote mere “friendly relationships”, so to speak. To claim “pastoral care” flies in the face of the reality which we are witnessing. We see bishops and priests speaking about “not hurting” those in same-sex partnerships as if that is the most important thing. Any parent who has had to reprimand a child, sometimes using harsh words, will say how difficult it is to see their beloved offspring upset. It would be a dereliction of duty, however, to allow the child to continue uncorrected. It’s precisely the same principle at work. The most important thing is not to avoid hurting feelings, but to bring those people who are engaging in such evil and unnatural behaviour to an appreciation that if they do not turn away from that sin, they are likely to suffer the loss of their souls in Hell for all eternity. THAT is truly pastoral care, unless you really believe that Our Lord was uncaring and that great saints and doctors of the Church got it wrong. Remember, in a private revelation, St Catherine of Siena (Doctor of the Church, as you will know) revealed that although the demons are responsible for encouraging people to commit this sin, they turn away in disgust when it is about to be committed. Such is the abhorrent nature of the act itself, as recognised by the angelic nature of even the fallen angels. In fact, Bishop, I’ve just taken a minute to find that quote from one of St Catherine of Siena’s visions to include in this email – apparently from God Himself:

        “But they act in a contrary way, for they come full of impurity to this mystery, and not only of that impurity to which, through the fragility of your weak nature, you are all naturally inclined (although reason, when free will permits, can quiet the rebellion of nature), but these wretches not only do not bridle this fragility, but do worse, committing that accursed sin against nature, and as blind and fools, with the light of their intellect darkened, they do not know the stench and misery in which they are. It is not only that this sin stinks before me, who am the Supreme and Eternal Truth, it does indeed displease me so much and I hold it in such abomination that for it alone I buried five cities by a divine judgment, my divine justice being no longer able to endure it. This sin not only displeases me as I have said, but also the devils whom these wretches have made their masters. Not that the evil displeases them because they like anything good, but because their nature was originally angelic, and their angelic nature causes them to loathe the sight of the actual commission of this enormous sin.”

        Nobody is fooled, Bishop Dempsey, by the claims that there is no challenge to the moral teaching of the Church, that the attacks on the most recent ban on blessing this terrible sin are nothing more than expressions of pastoral care.

        No, what they are, Bishop, are calls for the acceptance of this sin. And it is of the utmost seriousness that we have a pope and bishops who are failing in their God-given duty to exercise their prophetic duty, to be counter-cultural in this matter.

        Complaining because the CDF reminds us that no priest can bless sin, is astonishing. Yet that is what priests and bishops are doing. They want to be free to have same-sex couples stand before them and “bless” their unnatural unions, condemned, not only in Scripture, but throughout history until, in our “enlightened” times, secular Governments made this unnatural behaviour legal. Incredible.

        I see that there is a note at the foot of your email prohibiting publication of your reply, so I will simply record, on our blog, that you afforded me the courtesy of a reply, and that without lecturing me on being more charitable! Thank you for that.

        God bless you – please pray for me.

        I have just found the Bishop’s response to the above message in my inbox with the same legal disclaimer. Below, I list his key points, paraphrased, for the most part, by me… Any time I quote his exact word(s) they are identified with speech marks.

        The Bishop writes that…

        * he stopped reading my email when he saw that I expressed criticism of the Pope.

        * he believes that the Pope is “ordained by the Spirit” to lead the Church.

        * Thus, I am out of step with the basics of the Faith.

        * He quotes “St” John Paul II’s teaching referencing “submission of the will and intellect to the pope’s teaching” (Donum Veritatis).

        * Since I am unfaithful to that teaching, he “respectfully” asks that I do not contact him again.

        Just as well he didn’t read the rest of my email because he would have been tempted to check out some information about St Catherine of Siena and, discovering that she has castigated popes in her time, even told at least one to resign if he wasn’t up to the job, the bishop may have suffered a heart attack.

        Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up. Contemporary bishops and priests of a certain age have NOT been taught the basics of the Faith – that’s obvious. The Holy Spirit does NOT pick the pope. Conclaves are NOT guaranteed to give us good popes.

        Anyway, pray for him and others like him who just do not know the Faith – and when confronted with it, they hate it. God help us all.

        April 25, 2021 at 6:22 pm
      • RCAVictor


        Let’s coin a phrase for the laughable and insulting anti-Catholic nonsense written by this bishop:

        Pusillanimous Pastoral Papolotry

        April 25, 2021 at 7:25 pm
      • Lily


        That bishop wasn’t too fussed about hurting your feelings, was he? Proves what is really going on here and it’s not about “pastoral care”.

        April 25, 2021 at 8:06 pm
  • editor

    Latest – Irish police officers throwing people out of church. One man (filming) asks why they don’t visit the mosque – a VERY good question…

    April 26, 2021 at 5:30 pm
  • editor

    Here is, would you believe it, a rebuke from the Scottish Bishops to the Irish Government for their extreme restrictions. Wonder will never cease…

    May 1, 2021 at 9:03 am
  • Michaela

    I’ve just read this about the restrictions being lifted in Ireland today and in various stages. Although it mentions weddings (50 can attend but only 6 at indoor reception!) there is no mention of Masses resuming. The Government really does seem to totally hate the Catholic Church in Ireland.

    May 4, 2021 at 8:27 pm

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