Restoring The Faith – Rebuilding… But… How?

Restoring The Faith – Rebuilding… But… How?

From the beginning of our publication, our stated aim has been to contribute to the restoration of the traditional Catholic Faith in Scotland.  Taylor Marshall helps to crystallise what this mean in his short address to the Catholic Identity Conference in the video clip above.  Is he right?

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  • editor

    From Michael J. Matt, Editor, The Remnant on the Catholic Identity Conference (CIC)

    I just returned from emceeing the Catholic Identity Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, which exceeded all expectations. With some 700 attendees on hand over the three-day event, the CIC provided all of us here at The Remnant with an incredible “shot in the arm” that inoculated us all against the twin pandemics of Modernism and Globalism. The conference was made up of not only seasoned veterans of the traditional Catholic movement, but also an unexpected influx of new recruits, including hundreds of young people, students, and families who have only recently discovered the Traditional Mass.

    In a manifestation of God’s Providence at work, many attendees of the CIC have discovered the traditional Latin Mass only recently, due to the Great Reset’s forced lockdown of the Novus Ordo churches. If the CIC’s infectious enthusiasm and commitment to resist the enemies of the Cross is any indication of what’s happening throughout the country, I can honestly report that there is more hope for the future of the Catholic Counterrevolution now than any of us thought possible even a year ago.

    Whereas last year’s CIC delved into the hopeful possibilities of a political outcome offsetting the Globalist war against Christianity, this year’s event focused exclusively on the last best hope of the world, which is the proclamation of the Kingship of Christ and the restoration of Traditional Catholicism. It seems evident that the swamp creatures from the Vatican to Washington, D.C., have no idea of the extent to which they have awakened the sleeping giant of resistance worldwide.

    The overwhelming reaction to this year’s CIC was that we should continue to make this not only a weekend conference but an international movement, and we are already planning an event next year that will be even larger than that which took place this year.

    So the plan is, God willing, to forge ahead which the Catholic Identity Conference, uniting once again Catholic activists, writers, leaders, priests and bishops from nearly every camp to make a strong and principled stand against not only the Great Reset which is exploding all around us, but also the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-God World Order.

    Gustav Mahler writes that “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but rather the preservation of fire.” It became abundantly obvious at this year’s CIC that that fire and its preservation have become the defining feature of the Traditional Catholic movement going forward. The die has been cast, the line drawn in the sand, and the war declared.

    I would like to make public my gratitude to all the excellent speakers and special guests who made this event what John Rao called the “best conference ever” and the most powerful manifestation of united clans to date. I was honored to stand with them all, but especially with three princes of the Church who stood as the CIC’s apostolic reminders of what Our Lord meant when He promised that He would be with us always, even unto the consummation of the world: Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, and Chorbishop Anthony Spinosa.

    There are entirely too many CIC highlights for me to enumerate here—from veteran traditionalists to new recruits such as Abby Johnson—but I would strongly encourage you to discover for yourself the tremendous manifestation of Faith and principled resistance that was this year’s Catholic Identity Conference, which by all accounts was a massive success.

    Help us spread the word and support the effort by watching all the talks online as on-demand video from Remnant TV. The long-term objective is to continue to grow the CIC both in terms of attendees and the worldwide, online audience. The entire conference, as well as surprise interviews, is available right now and I hope you will consider purchasing the videos for yourself, your family and your friends (perhaps even for Christmas). The proceeds will be used to help The Remnant the Catholic Identity Conference “build back better” than ever.

    Thank you for your support of this important piece of Catholic Action, which unites the clans of Holy Tradition beneath the banner of Christ the King. All is not lost, friends, God is in His heaven and the armies of Christendom are on the move. I know this to be a fact, having just returned from the Catholic Identity Conference. I hope you will join the movement so that we can all make this the very last stand for God, Country and Tradition.

    In Christo Rege,
    Michael J. Matt

    October 6, 2021 at 9:18 am
  • Josephine

    I think Taylor Marshall is definitely right, we need all the things on his list to restore the faith.

    October 6, 2021 at 2:06 pm
    • Laura


      I agree, especially (apart from the rosary) with him urging everyone to catechise themselves. The lack of proper teaching in schools and preaching at Mass for years now, means the majority of Catholics are ignorant of the faith. There’s almost no apologetics taught so even if Catholics know the basics, they cannot, most of them, explain or defend the teachings of the Church when asked to do so. It’s really a terrible situation.

      October 6, 2021 at 4:31 pm
    • editor

      Josephine & Laura,

      I fully agree – the systematic teaching of the Faith and a thorough Apologetics course is absolutely essential in the work of restoring Catholicism.

      October 6, 2021 at 11:18 pm
  • westminsterfly

    I think we also have to remember the maxim: ‘Man proposes, God disposes’. We have to make our efforts, of course, but God and His Mother can’t be left out of the equation. Those destroying the Church and the world think that everything is going their way. They have a Pope, and many hierarchy and clergy hell-bent on destroying the Church. They have the deep state hell bent on destroying the remnants of Christian society. But remember Our Lady’s words at Quito: “This will be, then, the happy beginning of the complete restoration.” Echoing the message of Fatima and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. As the World Peace Prayer from the Fatima Centre states:- “Help us to understand that this grace of world peace is truly unwarranted by ourselves and that You will grant it only through the merits of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” Pope John Paul II said at Fulda in 1980 that ““We must prepare ourselves to suffer great trials before long, such as will demand of us a disposition to give up even life, and a total dedication to Christ and for Christ… With your and my prayer it is possible to mitigate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because only thus can the Church be effectively renewed. How many times has the renewal of the Church sprung from blood! This time, too, it will not be otherwise. We must be strong and prepared, and trust in Christ and His Mother, and be very, very assiduous in praying the Rosary.” I wonder if this prophecy was given to him or whether he had gleaned it from Sister Lucia, which I think more likely. It also fits in with Sister Lucia’s vision, published posthumously in the book ‘A Pathway under the Gaze of Mary’: “The tip of the spear as a flame unlatches and touches the axis of the earth. It shudders. Mountains, cities, towns, and villages with their inhabitants are buried. The sea, the rivers, and the clouds emerge from their limits, overflowing and bringing with them in a whirlwind houses and people in numbers that are not possible to count. It is the purification of the world as it plunges into sin. Hatred and ambition cause the destructive war!”

    October 6, 2021 at 3:46 pm
    • Laura

      Westminster Fly,

      That quote from Pope JP II makes me think that he’s seen the Third Secret (which I think is a fact – all the popes have seen it, to the best of my knowledge) and that makes his words all the more terrifying. He might also be drawing on what Sr Lucia said in conversation with him, but I think he’s actually speaking about the Third Secret.

      October 6, 2021 at 4:28 pm
    • editor

      Westminster Fly & Laura,

      I tend to think that Pope John Paul II is referring to the Third Secret there – although it’s beyond me why the popes who have seen it, didn’t reveal it in full. The “We don’t want to terrify people” excuse trotted out by Benedict won’t wash. How dare he! Our Lady instructed it be revealed by, latest, 1960. I just cannot believe the audacity of these popes who think they know better than Our Lady. Beyond belief.

      October 6, 2021 at 11:15 pm
  • Lily

    I liked that Taylor Marshall video, especially since it’s much shorter than his usual talks, LOL!

    I agree about the rosary – and this being the month of the holy rosary, I think it’s good to make an extra effort. Our Lady of Fatima has made it clear that the rosary is THE weapon for overcoming the state of the Church and the world, so we have to take her at her word.

    I also think we need to try to tell other people to waken more Catholics up, although I know that’s not easy. I was talking to someone the other day, a total stranger, about the whole Covid stuff and I told him about this blog. To my amazement, he already knew about it! BTW, it’s easier to talk to strangers than family, in my experience.

    That’s all we can do, our little bit here and there, plus our rosary.

    October 6, 2021 at 5:46 pm
    • editor


      Great that you spread the word about the blog – that’s a terrific apostolate in itself. I know A.N. Other who does the same thing so it looks like it’s becoming known far and wide! Excellent.

      October 6, 2021 at 11:13 pm
  • Faith of Our Fathers

    We who go onto Traditional Catholic Sites know the Answer. Actually I really detest having to say Traditional Catholic for others to recognise that we are at least trying. Ad much prefer it all to be what it should be and that is Catholic, but we are where we are ,and when you get Idiots referring to us as Mad Trads it only makes it a lot worse. The Answer of course is The Mass of Ages, The Holy Mass, that we know Horror Bergoglio and His Lavender Mafia are out to Destroy.

    Bergoglio knows that the Mass of Ages Hurts Satan because Bergoglio to me feels the Hurt Himself, He must ,otherwise He wouldn’t be going out All Guns Blazing to destroy it . Satan we Know Hates Latin ,and so does Bergoglio and His Homosexual Mafia. Are they Satanic, I personally now believe so . Even just going back to last year I would just have said Bergoglio was a Marxist, now we know He is out and out Anti Catholicism, and doesn’t even try to Hide it, I now say He is Possessed by a Spirit and it certainly isn’t The Holy Spirit.
    In answer to How we get Catholics who, most certainly in Scotland are of the Ones who went to that GIA service to Pray For Mother Earth. Am not saying them specifically but I, and am certainly all on here know Catholics ,who say We go to The Mass of Ages ,stand like Dummies and only know that the Mass is over when the Priest leaves The Altar.

    The Latin Mass the Mass of Ages is the only real way to recovery of The Catholic Faith.
    We know that is why Bergoglio must try and Destroy it before it overcomes Him .

    October 6, 2021 at 6:52 pm
    • editor


      “Traditional Catholic” is one of my pet hates, too. Even more so, “Rad Trads” – so juvenile. I get round it, if I’m in a situation where I have to introduce myself by religion, by saying something to the effect that I’m a Catholic “one of those who believes it all – we tend to be labelled “traditional Catholics” but that’s just because the ones doing the labelling have changed their beliefs. We haven’t…” Something like that.

      October 6, 2021 at 11:09 pm
  • Deaf guy

    Hello, im a newbie here as i used to post regularly in Bishop buckley blog. I was involved in new age healing by mistake cos i was looking or searching for healing etc due to institutional abuse. However, I came across a latin mass one morning as i realised it, that afterwards i was feeling something different from NO mass. Something was cleansing inside me as it happened again and again (but not all the time). The things that i dabbled with in new age was demonic as i didnt know it nor realised it at that time. Of course NO mass was a healing mass which i did experience it. But its not the same as Latin mass itself. Cos of the power that Latin mass gives more etc. I noticed it was quicker to get rid of whatever demons inside me in Latin mass rather than NO mass. That’s my personal experience. i would or may suggest that perhaps its only avenue to recover the church itself.

    October 6, 2021 at 7:56 pm
    • editor

      Deaf guy,

      You are very welcome, of course, but please note that the ethos here is very different from the Buckley Blog where the contributors all too often write very crudely – I’ll presume you’ve read our House Rules, so you should be aware that we don’t “do” crude here; old-fashioned, fuddy duddy as it may be adjudged these days, we try to keep before our minds Our Lady’s warning (to Jacinta, at Fatima) that “more souls go to Hell through sins of impurity than any other sin”. Hence, our efforts to keep this blog as “Catholic” as possible, as in days of yore – i.e. in the pre-anything-but-anything-goes-days 😀

      I’m very sad to read of you suffering “institutional abuse” – that is shocking, as is the entire scandal of “abuse” by priests and others within the Church at this time of huge crisis. I sincerely hope you are now at peace, in the knowledge that the perpetrators of such scandals (as well as anyone who engages in cover-up) are to blame, not “the Church”, which is holy, because Christ is holy and Christ and His Church are one… End of sermon 😀

      It’s wonderful that you found supernatural support through the ancient (but ever new!) Mass – Deo gratias!

      I think you are right to suggest that a return to the TLM is essential for the restoration of the Faith, entire and true.

      On the eve of the Feast of the Holy Rosary, we pray for this intention.

      God bless you.

      October 6, 2021 at 11:02 pm
  • Deaf guy

    Dear CTS editor, many thanks, for allowing my comments. Latin might be the only solution to church problems. Yes in bishopbuckley blog, there was a lot of crude commentators especially ex sems and ex priests and priests in general. Essentially it’s a priest blog as I see it. Cos includes announcements of diocesan changes which was of no interest to the layman like myself. So Im weaning it off bit by bit from I have been called names under the sun which is nothing new especially a person who is disabled etc etc.

    However Latin Mass doesn’t suit deaf people cos priests their back to us which makes it harder to lipread or find out what stages are we at mass(all bout following the mass with no hearing if you get my drift). On the other hand, NO mass suits deaf people cos they were able to follow mass with ease. That’s summary of it except for differences in graces poured out in both mass.

    Both masses have pro’s and con’s. No win situation. Gay people include deaf gay that I know are attracted to Latin Mass cos of laces and vestments et all. It’s a feminised version of it I think. There is a lot of gay priests out there now than it was in 10 years ago.

    Re institutional abuse, I have recovered from it to some extent say 75% to 80% in terms of ptsd etc. I’m ok now thank god bit more stable rather than going off the rails. I value stability more than chaotic state of my life or abused state of life. One thing I learned was not to trust the bishops even cardinals or Pope, they spoke words worth meaningless. To me, words mean nothing only empty pious words. Trust is gone re me on bishops. I don’t blame priests who abused cos it was bishops or cardinals or prelates inside the Vatican curia let them off. So responsibility stucks with them. Catholic Church in my eyes is like a huge business corporation with its own set of laws(Canon law man made). Nothing more or less. I rely or trust God much as I can, not the bishops or prelates or cardinals.

    Bishop heenan stirred up my anger re payment of rent boys. What’s he was doing was letting the sin to continue and encourage priest to continue with their double lives lifestyle. Felt sad for Despard as he was in catch 22 situation. Hope that he could transfer to another diocese. Sppx as regards to Latin Mass is all well and good. But what I’m concerned with Sppx excessive and extreme secrecy environment which doesn’t bode well cos it indicates lot of abuses going on but not going out. Its parents who found out re their child being abused at sspx in isolated locations in France and Switzerland. That’s all I have to say here and thanks.

    October 7, 2021 at 12:46 pm
    • Josephine

      Deaf guy,

      I’m surprised at what you say about Latin Mass not suiting deaf people because I think the very opposite. I’m not deaf, but my hearing has seen better days, but whether my hearing is good or not doesn’t matter because you can use a missal at Mass where you can follow the prayers of the Mass in English. You can see what is happening at the altar, so you soon get to follow everything perfectly easily. It’s the peace of the low Mass which I love, in fact, not being able to hear the sound of the priest’s voice and the servers’ voices, doesn’t bother me, because I know what they are saying. Most churches have microphones for the sermon, so you don’t miss out there, either.

      I’ve heard this before, about homosexuals being attracted to the Latin Mass due to “lace” etc – that makes them sick IMHO. It would be like a person going to see a ballet because they like the little ballet dress, a tutu. That makes them not right in the head, LOL!

      October 7, 2021 at 1:46 pm
  • Deaf guy

    Please note that I didn’t have proper Catholic education. Practically it was barely non existant in deaf schools ran by religious orders. I didn’t understand the whole thing until I went into new age healing therapies. Then back to Latin Mass as it was a huge difference. Latin Mass has some elements of supernatural that NO mass didn’t have was the cleansing spirit or whatever.

    Think we are in a purification era now. God is lifting up all hidden veils to expose the bad ones or ‘bad eggs’. So we can see now who is good or bad re prelates or cardinals/bishops. In some cases they have no belief in God or supernatural. All they think is getting money from the laity to continue their hidden or double lives lifestyles. I became more and more aware of this as I stopped contributing it so that in hope they might change their lifestyle or their double lives. Perhaps that’s the only way. If not, church will eventually shrink into smaller church of genuine people with faiths as not so genuine out on their own.

    Supernatural is missing right now except in fewer places or genuine churches where you see its growing or flowing in all directions.

    October 7, 2021 at 2:00 pm
    • Lily

      Deaf guy,

      A word of warning – new age is from the devil. Anything new age is from the devil.

      I agree that the evil being done in the Church is being exposed now and that is a good thing in the long run, although painful at the time for us to uncover.

      I can’t agree about supernatural being missing except in a few churches, because we have the sacraments and even bad priests can give us those and we benefit from the graces. Their sinfulness is a separate issue and they’ll pay for their shocking actions.

      October 7, 2021 at 4:54 pm
  • Deaf guy


    At that time, I didnt know new age was from the devil or anything new age is from the devil. Priests or religious orders never thought us (deaf kids) as regards to religious education or the basics. I was clueless and naïve, no basic religion instruction etc at that time re Reiki or TM. Priests or bishops never teach these dangerous things such as Reiki or TM or reflexology that people dabbled with.

    Its very very difficult to extract from TM especially with their mantra specified at certain age. It was a long battle to extract myself from it as NO mass was taking consuming a lot of time.

    Then i bumped into a small church off side then i saw latin mass. Then it started the process despite lot of difficulty at first re priest back to me and following as to what stage of mass are we in etc. TLM speeded it up re extraction of TM much to my surprise. I didnt expect it cos i originally thought that NO was the same as TLM but not.

    Education was the key for me as i spotted it on the internet re dangers of reiki or TM et al. Then i woke up and said what’s going on here that priests or bishops or cardinals didnt or dont tell us re these new age dangers.

    The book by John Gillespie on new age was very very helpful as i was becoming more aware of it now than i was in the past (-when i was clueless or very naive re new age dangers). That can be said for people out there now, who have no real idea as to what these new age dangers represents now.

    Re supernatural, i have some difficulty in explaining what supernatural actually is. Both mass have it but TLM has more which i cannot explain it in general terms. NO mass have it. However, its a different feel and more ‘oomph’ coming from TLM.

    So i decided to test myself to see if it works or not re youtube re any video of NO mass today or in the past and Padre Pio TLM outdoor mass in 1956. The difference was bit noticeable at times especially Pio mass cos i felt that same spirit cleansing inside me just like i felt in some TLM masses during the past year or two.

    Asked a friend of mine to do the same thing like i did re testing youtube videos as he confirmed it re same. Its obviously NO mass and TLM was different which i cannot explain it clearly but feel. Funny enough, i found more healing coming from NO mass especially where a renown healing priest was present. Not all priests have that gift.

    October 7, 2021 at 5:53 pm
    • editor

      Deaf guy,

      I am always surprised that people use the term “priest has his back to the people” at the TLM. I’ve never once heard anyone say that about bus drivers. Obviously, the bus driver has to have his back to his passengers because, otherwise, even if a bus could be devised which allowed the passengers to sit in front of the driver, he would be distracted and it could be life-threatening. I remember once being in the back of a taxi with a friend who was chatting enthusiastically with the driver who kept turning round to emphasise his points and this on a narrow, bendy country road. I was a nervous wreck throughout. So, let’s hope nobody devises a bus which allows the passengers to be at the front, with the driver at the back, struggling to see the road ahead.

      You will get my drift, I hope. At the TLM, the priest doesn’t “have his back to the people”, he faces the Tabernacle and leads us in the offering of the Holy Sacrifice. There’s a big difference.

      As for your “experience” of “healing” – your remark about a renowned healing priest rang an alarm bell for me… The great saints warn against seeking what they called sensible consolation – “experience” – in the realm of the spiritual life because not all “spirits” come from God. The devil gets his grip on souls who enter the dangerous area of spiritual “experience”.

      Faith is “knowledge” – so, for example, when I receive the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Communion I know that I have received Our Lord, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, under the appearance of bread. I’ve known that since I was 7 years of age and not once have I “experienced” any religious feelings or sentiment. Not once. Such “experience” can be dangerous, maybe, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, such emotional “experience” is not necessary and definitely not something to seek.

      October 7, 2021 at 7:39 pm
  • Deaf guy


    People talking their back to us is considered rude or downright bad manners because we are deaf. Its like we are not there or not important or not relevant. Its always important to speak face to face as we need someone in front (face to face) to communicate with us in everyday life. That is one of the rules we teach people who aren’t deaf like yourself, or any reader would like to communicate with us, its the rule such as front to front is acceptable and part of deaf awareness to enable people more aware of how to communicate with us in a right way.

    Bus driver as you mention talking his back would be considered as rude but we take it on the chin cos hes driving. If on the other hand that he isnt driving then it would be considered as insulting. Many people out there not aware of how to communicate with a deaf person in a right way to get the message across more clearly and understood.

    Seeing people back of us for instance a latin mass priest, when speaking as deaf people are normally taking about in regards to problem of every day communication in life. We always discuss in terms of communication whether is it accessible or not so forth. For this we see latin mass as not accessible no matter how you or others who are die hard fans of TLM defend it/ For us as deaf community, its all about accessibility of communication full stop via lip reading or interpreter or overhead slide projector et al.

    Vatican was made aware of this some 8 years ago as regards to accessibility of communication for deaf people in general around the world. Certain catholic deaf groups from various countries, met the pope for a full afternoon conference and ironed out any problems in regards to accessibility of communication. Then standard Vatican instructions issued to various bishops around the world regarding deaf communities and important issue of accessibility of communication which is vital and crucial.

    For me , no matter you view it as regards to TLM, accessibility of communication is absolutely crucial to our needs. TLM would fail on that score if assessed on accessibility of communication. I recall one person from Philippines saying to us did jesus turn his back to us in supper (Mass)? He was referring to last supper where it was open in view of all 12 apostles in front of jesus nor latin was spoken at that time.

    We never thought of that in the first place but Cardinal of Philippines agreed with him. That’s why Latin mass was never spoken of cos of issues with accessibility to communication for deaf people in general. Vatican curia was/is very well aware of this by now. There is a cardinal now, who deals with deaf organizations around the world re issues with mass or something to do with Catholicism if it arise now and in future such as eucharistic congress so forth.

    I didnt have the knowledge that you have at age of seven. It was almost non existent at that point.

    Agree with you re spiritual experience which i hadnt thought of in the first place. It could be dangerous cos not all spirit comes from God.

    October 7, 2021 at 8:38 pm
    • editor

      Deaf guy,

      My first thought is to suggest that you replace your username “Deaf guy” with the name of a great saint – Francis de Sales is patron saint of the deaf (as well as of journalists), so he’d be the obvious choice. He actually developed a sign language for his deaf assistant.

      That would mean that, instead of keeping the focus negatively on your disability, you would be using it in a way that gives honour to God through paying tribute to His great saint – you shift the attention Heavenwards… Wouldn’t that be great? There’s no shortage of pictures of St Francis de Sales if you search for an avatar.

      Even if the priest were facing you at Mass and you could lip-read – what difference would that make, unless you are fluent in Church Latin… Many, if not most, of the congregation at the TLM use a missal in order to follow the liturgy. So, the deaf are not being “insulted” – just treated the same as everyone else. Isn’t that the “equality” the various groups demand? Racial equality, gender equality, disabled equality… ?

      As for the Last Supper. You make the popular mistake of believing Leonardo Da Vinci – Wrong!

      Here’s an extract from an article to which I will link at the end….

      “Most Christians are familiar with the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting of Jesus and His 12 disciples at the Last Supper. Jesus is seated in the middle of the table and six guests on each side of Him. Unfortunately, that is completely wrong! Here’s why…

      The Type of Table

      In Jesus’ time, the tables were much different than we see today. The main difference is the fact that usually no chairs were used. During the Roman empire, most banquets were held in a “triclinium.” A triclinium was a room equipped with a table that was six to ten inches high and set up in a U-shaped (see drawing below) Configuration. The guests would recline along the outside edge on cushions, while the servants would serve the food from the empty space in the center of the tables. Ancient Roman pictures of tricliniums always depict that the guests reclined on their left elbow and ate with their right hand. Therefore everyone faced the same direction.

      For the record, you are also wrong in your assumptions about my hearing. As a matter of fact, I was born with a genetic hearing condition and I wear hearing aids. And again, for the record, I don’t think people are rude or bad mannered if they forget that I’m hard of hearing. Why is that? Well, it’s because I have a pretty good idea that the world does not revolve around me. Similarly, when it comes to the worship of God, I have a duty to worship Him as HE wishes to be worshipped not in a way tailored to suit my needs, real or perceived.

      It is dreadful that you were denied a proper Catholic education – I’m puzzled, though, because I remember there was an arrangement in the Archdiocese of Glasgow, at least, whereby a Sister of Notre Dame was involved in work with deaf children – I would have thought religious education would be provided.

      Glad we agree about “those spirits”!

      October 7, 2021 at 11:27 pm

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