Vaccines & Side-Effects – People Must Not Be Forced To Take These Experimental Injections

Vaccines & Side-Effects – People Must Not Be Forced To Take These Experimental Injections

A Chemist Describes His Wife’s Major Adverse Reaction After Her COVID Vaccine | The Megyn Kelly Show…

From the YouTube Platform…

(1)  The public is not getting accurate data and information. That is why it is so important to have these testimonials. Thank you for sharing Brian Dressen!

(2)  Employers who force the mandate should be liable!

(3)  … I’m so sorry that this is happening. They need to stop these vaccines and these mandates. I’m praying for your wife and your family.

Editor writes...

The silence from the Catholic clergy on the dangers (and immorality) of forcing people to accept the experimental Covid vaccines – as on everything else Covid-related – is deafening.  Faithlessness or moral cowardice?  A combination of the above?  Remember, one rationale offered for approving the vaccines (by traditional churchmen) was that it could cost someone their job if they were not vaccinated.  Now, the only people threatened with loss of income are those following their consciences on a number of fronts, and refusing the vaccines.  So, if you are unable, in conscience, to benefit from the murder of unborn babies, or simply have a conscientious concern about participating in a medical experiment, don’t look to Catholic churchmen for support. All very shocking.  And tragic.

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  • Margaret Mary

    That’s totally terrifying. God help that poor woman, with such serious side-effects after taking that injection.

    Tesco’s Christmas advert is a disgrace – they’re also pushing the vaccine

    November 14, 2021 at 11:43 pm
    • editor


      I saw the Tesco advert discussed briefly on GB News (Mark Dolan) and was amazed at the reaction of his panel, none of whom (and there were three of them) saw anything wrong with it – just a bit of fun. Brainless is as brainless does, I suppose…

      I went through to the YouTube platform to read some of the comments under your video and more than a few said they would not shop at Tesco again. I seldom do, and I will even more seldom do from now on!

      November 15, 2021 at 9:18 am
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        This Mans story about His Wife is really Typical of the Whole adverse Reactions to these Fauci. Gates Poisons . One thing that really Disappointed me was when Dr John Campbell interviewed a Professional Athlete in the U.S.A. who’s Life is now a nightmare due to these Mengele Injections. In fact the Man was taken to a local Hospital by a friend of His who said ” You are Dying Man you have to get to a Hospital ” when He got there a Doctor said He was having Panic Attacks . Fortunately they went to another Hospital where He was admitted. I think av posted this before but it’s worth reading again. When Dr Cambell was interviewing Him on His You Tube Channel he slipped in, what to Me was a Propaganda Statement in favour of these Injections.

        Dr Cambell said that the Extreme Side Effects of these Injections were 5000 to 1 that was wrong,very wrong and whether it’s because of His extremely large You Tube following he put that in I do not know. As for Our Top Catholic Clergymen saying anything wrong about these Injections we can forget about that . Bergoglio we know had to be bought of early on in the Propaganda race ( so to speak) of these Injections. I doubt whether any of His Cardinals or Bishops will say that the Injections ( they were NEVER Vaccines) will do any Harm.
        Maybe though people like the Man above in the Videos Testimony about the Damage these Injections do will be seen by lots of people and as Michael Matt calls Ivermectin Vitamin I it may at last be used to treat this Terrible Chinese Disease.
        It’s a Sad , Sad , Day indeed when you can Trust NO ONE in the Medical Field.
        God Help Our Children.

        November 15, 2021 at 5:50 pm
  • Warydoom


    I’m perpetually saddened by the wilful ignorance of many good Catholics who don’t want to know of the terrible side effects. Especially bishops and priests who include some of those who are of the SSPX.

    The first thing some say is “it’s not a sin to take it” but try as I might (quite apart from the dangerous side effects), they won’t listen to the idea that they just may be culpable in (I dare to say) wilfully not understanding the myriad of problems of these “vaccines” – health or morally wise.

    For your interest, here is an excellent article from the site of Fr Raymond Taouk SSPX, whom I’ve had the profound pleasure of knowing throughout the lockdown in NSW. The author is a friend of Father’s who wrote it for priests to understand the immorality of the jabs given that the “pandemic” is actually a “plandemic”.

    I do know in the States there are Catholic organisations that offer financial support to Catholic families whose breadwinners have lost their jobs because of their stance against the jabs. So why can’t those ignorant bishops and priests who say it’s not a sin, educate themselves and agitate for assistance to those in need who won’t take the jab rather than passing the buck and absolving themselves of responsibility?

    November 14, 2021 at 11:58 pm
    • Theresa Rose

      That is absolutely terrifying what has happened to that poor woman as a result of those serious adverse reactions. God help her indeed. Yet globally governments are serious in their intent to push these so called “vaccines” no matter that people suffer as has happened with this woman.


      Thank you for that link to catholic apologetics, about using our conscience in matters, and how to educate ourselves in such a serious matter, especially with “vaccines” tainted by abortion.

      In this short clip Dr Zelenko talks of Covid mass psychosis and child sacrifice, a serious matter indeed.

      November 15, 2021 at 1:38 am
      • editor

        Theresa Rose,

        Dr Zelenko’s chilling words are certainly thought-provoking. Thank you for posting that short clip.

        Between the excellent Catholic writer on conscience and the vaccines posted by Warydoom above, and your clip of a Jew speaking about Covid mass psychosis and child sacrifice, this may be the first ever example of authentic “inter-faith” dialogue 😀

        Seriously, this is chilling stuff. In Warydoom’s article the writer warns of the likelihood of Nuremberg type trials to come where those involved in conducting and co-cooperating with this “plandemic” will pay a heavy price.

        November 15, 2021 at 9:16 am
    • editor


      Many thanks for that excellent article – it is not clear if “Father Ambrose” is actually a priest given the statement at the end about pen name… Are you able to tell us if this is, for example, the Father Ambrose who writes for the Fatima Center in Canada?

      November 15, 2021 at 9:07 am
      • Warydoom


        Yes, Fr. Ambrose is a priest but I don’t know if he’s the one who writes for Family Life Canada or not. I suspect he’s an Aussie given he’s a friend of Fr Taouk SSPX (born and bred in Sydney) and spells “foetus” in the proper fashion!🙂

        There is a contact email address for Fr. Ambrose at the end of the article if you would like to contact him.

        It’s the most comprehensive piece on the “vaccine” argument I’ve ever come across so IMHO it should be spread far and wide. I loved the way he heavily criticised the bishops, priests and moral theologians et al. It was a delicious feeling to read that!😀

        November 15, 2021 at 9:26 am
      • editor


        I agree that the article should be spread far and wide, which is why I’ve sent the link to our American friends over at Tradidi Quod et Accepi – they will post it there so stand by for our on-the-spot reporter in Idaho! Here’s their original (or one of their first) reports on the subject in case you missed it.

        PS – let’s all avoid guessing the ID of “Father Ambrose” because the fact that he is using a pseudonym suggests that he doesn’t want to be identified. You can tell that I watch a lot of detective dramas! Agatha Christie, eat your heart out! I hadn’t realised it was not his real name at first, thanks to my usual far-too-hasty reading, and enquiry if he were the same Father Ambrose as the Father Ambrose over at ID is not important – his excellent article is what matters. Deo gratias!

        November 15, 2021 at 8:24 pm
    • Josephine


      Father Ambrose’s article is phenomenal. It should definitely be spread far and wide and sent to the Pope first and the SSPX HQ next. The two supporters of the vaccine that you would least expect to be permitting it, let alone encouraging it.

      November 15, 2021 at 10:26 am
    • Lily


      That article by Fr Ambrose is marvellous. It really does put to shame all the clerics who have buried their heads in the sand even telling Catholics “it’s no sin” to accept these vaccines. Fr Ambrose nails that lie, perfectly.

      November 15, 2021 at 2:07 pm
    • Marinaio

      We were speaking the other night at length about Fr. Taouk, with friends of ours in Sidney. They have only very positive things to say about him and his courageous stand on the vaccine and lockdown. Additionally, the Catholic Apologetics website is excellent!
      It appears you may be writing from Down Under? We have been in contact with another Aussie, Michael Baker, who penned a thorough repudiation of Fr. Selegny’s latest missive (wherein he persists in his conditional acceptance of the vaccine). For those of us who were hoping against hope that he was writing as a rogue element within the Society, it was clear very early on that he spoke for Menzingen. We have now experienced nearly a year that included three articles on as well as a propaganda/indoctrination session for the faithful, and even a sermon to smack the hands of those who obviously pushed back. We must be realistic: Fr. Selegny speaks for the SSPX leadership. Our email to our District Superior, Fr. Fullerton, went unanswered, and our letter to Fr. Pagliarani was assigned to Fr. Selegny to respond to us. But Michael Baker shows that it seems to be, indeed, a systemic problem with the SSPX. We have included the link to Michael’s superlative analysis in our latest posting:
      Our hats are off to the Catholics of Australia who, in the midst of one of the most draconian repressions of a free nation in modern times, continue to keep and spread the Faith. You are in our prayers.

      November 16, 2021 at 8:03 pm
  • Josephine

    That chemist’s wife should sue – but I bet she had to sign a waiver when she agreed to participate in the trials. Having said that, a good lawyer could perhaps put the case that she suffered serious side effects which were not mentioned in the initial agreement. The inability to walk, for example. That’s absolutely shocking.

    The news today is that the unvaccinated in Austria are being locked down. That’s clearly a punishment for political dissent IMHO.

    November 15, 2021 at 10:24 am
    • Athanasius


      I saw this story on GB News last night, but they said that the imposition is happening despite COVID cases being low. Just shows how the MSM, including the Metro, are in the service of the Father of Lies!

      November 15, 2021 at 6:00 pm
  • Theresa Rose

    Listen to Doctor Robert Malone telling parents not to allow their children have the Covid-19 “vaccine”. Near the end of the clip he says it is obscene to suggest that children receive it to protect adults.

    November 15, 2021 at 11:04 am
    • Lily

      Theresa Rose,

      That was very interesting, although I did wonder if Dr Malone was saying not to vaccine them UNLESS they had certain illnesses – maybe I misheard that, or misunderstood it.

      November 15, 2021 at 2:05 pm
      • Theresa Rose


        I had to go listen 2 or 3 times again to hear what Dr Malone was saying. And, it made me think, certainly no vaccine for healthy children. He mentions children with certain illnesses like cystic fibrosis and cancer – I wonder if he is in fact implying that those children should receive the “vaccine”.

        I find that worrying, and am not sure how to reply. He gives the analogy of people going to – “was it the likes of Las Vegas and playing on the machines for the chance of winning a pot of money. Or even the card games, it is all a matter of chance, and how many lose a money, perhaps more than they can afford to.

        He certainly says do not give to children, certainly healthy ones. I am not too sure whether he definitely means that children who have illnesses like cancer or cystic fibrosis. It makes me wonder if in the likes of those particular illnesses would succumb to death if getting the vaccine.
        This vaccine is experimental in treating/prevention of a very bad flu so it is claimed Those adults who have had both the initial two doses earlier this year. And certainly in October a booster dose – and probably will be getting more boosters next year.

        Where I live it is in independent living flats for older people from 70years and even older. Two people in these flats, ended up getting this covid despite being double jabbed at the time. One went with a relative to see the sights of another city, of course, went into a cafe for tea and later somewhere for lunch. The other visited a relative for a few hours at that persons home, also caught it too. So, it is a lottery for adults (both claimed that the symptoms were lessened due the “vaccine”). But people are always suspicious of those who are not vaccinated who will in their mind transmit this virus.

        A long story for a short cut, and maybe it does not make sense. If a number of healthy adults have received either one or two jabs can become seriously ill after receiving this “vaccine” which is still experimental and we do not know what the long term effects are or will be, time will only tell.

        Doctor says do not give this jab to children at least those who are healthy. But children who are already very ill with cancer or cystic fibrosis – will it be a lottery and perhaps these children might die after receiving the vaccine.

        Please excuse the length of this, I suppose I am thinking “out loud” so to speak as I type. The vaccine is a lottery, think of the woman who has become seriously ill after taking it. We do not know how it affect children whether they healthy or ill already with certain conditions.

        November 15, 2021 at 3:44 pm
      • Athanasius

        Lily & Theresa Rose

        I can tell you for certain that Dr. Malone would not advise these so-called vaccines to be taken under any circumstances. He was the doctor who invented the mRNA platform upon which these experimental gene therapies (not genuine vaccines) are based and he has said quite publicly that the forced vaccination programme taking place everywhere is an act of bioterrorism on the global population. He makes no bones about it – says this is about massively reducing the world’s population, which is why they are so desperate to get a needle into every arm at any and all costs. And let’s remember that Dr. Malone is a scientist of eminent character and credentials. So no, he would never advise anyone to participate in this Mengele experiment under any circumstances.

        As for the introductory video, I feel so sorry for that poor woman, her husband and her family. They thought they were doing something to help humanity and placed themselves in the hands of the most inhumane people on earth, the science Fascists. I wonder how many people know that all the pharmaceutical companies producing these poisons were pre-exempted by global governments from prosecution for resultant deaths and injuries.

        The EU watchdog “Eudravigilance” has ten of thousands already registered dead following vaccination in EU member states and 1.7 million recorded adverse reactions, of which 50% are serious and life altering.

        It’s also worth remembering that they’re targetting children and pregnant woman for coerced vaccination as well. We know that children are not at risk from this China virus but are at much greater risk of developing derious health issues, including heart problems and, in some cases, death, as a result of vaccination. I read only the other day of a 12-year old boy who died within hours of vaccination.

        As for pregnant women, there’s been a decades-long universal medical ban on giving experimental medications to pregnant women since the thalidomide scandal, yet they’re even pumping this poison into expectant mothers. Again, there are thousands of miscarriages reported and even deaths of infants breastfeeding from vaccinated new mothers.

        Yes, we are dealing here with a universal manifestation of real evil. It’s well organised and orchestrated by almost every government. Communist China is repsonsible for both the virus and the global response to it, pulling the strings through the utterly corrupt World Health Organisation, the equally corrupt global media, our bought or blackmailed politicians and so-called scientists as well as Gates, Fauci and other despots. Fear was the key to success and they’ve pulled it off with aplomb. The world’s population, apart from a few million who still use their God-given reason, are putty in their hands and ripe for experimentation.

        November 15, 2021 at 4:26 pm
      • Lily


        Thank you for that certainty about Dr Malone. I did find that difficult to interpret one bit about children on the tape.

        Theresa Rose,

        I appreciate your checking the tape again – it’s made me feel less stupid to know that I’m not the only one who wasn’t sure what I was hearing, LOL! He seemed to trail off at one point but maybe that’s because he thought he’d made the point that vaccinating children was a no-no. Athanasius seems very certain, so I’ll go with that.

        November 16, 2021 at 10:27 am
  • Laura


    That is a fantastic post from you – I was astonished to read it all, especially this:

    “The EU watchdog “Eudravigilance” has ten of thousands already registered dead following vaccination in EU member states and 1.7 million recorded adverse reactions, of which 50% are serious and life altering.”

    It’s just unbelievable and today Nicola Sturgeon is going to be laying out new restrictions. The idiots in this country will be praising her for her “leadership” again, not twigging that there was no mention of restrictions during COP26. The whole thing is too incredible for words. You don’t have to be a clown to support the SNP but it obviously helps – well, that’s my opinion, at least.

    November 16, 2021 at 9:59 am
    • editor


      Yes, Nicola is preparing us for more punishment – and Boris, too…

      November 16, 2021 at 10:35 am
    • Athanasius


      I agree about the new restrictions, it’s almost like the greater majority of people have lost their human reason. This was the whole basis of the fear campaign run by governments – inordinate fear (terror) overrides reason. It was very cleverly devised psychologically to ensure utter compliance on the part of most. The other term for it is brainwashing, a favourite tool of Communist regimes.

      November 16, 2021 at 1:50 pm
      • Josephine


        It is very clear that loads of people have been brainwashed. There was a while there when people eased off about the masks, but today I was in a shop where the owner wore a mask and was none too friendly to me for not wearing one. He didn’t say anything and I hadn’t noticed his sign up at the door saying masks were mandatory, but he was quite unfriendly, and hardly spoke to me, just answering my questions and no more, so now that more restrictions look set to be imposed, this fearful attitude will spread, again. It just all makes life so unpleasant.

        These top politicians and people behind the scenes must really be convinced that cutting down on populations and making life more strict, will be a good thing. I honestly don’t get it. Surely, if people are unhappy and worrying all the time, that will not be good for everyday life, or am I missing something!

        November 16, 2021 at 5:13 pm
      • Pat McKay


        I can enter my local Morrison or Lidl minus face-nappy and nobody bats an eyelid. On All Saints Day I tried to attend Holy Mass at a nearby chapel and despite having donned my ‘I am exempt’ lanyard, I was flatly denied access by some officious git of a pass-keeper.

        …’This is a private chapel and WE make the rules’…. was the response I got when I pointed out that the natural pores in face-nappies are 10 times BIGGER than any virus, also that this tyranny would never end until we all stop complying with it. I could cheerfully have given this creep a right-hander, except I was in a holy place. I ‘bit the bullet’ and left, fuming.

        Nothing ‘private’ about them when they’re selling their Christmas raffle tickets, of course. They’ve had their very last from me.

        November 17, 2021 at 3:54 pm
      • Lily

        Pat McKay,

        That’s typical of the tinpot lay dictators in most parishes. That idiot was wrong. No parish can break the law and the law is that if you have an exemption you don’t have to wear a face mask. I don’t think it’s actually a law anyway, just “guidance”.

        Anything that happens in a church building is public. I don’t know where the “private chapel” is that you refer to but if “nobody is above the law” as we keep hearing than that tinpot dictator is the one breaking the law not you.

        Maybe you should put that in writing to the priest in charge, to give him the chance to put that dictator in his place.

        November 17, 2021 at 5:00 pm
      • Pat McKay

        Many thanks, Lily.

        There’s more to this tale – I actually complained to Police Scotland about the matter, as I considered their action had contravened the Disability Discrimination Act, 2010. Police Scotland immediately tried to pass the buck onto the Local Government Authority, who promptly passed it back to them c/w snotty e-mail (I have a copy). Farcical!

        The official response from Police Scotland …..’the disability discrimination act 2010 is not for police to enforce, the onus is on the person who feels discriminated against to contact the organisation/person whom they feel has been at fault, at such time mediation should be undertaken and a plan for reasonable adjustments to be made’…..

        November 18, 2021 at 10:18 am
      • editor


        That’s truly farcical as you say. So, now we don’t contact the police if a law is broken, but we negotiate with the law-breaker? Madness is as madness does, right enough.

        I’ve just posted a new thread on the decline of life in Scotland, including within the Church, so perhaps you would post your entire experience in this matter on that thread for those who may have missed it, at your convenience and, with your permission, I’d send the link to Bishop Toal. I believe he really does not like our coverage of him on this blog and since it’s been a while, I don’t want him to be too disappointed, perhaps thinking we’ve forgotten about him 😀

        November 18, 2021 at 3:14 pm
      • editor

        Someone, identity unknown, emailed to ask me to post the following comment – apparently he, she or they (!) had trouble signing up to comment. I have been asked not to reveal any identifying features which is easy enough – there are none! Nor can I find the post on the date and at the time specified, but I only conducted a very quick skim. Belatedly, I now realise that the visitor means to reply to Pat McKay. Anyway, here’s the comment…

        In answer to Josephine [Pat McKay], 17/11/21 at 15.32.

        We were recently at a (Novus Ordo) Mass recently at a parish church in Scotland. We were the great unmasked amongst all others wearing facial attire of varying fashion. I was immediately drawn to a member of the congregation who was sporting a mask that had been crocheted, only the clapper of Big Ben would have alerted me any more intensely. It would have been better to have no facial covering than someone’s fine handiwork. Ends.

        November 18, 2021 at 10:24 pm
  • watersider

    Dear Editor and great contributors,

    As you pointed out I am only an infrequent contributor to your widely read blog.
    In order to make recompense or penance, this will be a lengthy screed. Nothing as comprehensive as our star contributor Athanasius mind you!
    As a long time Conspiracy Theorist I got my pass mark with distinction on the Theory paper ages ago. I am now in the process of obtaining my Masters in the Conspiracy part.
    I recently came across the following little gem from a gentleman Called Robert Coburn.

    “Hey Fact Checkers…. The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxo. Who, by chance, owns Pfizer (one of the producers of the ‘vaccine’). Which, by chance, is managed by Blackrock finances. Who, by chance, manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation).Coincidentally, he owns the German company Winterthur. Who, by chance, built the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan Accidentally bought by the German Insurance giant Allianz. Which, incidentally has Vanguard as a shareholder. Which is a shareholder in Blackrock. Which controls the central banks and manages about one third of the global investment capital. Which, incidentally, is a major shareholder of Microsoft the property of Bill Gates, who happens to be a shareholder of Pfizer – (which sells the miracle ‘vaccine’)
    Are you with me so far?
    There’s more!

    This from Dr Zev Zelenko MD
    I am a conspiracy realist.
    Vanguard and Blackrock are stake holders in ALL industry, media, academia and politics.
    Vanguard and Blackrock invest in each other through something called circular ownership.
    Thus consider Vanguard and Blackrock as a monopoly that owns everything.
    With due diligence you will discover the major stakeholders in this monopoly are :-
    Rothchild family
    Du Pont family
    Rockefeller family
    Carnegie family
    Orsini family
    American Bush family
    British Royal family.

    They use the following foundations to foment chaos around the world.

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Soros Open Society
    Clinton Foundation.

    These foundations are instrumental in geopolitical destabilization.
    Chaos is good for business and power acquisition.
    Only a divinely inspired force can overcome this Goliath.
    The world can be redeemed by acts of goodness and kindness.
    We need collective divine consciousness in order to MERIT divine intervention.
    The owners of the Vanguard and Blackrock monopoly are manifestations of the primordial serpent.
    I am VERY optimistic about an upcoming redemptive event that will rebalance our dark world.
    Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

    -Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD.

    No mention of the Vatican Banks investments above – a surprise that.
    Apologies for taking up so much space, but I think most folks can join the dots which leads back to that unfortunate Lady who is subject of this post.

    November 16, 2021 at 3:30 pm
    • Josephine


      What an informative post from you – it’s very helpful in joining up the dots, especially for slowcoaches like me. I’m interested that Dr Zelenko includes the British Royal Family on his list of people who “foment chaos around the world.” And to think I thought that was the job of Harry and Meghan, LOL!

      November 16, 2021 at 5:09 pm
    • Athanasius

      The first thing I would like to say to you in response to your comment is that it’s a great pity you are only an infrequent contributor to the blog, for your post is both informative and erudite.

      Before commenting further on that, however, please permit me to correct you on one point. Lengthy screeds do not necessarily indicate a “star contributor”. They can just as easily indicate someone who doesn’t know how to be concise in translating the knowledge he would like to impart. That could well be me!

      For my part, every contributor on this blog who participates in the defence and spread of the faith, however short their comments, is a star. What we would really love to see, then, are many more stars shining here in this time of great darkness.

      As for your good self, you are no “conspiracy theorist”. You are a conspiracy realist, a person who knows history and human nature and who therefore recognises the hallmarks of a conspiracy when you see them. What you have posted here today testifies to that fact, and I personally found it fascinating. Had you come on to speak of aliens invading human bodies then you would justly deserve to be called a conspiracy nut. Thankfully, you’re very far from being a nut. What you write is a conclusion based on human reason and wisdom.

      The old “conspiracy theorist” accusation is used to great effect by the real conspirators to hide their evil machinations. It’s the typical attempt to disarm those who catch on to their wicked plans.

      Conspiracies, as you will know, are as real and as old as the world itself. Our Blessed Lord, in the Gospels, amply demonstrates the existence of diabolic conspiracies among men when He asks the Pharisees: “Why do you seek to kill me”? Of course they shook their heads, doubtless with a feigned grin of sympathetic condescension, and answered ” who seeks to kill you…” Next thing we know Judas is selling His Master to the same Pharisees in secret, whose chief priest conspirator (Caiaphas) thinks to justify his treachery with the words “is it not better that one man should die than that a whole nation perish”.

      So yes, conspiracies against God, His Church and mankind are as old as the Church itself. The pre-Vatican II Popes lay out in great detail the more modern global manifestation of this Luciferian business in their Encyclicals condemning Communism, Freemasonry and Modernism. The former two are evil twins of the same Father of Lies. The latter is the poison they’ve spread in equal measure inside the Church, right into her very veins, through foolish shepherds who, like Eve, discoursed with the primordial serpent and have become beguiled by his falsehoods.

      It’s as St. Paul forewarned: “For there shall be a time when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables.” (2 Timothy: 3-4).

      These words of St. Paul perfectly exemplify the teaching of Churchmen since Vatican II. They are apostles of a new humanist religion, effectively silencing the Church’s Magisterial voice of 2000 years in favour of the illusion Lucifer has placed before them. There is no longer teaching against the evils of Freemasonry and Communism, no longer a reiteration of the infallible dogma “outside the Church no salvation”. They have turned a supernatural institution, divinely instituted by Christ Our Lord Himself, into a humanist organisation at the service of the spirit of this world. And we see the dire consequences of their folly in the evils that have spread throughout the once-Christian world, culminating in the global establishment of totalitarian Communism now unfolding in the name of COVID and Climate Change. They have been turned unto fables!!

      This is the dire prophecy spoken of by Our Lady of Fatima in the Third Secret, the punishment for consistent refusal to grant her request for a papal/episcopal consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. She also warned of this time 400 years ago at Quito, lamenting that when the great assault of evil on the Church and the world begins in earnest, “those who should speak out will remain silent”. These are the Popes and bishops of our time, who not only remain silent but actively nod in approval of the rebellion unfolding.

      If the Catholic Church had a sound Pope and hierarchy at this time, by which I mean orthodox Catholic prelates filled with apostolic zeal for divinely revealed truth, for God’s glory and for the salvation of souls, (supernatural men) as was always the case up to Vatican II, then the COVID and Climate Change ploys of Hell would not have gotten off the ground. As things stand, tragically, we see the citadel betrayed and the world abandoned to the onslaught of evil.
      You’re right to suggest that a divine event will occur, but it will occur only in relation to Fatima. Our Lady, the Blessed Mother of God, has promised that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Pope and bishops of the world will make that public and solemn consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, Russia will be converted and the world will be granted a period of holy peace.

      How that will come about in the present climate is almost impossible for us to envisage, but it will come about when sufficient numbers get on their knees with their rosaries in hand to beseech Our Lady for her motherly help.
      The Popes and bishops have thus far refused to voluntarily go on their knees in obedience to their Queen and Mother, so some divine event will happen to force them onto their knees. Everything depends on Fatima, it’s what God has deigned and it will happen. Our Lord’s own promise concerning His holy Church, despite the Churchmen, is that the Gates of Hell will NEVER prevail against it. There will be a renewal, a genuine universal restoration of all things in Christ the King, that much is infallibly certain. But there may be harder times ahead of us yet before that happy day dawns. It remains for all of us in the meantime to adhere to the sacred traditional teaching of the Church and devolop a true devotion to the most Blessed Virgin, to whom God promised the final victory when He told the serpent in Eden “She shall crush thy head”!

      November 16, 2021 at 7:35 pm
  • Pat McKay

    ‘The Conservative Woman’ nails it, as they often do

    Poor Dr Lucie Wilk – I expect she’ll be hung, drawn & quartered for this

    November 16, 2021 at 7:22 pm
    • editor


      Excellent – as you say, they’ll be looking for her head on a platter. Let’s pray that they do not succeed.

      November 16, 2021 at 7:44 pm
      • Warydoom


        Apologies if this site has been mentioned in the past, but investigative journalist Alex Berenson is an excellent source of all things COVID..

        November 16, 2021 at 10:24 pm
      • editor


        No need to apologise, even if something had been previously posted – repetition is the mother of education, remember, so all repetition welcome. As I say, all repetition welcome 😀

        I skimmed that report and it is packed with very troubling information, so thank you for the alert. As I say, thank you for the alert 😀

        November 17, 2021 at 12:07 am
  • Theresa Rose

    GBNews reports Northern Ireland plans to introduce vaccine passports despite the DUP being against this measure. It should be in force in December. How quickly will Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson jump on the band wagon now?

    November 18, 2021 at 1:38 am

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