OmicroNicola Ramps Up Fear – Scotland Facing “Potential Tsunami of Infections”… So, Stay Scared!

OmicroNicola Ramps Up Fear – Scotland Facing “Potential Tsunami of Infections”… So, Stay Scared!

From YouTube Platform…

2: Convince them a temporary sacrifice of liberties will solve the problem
3: Make temporary sacrifices permanent
4: Enslave the population 


This woman is out of control.  Just like the EU that she loves [she wants] nothing but full control.

Editor writes…

The Card Factory Story…

Passing one of The Card Factory shops in my local shopping centre this morning, I noticed boxes of Christmas wrapping paper displayed at the door, so I picked up one of the tubes and moved to the queue which comprised of one lady.  I was a mere few inches from the counter to which I was heading, when the gentleman at the till called out to me to walk round the other way.  I asked if this was due to Covid, to which he replied in the affirmative.  I then replaced the Christmas wrapping paper and announced that I was not co-operating with any of this any more, thinking “they’ll soon be sorry that they’re not getting the £1 coin which I was about to spend. That’ll teach them.”  😀

If they return to this nonsense in the supermarkets, of course, I’ll have no option but to obey – a gal has to eat, after all.  However, I’m not going to do anything that I do  not absolutely have to do to comply with this baloney fear-spreading.  What about you?

Sturgeon is obviously not being truthful in that video (is she ever? Her insincerity is palpable, in my humble opinion) so are YOU going to act as if you’ve been fooled by her or are you going to – as they say these days – take your life back?   She doesn’t own our freedom. God gave us our freedom.  Why would you let her – or Boris, or Biden – tell you differently?

Reflect:  There isn’t going to BE a “tsunami of infections” – and even if one happens along, so what? It’s a mild variant!  OmicroNicola can’t change that!  Watching her solemn delivery of this latest nonsense makes my blood boil.  What about you – or maybe you LIKE being treated like a fool?

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