Holy Week – Blog Closed To Comments

Holy Week – Blog Closed To Comments

Why the Holy Week liturgy is important

What is the significance of Holy Week, specifically of the rites of the Sacred Triduum, for our daily lives as Catholics?

This Sunday is “Palm Sunday”, which opens the Church’s great week called “Holy” because of the redemptive acts of Christ that are presented through the sacred liturgy for our sanctification. We offer below a summary of the significance (and purpose) of the ceremonies observed during the Sacred Triduum (the “holy three days” of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil) and the message they intend to convey.  To read  more, click here

Editor writes…
Every year we close the blog to comments for the duration of Holy Week to allow us to reflect on the Passion and Death of Our Lord.We will re-open on Easter Sunday.

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