Cost of Living Crisis – Obvious Consequence of Lockdown, So, if You Complied, Why Complain?

Cost of Living Crisis – Obvious Consequence of Lockdown, So, if You Complied, Why Complain?

18 June, 2022

Protesters have gathered in London calling on the government to do more to tackle the cost of living crisis
amid “harrowing” evidence of the impact of soaring inflation on families.

Editor writes…

I’ve got little to no sympathy with those protesters who complied with the craziness of the Covid restrictions and lockdowns, when they were repeatedly reassured that “the virus” only really affected the very old and even then, only those with underlying health conditions.  The “experts” said that 99.97% of those who became infected would recover.  And all the statistics show that to have been the case.

Did the majority of those who complied with the madness really think that everything would return to normal, with no economic price to pay?  Really?   I’m staggered at the prices in the shops, at the way the cost of living has gone through the roof, but I’m not surprised enough to grab a protest banner and take to the streets.  I refused to comply with the nonsense and so I have very good reason to be angry about the disastrous state of the country, but the majority of those marching in London yesterday, do NOT have that right.  Those who went along with the lies, are now, literally, paying the price.  It’s just a pity  that the rest of us have to pay the same price.

And please don’t ask me to be impressed with the churchmen who are speaking out about this issue – the same churchmen who were positively keen to close their churches and encourage congregations to “worship” online.  There’s nothing they could say now (apart from a sincere apology, and repentance for their disgraceful dereliction of duty to God and to the faithful) which would not fall into the category of “too much, too soon”.  You might need to think about that one…

Your thoughts…   

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  • Andrew Q Reply

    Where were these people when some of us were on the regular anti-lockdown protests over the past two and a half years?Probably sitting on their couches taking the furlough cash from the magic money tree… While whining about “anti-vaxxers” and telling us to mask up. These will be the first on board with Universal Basic Income (already being trialled) – selling their souls for a life based on “permissions” and surveillance. Most clergy were absolutely pathetic throughout the planned crisis and remain so.

    June 19, 2022 at 10:11 pm
    • Josephine Reply


      June 20, 2022 at 12:08 pm
    • Michaela Reply

      Andrew Q,

      Most clergy were absolutely pathetic throughout the planned crisis and remain so.

      So true.

      I notice you say that Universal Basic Income is already being trialled – can you elaborate on that? Do you mean, here in the UK? I feel goose-bumps just thinking of the possibility.

      June 20, 2022 at 9:21 pm
  • RCAVictor Reply

    This begs the obvious question: why would the government “tackle the cost of living crisis,” when it deliberately created that crisis?

    June 20, 2022 at 12:46 am
    • editor Reply

      The Government speaks about the need to “tackle the cost of living crisis” for the same reason that it encourage us to vote – to give the illusion of action together with pretend annoyance with the protests to show (alleged) democracy in action. It’s all show.

      June 20, 2022 at 8:55 am
  • Josephine Reply

    Here’s an excellent few minutes of Neil Oliver who calls the bankers “chancers” and calls out the nonsense of climate change which is pushing up our cost of living.

    June 20, 2022 at 12:07 pm
    • Fidelis Reply


      What a brilliant summary of our situation post-Covid. Neil Oliver is good. “We are being groomed, not for going green but for going without” – absolutely, he is right. The protesters on the streets of London really don’t get it, and that’s because they went along with the whole Covid scam in the first place. They have been and are being played for fools.

      I love his labelling of the bankers, too, chancers, gangsters etc. It’s wonder they aired that show. I can’t believe he’s not been cancelled (yet!)

      June 20, 2022 at 12:18 pm
  • Faith of Our Fathers Reply

    ED unfortunately not all of those compliant in Lockdowns had the benefit of the Doubt. I certainly know that you do not mean them or us but anyhow the worst is still to come from The Chinese Fabricated Disease and The Billy Gates Mengele Injection’s.
    Actually probably the ones who really scored the most out of Lockdowns were Teachers and Doctors. Teachers we will see on Leftist Marches, but Doctors, at least GPs no chance.

    We also know those who have eyes to see that the PRIMARY cause of Covid was to get rid of President Trump.
    As far as the cost of Living in Scotland is concerned their is none .
    And if you don’t believe me just ask Archbish Nolan. Am sure He’ll certainly have something to say on that . Even if He doesn’t seem to want to know about Deviant Priests.

    June 20, 2022 at 3:39 pm
    • editor Reply


      Well, the lawyers are next to go on strike, so who knows the GPs may follow suit, so to speak 😀 Get is, law suit?

      As for Archbishop Nolan – the only thing I’m inclined to ask him is his planned date for retirement 😀

      June 20, 2022 at 7:33 pm
  • Michaela Reply

    I totally agree about those who kept the revolution going and are now complaining that they have to pay the price. I’m sorry, but I keep thinking “serve them right” – I know the innocent are suffering as well as the guilty but if there’s no price to pay, there’s every chance this will happen again. Now, if the government tries this on again, there might be more of a fightback.

    June 20, 2022 at 9:18 pm

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