The New Normal – Unexplained Deaths…

The New Normal – Unexplained Deaths…

Young people dying in their sleep is now happening on a regular basis

Here’s the latest victim. I wonder what the cause is? It only started happening after the vaccines rolled out, and it’s ONLY happening to vaccinated people. The CDC refuses to investigate…

No doubt this trend will continue as I pointed out in my earlier article that these are not isolated cases at all. All the dead healthy young people who died in their sleep were all vaccinated with the COVID vaccines. That’s the one thing they all have in common.

So we now have 8 black swans this year, and none that I’m aware of before that (and I’m 65 years old).

Fortunately for the vaccine makers, no health authority in the world is investigating these deaths because healthy young people dying in their sleep is the new normal.

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Editor writes…

We’re now at the stage with the consequences of this vaccine mania where many, if not most, of us will know of cases of sudden illness or the death of people we’ve known who were vaccinated.  I know of one where a perfectly healthy, middle-aged working woman who was totally on board with the whole Covid industry, kept every rule, defended the rule-makers, suddenly became seriously ill post-vaccine; she is now unlikely to ever return to her “old self”, having suffered a stroke, and is likely to require professional care in the near future, according to her family – who do not connect this sudden, very serious, life-changing illness with the vaccine.

Not only are these mounting cases of sudden illnesses and deaths not being attributed to the vaccine, but the pressure to keep vaccinating continues apace.  The vaccination centre near my home, for example, continues to welcome a steady flow of those willing to take the jab.   Your thoughts…

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  • westminsterfly Reply

    Yes, they’ve even coined a name for it now:- ‘SADS’ – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – but the MSM have studiously avoided linking SADS with the jab. And as you say, not just deaths but illnesses as well. My mother has dementia and has been triple-jabbed (against my will – long story) and has now recently developed a heart condition called atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) so is now on a load of different meds, whereas before that, apart from her dementia, she was 100% physically healthy. We asked the doctor is this could be connected to her dementia, and he said no. So what caused it then? My money is on the jabs.

    June 23, 2022 at 11:08 am
    • Andrew Q Reply

      Indeed, SADS has its own NHS webpage all of a sudden. It’s basically another name for death by covid injection. The same injections that the Vatican produced a commemorative coin for this week showing adults inflicting this “protection” on a masked child. Absolutely disgusting.

      June 23, 2022 at 11:28 am
  • westminsterfly Reply

    Andrew Q
    Have you also noticed the incessant TV adverts about shingles (we never had those adverts before the jab) and also in the press today, the re-emergence of diseases like polio, TB and typhoid, which are all becoming drug-resistant. While a lot of the latter is fuelled by immigration from Third World countries with poor hygiene/sanitation, I also think that the jab has compromised peoples’ immune systems, making them more susceptible to illness/death. And as you say, the Vatican commemorates this scandal. Couldn’t make it up.

    June 23, 2022 at 11:42 am
    • Andrew Q Reply


      Isn’t it also interesting that most of the big players in the COVID scam are also very keen on population reduction. I suppose they’re attaining this partly through SADS but also through the disrupting of menstruation cycles, increased miscarriages and reduced sperm count. Then there are the adjunct “treatments” that kill the frail and elderly like midazolam as used to murder so many care home residents over the past 2 years. This is evil and long-planned.

      June 23, 2022 at 11:55 am
      • westminsterfly

        Andrew Q
        Yes I remember reading about the midazolam care home scandal. And midazolam suppresses the respiratory system, so the deaths were put down to covid, when it fact many of them were just an abuse of medication – doping the residents up so they wouldn’t walk around (and ‘spread the virus’). Didn’t Bill Gates say something ages ago about population control using vaccines? That was way before covid. Massive quantities of midazolam were ordered and sent to care homes, so it was definitely planned, because usually it is only given in hospital before surgical procedures, and heart and breathing functions have to be monitored, because of the risk of respiratory failure.

        June 23, 2022 at 2:09 pm
  • Laura Reply

    I’m not sure if this has been posted before but Mark Steyn of GB News castigates John Mason MSP for his mockery of claims of vaccine problems – Mason’s outrageous statement that because nobody has taken them to court over it, this can’t be true, as if Joe Bloggs can afford court actions as if they’re no more expensive than a loaf of bread. We are definitely living under authoritarian government, and one which is more and more confident of its power over us.

    June 23, 2022 at 12:24 pm
    • Margaret Mary Reply


      Here is Mark Steyn again, interviewing an actor who has started a vaccine charity. One of the comments underneath the video from David, got 124 replies. What David wrote is terrifying, I’m quoting it now: “My son’s 22 year old friend is fighting for his life, heart attack, liver failure and kidney failure. After a double bypass he is still too unstable to wake up. A healthy young man with no medical history but V’d. Obviously the hospital has blamed everything under the sun apart from the v but we all know what the cause is.”

      Why are people so unwilling to call a spade a spade and admit that these injuries and deaths are down to the vaxx, not just a coincidence?

      June 23, 2022 at 4:10 pm
      • editor

        Both video clips very interesting, Laura and MM. Thanks for posting – it seems GB News remains the only media outlet covering this scandal.

        June 23, 2022 at 9:16 pm
  • Francis de sales Reply

    There was a clampdown on various Catholic blogs when I mentioned anti vax pages or links. Nearly most of them were pro vax including Bishop buckley blog one. I’m getting more and more aware of the vax dangers now. First one started was my ex classmate who went from unvaccinated to vaccinated with new health problems. Then I know of 2 men who dropped dead in last 3 months. Then my warning alert was up after that. There was a extreme pressure to have it jabbed in Ireland that I never seen it before. The media and Irish govt/health dept refusal to discuss the alternatives had me wondering, what’s going on. Now there is a big or extreme push here for 2nd booster via the media now in Ireland. Lot of nurses from what I heard are refusing it. Also the fact that we didn’t want another lockdown which isn’t conducive to our mental health. The key issue that irish or uk govt depts employed was ‘nudge unit’,, nudging us to take the jab etc. I remember the first warning that I saw was a video by Dr Burkhardt not sure spelling. I was alarmed by him saying blood clots would arise as that was a year ago. He seems to know his medical stuff. Then I decided to trust him from there. Then 2 videos came up that I saw was in twitter feed as one American guy asked the governor, do you know what’s inside it re vaccine ingredients. Then another video popped up was a German medical scientist who died after producing his video as I was shocked. The more, I looked at his video as I became horrified at images of graphene oxide inside the bloodstream. I tried to explain to my friends as they weren’t listening, they just said I obey my doctor and I just left at that. I didn’t want to upset my friendship with them. Other doc said in twitter, first 2 jabs are better, phew bec 3rd and 4th jab ones a lot worse. One friend was on AZ as he got terrible chills at 4am last year. He’s ok now. Other guy that I know got J and J, no effect on him. Other two guys mixture of first two Pfizer jabs then moderna jab booster not v good. He’s looking more tired and aged. Know one neighbour who had cancer all over v quick time few weeks ago (not sure if she’s vaccinated but passed away recently). Half of my friends no effects but other half of my friends new health problems. So I just wait and see in next 6 months or more cis it’s supposed to accelerate it re jab effects in next 2 to 3 months. I just hope that they are wrong.

    June 23, 2022 at 3:21 pm
    • Margaret Mary Reply

      Francis de sales,

      Your first words above are scary – why would Catholic blogs want to shut down any conversation about “Truth”? Don’t they care about the truth when it comes to people’s physical and mental health, especially when the truth reveals unnecessary deaths? I’m afraid I think people like that are the original Covidiots. Sorry that a bishop is one of them, but that’s the reality. Nobody should be more fond of a political belief than God’s Truth.

      June 23, 2022 at 4:14 pm
      • Francis de sales

        Margaret Mary, that Bishop who broke away from Catholic Church as he’s a self styled Bishop ordained by another Bishop in Latin rite. Although he’s valid cos ordained thru bishops. He has his 5th jab as he announced it proudly on his blog.

        Remember jab have 3 doses, 1 is saline, 2 is rna dose, 3rd is a mixture of rna dose and another. Most leaders I would say, are probably injected with Jab no1. Type of jabs was made known thru a video in Serbia where a nurse explains 3 diff types of jabs allocated to different people in question.

        Anyway, back to that Bishop, he shut down all things relating to anti vax issues as he promoted his 5th jab. So we will have to wait and see if it does affect him or not. He already has a side effect of the jab which was the shingles many months ago.

        On the other hand Pope francis was pushing for the jab as I can’t understand it why was he pushing for that. He made it mandatory in the Vatican, no free choice or will to say no.

        June 23, 2022 at 5:00 pm
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        As It’s been said on Here we all know people now who have Died with SADS yesterday in my Church was a Requiem Mass for a Young Mother in Her 40s . As av said before my Neighbors Son in Law at 50 Had Heart Attack luckily He survived but His Heart is damaged and He’ll never work again.
        It really is the Pits that these useless ( and they are useless) Human Beings become Politicians.

        June 24, 2022 at 5:29 pm
    • Josephine Reply


      Those so-called Catholic blogs are going to have egg on their faces any time now, since already the EU is backtracking about the vaccines, LOL!

      Watch everyone else jumping on the bandwagon to pretend that they were always sceptical about the vaccines, rabbits caught in headlights is what they’ll be like, LOL!

      June 23, 2022 at 4:44 pm
  • westminsterfly Reply

    That EU commissioner is a bare-faced liar. Either that or a complete imbecile. Probably both. I distinctly recall reading blog comments from a man from either Latvia or Lithuania (can’t recall which one, but both are in the EU) begging for help and stating that he and his family couldn’t have access to any public services because they were unvaxxed.

    June 23, 2022 at 5:58 pm
  • Francis de sales Reply

    Editor, think you should set up a Covid 19 thread permanent one so that we could contribute it regularly re any news or update on Covid 19 with a bias towards alternative one.

    June 23, 2022 at 6:25 pm
    • editor Reply


      Sorry, no can do. We have a permanent General Discussion and a permanent Pro-Life thread at the foot of the home page, and that is IT! I will post relevant threads on the subject of vaccines to update us, as new information comes into the public domain. And bloggers are always free to search out a previous vaccine thread to post something, if they wish. I do keep us up to date with the latest, from time to time, though, be assured.

      Thank you for the question. I appreciate that, as I jes know y’all will appreciate the answer 😀

      June 23, 2022 at 8:13 pm
  • Lily Reply

    This is a report about a 58 year old man left paralysed by the AZ jab

    Despite these side effects and deaths, they are continuing to push these injections. It’s criminal, IMHO.

    June 25, 2022 at 9:12 am
  • editor Reply

    Watch this very short video on Twitter about Dr Simone Gold, sentenced to sixty days in prison by a corrupt judge.

    June 26, 2022 at 6:18 pm
  • editor Reply

    I’ve just found this in my inbox – Mark Steyn’s take on the idiotic Channel 5 presenter Jeremy Vine demanding more Government Covid restrictions because he’s not well 😀 Mark, as usual, doesn’t miss and hit the wall!

    June 30, 2022 at 1:08 am

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