Glasgow Prepares for Synod 2021-2023 – Beware!

Glasgow Prepares for Synod 2021-2023 – Beware!

Editor writes…

Father John Campbell is the priest in charge of the Synod preparations in the Archdiocese of Glasgow.  This makes about as much sense as appointing Kim Jong-un to lead a pro-democracy march in Beijing. Think about that, watch the video clip, and read on, to see if you agree.

If you’ve watched the above video carefully, listened closely, you’ll understand why we, each of us, need to keep our critical faculty razer sharp, when listening to contemporary priests.  So much talk about prayer, so many tips for praying well, blah blah, and then the quietly delivered heresies – in this case thinly disguised as praise for Our Lady “… [who] despite the stress of single motherhood” [despite not having an important job, being socially unimportant – I paraphrase; scroll to around 11.30 ff to get the exact words] “attracted the attention of God, because of her passion for the divine, and that passion was infectious”.

Given that there is very little mention of Our Lady in the New Testament, I can’t imagine from whence Rev Campbell gets that information – he makes Our Lady sound like a zealous member of the first century equivalent of the Legion of Mary;  this is typical modernism, make-it-up-as-you-go-along, we can always use a new Gospel,  yet, Fr Campbell has not picked up the much more important facts about Our Lady, which are as follows, using his ABC (our GIM) methodology…

G  “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed; she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” (Genesis 3:15)

“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son…”  (Isaiah 7:14)

“And thou, Bethlehem, Ephrata, art a little one among the thousands of Juda: out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be the ruler in Israel: and his going forth is from the beginning, from the days of eternity. Therefore will he give them up even till the time wherein she that travaileth shall bring forth: and the remnant of his brethren shall be converted to the children of Israel.  (Micheas 5:2-3)

So, that’s GIM (Old Testament Books: Genesis, Isaiah, Micheas): One hopes that’s clarified things somewhat, because Our Lady wasn’t an afterthought, someone whom God saw and thought “She’ll do nicely, although she’s not quite the right social class, hasn’t got a great job – and she’s unmarried.  Pity about that…”    As if.

Our Lady Help of Christians

Far from it.  Right at the beginning of the world, when our first parents fell prey to the temptation to pride and disobedience when they took it into their silly heads to challenge God’s law, God reveals that Our Lady would crush that same tempter. Whether she looked up, down, sideways, whatever, when the Angel appeared to announce this great privilege to her, is entirely irrelevant.  And by the way it’s true – I tell visitors to look up when walking around the city of Glasgow; there is some terrific architecture, Fr Campbell is right about that – and about the cracks and holes in the road.  Well, as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day 😀

It is dispiriting, though,  to hear, yet again, the falsehood that Our Lady was an unmarried mother, as if God would DO that – waive aside His own Moral Law to make His Mother look like a sinner.   I’ve written on this subject, goodness knows how many times, both in the newsletter and on this blog and I’m not about to repeat myself yet again, except to say that Our Lady and St Joseph were married.  According to the Jewish marriage ceremonies at the time, they were technically married. They had completed the first part of the marriage ceremony:

This first stage of marriage is not a preliminary agreement to contract a marriage at a future date (like the western concept of engagement), but an integral component of the two-step marriage process. The betrothal portion is a sort of inchoate marriage; from that point onward, the couple is considered married. Until the second step is taken, however, the bride may not cohabit with the groom (or any other man). In this social suspension that marks the difficult transition from the single life to the married state, the couple is together yet apart. Until the twelfth century, this first stage of marriage lasted up to one year in order to make preparations for the final step. The second stage of the marriage process is the consummation. It is alternatively termed nissuin, meaning elevation of status, from nassa, coming by carriage from the father’s home to the groom’s; or chuppah, wedding canopy.    Source –

As I say, I’m not going to repeat myself on the matter of the marriage of Our Lady and St Joseph – they were married.  That’s it.  Our Lady was not a single mother.  I refuse to keep repeating myself.   😀

Having established that Fr John Campbell is no Thomas Aquinas, then, we ought to ask ourselves why on earth he is charged with leading the Synod preparations for the Church in Glasgow.  There are a number of reasons why I’m asking myself that same question, but then I have the advantage of having a tad more information to hand than you’ll find up there in that video, with its theological whoppers.  Just one example… last time he got a mention in our newsletter (referencing a service in his church some years ago now, he wrote to thank me for the free advertisement!  Cheeky!)  But, for the purpose of this thread – it’s long enough, already – let’s just read something of what he’s hoping to gain from the pesky Synod. Below,  referring to the Synod document, Fr Campbell writes to his brother priests:

                        St Thomas Aquinas

Throughout this process these past few months, it’s so blatantly obvious that many of our people are so grateful for the faith they have been given. They appreciate our parishes, they appreciate our schools. And they want better. They care about their parishes, they care about those who do not get the same out of the gift of faith they have, and they are open hearted and open handed and wish them to get from it what they get from it. This document is a huge testimony to the faith of the people of Glasgow. But our faithful people know all is not well – they desire change, not for change’s sake but for the sake of the gospel- and its credibility. Our people want an inclusive church, a dynamic church, an open church. A church involved with the big questions of today, not hiding in a false notion of the past and arguing over minutia.

There is a desirefor development, for growth, for faith, for God. We need to harness this desire at parish level, at school level , at deanery level at diocesan level and at the level of the universal church…  When the document was handed to the Archbishop at a beautiful sung Evening Prayer for Corpus Christi in our Cathedral, expertly led by the Saint Mungo’s Singers, Archbishop Nolan reflected on how it’s easy to accept that Jesus is present in the Eucharist (It was Vespers of Corpus Christi)  but maybe we are not so used to reflecting on the Holy Spirit dwelling within and working in each other.  We have shared and talked, reflected and prayed. Now it time to move with the Spirit’s guidance and continue to walk together as companions on the way guided by the Holy Spirit of God.   (Emphasis added).  

The actual Synod Document can be read in full on the website of the Archdiocese of Glasgow here but there’s nothing new. It’s the same old, same old, trying to create a Church without sacraments, dogma or discipline.  Everybody is to be welcomed. No Law.  No rules.  Not like my friends’ houses where I have to remove my shoes to preserve that new (who’s kidding who) carpet, and I smoke only if I’m in a hurry to see the other side of the front door without delay. Happily I don’t smoke. I just hope they don’t change the rules about bringing chocolates…  In this ever-new “Synod Church” anything goes, everybody is welcome, especially unrepentant public sinners.  You shot your granny at point blank range?  Who cares?  Jesus loves you, we’re non-judgmental here, and while you really should not have shot your granny, your same-sex partnership is none of our business.  You’re OK with it, we’re OK with it.  We’re non-judgmental – did I mention that? 

When I discover that priests who are known to be public dissenters are given important positions in any diocese, I ask myself, how must the faithful clergy feel?  How does anyone feel in any walk of life when they are overlooked for something, a promotion perhaps,  in favour of someone who is unqualified or – in the case of a heretic, whether material or formal – someone from whom the people should be protected, not find presented to them as a leader.  It is clear from the Synod document(s) that the contributions come from an uninformed laity, people who fail to understand that no synod on earth can change God’s Laws, or change the hierarchical structure of Christ’s Church.  No synod can permit the ordination of women or approve “alternative sexual orientations”.

Breaking News…

In fact, though, as we are going to press, I’m hearing that there are some lay people around quoting their priest, in at least one deanery, who has challenged the Synod document(s);  nobody was asking for women’s ordination and the recognition of “alternative sexual orientations” in his deanery…  So, what’s going on?  Is Fr Campbell not just making up his very own Marian Theology, but the survey results as well?  Whatever next!  C’mon… Gimme a break.  Does this give us hope – that the faithful in Glasgow are not all modernists, ecumenists, heretics, schismatics, you name it?  Is this one of those rare “Alleluia”! (post Vatican II) moments?  Smile, you read it here first  😀

Your thoughts…

PS –  It’s only a detail, I know, and it’s some years now since I read the life of Pope Saint Pius X, but my memory of the incident recounted by Fr Campbell in the above video is somewhat different from his account.  Unless I’m mistaken (and it did happen once, back in the day), it was the saint’s mother who asked to kiss his ring and it was Pius who pointed to her wedding ring and said “But for your [wedding] ring, I wouldn’t have this ring.”  That fits the character of the saint, better – I just cannot imagine him extending his hand for his mother to kiss his ring, as in a sort of command;  that’s not the beautifully humble Giuseppe Sarto, who impressed my anything-but-humble-self when I read (not one, come to think of it, but two accounts of) his life story.  Just a detail, as I say, but I’m not in the mood to let the Rev Campbell off the hook, even a small hook, not at all, not today.

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  • westminsterfly Reply

    The trouble is with all these kind of ‘talking shops’ (‘synods’, whatever you want to call them) is that the people who are usually attracted to them, and whose voices are overwhelmingly heard, are the professional dissidents (like the LGBT or women’s ordination brigades) and the ‘chatterati’ type middle-class, well-heeled people with time on their hands to be able to attend to things like this. The vast majority of pew-sitters who are busy working, putting food on the table, trying to figure out how this or that bill is going to be paid, bringing up their own families, dealing with issues relating to ageing parents, etc, etc, just haven’t got the time for this claptrap. They’re too busy living the Faith, not talking about it. So the results are always skewed towards minority agendas and elites, who think that the Gospels and the perennial teachings of the Church don’t apply to them, or are changeable by their involvement in a ‘synod’.

    June 26, 2022 at 6:29 pm
    • Nicky Reply


      “Professional dissidents” – I completely agree. The ordinary Catholic in the pew doesn’t care about these stupid “issues” – they just want to get their obligation done and get on with life! It’s priests like Fr John Campbell who want to change the Church, not the ordinary people, IMHO.

      June 27, 2022 at 10:27 pm
  • Antoine Bisset Reply

    As regards the points made here, most of these were covered in our Religious Leaving Certificate which defined one as competent to teach in a Catholic school. I’d have thought that all priests would be up to that standard at least.
    Just one silly comment from me. If ” it’s easy to accept that Jesus is present in the Eucharist “, why are there so many Protestants?
    When I look at photos of clergy, as above, why do I think of St John Vianney?

    June 26, 2022 at 6:53 pm
    • Leitourgos Reply


      You are on to more than you may know. The modernists have a deep-seated unease with what the rest of us call the real presence. They think that it obscures Christ’s presence in the priest, in the assembly, in the poor, etc. Indeed, this was one of the guiding principles of Bugnini’s so-called reform.

      Call me cynical in my old age, but I believe that the present generation of modernists — Francis among them — are pushing further, or maybe they are just more honest. They don’t believe in the real presence because they don’t believe in transubstantiation, and it is obvious from how they treat Christ’s Eucharistic Body.

      A friend of mine who knows Rome was telling me recently about a Church there which from early on in the Pontificate of John Paul II hosted perpetual (24/7) adoration. (This was one of the good fruits of the World Youth Days.) Apparently there was a scandal involving one of the priests, and Francis saw his chance and promptly had the adoration closed down. Now, if you are in good faith and you are presented with a dirty plate, what do you do? Clean it or smash it to the ground?

      Transubstantiation is like any other dogma. Either you believe in it wholeheartedly or you will come to deny it. And I see it continually being denied implicitly: in how the Blessed Sacrament is treated, in how it is distributed as Communion, in ugly vestments, in even uglier and unkempt churches, and on and on.

      June 28, 2022 at 5:26 am
      • Michaela


        I think you are, sadly, very right in what you say about the loss of faith in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. That is why they hate the old Mass so much and it’s really at the root of the whole crisis in the Church.

        June 28, 2022 at 11:40 am
  • Athanasius Reply


    My first impression of Fr. Campbell, and this, I think, is true of many priests today, is that he looks and sounds like a bloke in the pub; doesn’t seem to have that priestly presence the clergy once had en masse. I know a few Glasgow priests who still possess that priestliness, but it’s because they’re Traditional in theology and in their devotions.

    Like you, I noted immediately the subtle heresy when he spoke of Our Blessed Lady as “a single mother”. I was somewhat prepared for it when he started talking like a Protestant, referring to “Mary” rather than the Blessed Virgin, as though she were just some average young mother of gifted son rather than the Mother of the Son of God.

    You can read these Modernists like a book. I would suggest that Fr. Campbell’s head isn’t just up in the air, it’s in the clouds. These Modernists are destroyers of souls with their penchant for emptying the Gospels of the supernatural in order to turn our divine religion into humanism. Best thing for all Catholics who are Catholics is to give their Synod as wide a body swerve as we would a black mass.

    How ironic that Fr. Campbell should make reference to St. Pius X, the anti-Modernist Pope, while preaching a perverted Modernist Gospel and undermining Traditional forms of prayer (on one’s knees) Lucifer is having a ball with the clergy in our time!

    June 26, 2022 at 7:44 pm
    • Faith of Our Fathers Reply

      Athanasius that’s what got me in this Video Clip calling The Mother of God Mary . It always to me smacks of Ecumenicism and Catholics don’t do Ecumenicism or at least Faithful Catholics don’t do it and we know the reason why. Also as the ED says about Our Lady being an unmarried Mother. Where do these Priests read scripture off ,the Mormons.

      Whether it’s a Moderater of The Church of Scotland we always have to give way Never the Protestants . In fact the last time I went to an Ecumenicism service about 18 Years ago the Moderater who was a Woman spoke at it . In one Sentence She would say God The Father and in the Next God The Mother and not once did She make reference to Our Lady.
      Well why should She as She doesn’t believe. As for these Sinnods ED we know that it is Bergoglio trying to make Sodomy a Sin of the Past.

      There was a photo of Scotlands Bishops on some Facebook Blog and I was going to put a Comment on asking the real reason why Our Latin Mass on a Sunday was stopped. But I have already Emailed the culprit as I have said and never got an answer so what’s the use.

      June 26, 2022 at 9:44 pm
      • Athanasius


        Calling Our Lady Mary without prefixing with The Blessed Virgin is more than just an ecumenical mindset, it’s a subtle attempt to undermine her great prerogative as Mother of God. You’ll never hear a Protestant call Our Lady Mary, Mother of God, and that’s because they don’t really believe in the hypostatic union in Our Lord or the perpetual virginity of Our Lady. These Modernist priests are cut from the same cloth of unbeliever.

        June 26, 2022 at 11:46 pm
      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Athanasius it just shows how far out some of these Protestants are when Ian Paisley admitted that Our Lady was the Mother of Christ therefore She has to be the Mother of God . Now i actually never heard that but the ED said in an article several weeks ago that Ian Paisley made that statement. One of my chats a few years ago with someone from the Brethren who said ” Thats the basic difference between you and i . You believe Mary to be the Mother of God whereas we believe She was just a Vessel ”
        I said back to Him ” Almighty God NEVER made any Human Being just a Vessel far less The Mother of His Son ” conversation ended He didnt want to talk anymore .

        June 27, 2022 at 2:03 pm
      • Michaela


        You are right – the modernists and unbelievers are basically one and the same thing. Unbelievers, one and all.

        June 28, 2022 at 11:41 am
  • Michael 🙏 Reply

    Dear friends

    Editor Athanasius

    “Oh what a deadly game we weave when we first practice to deceive”

    Like you this entire project should be boycotted by Catholics who hold to the Supernatural Catholic Faith in terms of doctrine, liturgy and morals.

    They are purveyors of the heresy of Modernism. His remarks regarding Our Blessed Mother had alarm bells ringing when l heard them. Heresy without a doubt.

    It is incredulous – but not surprising that they make reference to a great and saintly Pope as a means of deception and duplicity to hide their true intentions. It shows how secure they are in terms of their own dysfunctional hubris to deceive all and sundry from their distorted perspective.

    Athanasius l agree Lucifer is having an absolute field day and will continue to do so until we have a Pope who enacts the Consecration of Russia in accordance with the directives of Heaven as conveyed by Our Most Blessed Mother.

    Viva Christo Rey !

    Every blessing


    June 26, 2022 at 8:34 pm
  • graeme taylor Reply

    P is for the poison that they are trying to sell in this synodal pre-arranged and well planned agenda which is not of God.

    June 26, 2022 at 9:10 pm
    • Laura Reply

      graeme taylor,

      Never a truer word. This synod is not of God – that is a fact.

      June 27, 2022 at 9:56 pm
  • RCAVictor Reply

    “Many of our people are so grateful for the faith they have been given.” – What faith have they been given, besides stones, by the Archdiocese of Glasgow?

    “But our faithful people know all is not well – they desire change, not for change’s sake but for the sake of the gospel- and its credibility.” – Grateful for a faith that is not well?? And “gospel credibility” – you mean, like “If you love Me, keep my commandments”?

    “Our people want an inclusive church…” – Who are “our people”? The termites in the clergy and hierarchy, perhaps, using opinion polls and pretend synods as fake justification for their destruction of the Church, to satisfy their unnatural lusts?

    “A church involved with the big questions of today, not hiding in a false notion of the past and arguing over minutia.” – What “big questions” might those be? Climate change? Open borders? The acceptance of homosexuality?

    And what is a “false notion of the past”? – Obviously, transmitting that which we have received. Much too Catholic.

    This priest is a disgrace, a mealy-mouthed disgrace. He knows all the right woke buzzwords and word salad – words which say nothing on the surface, but which hide a heretical agenda. Same old Vatican II trick of vague language, refined and rehashed, to forward the revolution. May he reap what he is attempting to sow.

    June 26, 2022 at 9:12 pm
    • Michael 🙏 Reply

      RCA Victor

      Absolutely, excellent remarks

      Every blessing

      Michael 🙏

      June 26, 2022 at 9:47 pm
  • Josephine Reply

    “…there are some lay people around quoting their priest, in at least one deanery, who has challenged the Synod document(s); nobody was asking for women’s ordination and the recognition of “alternative sexual orientations” in his deanery…

    WOW! Does anybody get the significance of this? If priests are making up survey results, that’s shocking in the extreme. I often wonder about these questionnaires and who is it that asks for the Church’s teaching to be changed. I’ve never met anyone who is so ignorant as to think that’s possible. There are obviously some, I’ve just never met any but the point is, I doubt if they are in any great numbers.

    Fr John Campbell is a disgrace. Imagine not knowing that Our Lady was chosen from all eternity to be the Mother of the Saviour. That is the kind of thing a primary school kid would say “O God must have thought she was a good girl and thought I’ll pick her” – DUH!

    God help his parishioners. If he’s saying that sort of stuff on camera what is he saying in his homilies?

    June 27, 2022 at 11:31 am
    • Michael 🙏 Reply


      Call me cynical but to be honest the idea of Modernist clergy from the very top down falsifying the data does not surprise me at the least. It’s part of this Popes agenda along with his vile entourage.

      If lm being really honest l think the worst is yet to come. The entire process was designed to facilitate a process of establishing a counterfeit Church and Faith in opposition to the True Catholic Church and Faith.

      It further highlights how confident they are in furthering their demonic agenda. The sad thing is the majority of Catholics think everything in the Church is wonderful etc and we are all moving forward in this great coomb bye ya fashion to make the Church relevant etc.

      All total rubbish of course but this is where we are at A diabolical disorientation which has manifested itself not merely in the Church but in the world.

      We continue to pray and bear witness to the Truth of our Catholic Faith.

      Ave Maria !

      Every blessing

      Michael 🙏

      June 27, 2022 at 12:50 pm
      • Laura


        I agree with your every word. I could not have put it better myself. It’s sad that we are so cynical but that’s the result of witnessing the past 50 years, being told lies such as the old Mass if forbidden etc. Once you know someone has lied even once, you really can’t trust them again, ever. That’s my position anyway.

        June 27, 2022 at 9:55 pm
      • Lily


        I’ve disbelieved every opinion poll I’ve heard about for years now. I have no problem believing they are rigged, just like the 2020 American election was rigged.

        June 27, 2022 at 10:11 pm
      • Nicky


        Me, too – I don’t know who they get to answer these poll questions but I’ve never met anyone who was asked, so I’m cynical, definitely.

        June 27, 2022 at 10:25 pm
  • Frankier Reply

    So Archbishop Nolan says it`s easy to accept that Jesus is in the Blessed Eucharist and yet when someone tries to show that acceptance fully by receiving communion on the tongue, they are treated like lepers.

    As for the craic that people want change. They are not in the least interested in what people want and, with all due respect, the sheeple are quite happy to jog along behind their leaders.

    As for this priest`s competency in organising the Glasgow Synod: if the aim is to attain the same results as the Irish one then perhaps he is the ideal choice.

    Meanwhile, Jesus, whom they claim to respect so much gets locked away like a prisoner in most of the churches after the morning Masses.

    I wonder what most of them would say if you said you fancied a go at The Nine Friday devotions, Rosary and Benediction, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament or even an odd chance at getting to confession. They would probably give you directions to the nearest C of E place of worship. If you suggested the Fatima Devotions you would be sectioned.

    Meanwhile, in America, real Catholics are having to organise rosary crusades against the likes of “Pride Masses” being said all over the place during the month of the Sacred Heart and toilet seats and bath mats with the images of Jesus and Our Lady on them sold by Amazon and not a cheep of protest from any of the bishops.

    June 27, 2022 at 4:14 pm
    • Laura Reply


      When I read that the archbishop had said that people find it easy accept the Real Presence, I immediately thought of the way the churches are full of people chattering and how few even genuflect when passing the tabernacle these days including the priests! Surveys in the USA show that the vast majority of Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence and I think that is true here as well. These bishops are out of touch with reality.

      June 27, 2022 at 9:52 pm
      • Frankier


        You are spot on. Very few genuflect now when entering or leaving church nor do they bless themselves at the holy water fonts. They have got too used to pressing the soap dispensers
        and wringing their hands for about five minutes.

        And when did you last see anyone bow their head at the name of Jesus?

        June 27, 2022 at 11:31 pm
      • Leitourgos


        You have hit the nail well and truly on the head. And how many Masses with the celebrant’s back to the tabernacle?

        It is not window dressing we need, but wholesale conversion.

        June 28, 2022 at 4:13 am
  • Lily Reply

    I agree with everyone here – it is shocking that a priest who thinks Our Lady was an unmarried mother should be put in charge of anything, from a parish to collecting questionnaire responses for a Vatican synod. It’s incredible.

    June 27, 2022 at 10:10 pm
    • Leitourgos Reply


      He’s just a poor wee soul, chosen, as usual, for all the wrong reasons.

      June 28, 2022 at 4:18 am
  • Leitourgos Reply

    Talk about re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, or should that be Nero fiddling while Rome burns! Actually, Father Campbell took me back more than a quarter of a century to Cardinal Winning and his various and very costly “Renew” schemes which were little more than snake oil and did absolutely nothing to halt the decline of the Church in Glasgow. On the contrary, the may even have hastened it considering the relentless tedium to which they subjected great swathes of God’s holy people.

    Before I go on, let me say — painful as it is — that I am very sceptical that the Synod, both on the diocesan and Roman levels, will be reflective of the full spectrum of views expressed. The Synod is in the eyes of many just another phase in the Jesuit inspired attempt to change the faith of the Church. For this very reason, given also the current level of disunity in the Church and the distrust of clergy and laity towards the hierarchy, including the Pope, an independent audit and certification of the results should have been built into the process at every level. After all, the times in which we live are morally very flabby. The Left frequently uses the ends to justify the means, and the Church is not exempt from this logic. What harm is there in a half truth or a downright lie, even if just by omission, if we can usher in a new Church based not on faith and redemption, but on sinful diversity?

    But you have in a way to admire the courage of the Lefties. Faced with debacle of the first magnitude in which six decades of decay and decline can no longer be tarted up and sold to the punters as the springtime of the Holy Spirit — precisely because the punters remaining and, more importantly, their pennies are so precious few — they have the brass-necked temerity to come up with this crap. If they were really interested in a frank discussion of the state of the Catholic Church in Glasgow (and beyond), they would have based their discussions on the archive of the Catholic Truth Newsletter since its inception. That would have been food for thought indeed.

    So now for my contribution to the Synod. The Church in Glasgow and throughout the West of Scotland (my turf) is living an enormous crisis of faith, to the point at which it is in fact dying. The root of this is Christian formation, or the lack thereof. The faith is not preached, taught, prayed or contemplated in any systematic way, and is therefore is not being handed on to the new generations. This is a perfect storm and a sure route to a richly deserved oblivion. End of story.

    On a ‘lighter’ note (pun fully intended), I notice that the new Archbishop is thin while so many of the clergy in Glasgow and the West are obese. What is his secret? Far more to the point, what is the secret of the various Friars Tuck? I would bet that this phenomenon is far more indicative of the state
    of the heart of the Church in Glasgow than a thousand pages of Synodal prattling about the price of fish. We ignore it at our peril.

    June 28, 2022 at 3:25 am
  • FDS Reply

    The Catholic Church is turning into another separate ‘mini’ church. Synod is a diversion away from the Church’s problems as they didn’t want to face the reality that the Catholic Church is in the state of collapse here. They are starting to sell their properties or part of their asset management cos numbers of Catholic laity now reduced which in turn cash or voluntary cash (charity cash that is tax free) in priests’ or bishops’ accounts. Why should I contribute to the Catholic Chu rch with no accountability, no transparency, no checks and balance plus money will go to priests or Bishop re their double lifestyles. There was one unusual case re one heterosexual Bishop in Brighton now retired chasing 3 women at same time. When he retired the Church bought another house for him with his GF to live in. He was forced to retire cos husband found out re his wife affairs as he threatened that Bishop Conry or else. The rest was history. Problem with synod, minorities or people with varying disabilities wasn’t invited in. The proof was in the pudding when a video was shown in twitter. It shows a large section of middle and professional class of people there. You might be wondering why were they invited in the 1st place. A myriad of reasons could be suggested, keeping the link with these classes of people for help or advice etc, money or donation from that class of professionals would be better than working class one. For me, it’s a talking shop, period as the issues will be decided in Rome by cardinals, not us.

    June 28, 2022 at 2:16 pm
  • RCAVictor Reply

    We can well and truly hope that, among the faithful, there is indeed a “desire for development, for growth, for faith, for God.” But what cold-hearted, diabolical cynicism it is to meet that desire with a program of acceptance of perversion, along with the rest of the globalist agenda. This is the work of those who despise Our Lord and His Church….wolves in sheep’s clothing, a hatred cloaked in a fake veneer of fidelity, and in the despicable insinuation that this surrender is the work of the Holy Ghost!

    That’s been the trick of Lucifer from the very beginning, hasn’t it: to portray the embrace of the Satanic agenda as the fulfillment of the desire for God! If you eat the forbidden fruit, you will be like gods….

    As for Abp. Nolan’s Pollyannaish statement on how easy it is to accept that Jesus is present in the Eucharist, perhaps he could reflect on some well-written facts like these:

    June 28, 2022 at 3:02 pm
    • editor Reply

      RCA Victor,

      I’ve been hearing of people IN this Cumbernauld parish who attended the Synod preparation meeting(s) and it is clear that it’s the priest, not the people who are pushing for the Church to change its teaching on LGBTQ+ relationships and women’s ordination.

      Your “trick of Lucifer” paragraph is hot on the button – spot (absolutely) on…

      Look forward to checking out your link later.

      June 28, 2022 at 9:05 pm
      • Lily


        Are those people speaking up and making known that they objected to the suggestions put forward at the synod meetings? If not, they are moral cowards and their moans after the fact are meaningless.

        June 29, 2022 at 10:02 am
  • Leitourgos Reply

    Today is the fiftieth anniversary of Paul VI’s ‘smoke of Satan’ speech (29 June 1972): ‘From some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.’

    It had indeed, and the fruits of this imposture have become increasingly evident with every successive decade. Now we are at the point where the lavender clergy — powerful as probably never before across many countries — has reached an entity such as to be able to speak openly about changing the Church’s teaching on human sexuality in order to call good and true what was previously called sinful and a disorder, as if such a Church could keep a shred of credibility. As if …

    All of this is the fruit of lies which points to the orchestration of the Father of lies. At a certain point the wheat is going to have to be separated from the chaff. Humanly speaking, it is hard to see how a formal schism can be avoided.

    June 29, 2022 at 10:50 pm
    • editor Reply


      You kept yourself well hidden today, unless you were that fly on the wall, when I was in conversation with friends who repeated, almost word for word, the sentiments expressed in your second paragraph (10.50pm). And when I say “repeated”, I mean over and over and over again…

      Clearly a case of “great minds think alike” OR… (as our English cousins would say)… a statement of the bleedin’ obvious! 😀

      June 30, 2022 at 12:57 am
      • Leitourgos

        You will not believe me, and I don’t blame you, but it was a case of ‘great’ minds. I noticed the post on the other thread oly after I had put up my own post on this one. I thought about putting up another post acknowledging my complete lack of originality, but to be honest I was just too tired. A poor excuse, I know, but there it is.

        Today’s thread is a bombshell by any standard. You have the courage of a lion.

        June 30, 2022 at 9:50 am
      • editor


        Thank you for your charity, but I’m far from courageous. Needs must when the devil drives… er, so to speak 😀

        June 30, 2022 at 10:40 am

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