Authoritarian (No Free Speech Here) UK Latest: Catholic Journalist Arrested for “Twitter Spat”

Authoritarian (No Free Speech Here) UK Latest: Catholic Journalist Arrested for “Twitter Spat”

Editor writes…

Caroline Farrow has featured more than once in TV programmes, always in defence of true morality, against the permissive / “woke” culture and she has suffered as a result. The references by Mark Steyn to her being married to a Catholic priest need clarifying – her husband was one of the Anglican vicars who converted to the Faith and was then permitted to become a priest.  I remain opposed to this practice, which clearly undermines the celibate priesthood, but that’s a conversation for another time.  For now, our focus is on the persecution of Caroline for challenging the “new morality” on gender issues.

It is outrageous that police are permitted to act in this authoritarian way so please show your disapproval by signing the petition here 

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  • Emanuele Ciriachi Reply

    Read about this, it’s truly infuriating. I made sure to let the Surrey “police” (and I use this word loosely) know what I think of their fascist behaviour on their Facebook page.

    I have met Caroline Farrow at the March for Life. She’s a brave, courageous woman. The ideological terrorists that infiltrated the British police are doing this to intimidate her – this much is obvious.

    October 8, 2022 at 2:46 am
    • editor Reply


      She is, indeed, very brave. I once saw her on Question Time. She was in the audience and the subject of same-sex “marriage” arose. At the end of the conversation between the panel, and once members of the audience had reinforced the concept of “marriage for all”, no dissenters, the host asked if anyone in the audience was opposed to homosexual “marriage”. Only one hand was raised and that turned out to be Caroline’s. She was nervous, unsurprising given the obvious disapproval of the audience who put her down as only Question Time audiences can, but she held her ground and calmly spoke her piece. Later – I read in the Catholic Herald (not any secular newspaper) – that she had been intimidated in the car park by members of the audience, after the show. If not assaulted (I cannot remember precise details) she was certainly mistreated by a mob-rule bunch of thugs who had been in the Question Time audience. So much for free speech, even then, some years ago.

      The fact that she agreed to appear on GB News after the police warning her not to speak out about this, speaks, itself, of her courage. We should keep her in our prayers – and pray for a few more people, male and female, to follow in her brave footsteps. Which reminds me…

      You, too, have been brave by making public your concerns, on the police Facebook page. That’s great, Emanuele.

      October 8, 2022 at 9:58 am
      • Lily

        “The police warned her about speaking out”

        So, now there is such a thing as a word crime or a speaking crime. It’s appalling.

        October 8, 2022 at 2:55 pm
  • Antoine Bisset Reply

    High Anglican not “Catholic” surely. Catholic priests do not get married and continue in parish work. However, the behaviour of the police was pretty bad. A full on aggressive “fishing” trip. Meanwhile elsewhere in Sussex, burglaries are not investigated.

    October 8, 2022 at 7:38 am
    • editor Reply


      There was an arrangement made at the time that the C of E decided to ordain women. Quite a lot of the Anglican vicars couldn’t accept this and wanted to become Catholics. Some of our ecumenical churchmen agitated for them to be allowed to become [married] priests in the Catholic Church, as an exception. Concerns about this adversely affecting the celibate priesthood were thus overcome; this was to be an exception since these were men in exceptional circumstances, and it would not set a precedent since there were already married priests in the Eastern rite. There are some limitations on their work in parishes, I believe, and if his wife dies, the former Anglican cannot remarry, but must embrace the celibate priesthood.

      The behaviour of the priests in Sussex was outrageous, nothing less. Something has to be done about this ridiculous gender nonsense.

      October 8, 2022 at 9:48 am
    • Josephine Reply

      Not just in Sussex – I don’t think burglaries are investigated anywhere these days – if they ever were, TBH. I doubt it. Our family home (Glasgow) was burglarised a few years ago and although the police came and swept for fingerprints etc., they admitted that it was unlikely they would catch the thieves. It looks to me like they’ve latched on to these ideologies, like gender ideology, as easy pickings in the world of “crime”. Some crime – expressing an opinion that isn’t popular with some people! Life in prison, LOL!

      October 8, 2022 at 3:04 pm
  • Laura Reply

    That is absolutely disgraceful what happened to Caroline Farrow who is a very brave woman indeed.

    This sort of mischevious arrest is also happening in the USA – there was a much-publicised case recently, which is also mentioned in this case of a man called Paul, who has done absolutely nothing wrong. It’s an unbelievable situation he is now in.

    October 8, 2022 at 10:20 am
  • Lily Reply

    This is how the Mail Online is reporting this event – and it’s irritating to see the reference to her “priest husband”, that’s one reason right there, why this “exception” should never have been allowed. Those Anglican vicars should have understood that converting to the faith meant they were restored to the lay state. I remember reading somewhere that those vicars who left due to the women’s ordination issue were all given a lump sum in compensation. So they weren’t being left penniless. There was no excuse for this “exception”.

    The police treatment of Caroline is scandalous. I hope she gets an apology, at least, for this abuse of their authority.

    October 8, 2022 at 2:54 pm
  • Josephine Reply

    Here is Caroline on GB News back in April – she speaks total common sense and is completely right about the police and educational institutes being “captured” by this trans ideology. This has got to end.

    October 8, 2022 at 3:01 pm
  • Oliver Stoops Reply

    Whenever I think that things can’t get much worse along comes another horror story. Just like three buses all at once. Mrs Farrow’s treatment at the hands of Surrey’s uniformed thugs is truly abysmal and surreal. The Chief Constable and those two officers should be severely reprimanded. God strengthen Caroline’s family in this persecution.
    I didn’t find any reference to the incident in today’s D. Telegraph but page 8 carries stories about parents denied inspection of sex instruction at a prestigious College in London; and then about white students at the University of Westminster being shut out of ‘Black History Month’ events.
    With a Govt. like these ‘Conservative’ fraudsters who needs New Labour?

    October 8, 2022 at 4:07 pm
    • Nicky Reply

      That’s like me – as soon as I think things can’t get any worse, they get worse.

      This poor woman, not just a journalist but a wife and mother as well and she is put through the mill for expressing an opinion that most people hold. It’s incredible.

      As for politics, it doesn’t matter one iota which party is in power – they are all exactly the same, useless “liberals”. I say “liberals” because the so-called liberals are the most intolerant of all people. I don’t mean members of the Liberal Party (although them, too) but people who think they are liberal types. They are more intolerant than any of us who do not accept the woke culture and the new moral code which amounts to “anything goes”. WE are the ones who tolerate those we disagree with.

      October 8, 2022 at 6:37 pm
  • Faith of Our Fathers Reply

    Maybe Her local Catholic Bishop will have something to say but i very much doubt it. BTW if these were Muslim Tweets we know absolutely nothing would be done. Also in all my dealings with the POLIS [ and their has been a few ] they are mostly cowards and thieves. In other words they not only removed my Socks they also emptied my pockets. Of course it was my word at the time against them . But when i was harassed and threatened by Drug Dealers they done NOTHING absolutely NOTHING and that i can still prove as when i went for help to the Police Station on many Times every useless meeting was recorded . Also a little bit of advice for young budding tradesmen on here. NEVER NEVER EVER do a Job for the Police ,especially if the so called Policeman is an Inspector they dont Pay, and that i can also prove if necessary . This brave good Woman is a threat to all that is Evil in the West . Without a doubt Homosexuality and Transgenderism is the scourge of Western Society and its no wonder President Putin wants nothing to do with it .

    October 8, 2022 at 6:33 pm
    • Nicky Reply


      Your comment about Putin not tolerating homosexuality and transgenderism – you know, that’s made me think. Surely God will bless him for not legalising those behaviours in his country, the country which God has chosen to be the instrument of peace in the world, to quote Father Gruner, the Fatima priest?

      October 8, 2022 at 6:40 pm
  • Faith of Our Fathers Reply

    Nicky Putin of course is now seen as the Bogey Man in the West . We always need a good Bogey Man especially for the rotten BBC to tear into and give the Masses someone to hate ,Putin we know took that job over when President Trump was robbed of the USA Election . Of course the rotten BBC never told of the persecution since at least 2014 which was encouraged by The Obamas, Killary and the now deceased John McCain, where Russian People were constantly put down. Now of course i dont believe that was an Excuse or a Reason for Putin to go into Ukraine. He has not nor never INVADED Ukraine for if He really wanted to He could move into the Heart of it tomorrow . Just take an example of say Mexico persecuting Texans for years and the USA letting them do so . As for Zelensky the Obama Puppet enough has already been said of His character and integrity on Here . None of it really any good as He wanted to push Homosexuality and Transgenderism along with other perversions onto The Russian People . At least President Putin has come out many times and said that their will be no Perverted Pride Things on Russian Soil . As for that to Him i say Bravo . Of course what i have written can be found on Russia News . Something our Government did not want us to read or listen to. Sure, during World War 2 Lord Haw Haw wasnt Banned .

    October 8, 2022 at 9:32 pm
  • Fidelis Reply

    Every parent needs to be vigilant about these woke issues. This interview is interesting.

    October 8, 2022 at 10:54 pm
  • editor Reply

    I receive Caroline Farrow’s round robin emails and was about to post this latest one on the General Discussion thread until I remembered we had this one, about her, still open. Read this shocking story and sign the petition if you wish to support the poor victim of the Princess Grace hospital in London.

    The Princess Grace hospital has cancelled a woman’s urgent life-saving operation because she rejects gender ideology.

    The woman, who is retired, is a victim of sexual assault and asked that she was only tended to by women after a transgendered male in a wig and lipstick barged in during her intimate care.

    The hospital refused, cancelled her operation and now her condition is rapidly deteriorating. Sign to demand her operation is immediately reinstated.

    Dear Patricia…

    I came across a story reported in the Daily Mail last night, that was so shocking I could hardly believe it!

    A retired woman who is seriously ill and in urgent need of a life-saving operation has had the procedure cancelled at the last minute because she refuses to go along with gender ideology or use the ‘right’ pronouns!

    The institution responsible for this outrage is the prestigious Princess Grace hospital in London, which prides itself on being a specialist in women’s healthcare. Teresa, the woman involved, chose this hospital for two important reasons. Firstly, they are one of only a handful of hospitals in the UK who offer the use of the Da Vinci robot, which can carry out complex and delicate procedures.

    Secondly, as a survivor of several sexual assaultss, Teresa chose the Princess Grace hospita because she did not want to be in a mixed-sex ward. Teresa made this clear to the hospital in her paperwork by requesting a single-sex bathroom and stating that she refused to answer questions relating to her biological sex and not her ‘gender identity’.

    These are perfectly legal and reasonable requests.

    By refusing to accommodate Teresa and cancelling her scheduled operation, the hospital has put her heath and life at risk. Her condition is now deteriorating.
    Sign here to demand that the Princess Grace hospital immediately reverses its decision and admits Teresa for treatment at the first available opportunity.

    On reading a story like this, it’s easy to think that it’s hyperbole because after all, we all want to trust healthcare professionals, right?

    I reached out to one of my feminist contacts who knows Teresa in order to check out the story, and it is in fact even worse than reported.

    Having filled out the paperwork, Teresa went into the hospital for her pre-op check which required an intimate and embarrassing procedure, only to have a transgender male wearing a blonde wig and bright lipstick, burst in halfway through. There was absolutely no reason for him to be there – he came through the door, made eye contact and stared at her, before then leaving.

    Teresa, naturally enough, interpreted this as a gesture of intimidation and wondered whether or not this man was an activist who had access to her paperwork. Feeling alarmed and vulnerable, she panicked about whether or not this man would be providing intimate care to her when she was immobile and made a complaint that her privacy had been breached, to the hospital. Teresa firmly repeated her wish only to be treated by female members of staff.

    The hospital replied by stating that they would provide a single-sex bathroom, but refused to abide by the law and report or investigate the breach of her dignity.

    In the three days before her operation, the hospital was supposed to courier Teresa her pre-op medication to her home. It didn’t arrive. Teresa rang up the hospital only to be told that her operation had been cancelled and an email was sent to her the day before the scheduled procedure from the hospital’s CEO, informing her that the operation had been cancelled because the hospital did not share her values and to protect their staff from harassment, distress and discrimination!

    That’s right, the feelings of a man in a woman’s clothing, matter more than the health of a seriously ill woman!

    You might think that the female CEO of the Princess Grace hospital, Maxine Estop Green, would know better. Tell her what you think of her epic misjudgement and demand that Teresa’s operation is rescheduled ASAP.

    Teresa’s operation would have involved two leading surgeons, their clinical entourage, two surgery suites, a robot, a place in ICU, a patient bed for 7 nights and yet all this was cancelled!

    Her request was completely reasonable, understandable and within the provisions of the Equality Act. Any woman who does not want to be provided with intimate care by a man or who wants single-sex facilities, whether for deeply personal, cultural or religious reasons has that right protected by law.

    A tribunal has also ruled that gender-critical beliefs are also protected by law. A hospital has no right to refuse to care for a person, simply because they disagree with their beliefs! Teresa was not asking for any kind of unethical treatment; she was simply reinforcing her rights.

    With the option of keyhole surgery denied, Teresa’s only chance of recovery is now for open surgery, which her surgeon did not think was the best option for her. Four days after the operation was supposed to take place last week, Teresa’s condition began to deteriorate and she ended up in A&E in considerable pain. She’s rapidly lost weight and may now be too weak to have the open surgery.

    This is a disgrace.

    The Princess Grace and its parent company HCA Healthcare UK must be held accountable for this shocking breach of patient duty.

    Tell their executives to readmit Teresa at the first available opportunity, to apologise and to compensate her.

    Thanks for all you do,
    Caroline Farrow and the entire CitizenGO Team

    P.S. I’ve reached out to Teresa on behalf of CitizenGO and passed on our prayers and good wishes. This is yet another example of how gender ideology is wrecking the lives of ordinary people and why people like you and I are pushing back.

    More information:

    Hospital refuses to operate on sex attack victim after she requests all-female care because she fears mixed sex facilities are unsafe for women (Daily Mail):

    October 20, 2022 at 11:09 am

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