Editor writes...

This is a few words simply to welcome those visitors to Scotland who have travelled to attend our Conference tomorrow. All welcome – VERY!

I will post a Feast Day thread for such a hugely important Feast, but there will be several bloggers who will be notable by their absence – those who are attending the Conference, of course.

After the event, I will be posting the three talks on consecutive days, for discussion on the blog, and they will be published, also in our final newsletter, due in May.

For now, a warm welcome to our several visitors from England and one from the north of Ireland as well as the two brave hearts who are coming from far-flung parts of Scotland (Elgin and Berwickshire, respectively).   I hope you all find the trip well worthwhile.  We are looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow.   Reminder:  Registration is at 12.30pm (earlier if you are around) with the Rosary beginning promptly at 1pm.

To all our bloggers and readers, please pray for the Conference tomorrow.   Thank you.

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