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“Gay” Activist Groups Welcome New Rules for Blood Donors – Do You?

More gay and bisexual men will be allowed to donate blood, platelets and plasma after “historic” new rules came into effect. © PAMarried couple Steven Smillie and Tyler McNeil mark the changes to blood donation rules at Edinburgh Donor Centre in Scotland   The new eligibility criteria, which came into force on World Blood Donor Day on Monday, mean...

Church in Chaos: Is Francis the First Ever Protestant Pope or the First Atheist Pope?

Comment:  Well?  What's the answer to the headline question, in your opinion:  is Papa Francis the first ever Protestant Pope or the first ever Atheist pontiff?   

Should Catholics Obsess About Food?

Comment:  Although the above short video talk refers to the USA, things are almost identical here in the UK, with just about everyone following some kind of dietary advice from the "experts".   Is this a kind of obsession which we, as Catholics, should avoid?  After all, Our Lord Himself taught us not to worry about...