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Why Are The States In Such A State?

From the YouTube Platform... Well stated and it must be repeated and emphasized until all who can finally get it. Without having a perspective based in reality on the many current issues this country is facing we cannot have successful outcomes for "WE THE PEOPLE"! Getting through all of the lies and make believe...

Is Joe Biden’s Presidency Dead?

I wonder how many Americans will find themselves agreeing with John Hilton's above damning assessment, and his conclusion that the Biden presidency is well and truly deceased. May it rest in peace - and soon!  Alan Jones of Sky News Australia is always hilarious when covering Joe Biden's antics...   Click here to enjoy a...

Biden “Out To Lunch”… So, Who’s In Charge?

It's very obvious that the "devout Catholic" currently occupying the White House is not in charge of the administration (mis)governing in his name.  So, who, precisely, is running the show? Given the precarious state of the global geo-political situation at this time, don't we all have a right to know?