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Fight For Freedom Rallies – Why No Bishops?

For more than fifty years, Catholics have been encouraged to reimagine the Church as a tool for building a humanist utopia on earth rather than as the means of teaching, governing, sanctifying and saving all men. Freemasonic ideology, assisted by globalist entities such as the United Nations, has fed us dreams of “peace in...

The Truth About Australia’s Corrupt Police

From the YouTube Platform... (1) As an Australian living through this in Queensland this is educational even for me. I know a lot of what she’s saying already but I had never tied it all together. (2) People across the world need to know that because politicians in Australia have been allowed to reduce civil liberties...

Totalitarian Australia – A Brutal Police State

Watch the moment a counter-terror squad confronted UNARMED construction workers peacefully marching Melbourne's streets to protest the world's longest and harshest lockdown. Where's the Australian Hierarchy in this?  Why aren't they speaking out against this barbarism?