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Vatican: Inside Information on the Shenanigans Surrounding Suppression of the Traditional Mass

Editor writes... This from American blogger, Marinaio, in my inbox earlier today...  [This] article is, in my opinion, a real jaw-dropper: it deals with the suppression of the recommendations of the Commission of Cardinals set up in 1986 by Pope John Paul II to examine a fuller liberty for the TLM than that pope gave in...

Demanding An Apology – A Growing Fashion

From Demanding an Apology | Psychology Today... There are some people who command an apology! “I’m waiting for an apology,” a young woman texts her friend. A mother says to her son who forgot to pick her up from the train station: “If you don’t apologize, I’m not going to your graduation.” What good is an...

Divine Mercy Devotion: What’s Wrong With It?

Click here to view the short video at Gloria TV, and hear some evidence that there is plenty wrong with the novel Divine Mercy Devotion... Listen closely to the above news report and share what you see to be the main problem with this recently introduced "devotion".