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Supreme Court Rules Against SNP: No Second Referendum Without UK Permission – Ouch!

From the Daily Record... Nicola Sturgeon's plan to hold an independence referendum next year has suffered a major set-back after judges ruled the Scottish Parliament does not have the required legal powers. The Supreme Court in London issued its long-awaited ruling today after hearing arguments from lawyers representing Westminster and Holyrood last month. Nicola Sturgeon ordered Scotland's...

Is Nicola Sturgeon Past Her “Sell-By” Date?

The Scotsman Readers' Letters: Sturgeon’s egotism will precipitate downfall  - For those that were in doubt that the First Minister of Scotland is past her “sell-by” date, it must now be abundantly clear that this is the case. Politicians who remain in power for too long become “drunk” on the levers of power and their...

“Historic” Agreement Between SNP & Greens: Is Scotland Now An Authoritarian Nightmare?

From YouTube Platform - comments include... A coalition is by definition a partnership. Sturgeon is making the English resent Scotland. I myself have started boycotting Scottish products. If I see the saltire, it's not going in the trolley! Scotland is becoming an authoritarian nightmare. Shetland is leaving and we are keeping the oil and fish.